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My Life Always S_cked

I didn’t want to act, and I didn’t want to play a boy, but that’s what I did for many years, I played many male roles until I got breasts. I would have been much happier if I had been … Continue reading

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World Peace

Watch the video below, Please.  This is all new information, maybe not this first part.  All of the statements in this video and post have been checked with AT LEAST three sources. If I’m killed for what I know, I’m … Continue reading

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To Whom it May Concern,

To Whom it May Concern, I remembered something that will help you. JA (General John Alexander) said you and he had fathers who were the same, so he knew what to do and say that would manipulate you. He knew … Continue reading

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Kanye West

Kanye is being manipulated by the same cult that owned me.  They use hypnosis, drugs, torture, and electricity to implant thoughts. So sorry Kanye

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Atomic Blonde

I saw Atomic Blonde which is a movie that showcases my fighting technique taken from videos of me over the years.  See, I told you the NSA has been filming me my whole life.  I got to help pick the … Continue reading

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Anti-War is Anti-American

As it turns out, Anti-War is Anti-American. Below are 22 steps we can take toward World Peace. The Military should not be the entity that decides who will be President in a Democracy! The NSA has a serious problem with … Continue reading

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NSA Induced Insanity

Obama didn’t stop the NSA from illegally wiretapping me.  He didn’t stop the Russians from giving our Presidency to Trump.  I would say that proves he went insane.  Gen John Alexander drove him insane.  I believe his free will was … Continue reading

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