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Thinking is Discouraged in “Intelligence”

Over the past several years, my ex-husband has been ordering agents to do terrible things to our daughters, to hurt them and hypnotize them to make them feel small. To break into my house and break my back, and he … Continue reading

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Lotta Killers

Orlando, San Bernardino, Benghazi and Syria were planned at my house in 2003. I was tortured to forget. I made these videos when I remembered. They have been posted on you tube since August of 2016. Trump bombed Syria The … Continue reading

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What does alt right mean?

Remember I told Rita over and over that I didn’t believe her. I said that for 5 hours straight.  Then it took three years to believe half of what she told me.  It has taken ten years to not only … Continue reading

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what is in the DAPL?

Water, water, every where, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink. What is going on with the pipelines? Taxpayers pay and pay for pipelines that cost a fortune and then the companies … Continue reading

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Woodstock and World Peace

The First Woodstock on was held on my seventeenth birthday. Max Yasger, the farmer who owned the land we were on, told the crowd – “You young people have proven something to the world. This is the largest group of … Continue reading

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