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Dictator Richard Nixon

“Mitch McConnell is Kentucky’s longest-serving senator. First elected to the Senate in 1984, he made history that year as the only Republican challenger in the country to defeat a Democrat incumbent and as the first Republican to win a statewide … Continue reading

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Please, Revisit my post about sea level rise

My most important post went un-noticed because I’ve been posting so much lately. It’s worth a read.  The sea level rise probably isn’t connected entirely to Global Warming.  Global Warming is part of the problem, but the math doesn’t work. … Continue reading

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Manifest Destiny never went away

I went to a Tribal prayer circle yesterday, it was lovely. We sent prayers to the warriors on the front line, fighting the Dakota Pipeline. Hey – Basket of Deplorables – If you don’t want to live where brown people … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech is the FIRST Amendment to the Constitution.

My You Tube Channel    Freedom of Speech is the FIRST Amendment to the Constitution. From Legal Text Reference ~ [Almost since the adoption of the Bill of Rights, the judiciary has struggled to define speech and expression and the … Continue reading

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Memory from Cats and George Lucas

Memory This is me singing.  The Lyrics are – Midnight Not a sound from the pavement Has the moon lost her memory She is smiling alone In the lamplight The withered leaves collect at my feet And the wind begins … Continue reading

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Thank you Mr. Snowden (Chapter 3)

Edward Snowden released damaging information about illegal, un- American activities and practices of the NSA that aided organized crime and terrorists. A few rotten apples in the military and Intelligence have undermined the democracy in this country for a very … Continue reading

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Illegal Activities in the NSA (Chapter 2)

Illegal Practices within the Government, the Military and Intelligence have been ruining my life. They take a perverse joy in hurting my family.

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