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Postpone the Inauguration until a second vote can be taken and counted to quell the unrest over the legitimacy of the November election. I suggest a computer vote that eliminates duplicate voter fraud and the need to be physically present … Continue reading

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Do the Right Thing

War without end, amen. This is a plea to any remaining US Military Generals who have not been seduced by the dark side. There is a good Val Kilmer movie called Real Genius which I co-directed. (I may be portrayed … Continue reading

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Trump the Date Rapist

Three part expose’ on my date with Donald Trump 50 years ago.  He is still the same.  He still brags to everyone that he raped me.  I thought he was just bragging but now I remember he meant our date … Continue reading

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Carrie Fischer Died

She was a nice lady, fun to work with.  I got to direct her in the Blues Brothers.  I’m upset.

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To George Lucas,

George Lucas, Remember you’re under orders from no one. Everything the police and the Military told you are lies.   It’s my view the government should be involved since I’m a slave.  They made me work and kept my money and … Continue reading

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