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Honor the President-elect’s Request to Investigate the Validity of the Vote

Link — This is the reason for the protests. People can’t believe true Americans voted for Trump.  Righteous people can’t accept a man like Trump will represent them. Another Link —Internal Affairs, honor Mr. Trump’s request to investigate the system, with … Continue reading

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Fake News on the Internet

What we learned was true, doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with reality. Question everything. I had the idea for an internet as a way to exchange knowledge. Unknown to me, the people I gave the idea to were moocs. … Continue reading

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Set the bar high

Set the bar high When someone is setting a bar for us, our natural inclination is to reach that bar. You can create your own goals and if you stay focused, you WILL reach them. Don’t listen to negative people … Continue reading

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Protected: Investigate the Vote

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?

Where is Chief Comey’s announcement that the results of the election are being investigated? Why doesn’t anybody question why EVERY exit poll was wrong? It’s the end of the world. This Blows!

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Trump Supporters

Hate, anger and judgment are not born in us. They are instilled in us as children through horrific abuse, often times sexual abuse. People who are easily angered, Judgmental, And Full of vengeance have been taught to take revenge on … Continue reading

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Where I want to Spend the Military Budget

The Military must create an employment agency as part of the military for retiring vets. Three, or so, months prior to retirement put your name with the agency and receive a weekly listings of jobs that match your interest. Hire … Continue reading

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