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Italy Earthquakes

I was told about these earthquakes in 2003 and wrote about them in my book, The Conversation, published in 2012.

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World Series

The cubs will win the next 3 games. Reality TV isn’t real

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Men, Don’t be Afraid of Women in Power

Men accepting women as equal, is one of the steps to World Peace. I’ve directed plenty of buddy movies and action movies starring some pretty manly men and no one gave me trouble for being a woman; except, possibly, the … Continue reading

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Give Peace a Chance

I thought I’d say something about being a woman in a man’s world – since that’s what I’ve always been – I guess we all have. I was a very sought after musician for years, but I’m not going to … Continue reading

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Moving Along

We’ve cracked the human genome. The final frontier on our quest to good health is microbial fingerprints. Living on our bodies are micro mites, 100 trillion bacteria, viruses, fungi, bacterial viruses, yeast, and I’m sure, others. Micro mites are among … Continue reading

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