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Trump’s Ace in the hole

Once again – the Polls are rigged.  Trump’s numbers are an apparition.  He is Polling at less than 10%.  Don’t abandon faith in the American people.  He will get none of the women, black and Hispanic votes. Trump was unprepared … Continue reading

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Will the Real Donald Trump please stand down

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suggested reading

I haven’t looked at it in a while so there are probably typos, but the free ebook The Truth about Lynn Mickelsen is John Alexander’s favorite book and tells stories about me gowing up. : PS: NSA scramble

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Until the law is changed to protect whistle blowers, the President has no choice but to pardon Edward Snowden.  He should expose the dis-information Presidents get while he’s at it.  I’ll weigh in some more later. Thank you Mr. Snowden. … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the Antiwar Movement

In 1966, at age 14, when I was a freshman in high-school, I took Latin and found out Anti meant against. I made up the word Antiwar. I said to the teacher and the class, “I am antiwar.” They told … Continue reading

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