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The Middle East and The Bible

 There are many versions of what Christians call “The Old Testament,” and they include the Talmud, the Quran. God says there is no such thing as perfection (Not even God is perfect, because He says – by whose standards?)  I … Continue reading

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“Spend it on Love”

I would never run, but if I were running for President, I would use the Rainmaker’s song “Spend it on Love” as my campaign song, and Alicia Key’s song “This Girl’s on Fire” as my entrance song. Knock ‘em dead … Continue reading

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I believe Trump called the democrats whiney do-gooders.  I say grab that ball and run with it.  This election is – in three words – Do-gooders vs Haters. Bernie, I am disappointed you will not run as vice-president.  Hillary, I … Continue reading

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Act, Direct, Write

For Writing, I suggest poetry, it will improve your prose. For Acting, I suggest becoming invisible. For Directing, I suggest no rehearsals.  

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Parenting and Child Abuse

Once we eliminate Child Abuse we will have world peace. I have to start living like there’s no tomorrow because one of the haters who refuse to get to know me may kill me. This is a preliminary class on … Continue reading

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