The new end of my book, The Conversation


This is the new end of my book, The Conversation, that is available today in paperback on Blurb –

Rita said the best way to have a housewarming party is to have a sacrifice. If a human sacrifice isn’t available, many cult members use the family dog. Ideally their child will do the sacrificing.

If you have a new neighbor who moves in with an animal, and has a party, and then has no animal – think cult!

If you have a new neighbor and suddenly you have no pet – think cult! If you ask someone where his dog is, and he doesn’t remember even having a dog, you’re not crazy, that is cult activity.

The reason Satanists have home births is so they don’t need to register the birth. If they already have children and they move into an area they won’t register the children to be schooled in case they want to sacrifice them.

Homeschooling is used to instill Satanic values on a child. To teach her how to hate, fear, get angry and seek revenge. They learn to judge other people based on the lies they’re taught about their fellow human beings. The child can face a lifetime of sexual, physical and mental abuse and then disappear and no one will miss her because no one knows she existed. If they aren’t killed the abuse leaves deep emotional scars, so deep it’s next to impossible to face a simple day to day existence.

If the child is sexually abused or used in rape rituals, then it turns them off to sex and intimacy – a plague of doomed relationships and failed marriages.

These children don’t develop social skills and are taught to be outcasts of society. They are afraid to fit in because they were taught hate and believe people are as wicked as those who raised them. They were allowed no interaction with anyone “normal,” and are taught people who are nice are acting, or retarded. They are afraid of being nice because they think they will be thought of as a retarded sucker.

Each one of these things alone is not necessarily cult behavior but several of these traits together creates a picture of someone you want to be careful around and suspicious of, and anyway, why on earth would you want to be friends with someone like that? Avoid these people because they are murderers, rapists, and pedophiles, or they took an oath to protect those people. Please make sure you let others you trust know about your suspicions in case something happens to you. Now that you know the traits, it’s imperative that you remember them, look for them, and be a watchdog for good.

If you think you may be one of these people now you know the lies you were taught to make you suspicious, hateful, and judgmental. You now know why you’re afraid, so you can face those fears and conquer them. Learn trust, rely on trust and your Original Love to sustain you every day. Become trustworthy. Tearing a person down is not funny, it’s just cruel. Listen when non-cult people talk, so you can learn a new way of looking at things, and it’s likely, if you were homeschooled, you need to do some catching up. Make it a point to learn something new every day.

The vibes you send out are the vibes you will receive. If people are mean to you, that’s because you’re mean to people or animals. Give out compliments as often as possible, do favors and help people whenever you can, and your life will turn around. When you get a compliment, believe it. It’s called Karma.

Everyone has greatness in her or him – you just have to trust yourself and trust in your abilities. Don’t let anyone keep you from being friendly with everyone. Judgment and ridicule block the path to World Peace. Follow the Words of Truth on page 4. Don’t believe people who tell you something is impossible, because anything is possible in the sphere of logic and physics. Believe you have greatness in you and then Become Someone You Admire!

About Grace Gardener

THE NSA AND THE MOOCS WON'T LET ANYONE GET THROUGH TO ME. THEY MAY EVEN HURT YOU IF YOU TRY. See the pages in the tabs of this blog, Grace Gardener, and, A Little About Lynn Mickelsen. If you know me and I don't get back to you, then the email was intercepted. Never talk to anyone claiming to be me without asking questions to be sure. All site posts beginning 4/1/16 will be on I’m not doing this for attention. I have 107 broken bones, zero disks in my back, and I’m exhausted. I need to get through to the people who knew me for credibility: but the NSA blocks my every move. I have to have the same acknowledgement and respect for my judgement I had while I was a ghost director in Hollywood and when I was CEO of the Rand Corp. Rand has been able to keep my work anonymous and credited to other people so they can collect my pay and residuals. They figured as long as they’re erasing my memory, and taking credit for my inventions, music, acting and directing; they may as well keep the money I earned. Also, the money would be proof that I did the work, so they’ve kept me poor all of my life. The reason the conspirators made plans in front of me was because they were assured I would “Never Remember” them, their visit and the things they planned. They talked in a kind of code that I have since figured out. I would have turned them in after the meeting had I been allowed to remember. I have to operate the way I do to keep away from my captors. GRR taught me most of the tactics I use. (Now he won’t help because his memory of me is implanted.) I know it angers some corrupt NSA Officers, but it’s a fact that I was a prisoner and slave at the Rand Corporation, and the NSA helped and still helps to keep me that way. I have to make evasive maneuvers to keep me, my daughters, this country and the world safe. Meanwhile I have no where to turn. I still feel like a candle in the wind. My name was Lynn Mickelsen while I was a prisoner in a blue house and slave of a “club” based in northern New Jersey. If you know me PLEASE DON'T TRY TO CONTACT ME THROUGH THE RAND CORPORATION OR ANY OF MY FORMER EMPLOYERS OR ANY CONTACT FROM MORE THAN 9 YEARS AGO. People who tried doing this are being killed. Some people know the cult know it with a name similar to The Builder Berg Society or the Skull and Dagger Society. There's a HUGE bounty on my head that the cult I escaped from has no intention of paying. The plan is to have me killed and then to kill the person trying to collect the bounty. I thought up the plan and the amount because I thought it was going to be the plot in a movie. I told the people who wanted the plan, "This is one movie no one will want to see." In short, anyone who kills me will be killed within 24 hours and will never see a dime. Now I'm RVing but I’m still a prisoner in that I can't get in touch with anyone, and no one can get in touch with me, except in person. I found out about the other life I’d been living during a grueling five-hour conversation I detail in my Book, ‘the Conversation’ The reason I knew nothing about my own life was because I suffered selective amnesia - induced by the cult that owned me - with drugs, torture and electricity. 'The Conversation' is available in paperback at The ebook is free. I worked nights and weekends naming products, bands and internet services, or anything else the "club" wanted me to do. I would wake up in the morning and remember nothing about the work and meetings, and I never received ANY money. I could only remember my 9 - 5 job at a bank. I’ve written the eBook, ‘Garden of the Light,’ as a lighter, inspirational compliment to the eBooks – ‘the Conversation,’ and, 'the Truth about Lynn Mickelsen’ which are intended to shed new, totally different light on the current world situation and change the world for the better. Apocalypse is a Greek word meaning, ‘the Revealing of Ancient Knowledge.’ I consider the book, ‘the Conversation,’ as Apocalypse because it reveals the ancient knowledge. We'll have World Peace once we abolish child abuse. My view of Apocalypse has no battle, no war, no army. I believe the knowledge in ‘the Conversation’ is enough to save the world. The blog lists just some of the accomplishments I achieved as a slave, to let everyone I've helped over the past sixty years, who I am. I will finally claim my life! If you’re a George Lucas fan you may remember some of these strange stories that involve him. I met George on the set of American Graffiti; we got engaged when the movie wrapped. I was taken away and George was told I was dead. Five years later I was hired to figure out how to make Luke Skywalker’s farm vehicle fly. The people who handled me (owned me) forgot that I had worked for this director once before on American Graffiti and they told him I was dead. I arrived and solved Lucas’s problem for him and he tearfully remembered me and told me what had happened five years before. I stayed on the set of Star Wars long enough to name the Star Wars characters and solve another animatronics problem with Chewy’s costume. I was told it was time to leave and started to follow my jailers the way I had been programmed to, when George asked, “When will I see you again?” I began to say, “Oh, you’ll see me again,” but I realized I wasn’t certain of that because once before, when we got engaged, I never saw him again. So I turned around and started walking back toward Lucas and I asked, “How about now? Can I stay with you now? Because I don’t know when I’ll be able to see you again.” George thought a second and agreed that I should stay. As I was walking back to him I saw his expression change and looked over my shoulder to see the man I had been following holding a gun on me. I kept walking because now I was sure that the story Lucas had told me about what happened five years ago, was going to happen again and I couldn’t allow that. Someone had obviously been playing with my life, and I couldn’t have that, so I kept walking toward Lucas and away from the man with the gun. Lucas’s expression changed again, this time his face was filled with fear and horror. I turned around and now there were three men holding guns on George Lucas. There was only about 20 feet of desert between us but I had to go with them in order to save Lucas’s life. So, if you’re a fan of George Lucas you may remember someone being stolen off the Star Wars set at gunpoint. That was me. Years later I was abducted and stolen from the Academy Awards. You may remember that incident - that was me. Years later I was abducted and stolen from the Elton John’s post Oscar Party that benefits his AIDs foundation. You may remember that incident - that was me. Years later Harrison Ford and George Lucas devised a plan to steal me off of the set of The Fugitive. This time I was shot with a coma drug. They used a hypodermic needle that went through my coat and slacks and into my thigh. Two bogus ambulance men came in a stolen ambulance and took me away. The only other time I saw George face to face was during the making of Howard the Duck. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg made that ridiculous movie to try to rescue me again, in case you were wondering why they made that movie. I was supposed to see Lucas again on a set of Indiana Jones but this time it was George who was drugged and abducted. This makes 8 times George Lucas tried to rescue me. I’ve spoken with Lucas on the phone only a few times over the past 40 years, and those phone calls and the conversations we had while shooting American Graffiti, are what makes up Yoda’s philosophies and Star Wars 7 – the Force Awakens. The reason the people who owned me don’t allow George and I to get together is because they don’t want World Peace. War makes them rich. The greed of a handful of people keep the word in the turmoil it’s in. The people in the entertainment industry know me as the woman with no memory and no name. If you want to know more about me, check out my blog; or read my free ebooks the Truth about Lynn Mickelsen, and, the Conversation. I‘m still trying to walk those 20 feet.
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