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Some of My Movies

This is a list of movies I was in or Directed. The people who held me prisoner and slave got rich on me,  I should be filthy rich.  Instead they are funding ISIL. A= acted, D = Directed, W = … Continue reading

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Farwell Prince

The death of Prince is a tragedy. He was an extraordinary talent.  Prince set the bar very, very high for other musical artists of his time. Prince lived up to the name I gave him. As many of you know … Continue reading

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Trump’s Tweets

NY Times Trump’s description of ISIL as ‘Low-level degenerates’ was right on. The NY Times has an amusing article of his tweets. [FYI: Once again I’ll point out that in 2001 I named the group ISIL. Bill O’Rielly was there … Continue reading

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WTF North Carolina?

I directed a small film called Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil with Kevin Spacey and John Cusack. When we wrapped I was told, “You just made an advertisement telling murderers to move to South Carolina because we’ll … Continue reading

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Avoid These Banks

I would suggest you don’t deal with these banks until they get their sh_t together. Bank of NY, Mellon, Wells Fargo, State Street, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America  

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