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Some of My Accomplishments Toward World Peace

SEARCH WORDS — World Peace : Healing The World : Civil Rights : Environment : Tolerance : Medicine : Internet and Electronics : Movies : Books : TV : Music : Electricity +++++++++++++++ Preface – I am not better than … Continue reading

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iPhone Operation

The reason Apple can’t release back door code is because there really is no such thing. It would have to be a program written to be a key into password-protected, computer-related gizmos. (Steve Jobs didn’t like it when I called … Continue reading

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What is the Zika Virus

“The World Health Organization highlighted the seriousness of the Zika outbreak, a mosquito-borne virus thought to cause birth defects that has exploded in Latin America, and gave countries powerful tools to fight it.” In 2003 Rita Denman told me she … Continue reading

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