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Words to Live By

The following are my truths that make my life happy. I’m passing them along in the hope they will help you. There is no need to worry — If something can be done then you can do something, so there … Continue reading

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What happened to the person who had cancer and wanted to see The Force Awakens?

What happened to the person who had cancer and wanted to see The Force Awakens? A joke one of the DJs made was, “When ILM sold to Disney everybody thought they sold out to the evil Empire, but I guess … Continue reading

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Note to Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea honey, people who hate homosexuals are homophobes. The psychological hate disorder is Homophobia, and the verb is homophobic.  Homophobism is not a word.  The point you made is right on.  If any one of those haters gets more than … Continue reading

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Lucas on Charlie Rose

I should point out that George Lucas gave an interview to Charlie Rose. In the interview he explained that in order to give Star Wars away he had to allow Disney to do what they wanted with it.  He said … Continue reading

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President Obama Please Release the Prisoners of Guantanamo Bay

Why is Child Abuse a Despicable Thing? It takes away a child’s Free Will and ability to think for himself or herself. Any Trump, Dick and O’Reilly can tell anyone anything they want, and everybody who has been abused and … Continue reading

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