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Fear and Blind Hate

Millennium Without Fear For a half a century I’ve been teaching people “spanking” a child isn’t necessary – even anger should be avoided.  I think it’s been working and I think the lack of severely emotionally crippled individuals, is shrinking … Continue reading

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Marlon Brando

I thought I’d write about something a little lighter for a change. A lot of you know that I spent a huge chunk of my life in Hollywood, so I felt it was about time I wrote about that, especially … Continue reading

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Train Tragedy 2

The findings regarding the crash so far corroborates my previous post.  I believe the engineer, Brandon Bostian, can’t remember the crash because he was drugged.  The hypnosis that makes someone do something like that includes a drug similar to truth … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Train

May 13, 2015 What would home-grown terrorists want with Internet and electronic communications? These attacks, like the one on the train in Philadelphia today, are planned out by home-grown terrorists. What they do is collect data on everybody, because they … Continue reading

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Verizon is buying AOL

Verizon is buying AOL to bring them back into the fold.  See yesterday’s Post.

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