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Fear and Blind Hate

Millennium Without Fear For a half a century I’ve been teaching people “spanking” a child isn’t necessary – even anger should be avoided.  I think it’s been working and I think the lack of severely emotionally crippled individuals, is shrinking … Continue reading

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Marlon Brando

I thought I’d write about something a little lighter for a change. A lot of you know that I spent a huge chunk of my life in Hollywood, so I felt it was about time I wrote about that, especially … Continue reading

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Train Tragedy 2

The findings regarding the crash so far corroborates my previous post.  I believe the engineer, Brandon Bostian, can’t remember the crash because he was drugged.  The hypnosis that makes someone do something like that includes a drug similar to truth … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Train

May 13, 2015 What would home-grown terrorists want with Internet and electronic communications? These attacks, like the one on the train in Philadelphia today, are planned out by home-grown terrorists. What they do is collect data on everybody, because they … Continue reading

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Verizon is buying AOL

Verizon is buying AOL to bring them back into the fold.  See yesterday’s Post.

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Saving Messaging

Why save these things? Written e-messages can be altered so don’t save them. Phone calls from people not under a home-grown terrorist watchlist or criminal scrutiny should not be collected. It’s an invasion of privacy. Home-grown terrorists own and operate … Continue reading

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The UK Election was Rigged

Polls aren’t wrong. The polls said Al Gore would win but Dick and Bush won by changing election results in Ohio and Florida. No one investigated. Then the polls said John Kerry would win, but again, Dick and Bush won. … Continue reading

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