Cancer (Part 2)

Once again, I lived with the conspirators so this is not a theory – This is reality. The conspirators are all in the top 1%. They are the men in the shadows who rule the world.

The many carcinogens in our food are put there by drug companies that produce chemotherapy drugs. When I was told that in ‘the Conversation’ I didn’t believe it. I kept saying, “The FDA wouldn’t allow it! They wouldn’t allow chemicals in our food that could harm us.”

Rita’s cold, loud reply was simply, “We own the FDA, or most of it, and we will own it by 2012!”

Part 2

Chemotherapy Drugs cost very little, she told me. The more people with cancer the more the drug companies make. I named Cancer Treatment Centers of America. That’s a place where you can go to get the most aggressive cancer treatment. If you have a tumor and it has to be removed, something that would work on cancers that haven’t begun to spread, go to a place like Cancer Treatment Centers of America and they’ll sell you Radiation and Chemotherapy in addition to surgery. They even brag about it in their commercial. The fella in the commercial says he had surgery for his cancer and when the tests came back he was told he needed more surgery that’s when he decided he needed a second opinion. He went to cancer Treatment Centers of America and they told him they would give him radiation and chemo and then do the surgery. Evidently that made him happy. Why trust one doctor over another? Why pay thousands of dollars more for treatment you don’t even need? We’ve been taught that we have to put poison in our body to kill the cancer. The medical community, trained in this country, has been taught that. If you’re with someone who wants to use a minimal approach, why not try that first? This horrendous disease has been put upon the people of the world, especially the people of the United States, and no one is questioning where it’s from?

I know someone who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was told not to do anything about it because of his age. Prostate cancer is one cancer men will always get if you live long enough. It doesn’t spread in older people and will not kill them. So he went for a second opinion and was told he should have chemo, radiation and surgery. So he went with that suggestion instead and became very ill.

I was in on the decision to add prostate cancer to a yearly fund drive. The people who wanted to collect money for that cause had other objectives for that money. I told them prostate cancer would not kill older men and they said that’s good because the money they collect for research won’t be going into research.* They just wanted to put the emphasis back on men because they thought women’s cancer was in the limelight far too long, and women aren’t as important as men. I don’t know what month they picked but when they wanted a color I suggested blue, since pink is for girls and blue is for boys. True story. (*Knowing them, it’s probably going to fund ISIL.)

Why do cigarettes made in the United States cause cancer and cigarettes made outside of this country don’t? I was told, tobacco does not cause cancer. The type of fertilizer used on the tobacco and the type of pesticides the US uses are what causes cancer. In addition the paper and the filter are made of things that cause cancer and there is something sprayed on the tobacco so that it burns slowly and evenly, and that also causes cancer. If you grew your own tobacco you could smoke and it wouldn’t cause cancer. That makes sense since other countries are able to smoke tobacco with no ill effects. The native Americans smoked tobacco and lived a good long healthy life (when we weren’t killing them.) But we allow our health to be compromised by greedy health providers. Why do they do this? Money. Also they like to watch people suffer and think it’s funny when families are concerned for their loved ones.

This may sound off topic but, I’ve worked in Hollywood on comedies for many years. The comedies have gone downhill because members of the Satanic church are being hired by Hollywood producers and those people have no idea what’s funny. They’re taught that suffering is funny, bullying is funny, frustration is funny. You watch America’s Funniest Videos and you’ll see what I mean. When I flipped through the channels sometimes I’ll land on that and watch it for a minute or two until someone gets grievously hurt and I cringe but the audience sounds like it’s laughing. That could be a laugh track but I’m telling you these people, in Satanic Churches have a very sick sense of humor. They think it’s funny to watch people suffer and family members grieve and everyone spends his or her last dime to try to save that person to no avail. Some of the doctors and nurses who work in corrupt cancer treatment centers are legitimate doctors and nurses who care about people and cry when they suffer. But the people who own these places enjoy making money above all else and find it amusing to watch people in pain. It’s a sickening thought.

I know for a fact, because it’s happened to me, medical tests are manipulated all the time and the results of the test are frequently falsified. In my case, tumors that I saw on the sonogram screen disappeared on the sonogram image I took home with me. Tumors that I discussed with the radiologist are not even on the report. The report is a an assessment of another woman’s breast. So I can’t get the help that I need, but I’ll tell you if I ever get free of these bastards and I get to have surgery, surgery will be my only course of treatment; unless of course the cancer has spread by the time I’m free. Even then I doubt I would subject myself to chemotherapy. I’d probably opt for Chelation Therapy or work with a lab on alternatives like Hydrogen Peroxide. I’m under constant surveillance so I’m being bombarded with x-rays minutely. I’ve had carcinogens planted in every part of my body, so I should have died of cancer by now, but the radiation from the satallite surveillance may be just enough to keep the cancers from spreading – or not. I’ve been to Heaven and I’ll tell you it’s a glorious place.

In someone else’s case they could be told they have cancer when they don’t. Satanists often do this to their enemy’s. It’s easy to switch an image of cancer to someone who doesn’t have it, and then start radiation and chemo that makes a person’s hair and teeth fall out. They’ll do that as some sick revenge for minor infractions like cutting someone off on the road. I know for a fact women who aren’t pregnant are told they are so the abortion doctor can collect his fee for an abortion. Down and down the money spiral of filth we go. Medicine is a sinister thing when so much money is at stake.

I know I’ve written posts about things and diseases I’ve named over the years, so I know a lot about the plans to make people sick with incurable viruses and the like. One of the things I named was the series about cancer currently airing on PBS. I called cancer the Emperor of diseases. Rita said cancer is called the Big C because they make so much money on it. She said that any poison, including rat poison, kills cancer cells. But Rita likes to see people’s hair fall out, especially women, and so they use a poison that makes hair fall out as a kills cancer cells.

They make documentaries like the one on cancer so the rest of the Satanists and see firsthand the havoc that they wreak by contaminating the food supply. One of the main reasons, Rita told me, that people join the Satanic church is to get a list of foods that are safe. I don’t trust any processed foods anymore because I know they don’t list all of the ingredients. Between GMO and chemicals most of the food in the US is not safe. Just as an aside, Heirloom Tomatoes have a gene from poppies spliced in them so they are habit-forming, they also have a gene from a poisonous plant, Hemlock – I think. All in all – they aren’t food. (I named Heirloom Tomatoes)

There’s a PBS special brought to you by companies like Monsanto, who are doing the gene splicing and making chemicals that go with it to make you sick: that likens GMO to breeding. Gene splicing is not breeding! In fact, I’m going to go way off base here and say that the Bible’s reference to the abomination of God’s creation, the phrase that people use to say God doesn’t like homosexuals, is in actuality warning against Genetically Modified Organisms and has nothing to do with homosexuals. (God doesn’t dislike anyone and He certainly is incapable of hate.) The people who say they hate homosexuals are the same people who are proponents of genetically modifying our food. You could actually use the Bible as an argument against GMO, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I was told cancer was one of the easiest things to kill. I believe it because Cancer is mutant cells in our own bodies and so our bodies are already trying to attack them and kill them. I was told any kind of poison will work. I’ve thought for quite some time, that hydrogen peroxide should do the trick. I’ve discussed this with doctors who are now trying Chelation Therapy on human guinea pigs in Mexico. I know several people who’ve tried it and swear by it. I wouldn’t try it because I know it couldn’t work on my own maladies resulting from years of torture: and because I understand they’ve added other drugs to it. No one who’s tried it has been able to give me a list of the drugs that are being pumped into them. But I do think that something simple will work to kill cancer. The reason I think hydrogen peroxide should be tried is it has two atoms of oxygen to two of hydrogen so, in theory, it should raise the red blood cell count and that should be enough to kill cancer: additionally, hydrogen peroxide is a poison and that alone, may be enough to kill cancer. I wanted clinical trials so we could determine what amount would work, but the doctor I was explaining it to, decided he would do his own human trials in Mexico. I really don’t like that approach and I don’t know what he’s added to the hydrogen peroxide. He charges 60 dollars per “treatment” which is, essentially, 2 cents worth of hydrogen peroxide and he recommends 10 treatments. When I explain this to “patients,” they say they will not inject anything into their veins without a doctor. Go figure. They could save $599.80. They may have signed up to get cancer for all we know since we don’t know what the other chemicals are.

What Rita said in The Conversation was any poison even rat poison would kill cancer with fewer side effects, but since cancer is a result of human intervention *they choose chemotherapy that also makes your hair and teeth fall out and makes you nauseous so they can sell more drugs. (*they being the medical and pharmaceutical companies which are in the Satanic church)

Satanists often use cancer to kill their enemies. John Alexander said he was the one who injected Steve Jobs with the carcinogen that turned to cancer that eventually killed him. They use cancer on prominent people because no one suspects murder. Also, if they murder someone who has cancer, cancer is always listed as the cause of death. They murder sick people using drugs or suffocation, usually with a pillow, and the cause of death is always listed as whatever it was the person was ill with.

In Conclusion:

Essentially it’s the drug companies who make additives for our foods that give us diseases that the same drug companies have cures for. Not cures, mind you, but drugs to make us feel a little better. Most of those drugs have side effects that they have other drugs for and so the slope gets slipperier the longer we eat foods with additives.

Why would people do such horrible things? That’s the reason I didn’t believe Rita in 2003. If you only look for the good in people – all you’ll see is the good.

I say in my book, the Conversation and the Truth, that if you only look for the good in people all you see is the good.

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