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Archiving eMails and Phone calls

Stop archiving emails, tweets and cell phone calls. There was a short News story touting the advantages of saving emails. Sorry I couldn’t find anything about this except what I heard and saw on the News. Someone named Headly – … Continue reading

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Who needs Drones?

Nobody. The NSA (before it was the NSA) asked me how to get one of their operatives out of Siberia. They were pretty sure his plane went down and that was all they knew. I asked, “Why are those things … Continue reading

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Cancer, Part 3

I didn’t add in the last post that the name Chelation is a combination of elation and chemo, because, I thought, it would work like chemo, but you’d feel better for taking it.  (I’m not endorsing Chelation because I don’t … Continue reading

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Confusion turned to Chaos

Confusion turned to Chaos – High School Relationships, Cliques, Racism, and the Mafia through the eyes of fifteen year old Lynn Mickelsen.  Also available for free on

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Cancer (Part 2)

Once again, I lived with the conspirators so this is not a theory – This is reality. The conspirators are all in the top 1%. They are the men in the shadows who rule the world. The many carcinogens in … Continue reading

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