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Princess Parisa Tabriz

Parisa Tabriz has the awkward title of “Google Security Princess.” Did her predecessor have the title “Google Security Prince?” Her job is to hack into Google, trying to find flaws in the system. If you ask me, Google Chrome is … Continue reading

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Train Attacks – No Bombs or Weapons Needed

Undoubtedly some of you have seen me on the internet. Those 5 minutes in bed was just one part of my week. What was I doing the other 10,030 minutes? There are miles and miles of movies of me in … Continue reading

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General Petraeus is responsible for Benghazi

Any which way you slice it Petraeus is responsible for Benghazi. The attack on the US Embassy Compound in Benghazi, Libya happened at 9:11 PM on 9/11 2012. Since General Petraeus was in charge of the CIA and the CIA … Continue reading

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Twitter people – Thanks for cutting Isis out of your Twitter feeds.

The Internet has the power to stop Terrorism Thanks Twitter Read my book – ‘the Conversation’ the truth about Satanism – The truth will set you free. Internet guys -You haven’t done anything really terrible yet. Get together with a … Continue reading

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Stop Stopping Me!

Stop Stopping Me! I’ve been stopped all my life, but much of my work is still out there going strong without my name on it. For the Satanists in the game of trying to stop me, take a step back … Continue reading

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