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NAPA Earthquake

The Doomsday Machine Actually, I had been drugged and questioned, “How would you cause an earthquake?”  I thought it was a drinking game, or a plot for a movie.  I didn’t know I was telling people who actually wanted to cause … Continue reading

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Robin Williams’ Death

For years I was known in Hollywood as the woman with no memory and no name.  Ask the old-timers, they’ll have heard of me.  I’m recovering memories daily.  Many memories were triggered by Robin Williams death.  I can tell you … Continue reading

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Plea For Help

John Alexander and Dick Cheney knew about the reward on me.  Even though they’re both richer than Rockefeller, they devised a plan to kill me and collect the reward on my head.  I assured them, and they knew this already, … Continue reading

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Google Murder

Why was Google Executive Forrest Timothy Hayes killed?  Google is one of the companies I named so I know they’re a Company who takes orders from the Satanic Church that kept me prisoner.  (I named ‘Trending,’ but that’s a whole … Continue reading

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Robin Williams

I met Robin early on, back when he was supposed to be an alien for the first time on Happy Days (I think it was) they called on me to coach him. I did, and he was great. I can’t … Continue reading

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