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Tornadoes and Debris Hallers

Rubble Ridges may cut down on the size and severity of tornadoes. Towns hit by the May 19th and 20th, 2013 Tornado; and in Moore, Oklahoma; and coastal towns hit hardest by hurricane Sandy have mountains of debris that need … Continue reading

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Tornadoes, Under-Ground Malls, and Electricity

Horrible, horrible images are coming out of Moore, Oklahoma.  The devastation is as though an atom bomb hit the town. I’ve been thinking, and I may have blogged about it before, but people living in Tornado Alley should think about … Continue reading

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Tea Tax

I know for a fact the T party is unscrupulous.  I named them.  One of the comments made was, PACS pull in so much money and nobody monitors where it all goes – they’re a gold mine!  They also said … Continue reading

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Amnesia is torture.  Recovering from induced amnesia is its own kind of hell.  My name was Lynn Mickelsen. It’s been emotionally overwhelming remembering all the wonderful people taken from my life by my now ex-husband and his beloved princess.  A … Continue reading

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Kidnap Prisoner

Anytime a girl or woman is held prisoner and the cops were called there is a Satanic cult at work.  The cops are members of the cult and protect the man holding the prisoners.  There is no other way for … Continue reading

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Why TF are We Still in Afghanistan?

WTF is the US doing in Afghanistan?  The only reason we went there in the first place is because Cheatey wanted Helliburnon to get the contract to rebuild there.  He wanted to improve their infrastructure.  I can remember the discussions … Continue reading

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Boston Terror

Those boys, the ones accused of bombing the Boston Marathon, don’t have the vacant stares and the long, kinky, reddish-brown hair the other mass murderers have.  There are a dozen pictures of them smiling.  I don’t know how those boys … Continue reading

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