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Jewish Comedians

This is one crazy blog.  Coming out of amnesia is very bizarre. I think about the comedy people I’ve worked with over the years.  The first one was Groucho Marx.  He had a show called “People Are Funny.”  I got … Continue reading

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This is a hard blog to write. Joseph Merrick, the man known as the Elephant Man, was actually an experiment gone wrong. He was said to have some disease, but in actuality, his owner kept him caged and beat him … Continue reading

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The Mind of War

The Mind of War (Yeah, yeah, heard it before – go to * to skip my background part.)  I say this much in pretty much every blog so people new to the blog will understand, the rest of you, I … Continue reading

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The Secrets of the Mind

I used to be able to dance and sing and play the guitar.  When I was in my early twenties my fingertips were cut off, my vocal cords were burned and my stomach was hit repeatedly with a sack of … Continue reading

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US Military Budget – Crushing the Life Out of the USA

What’s the thing with the USA’s need to be the policeman to the world. We think we’re some shining example to the world of the joys of capitalism.  The US has no real capitalism.  The FED runs the economy and … Continue reading

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