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The Apocalypse

The world will end when it ends – not when mankind decides it will.  Polluting this earth, starting wars, creating superstorms (I was told about perfect-storm Sandy in 2003), using germ warfare while abolishing universal healthcare, bombarding our brains with radio frequencies … Continue reading

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Think Peace

Think Peace All people in this world have the same cells – human cells – and our souls are made by our Creator- by whatever name we call Him or Her.  Infants are born with white souls and a desire to go to … Continue reading

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Physics and Logic

I believe everything in this world can be explained using physics and logic.  I believe all things are possible within the realm of physics and logic.  If there’s no logical answer for something that has happened in this world; think … Continue reading

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I Remember Now

This is the background story of the Moon and Mars Missions and every other memory that has surfaced since May 2012. I didn’t believe Deeta when she told me the following in 2003. I helped in many government projects, and … Continue reading

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Why Did the US Invade Iraq?

The US went into Iraq because we said Saddam had weapons.  He said he didn’t.  We invaded anyway.  Did he?  If not we were all duped because there was no reason for war.  If he did, and he did, where … Continue reading

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