It’s time for member countries in the European Union to revisit the wording of the document.

Years ago Boris Johnson came to me, when I was the President of the RAND Corp., for advice for his plan to become the richest person on earth. A lot of people in the cult were in on the cult’s plan of being the person with the most money earned by a business, or entity that contributes to Armageddon, while earning money at the same time. The RAND Corp. was and is the richest cult in the world: so, Mr. Johnson assumed I knew about this bet or agreement. (I did not.) Another good example would be the Koch brothers.

Boris wanted a name for what is now known as the European Union. I said, he should ask people from the countries involved, for a name. I came up with the European Union and the EU. Next, Boris wanted a name for when England pulled out of the European Union – I came up with Brexit. All of the votes for both joining the European Union; and getting out of the European Union; were fixed. Then Boris wanted a name for breaking the contract without a plan, which I named Crashing Out of the European Union. Boris didn’t think ‘Crashing Out’ would need a vote, because he said, by the time a move like that would come up, he said he’d be Prime Minister. Each time, I asked him how he was certain all these things would come to pass. He said he would have a vote. I asked how he knew how the vote would turn out. He replied, we have ways of making it look like the vote turned out the way we want.* Cult members in the RAND Corp. made sure it looked like Johnson made all the right moves, and that the UK voted to get out of the EU. And then when the British Government couldn’t vote on a settlement to get out of the EU, it leaves them with no choice but to ‘Crash Out.’ Is it any wonder that Theresa May couldn’t get a settlement passed? Surprise, surprise, surprise. Boris said it was because she was a woman. It wasn’t because she was a woman, it was because he’s a cheat. I’m tired of putting my life on the line telling you this. Boris Johnson was arrested over a year ago for planning to kill me. The cult and the RAND Corp. got him out without a trace.

I figure whoever had the power to get him out of jail must know what he was up to. I know this because the arrest happened during one of the midnight satellite calls. Johnson was intercepted by American members of the RAND Corporation who have infiltrated the British Government and Law enforcement. RAND and the NSA can create any documents from any country. This is another thing I’ve been warning GB of. They don’t believe me. The real world can be frightening.

This post is a another warning to the countries in the European Union. You may want to copy and paste it into your browser because there are Annihilists who will take it down. Boris Johnson has had the European Union set up in a way that if Great Britain Crashes Out, Prime Minister Johnson will, within months, get to be the richest man in the world. He bragged; it will feel like all of the threads that make the material inside of his pockets will be attached to all of Europe’s old money. His pockets will fill with so much money he can’t fathom how rich he’ll be. He’ll have more money than he could possibly need. This would be a very long blog, indeed, if I were to add my side of the arguments against doing what he was planning to do.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson bragged he will be a quadrillionaire, or a quintillionaire. Of course, the up side for Boris is, it will wreak havoc with the global economy. He was hoping his plan would cause famine in Europe and that would kill many people world-wide.

I’ve written many posts addressed to GB and they won’t take another vote that can’t be tampered with, they don’t believe me. Their world will stay tiny until it’s gone. Whenever polls are different from the election results that means that country’s election has been tampered with. I suggest doing both a paper ballot and a voting machine vote. Make it clear that there is a hotline to an organization when voters see fraud.

These are thing I’d like to see the United States do.

Now is the time for member countries in the European Union to revisit the wording of the document. You need to add an amendment so no country can Crash Out. When a country leaves the EU, other countries won’t immediately lose money. I sincerely doubt the “Will of the people” is being carried out. Every country with Nazi Governments has had their voting fixed and their goal is to exterminate five billion people. You should hear these guys talk about it. It’s very, very scary.

*This is how Donald Trump became President and how he will win a second term.


‘How may I help you?’ are the 5 most important words – They make your life happier and richer.

Rise Up Stronger Together!

Think Peace!

Why are kids still in cages? Who brought those Refugees, anyway? American slave traders.

#find the little girls!

Don’t comment on this blog. The Government and the Annihilists are intercepting my emails, calls, comments and snail mail; and they hurt, and sometimes kill the people who tried to contact me. I was told Paul Allen tried to contact me.

Don’t stop at the office.France Government, Crash out, EU Brexit scam, European Union,

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Ambassador Yovanovitch is the key I’ve been looking for

While American operatives were looking for dirt on the Bidens, they discovered the corruption of the now Trump Administration reached into the Ukraine and may be one reason for Russia’s interest. This discovery predates the 2016 primaries. Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch discovered the crimes before Trump was elected.

Former Ambassador to Ukraine Maria Yovanovitch said she was being pushed out by Pres. Trump and Rudy Giuliani because they found corruption in Ukraine and that they wanted to make use of that corruption for their own financial gain. (This is something Giuliani and Trump did in NYC under the guise of “cleaning up the city.” Giuliani didn’t clean up the waterfront, he took it over.)

The Ambassador said – They used unfounded and false claims to get her out.

She said the State Department has been attacked and hollowed out from within. If it is not rebuilt, that will harm our national interest.

Trump told President Vladimir Zalinski – ‘the woman was bad news; she’s going to go through some things.’ Which is a threat.

Egor Fruman and Les Parnas’ efforts to remove the Ambassador were conducted, at least in part, at the request of one or more Ukrainian government officials.


— Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, two key figures in House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry who worked with Rudy Giuliani in an effort to gather damaging information about Joe Biden, were arrested as they were about to board a plane at Dulles airport near Washington, DC, a spokesperson for the US attorney’s office in Manhattan confirmed Thursday morning.

The two men were charged with conspiring to skirt federal laws that prohibit foreign nationals from contributing to US campaigns, according to the indictment, which was first published by the New York Times. They’re accused of entering into “secret agreements” to hide the scheme from candidates and federal regulators, laundering foreign money into the campaigns through various corporate identities, and using “straw donors” to make the contributions.

~~End Buzz Feed quote.

The other phone calls, the ones Trump keeps referring to when he was using extortion or cohesion, were made four years ago while Biden was still vice-president. Trump said that the new transcript was a conglomeration of two or three calls. The corrupt people in Army Intelligence know about these, but are threatened with their lives if they say anything. But Ambassador Yovanovitch knows what’s been happening.

Ambassador Yovanovitch is the key I’ve been looking for. She may not have realized she was privy to knowledge about Trump’s world-wide, organized crime Nazi syndicate. Pray for her.

It’s not necessary to prove extortion or cohesion, just asking a foreign country to help with a US election is the crime, so the recent “perfect” phone call should suffice.

You can’t keep thinking, “I don’t believe that;” because you can’t believe people could be so vile. When you reject the truth and you make your world so tiny, you allow the real world to win. The real world will be able to annihilate huge chunks of mankind while you hide inside your picket fence. The original Nazis only killed six million Jews. These Nazis want to kill five billion in Africa, the Middle East, possibly Asia, and the inner cities in the US.

The world suffers when even one great person passes over to heaven. The lives of so many are enhanced by that person’s presence in their lives.


‘How may I help you?’ are the 5 most important words – They make your life happier and richer.

Rise Up Stronger Together!

Think Peace!

Why are kids still in cages? Who brought those refugees, anyway? American slave traders did.

#find the little girls!

Don’t comment on this blog. The Government and the Annihilists are intercepting my emails, calls, comments and snail mail; and they hurt, and sometimes kill the people who tried to contact me. I was told Steve Jobs and Paul Allen tried to contact me.

Don’t stop at the office.


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Advice to Bernie

I unsubscribed to Bernie’s emails. I’ll share what I told him in the reason for unsubscribing box. Other Democratic Candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, should know this, too.
Medicare can’t take on EVERYBODY all at once! Your Medicare for all plan is regressive and is a set-up for corrupt medical institutions to make billions, it HAS to be AVAILABLE to all or it can’t work. The plan and the price have to remain the same at first! Your plan was very obviously set up by the same people who got us into the mess we’re in. That’s the first step. Once that’s up and running, year three or so, use the unused $20 trillion, earmarked for weaponizing the moon, to make tuition free. Then, once you’ve proven your plan works around year six, step three is adding ear, eye and dental benefits.
Corrupt for-profit medical groups and pharmaceutical companies have to be eliminated over a three-year period. A watchdog group has to oversee them to ascertain whether the patient being treated is really sick. Half of the people being treated for cancer don’t have cancer.
Corporations have to pay taxes like everybody else.
Also, you have to take steps toward free tuition. You can’t just do free tuition for everybody as a first step. Say, free tuition for Doctors who will work in poor areas for five years, and for teachers. For now, trade free college for everybody to – Government can pay the interest on student loans for teens whose family makes less than $500,000 a year; that’s a good first step.
The things you’re campaigning for are simply not doable the way you lay them out. The Green New Deal has no solutions. It rambles and looks like it was written by an 8th grader. It’s embarrassing. Shorten it by at least half. Offer solutions.
To Everybody else; Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg do offer reasonable solutions.
As for Pete not being gay enough – That’s a suggestion from the Republicans. I find him very likeable. also, Joe Biden should fire his handlers, especially the one who told him to say “record-player,” you should know that person is working against you.
Just an FYI to Candidates, Valerie Jarrett, who advised Hillary, was also working for Trump, she told me she wanted Trump to win. if a candidate hired her, know that she is an Annihilist so she will help to make sure Trump wins again. (I know, I know, it sounds crazy and impossible: but a lot of people will say to themselves, ah-ha that’s what happened.)
‘How may I help you?’ are the 5 most important words – They make your life happier and richer.
Rise Up Stronger Together!
Think Peace!
Why are there still kids in cages?
#find the little girls!
Don’t comment on this blog. The Government and the Annihilists are intercepting my emails, calls, comments and snail mail; and they hurt, and sometimes kill the people who tried to contact me. I was told Paul Allen tried to contact me.
Don’t stop at the office.

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September 12, 2019 Democratic Debates

Sorry, I forgot to post this. I haven’t been feeling well.
I wrote this on Thursday night but forgot to post it until now I thought, tonight, Elizabeth Warren was the clear winner. I hope I’m free by the time the next person is president. Pray for peace.
Cory Booker is very cool and presentable as usual.
Julian Castro lost credibility with me and Latinos when he implied, they should vote Republican. I hope he doesn’t run as an independent to screw the Democrats. If that’s his plan, and you know him, please beg him not to. He may be an Annihilist, or want Armageddon, again, please ask him to read this blog to see why this is a very bad idea.
Amy Klobuchar – I like Amy.
Bernie Sanders – I’d love to be able to talk to him.
Beto O’Rourke – was much better than I’ve seen him. I’d become aware of Beto after the Republicans made it appear as though he lost his bid for Senator, to Ted Cruise.
I felt that some of those same corrupt politicians took Beto over and gave him money and a script. To me, Beto looked like a marionette – until tonight. The strings were off and he looked like a good person. If he’s still scripted, he should quit; but if not, he should stay and he should send his script writers packing. I was told, by people who know, Ted Cruz has never won an election. They make it look like he wins because he does what he’s told. He has no original thoughts.
Kamala Harris is scripted and slick and reminds me of Trump. She plays to the camera. Did she have a TV show like Judge Judy’s? I don’t like scripted candidates because I don’t trust the writers.
Beto O’Rourke talked about a mother who held her child while she bled to death for an hour. [ I’ve stayed alive by drinking water so I didn’t bleed out. If they are awake, give a bleeding person as much water as they want. I should have bled out every time I was raped between the ages of one or two and seven, but I kept asking for water. (There is not enough room for a grown man’s penis in a baby’s vagina) Later, every time I was stabbed, or shot, I asked for water. I was never taken to a doctor. Our bodies heal themselves if given time. The medical community doesn’t want you to know this, they make money on surgery.]
The six second delay is being abused. It was used anytime anyone said anything that could be construed as negative about Trump. It sounded like there was a sound problem.
Bernie Sanders – slow down. Instead of free college.
start with free college for teachers who teach for four or more years. And then add government paid student loan interest. I’ve written my idea for health insurance. Try putting Bernie Sanders in the search box on the right side of the blog. Bernie’s plan was written by people who plan on cleaning up. It is low hanging fruit for the folks making big money on medicine. It’s written so a few people will get very rich before it implodes.
No one has a good doable health care plan. They can say they are in favor of healthcare available to all and hammer out the details
Elizabeth Warren said all the right things. She’s smart, nice, cute, and she has good plans.
Andrew Yang was finally able to verbalize why he would make a good president. He has some interesting ideas. He would make a good consultant. Maybe something in finance or the interior would be a good fit for him.
Marianne Williamson dropped out. She wanted 100bn in reparations for slavery, which is a pretty good idea. I think applicants for reparations should submit a family tree showing ties to a family who survived slavery. She’s right, only love can conquer hate.
Some others who didn’t make the cut had some good ideas that should become part of the Democratic agenda for the campaign.
People can forgive Joe Biden because they know his heart is in the right place.
Pete Buttigieg has God on his side so he may do better than anyone predicated. Only love can conquer hate.
Personally, I’d love to see an Elizabeth Warren – Pete Buttigieg ticket.
* Not one of those TV “Christians” who forgive Trump for his vile behavior toward women and naturally tan people, like because they want WW3. They believe WW3 will become Armageddon so they will force the second coming of Christ. Interestingly, all of the good-old-boys who brag about being a Christian, are homosexuals (Not that there’s anything wrong with that) I’ve spoken with many of them. True fact.
DO NOT COMMENT ON MY BLOG. It has proven to be lethal. Our Military has come after people. They kill people so it looks like, “natural causes.”
Pray for Peace.

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Vaping Hazards

American cigarettes have chemicals added to them to make you sick and keep you hooked. Cancer is a huge moneymaker for the medical community.
There are chemicals in the cigarettes that make them addictive and cause cancer. The fertilizer used in growing tobacco is a carcinogen to humans and other plants. If you grow your own tobacco use manuer or other natural fertilizer if you don’t want cancer. That fertilizer is put into E-Cigarettes. There are other chemicals that are sprayed onto the tobacco leaves that cause health problems. Those chemicals are put into the vaping liquid. So you’re breathing in a half-dozen chemicals including one that triggers the addiction area of the brain.
Going back and forth between cigarettes and vaping, is just about the worst thing you can do because of the cilia in the lungs that become unable to continue to clean out the lungs.
I’m glad that the ramifications of vaping are becoming apparent because when I told people this when vaping became available, they didn’t believe it. Now that kids have chronic diseases and are dying, maybe now you’ll believe it. Also, as part of being an anihilist, the goal is to reduce the number of people on the earth to about a billion. So ruining our air and our water is important to keeping people sick, that’s why Donald Trump won’t do anything about the environment, he wants to keep things as bad as possible. The cult that people join when they follow Donald Trump down his road to ruin, will end with Armageddon. That’s what I’m trying to stop. And that’s why this government wants me dead. Trumps cult believes I’m the one in their legends who is able to stop Armageddon.
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