I Believe IRAN

The Donald keeps asking how the Russia Investigation (AKA ‘The Rusher’ Investigation) began, and why the Democrats didn’t use that information during the campaign?  Good question, and one that the Democratic Party should want answered.  A question that would have changed the fate of the world.  We would not be on the brink of World War Three.  The CIA had the Steele Dossier since 2003.  They could have released it in 2015.  The CIA wants WW3 so they held onto it until after the primaries.  President Obama and his Paramore, the woman who was his campaign manager, and later Hillary’s campaign manager, used it to help Trump get elected and helped him get arrested.  Obama said he and his Paramore helped Hillary lose the election by keeping the Steal Dossier away from public knowledge, and by keeping Hillary from visiting States crucial to her election.  Obama said he took advantage of his relationship of the relationship he had with his campaign manager, to help get Donald Trump elected President.  It is imperative to get this information out. The NSA and CIA have suppressed it far too long.  They disgust me.

The entire US Government has been keeping sweeping corruption a secret.  The corrupt CIA keeps everything from the Intelligence department.

Did they keep it a secret from Trump?  President Trump, if you really don’t get this, don’t you wonder why?  I keep thinking you know, and are using this as a smokescreen, but if you’re not, know that you are in an unusual position to either stop – or start – WW3 and Armageddon.  Your mother was wrong.  Maybe your destiny was to make world peace.  Maybe that’s why we met so young?   

Maybe only the Bushes, Barack Obama and his Paramore, (who is no longer on the internet,) and the Trumps are the only ones who want Armageddon.

The answer is not complicated.  In 2003 future Candidate Trump had a consult with me.  The meeting was in my home in NJ and was orchestrated by the RAND corporation, the cult that owned me.  There was a billion-dollar’s-worth of Military recording devices in that house.  My meeting with Trump was recorded by members of the Military, the NSA, CIA, Military Intelligence, and by President Bush and many other Republican Politicians.  Future Candidate Trump joined forces with the RAND Corporation later that day; he needed help eliminating his crushing debt of over two billion dollars, and RAND; agreed to help eliminate that debt if Trump got into bed with RAND.  It is that multi-billion-dollar debt that led to a series of anti-USA horrible decisions leading to WW3.

The RAND Corporation*, in line with Opus Dei, the Knights Templar, and a global network of Satanic Churches who banded together behind Donald Trump to make it look like Trump won the US Presidency in 2016.   These are the groups Trump, just last week, invited to help in the 2020 elections.  It was Trump, himself, who prompted the Russia investigation.  It is criminal that Mueller took two years investigating AFTER Trump was elected president.  The members of the Military, the NSA, CIA, Military Intelligence, and by President Bush and many other Republican Politicians had that recording of Trump calling Putin to ask him for help.  WHY DIDN’T THEY INVESTIGATE IN 2003??!!  Mueller, too, wants WW3 and Armageddon and that’s why Comey was fired!

Mr. Mueller, and the Trump machine, know the Truth.  Mr. Comey used to know, before his brain was compromised, Comey was going to pull the plug on the machine and have Trump arrested.  Instead, Comey was brainwashed to say false things about Hillary in order to sabotage the election.  Later, since Mr. Comey knew the truth and it bothered him, he was let go, and pro-world-war3 Mueller was installed as his substitute.  This was all arranged over a decade ago.  Why the elaborate smoke screen?  To keep the News busy focusing on a study that has already been done.  Mueller also would NOT bring criminal charges against the president, who was then not even candidate Trump, so his report would pass the buck to the Congress, and now it’s the duty of Congress to begin Impeachment proceedings.  That’s the law! I believe Congress is breaking the law by allowing Trump to run for a second term while he’s being impeached.  Trump told me he won’t step down if he’s impeached, so the whole thing is moot anyway: but that shouldn’t stop Congress from impeaching Trump.  It Is Their Duty!

The richest Satanic churches in the world are in a race to see who will still be standing with the most money, post Armageddon.  That person gets to rule the world.  It is a game with no winner, but they’re all still playing.  Armageddon means the end of the world – so there will be no world after it ends. (You might want to read this blog; or the Book of Revelations, in the Bible.)

Trump is in on the bet, too, but he says he’ll still be President after he destroys the World, so it won’t matter if he’s the richest.  He won’t pass the power of the Presidency to anyone else.  Once he wins, he’ll be president forever.)

The war is set up.  Saying Iran put bombs on oil tankers is a way to get into a war.  It’s something Trump has wanted his whole life.  It’s something that will be a bargaining chip while running in 2020.  You notice the surveillance  film of the little boat that supposedly took an IED off of the tanker, was heavily marked as Iran.  Why?  Also, the film shows the little boat putting the IED on the side of the tanker and then taking it off.  Whoever directed the photo op should have said, “Put the IED up, then move away from the tanker, then motor back up to it and take it off.”  If you watch from the beginning it’s very clear Iran’s being set up.  Who would benefit from a war?  President Trump, and hi cronies who hope to be alive post Armageddon.

As for England, Boris Johnson, Trump’s friend, will end up as the richest man because he told me he stands to clean-up big-time if he is made Prime Minister and he crashes out of the EU with no plan.

To England:  The RAND Corporation* also made it look like Boris Johnson won his elections.  They made it look like England voted for joining the European Union and for Brexit.  I believe England may have voted to join the EU but not to leave it.  The reason Theresa May couldn’t come up with a satisfactory solution to leave the EU is because Boris Johnson’s grand plan includes “crashing out” of the EU with no plan.  Mr. Johnson wants to be the come-from-behind-horse in the race to see who will still be standing with the most money, post Armageddon.

 * The RAND Corp is heavily involved President Trump and the CIA and the NSA.

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I can’t sign the Green New Deal

I’m sorry, I can’t sign the Green New Deal. Come up with something original, that’s less than a page, and I will look at that. There are far too many ‘pie in the sky’ ideas and ideals that have nothing to do with the climate, with no steps this country should take. Leave out that falderal, and put in something we can actually do, and I’ll be happy to sign it.

Or, just make it a page of REASONABLE goals, and I’ll be happy to sign it.

(I’m trying to stop writing about politics.  Maybe I’ll write about this.)

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To whomever stole my stuff

Please return my personal papers; and my red, three-ring binder password book.  Also, my money, my clothes and my food.


‘How may I help you?’ are the 5 most important words.

Rise Up Stronger Together!

Think Peace!

#find the little girls!

Don’t comment on this blog. The Government and the Annihilists are intercepting my emails, calls, comments and snail mail; and they hurt, and sometimes kill the people who tried to contact me. I was told Paul Allen tried to contact me.

Don’t stop at the office.



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Corrupt Voting

Boris Johnson threatened to kill me, for the post in this link, during one of my midnight phone conferences  (If that link doesn’t work type Boris in the search box on the right)

Mr. Johnson has access to the same people as Trump had, to make it look like he won.  I’ve written several posts about this.  Mr. Johnson bragged, to me, that he was sure the British people would vote to get into the European Union, and then he would make sure they would vote to leave the European Union.  he wanted to break out with no plan, or an incomplete plan.

I named Brexit about three years before England voted to join the European Union.  I am putting my life on the line by continuing to warn England.  They need a new vote on leaving the European Union using a system I have been pushing for in the US, both conventional voting and a paper ballot, tallied independently.  The results should be compared to make sure the results are legitimate.

Mr. Johnson was arrested that night of the conference call, for threatening to kill me.  (That’s a crime in Great Britain.)  The US Special services took it from there, so Mr. Johnson never made it to jail and the record of the arrest was stopped.  I know this because my Colonel in Special Services, Arizona, told me, and they were close enough to the mic so I heard it as it happened.  Everyone on the call had their memories erased.

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Iran has asked the UN for help in avoiding war

It appears Iran is in such a panic to prove the President’s attempts to say Iran is goading us into a war, are all just Trumped up charges. Iran has asked the UN for help in avoiding war. I hope the UN asks for gobs of proof because I don’t want this country to lie its way into war, again.

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#Iran v Trump and Bolton, The UN’s role in WW3,

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