C-Pap machines

More suggestions for Covid-19.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and was prescribed a C-Pap machine.  I didn’t sleep for three weeks so I put it in the back of my closet.  I couldn’t return it.

I’ll bet there are millions of unused C-Pap machines in the back of people’s closets. Can they be converted to respirators? There could easily be a, turn in your unused C-Pap machine, drive.

Also, the thing that would have killed me was post nasal drip, that would be why when people are intubated and hooked up to respirators – They can’t breathe and they die. The hospital is paid. The people making the supplies are paid.  This Covid-19 is a moneymaker.  That’s small in comparison to the money the Deep State will make on this new money maker pay-out that is coming in April. It’s set up so it is easily embezzleable  with no money limit, if they don’t use bit-coin.  Taxpayers who make less than $70,000 a year get $1,000, and everyone who owns a Deep State Corporation gets $1 Billion. Bankrupting the world is also one sign of Revelations. If you remember the bet, the winner is whom-ever causes the most deaths while making the most money.

Back to Covid-19 – I took more than the recommended amount of Sudafed a day. I took 12 a day which is 2 more than the recommended dose.  If you need something to sleep, try 1.5 mg of  Melatonin about a half hour before bed-time.  sleep on your stomach or your side so the post nasal drip doesn’t get in your throat or lungs.

Sometimes I coughed so hard I threw up. I recommend that, it got rid of lots of phlegm.

If you feel well enough to stand in line to get into a hospital, you may not need a hospital.  I know I didn’t go because hospitals here in Washington State, L.A., NYC, and elsewhere, are in league with the Annihilists,  Gov. Jay Inslee is being played, probably because he’s a good person and they want him out of the way.

Because of all the medical machines I’ve invented (including the mammogram), I have PHDs from major Medical Schools. The answer to the question, “Is she even a doctor?” the answer is yes, with many awards.  Remember Trump’s goal is five billion people dead.

If you look at the pools of Covid-19 victims they are in Poor and dark skinned areas.  Also, they’re injecting good and peace-loving people.  Good doctors who see what’s happening, have stepped forward, I wonder if they’re still alive.  Please make sure they see this post.

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How may I help you? Are the 5 most important words. When you help another human being, you create your own happiness.

Rise Up!

Think Peace!

#find the little girls! There are more than 10,000 girls who were trying to come to the US as refugees, they have been missing for years. I was told, by a man who was identified as a slave trader, the girls were sold into slavery. The Government can’t account for many of the children who are entering the US. I was told that the kids in cages are being “groomed” to become slaves.

Don’t comment on this blog. The Government and the Annihilists are intercepting my calls, emails, comments and snail mail; and they hurt, and sometimes kill the people who tried to contact me. I was told Paul Allen tried to contact me.

Don’t stop at the office.

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Sudafed can help you control the sinus cough that comes with Covid19.  Sudafed you get it at the pharmacy and show your license.  You can only get a few at a time so you’ll have to stop every week for a month. get some Flonase too. Each time you go to a store with a pharmacy, go to the pick-up line to order Sudafed. The Annihilists got the Government to limit the number of Sudafed one could buy in a month.

Don’t hoard this stuff – two or three boxes should be fine. I think you can get a box of 48 little red ones two times a week, or five times a month. They did this for two reasons, one because the red coating can be made into meth, and two because the scheduled up-coming pandemic Sudafed may be able to save lives. Once you’re sick, jumping through the hoops the government set up, is impossible.

Making Sudafed so hard to get is hard on everyone. What the Canadians did was, they didn’t coat the drug with the red stuff that can be turned into meth. Theirs’ is white, and you can buy as much as you want.

Two things, Trump said he wants to use this plague to get himself to his goal of killing 5 billion by letting it loose in the inner cities and the new towns that took in immigrants who aren’t white.

If President Trump doesn’t want us to quarantine any longer, he should send out an order to stop spreading the virus. That should include cults who send out individuals who sabotage public places.

We should remember plagues are far superior to Nuclear war. If the Donald is still set on Nuclear war, he should have tried that first, since no one will survive that.

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Whales and Dolphins

There is a shortage of Killer Whales, Whales and Dolphins in the Pacific North-west. What Col. Arizona told me was, the drones equipped with nuclear warheads fly over my place many times a day. The nukes are deployed to kill me. When they don’t work, the drone flies a bit further and they pick a target in the Pacific, like Whales and Dolphins, and they shoot at them. This time the missiles fire and take out the gentle giants of the oceans. The person giving the order to use these intelligent creatures as targets, has no conscience, no heart, and no soul.

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