Entitlements must include Corporate and Bank welfare

Entitlements must also include payouts to Corporations that fail. Banks and savings and loans that fail – the only payouts should be to the depositors as the FDIC insures.
These government corporate welfare payouts are much more significant, financially, than food stamps and welfare, and I know for a fact, they are orchestrated.

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Fire and Fury and False

Fire and Fury

The book is wrong when it states Trump didn’t want to be President. I counseled Trump for 2 hours in 2003 and I can guarantee he WANTED to be President. True, Trump had thrown his hat into the ring once before as a bit of a test to see what he needed to do when he ran for real. Back then, Trump said he didn’t want to win so people think he did the same thing this time. Once again, I’m tired of that rumor, so once again when Trump ran in 2016 he ran to WIN. He was CERTAIN he would win.
I won’t read Fire and Fury because it will drive me crazy. The author, Michael Wolff, had a copy of the consult Trump had with me in 2003, so I have to wonder exactly why there are soo many mistruths in the book. Obviously there’s something that will play out by publishing the book and that’s why it was published.
I recommend you don’t buy it or read it, and I suggest if you do read it – know it is, for the most part, inflammatory fiction.

Rise Up!
Think Peace!

PS – 800 of my political posts have been erased! That’s illegal! So much for Freedom of Speach!

President Trump, When you read this, you’ll think I’m on your ‘side.’ I am always on the side of right and righteousness. I don’t like lies told by anyone, even if their intentions are good. The lies in Washington are especially egregious (extra hurtful) because they effect so many people.

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Me too! What we can do.

Me Too! Now What?
There’s a lot involved in our attitudes towards sex. As I’ve pointed out too many times, our primate cousins only do three things a day, they eat, they sleep, and they have sex. The only reason we have the division in the sexes, is religious control. Let me explain. Since sex is our primal desire, a religion’s ability to control a person’s sex life gives that religion the ability to control that person.
Both men and women are born with a healthy sex drive. As I’ve said over and over, sex is the way we know how we will feel when we were in heaven. God wants us to be happy. God has no problem with sex, so we shouldn’t either. From the time we’re born, we are told how to feel about sex. A woman’s adverse reaction to sex has been part of our conditioning since birth.
There have been studies done where couples and their children are asked to wait in the waiting room filled with toys. Their behavior is monitored for half an hour. Sometimes little boys will pick up a doll, and one of the parents will pull the doll away and hand the boy a truck. Same thing with little girls. If the girls pick up a G.I. Joe that will be taken away and replaced with a Barbie.
We’re conditioning our children to be sexually appropriate according to the mores of the society. If we want a peaceful world with happy people in it, we have to stop manipulating our children. My girls all liked to play army, and with trucks the best, and they’re straight, beautiful, charming women now.
Since I played boys for the first 12 years of my acting career I got to sit in on boy talk. Having been on both sides of sexual teaching of children I can tell you little boys get told vastly different information, most of it untrue. Many times I have been in the room when the women leave a man will say, “Now that it’s just us guys let me tell you the truth about women.” And since no one suspected I was a girl, I would sit and stay and listen to what was being taught about us girls. One time I was so furious with the hogwash that our group of boys was being fed, I almost got into a fist fight. Boys are taught that women take advantage of them emotionally and financially and so a good man will take advantage of women to get back at them.
Boys who are sexually abused are almost always told that women are inferior and can’t comprehend a string of thoughts, so you might as well not even talk to them. They’re also told that women make no sense and it’s a waste of time even listening to them!? I believe the abuser wants the boys to turn into men who are emotionally crippled. If the abuser is a woman, then a man will hate women but still be attracted to them, and such confusion is depressing. Some men are told that they are homely and will never get a woman the usual way and that’s when they take to being abusers themselves.
Boys get told that girls are nothing but a tease. They’re told to sow their wild oats. They get told that so often, that most men truly believe the conquest of a woman sexually is some kind of a contest. That kind of thinking can lead to all sorts of problems and pressures that adolescent boys can’t cope with that they shouldn’t have to. Sex is not a contest. Also, I believe, sex is better when there is an emotional attachment, because sex itself can lead to an emotional attachment and it’s better if it starts the other way around.
So check out some of my posts on parenting and that is where we have to start. Just remember that much of the way we feel about sex is a result of conditioning. For instance, I like to joke about sex. I do it all the time on movie sets, especially when it’s all men and that’s what they’re joking about. But if I do it in polite company I get a totally different reaction. Some women will say that they don’t like that kind of talk. But they were conditioned to say that. I really don’t understand why people think their sexual parts are any different than their hands or knees or any other part of their body. Our body parts are treated as something vile.
For girls it’s worse, I think sexual teaching for girls is all untrue. Girls are taught to deny their sexuality.
So, Ladies, the next time someone tells a joke that offends you, think about just why that is, I’ll bet it was because you were conditioned you to respond that way.
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Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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Hoping for a Better year in 2018. Pray for Peace.

Here’s a great New Year’s present. My favorite 37 year old has an Instagram site that’s outrageous.
It’s called Grub and Tunes so her handle is grubntunes. If you have an Instagram account I highly recommend it. She takes trips to places I’ve never even heard of, and takes spectacular pictures of things I’ve never seen. She writes about the food, and the places she went to hear live music. Note that there are side arrows on MANY of the pictures that you can click on to see more, and when you do you might notice a sideways triangle in the middle of some pictures, if you click on that you’ll see a 1 minute movie. The fountain one is the best.
Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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I LOVED the new Star Wars movie

I LOVED the new Star Wars movie. I especially like the many small George Lucas touches like the dragon that swims by as Rey and Luke talk. The little tracking bauble Leia and Rey have. I’d like to see that bauble sold as a paperweight or decoration. Leia’s ring was beautiful. The crystal critters were pretty terrific. The little penguin-like creatures were adorable. The red and white salt flat was fun, too.
I liked that we know more about The Force. I liked watching Finn connect with that adorable Asian guard, Rose. What a great pairing! It was as much fun to watch as the original – and that’s saying something! The characters were as engaging as the original cast. Laura Dern is always a treat. Benicio Del Toro is a favorite of mine, he’s always great!
It’s too bad the Moocs and the NSA won’t allow me to get my comments, because I’d like to be able to chat about it. The US is going through an eerily similar time.
I hope Mr. Cheney watches it.
I look forward to seeing Harrison in the next one.
Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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Happy Birthday Jesus

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Fort Hunter Liggett & Fort Huachuca

I went to Fort Hunter Liggett and they wouldn’t help me. They got a call from the Corrupt Mooc Member assigned to me because they know where I’m going since I have a tracking device and a microphone in me, so they’re one step ahead of me. Since I’m dying, I can’t do much for myself anymore.
I figure if the bad guys know where I am all the time, I should let the good guys know too.
You still can’t and shouldn’t call me, ever since Obama took over my life he’s been killing everyone associated with me. He’s much more ruthless and bloodthirsty than the Moocs who held me prisoner before.
I am 17 miles east of Fort Hunter Liggett, 170 miles south of San Francisco on 101.
If Robert Mueller wants to talk to me he should send someone to get me. My bags are packed. They should be prepared to answer questions, so please inform them about the lies about me and the truth about me.
N 36 degrees 12.478′
W 121 degrees 09.007′
Until 12/27/17 follow signs in the park to the campground – about 1/2 mile. I am campsite 8 written on the ground behind the sites. Little red car with a black roof that almost covers a heart. Very old 27′ Holiday Rambler.

If anyone from Fort Huachuca wants to see me, perhaps you can land at Fort Hunter Liggett and let them know they have been lied to. If anyone else wants to chat, please do so at your own risk.
I have been injected with poisons and carcinogens and I have been irradiated almost to death (my rig is a disaster area) and I won’t be much of a hostess.

Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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