thanks to all who helped !!

Thank God the boys got out. Great thanks to all who helped make that happen. I’m concerned when anyone predicts illness. Please check the semi liquids they were first fed. I’ve never head of that, and it doesn’t even make sense. Eat and drink very slowly if you’re starved.
What was in the medication they were given? A chemist check that the drug was, indeed, what it was supposed. Find out what was in that stuff was they were fed in their weakened condition. Make sure that what is on the label is what was in the package. When did their illness begin? After they ate?

Once again, there are many heroes in this story. Thank you!

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Find the Little Girls

We should not forget the missing girls in the US. The total, that may be right, is 3,000 which means 1,500 girls missing. What happens now that the deadline has passed?
The US needs to use the News to let the world know about coming to the US as a refugee means having your family broken up and everyone gets incarcerated separately for months or years. Few families would come to the US if they knew, and Trump would have his wish.

Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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Get in Through the Back Door in the Thailand Cave

How is it someone has died? The very man who volunteered to bring Oxygen to the boys, died of a lack of Oxygen? And how did they know the cause of death at the same time they found out he died? That’s murder folks. I say this whole thing wreaks of Moocs.

I finally saw a map of the caves for a split second, and it looks as though the cave ends 40 feet beyond the place the young men are being held. Even easier the light the young men are seeing is coming from a hole in the cliff. Why isn’t the Thai Military using drones and helicopters looking for it? If the cave ends at the side of a cliff there may be a little waterfall coming out of it. There are machines that calculate rock depth; and together the Military should have found the cave’s end by now: since the hole is in the cliff the risk of a cave in is may be less, if you start removing rock.

Maybe the man delivering oxygen found out that the guide was in on this media-driven trapping. Maybe the diver was used as an example of how difficult their mission is.

Also, why do the young men have to wait until the water level is so low they ALL have to be able to get out without getting their faces wet? These are not toddlers and infants, they are high-school age young men. If you insist on draining the water out during the rainy season the Thai Government is signing young men’s death certificates. The young men who can swim should be out by now! This is mass murder. Perhaps the young men figured that out and told the volunteer so now he’s dead. With tanks and ropes and even hand-holding they should have been out yesterday. The belief that young men can’t put their faces in the water will prove lethal.

Read my previous post for suggestions.

Stop the Doomsday Cults.

Rise Up!

Think Peace!


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To the rescuers of the boys in the Thailand cave.
I was going to suggest a rope lift – the kind used at ski resorts: it’s a circular rope that you hold onto one side to go one way. The rope lift could also be used to send supplies back and forth. Check with the local ski resorts.
At the very least, tie a rope that leads to the outside. The Boys could be equipped with scuba gear. And hold onto the rope as a guide as they go. Perhaps you could send one boy every 25 feet, or maybe less, I’d have to have a look at the situation. An older boy, then a younger boy, and so on. They look old enough to handle that.
Many years ago, I was at a cave in where miners were trapped. I climbed up over the opening and I could hear them. When I told someone, he told me to keep quiet about it. It seemed the News wanted to keep the rescue effort going because it was good for ratings. The miners told me they could see light, too. Back then, I got the towns people to dig until the hole was big enough to slip a ladder through. I set up a human bucket chain so the buckets of dirt could be taken away from the area. For labor, I used the worried people who had been standing around watching. They loved the opportunity to actually do something to help. The energy, the Force, was magnified by relief and joy.
Today, the line that struck me was, “They had been in the cave for ten days in almost total darkness.”
Almost total darkness would mean light is getting in somehow. So now, instead of a rope lift, I suggest finding the hole where the light came through and drop a rope or rope ladder through that. As for the men digging, I think they should stand on plywood to distribute (spread out) their weight. Back then, we had to swap out the men digging every 15 minutes. Digging is very hard work. If they feel the ground shift they should jump back and wait a minute and go back cautiously.
Make sure the News isn’t running the show.
Let’s get these minors (young people) out of there.

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4th of July and dogs

A handy tip for pet owners whose dogs freak out at the sound of fireworks. Melatonin. I had a high-strung dog who was a mess on the 4th of July. I gave her 3mg of Melatonin. She was 45 pounds. That’s 1 mg for every 15 pounds of dog – you do the math. I wouldn’t go over 5 mg. since that’s the limit for a human. (Drug stores should not stock anything over 5mg) I still had to pat her during fireworks but she was much calmer.
Melatonin is an enzyme that promotes sleep. I use 1.5 mgs. at night. You can find it in the vitamin section.

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