Secretary Clinton and President Obama Please Tell The Truth

Dear NSA Officials,Secretary Clinton and President Obama:
What the politicians, the Military and the intelligence communities want, is for the lies to continue. Hillary Clinton gave up her rightful position as President of this country rather than to tell the truth about the corruption that was uncovered too late in the campaign. More and more people die each day because the truth stays buried. Some terrible things will happen, the politicians think, if the truth is told: but they’re wrong! Without the truth, history is destined to repeat itself, and has been repeating itself for decades.
The truth is that wars are started just as a show of power, not as a means to an end. Wars are started to make the rich richer. Wars are started to kill poor brown people.
The politicians, including Secretary Clinton and President Obama, think the truth MAY start World War 3; when the lies most certainly WILL.
The foundation of evil is deep in this world. In reality, evil is a house of cards, take one card away at a time and ten others will fall around it. We have a hold of so many cards at this point that if we pulled those away, the cards would all fall. The foundation, made of followers, will disappear because the truth will set them free. People need to know the truth. People need to know they’ve been lied to all their lives.
The consequences of not acting are far, far worse than exposing the lies.
I had a chat with the former President and the real winner of the last US election. I knew they had been brainwashed to step aside and allow Trump to pull off the illusion of winning the presidency. My memory was erased after that conversation, so I don’t know what it is that THEY think I should do.
I do know what President Obama’s mother wants. I know why she was talking so fast and shouting, she can’t get through to her son, and she won’t leave his side. I know she’s asking him to do the righteous thing. And God knows I’m asking him to do the righteous thing.
The world can take it. Trust in the good in people. Trust in Truth.

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Believe in yourself. The Force is with you.

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My Medical Experience

My Medical Experience
I want to share some of my medical experience I acquired while I was a moocs torture prisoner. I have a lot of respect among the medical community who have kept my story alive. In this series we’ll learn we have the power to heal ourselves. We’ll need to resurrect that power now that Trump wants to kill poor people by repealing Obamacare.
I have over 100 broken bones, including a fracture in every one of my vertebra, and 8 – count ‘em – 8 broken vertebra in my neck and upper back in places where I should be dead; or paralyzed, at the very least.
Even now, the Doctors who are affiliated with the moocs owned medical system that treats me, won’t give me the correct test results, so I’m forced to heal myself. Believe me – If I can do it – you can do it.
Many medical schools have offered me degrees because of my work, especially in the field of medical machinery and surgery innovations. For instance, I’m the inventor of the Mammogram, Laparoscope, Laparoscopic Surgery, Robotic Surgery, and Sonograms. The Medical community has to stop using Sonograms on fetuses because, even though we can’t hear the sound waves as fully formed humans, fetuses can feel them – and they HURT. The nervous system of the forming human in utero is disturbed to the point that Autism results. Doctors know this, but they’re in the pocket of the Pharmaceutical companies who make money on Autism. Horrifying – isn’t it.
We have to ween ourselves from Big Medicine and Big Pharmaceutical companies. I have some tips on how to do that in the videos that follow, and I’ll have more in future posts.

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Anti-Big Medicine and Big Pharmaceutical Tips Part 1

We need Universal Healthcare but we also need to protect ourselves from Big Medicine and Big Pharmaceutical.
There are a few tips in Part 2 & 3 that follow. There will be more tips to come. I’m going to try to stop commenting on Trump. Some people are lost causes. They don’t even try to understand. I still feel sorry for them, though.

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Tips For People with No Medical Insurance (Part 2)

Alternative Medicine without herbs or potions Big Pharma, or Big Medicine. Most cancer treatment isn’t necessary.
Some alternatives to going to the Doctors. Poor people already know some of these. Most medical procedures that we are taught are necessary aren’t necessary. We have the power to heal ourselves.
I think if ancient man came back now and saw how we treat ourselves – he would laugh.
We don’t need the pills either. If not for processed food, oil based fertilizer, pesticides we wouldn’t get sick

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