some extraordinary things in my life

This is a 26 minute recorded account of an extraordinary part of my life.

This is a description of a few of the things I’ve accomplished over the years.
My goal has always been World Peace.
• I made up the Peace Sign and Symbol –
• I made up the word anti-war in 1966 I held the first Antiwar Rally against the Vietnam War. I spent the day explaining what antiwar meant. (I did get some death threats.) I coined the phrase , “Make Love, Not War.”
• I made up the COEXIST bumper sticker. It took almost 50 years for that one to catch on. (the Satanic symbol that dots the ‘i‘ is not mine)
• At 13, I spent 2 months in South Africa and helped Nelsen Mandela, while he was in prison, to put an end to tribal wars, which was the first step toward ending Apartheid.
• I said Neil Armstrong should say “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
• Two pictures of me that helped the peace movement. – A girl standing next to me at Kent State was shot and killed. (I was shot, too, but it was just a flesh wound.) Another, I was detained at an anti-war rally I helped with on May 3rd, to stop traffic in Washington DC. While incarcerated by the National Guard, I put a flower in the barrel of the rifle pointed at me. I thought it was a symbol of peace in a time of war. That picture made the News. I did it even though his superior officer kept telling him to shoot me. The soldier later told me he tried hard to pull the trigger, but his hand froze.

• I worked with LBJ to pass the Civil Rights Acts.
• I sat next to Rosa Parks on that bus in Memphis and I wouldn’t let her get up.
• Said Regan should say, “Mr. Gorbechov, tear down this wall.”

• Helped to stop the spread of Leprosy working with Mother Theresa in Calcutta.
• I created Earth Day!
• I encouraged Groucho Marx into going public with the problem his daughter was having getting into a country club she wanted to join. I was about 5, we came up with “I wouldn’t want to join any club that would have me as a member – but my daughter does. A country club she wants to join won’t let her in because she’s Jewish. They should at least let her go into the pool up to her waist, since she’s only half Jewish.” It worked, and clubs around the country began changing that exclusionary rule.
• I decided to start to use the word Gay to mean homosexual. The word filled a need and caught on quickly
• Came up with the idea for Star Trek. I’m proud to have created the first integrated cast on TV.
• George Lucas told me I am Yoda.
• Played Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, Joie in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, and Anne Frank. My favorite role is Nora in the Thin Man because the writers hadn’t written my part so they told me to ad-lib. Nora spoke up for herself and it was evident that she was married because she wanted to be married and she wasn’t dependent on Nick. I think Nora began the woman’s movement.
Rise Up Think Peace

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Al Franken is a good and kind person who enjoys helping people

I have to weigh in on this Al Franken Situation. He’s the type of guy who went into politics to help people and to make this country a brighter place. Al’s probably the best hope for the Democratic Party, and this country!
The photo is funny. Different people have different senses of humor. The woman didn’t think it was funny; but that doesn’t mean Al’s a perve. I have to wonder why anyone would try to hurt someone like Al Franken?

Al Franken is a humanitarian.

Apparently he stole a kiss and she objected and he didn’t try that again. Also, why bring it up 8 years later? Are the Republicans afraid of Senator Franken? If so, they should step up their game, not try to hurt a man who’s a true servant to our country.
Also, who made up the phony Washington Post telephone tape?
I’m sick to death of political dirty tricks. A party that feels it has to stoop to scurrilous, deceitful pandering makes one wonder if they will represent our country that way? Can we trust anything?
All politicians need to remember they are public servants. If they don’t want to represent ALL the people, they should find a new profession. Selling shoes, perhaps!

Remember, President Harry Truman said, “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.”
He also said, “Democrats work to help people who need help. That other party, they work for people who don’t need help. That’s all there is to it.”
There are always a lot of people so afraid of rocking the boat that they stop rowing. We can never get ahead that way.
Selfishness and greed, individual or national, cause most of our troubles.
The friendless, the weak, the victims of prejudice and public excitement are entitled to the same quality of justice and fair play that the rich, the powerful, the well-connected, and the fellow with pull thinks he can get.
I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.

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I think these are fake. I was made to paint fakes and so was my daughter, Liberty. We can both paint like the old masters. And we were both under lethal pressure to do so and then we had our memories erased.

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Blake Shelton the Sexiest Man Alive

From My Mouth to People’s Ears.
Congrats Blake!
Next year – Carson Daily.
This was supposed to be the end of the post: but I can’t help but preach, because I know a few people who might benefit from knowing this.
The lesson –
People need Pride. You have to do things that make you proud! If you’re doing things you wouldn’t want to brag about, or you hope no one finds out about – don’t do them.
That’s the message.
I think.
(Hi Adam.)

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Woodstock Ad

I’m not bragging, I’m just stating a fact. Rita told me that, I’ve been erased out of history: but lo and behold there’s a Volkswagen Commercial with me in it. Of course, after I post this, someone will take it down. Whoever has the footage, please take extra care, I’m not the only one
I love the new VW commercial featuring Woodstock, especially because, finally, there’s proof I was there near the stage. Whenever there was a problem I would take to the stage and announce it, and everything stayed calm and peaceful. I only had 4 hours of sleep those three days. It was nice seeing the bands I’d named and written with and played with. It was held on my 17th birthday. The Rolling Stones wanted to come, but the NY State Freeway was closed and there were already too many helicopters so no one could get in – or out.

After hours of rain I asked if we could get out of the rain for a while.

point 14 + 18 is me. .point 31 to point 32 is me. the parts outside of Woodstock; and point 29 inside Woodstock are doubles for whatever reason. Putting people in the van is me. Getting stuck in the mud and giving the peace sign are me.

Also, while your there you might want to check out The Competition.

which is me made up to look like Amy Irving. What I didn’t realize was it was a real competition and I really did win. I held a finger up at the pause to let people know not to clap.
I preformed Prokofiev in The Competition; but then when they erased my memory, they erased the ability to play piano. I think the feeling must be like being told you’ve suffered a stroke. It sucks!

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United States Stands Alone Defiantly Denying Climate Change and Global Warming Because of a Gym Teacher

I advised Trump NOT to pull out of the Paris Climates Agreement I talked with him on a conference call. Then I spoke with the man who’s supposed to be the scientist advising Trump to relax our environmental laws. Others in the room joined in the conversation and said that global warming is a theory. I said it wasn’t a theory it was a fact, and I asked the scientists to back me up on that. But he couldn’t. He didn’t seem to know what global warming was. I said it was a theory 30 or 40 years ago: but it’s been proven dozens of times, so now it’s a fact. I asked the scientist why he didn’t know that? I had long suspected that the scientists, who the Republicans would get to disclaim global warming, graduated at the bottom of their class or went to schools that were not accredited. So that’s what I did, I asked him where he went to school? What was his rank in class? He graduated at the bottom of his class, by the way. I asked what his area of expertise was in physics? He didn’t know what that meant, so I asked what type of physics did he major in?
He replied Education – he said he had Masters in Physical Education. So I asked the people on the call if they were taking advice from a Gym Teacher? They said they’d take care of that on his record. Feeling awkward that his cover had been blown, the fellow said, “Well physical and physics the same,” so he figured he could go out for the job. A few of the people in the room said that’s what they thought it was too. I heard one guy asked another, “What’s the difference?” So I asked how much they were paying him to say that global warming doesn’t exist? And he said $50,000. Then he said to the others in the room I told you guys I would say anything you wanted for $50,000. I told him he would be committing genocide on eight billion people. They said how many? I said 8 billion I think that’s how many people live on this earth right now. Denying climate change was tantamount to global genocide.
I could hear them saying no one with a physics degree applied for the job. So they had to hire the gym teacher. I think, in fact, he was the only applicant. So now the United States stands alone denying climate change and global warming because the Gym Teacher was willing to say anything the Koch brothers wanted him to say for $50,000.
So basically it’s the Koch brothers who are setting the standard for President Trump.
Elsewhere in this blog, when I was writing about the DAPL, I made an educated guess that it was the Koch brothers who wanted the pipeline so that they could empty the contents into the Gulf of Mexico at night. I know that the Moocs are trying to kill the Gulf of Mexico. I don’t try to find logic in their decisions but knowing that, that was my guess. And guess what? I was right. The NSA has films of that happening. The NSA is so corrupt at this point that they are not protecting Americans. Their job lately, has been to keep things stirred up. I feel very sorry for the men who enlisted and then found out what their job really was. They want me to save them.
Now here’s the scary part, Trump and his cronies liked to the sound of global genocide. You could hear one say to the other, “Global genocide, I like the sound of that.”
“Me, too.” Trump said. “That’s what I’m trying to do.”
“That’s what we are trying to do here with the…” They said they would tell him later but I know that’s what they’re trying to do with the pipeline.
Then they all giggled.
I don’t know if they realize that fish need clean water to breathe. And all the little clams and crawly things need a clean environment to reproduce. Pouring thousands of gallons of toxic sludge into the golf every night is so unconscionable, that no one, no good person would ever think it, and would reject that idea as ludicrous.
Hurricane in Puerto Rico
Trump’s latest debacle with this hurricane in Puerto Rico is a measure of his insanity. He really doesn’t want to help Puerto Rico because Puerto Ricans are darker than he is, and he told me over and over he wants to kill everyone darker than he is. (This is why he paid Russia to bomb Syria, he thought Syrians were much darker than they are, and therefore, he thought, they are worthless.) By doing nothing, or next to nothing in Puerto Rico, and by not addressing an urgent need, the people of Puerto Rico will come to the mainland which is exactly what he doesn’t want, but Trump doesn’t think things through. Puerto Rico is a bright spot in the United States and people go there as tourists. Doesn’t Trump want to make sure that people around the world know the United States is great?
His annihilist attitude is a symptom of a psychopath.

Why the World seems Crazy
So for those of you who don’t understand what’s going on, Trump is trying to bring about Armageddon. Satanists have a different Bible. I know I’ve described the whole ancient Bible story that the Satanists follow, but I think, in Trump’s Satanic church there must have been some kind of clause that teaches that once there were more white people than dark skinned people, the white people should eliminate the dark skinned people. I know Satanists think that the dark skinned people are the original children of God. As I explained, Adam and Eve, or the first human beings, looked like the people in The Gods Must Be Crazy, scientists say. Satanists want to breed themselves as far from God’s creation as they could.
In these crazy times the logical answer will be crazy. So, crazy as this sounds, this is what is happening. Trump told me that’s what he wants to do. What Trump is trying to do is get rid of people who resemble God’s creation, and that, in his mother’s mind, would mean that Satan has won. The remaining white people will be Satan’s creation – not God’s.

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The Military has to stay out of Politics

The joke’s over – how Boris Johnson is damaging Britain’s global stature
As a journalist, he fanned the flames of Euroscepticism. As a politician, he used Brexit to advance his own ambitions. Now he is plotting a path to No 10
I’m telling this story because Americans don’t want to hear their country could possibly be taken over by murderers and crooks masquerading as Politicians and Generals. What’s happening in England is a mini-scale of what’s happening in America. Here’s what’s happening in England. A man who looks and behaves like the Donald used his powers of mind control and deceit to get rich in England. I remember a man who came to me about his plans for a European Union even though he was an American. I’m glad someone already outed him, I would have if my memory had not been erased.
I’m going to use him as an example of how corrupt politicians use mind control and brainwashing to their advantage. I forget exactly what he needed me for, perhaps to name the European Union. I always object about naming things outside of my country, I feel it’s not my place.
At any rate:
1. The man claimed he could make anyone do anything he wanted.
2. He was going to go to England because he’d like to live in England, and he would get into politics. He was certain he would win. He thought up a way to manipulate the EU in his favor.
3. He would set up the European Union in a way it would make him rich.
4. Then he would make England get out of the EU and that’s when he’d really make it big. Then he’d have so much money he wouldn’t know what to do with it all.
1. His plan sounded impossible to me. Certainly someone would catch on that his documents were frauds. Surely someone would recognize his accent wasn’t real. There’s a place in England that has an accent similar to Maine’s, a state in the North Eastern part of the US. He said his documents say he was from that English town. Someone discovered his secret pretty quickly but it didn’t hurt his chances at the polls. Brainwashing took care of the rest.
2. How are you going to get elected? i asked. He had that covered. Moocs have long been able to manipulate the outcome of elections, which was something I suspected.
3. Setting up the European Union so he could get rich meant he had to do a lot of brainwashing, cajoling, and vote changing. That part, he assured me, was much easier than I thought.
4. I asked why take it down? He said he wouldn’t take it down, he’d just get England to leave. I believe I came up with the word Brexit at the same time I came up with the EU.

I went to England last month to warn of some of the things the moocs had planned. The crook protecter portion of my NSA kept me from getting through to anyone. So I wrote my warnings in this blog.
This description of what happened in England is a mini picture of what’s happening in the US.
I’m going to say how brainwashing works because there are Presidents who feel it couldn’t happen to them.
I’m told it’s been happening for years. It’s torture run a muck. It’s the reason why FDR had to use a wheelchair sometimes and the reason Kennedy and Johnson had such bad backs. The US Military has perfected it. You may recognize that you’re a victim. My goal is to stop the Military from continuing to use mind control. It’s high time the Military treated its soldiers as human beings, and not things. The Military has to stay out of Politics. What they’re doing is illegal.
My suggestion for parents is that teaching with acceptance, encouragement and approval works much better than training using brute force and yelling. I also say the brain is our most important sexual organ.
General John Alexander added that information into his routine for brainwashing someone into doing what he wanted. Using stimulaters implanted into anyone’s brain and a remote control, JA said he can change a person’s personality. He used his newfound toy on Special Forces and Presidents. Now that John’s dead, someone else has the joystick.
For instance, he would tell someone to hate me for being a show off. He told people I couldn’t have accomplished the things people said I accomplished, even though he’d been spying on me my whole life and knew, first hand, of my accomplishments. If I said, for instance, that I came up with the Mammogram, they should hate me for that. If the subject’s original desire was to thank me, JA could get that completely turned around. So he would tell his troops and presidents to hate me for a lie, he would make up, and follow that up with the stimulation for hatred and anger, and often pain. When he would get the subject to repeat the lie he would follow that up with the feeling of acceptance and approval.
Eventually John Alexander could turn a President, or anyone for that matter, from wanting to meet me for helping Nelson Mandela and the anti-apartheid movement; and Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights movement, to hating me for that, even though he talked, at length, with both Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela who both were eager to see me again before they died. The subject trusted his feelings of acceptance as proof that both Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks were lying about me. John A. even got such a person to make moves that are divisive and counter productive to equality of the races; which has been a dream of mine since birth. Whenever the subject would think of doing horrible things he would be rewarded by getting a great feeling similar to an orgasm.
World annihilation was John Alexander’s goal.
If John A. could get access to a person he could use electrodes and another remote control that would stimulate a brain by sending electricity into the brain and stimulate the centers to make them angry, hateful, vengeful or fearful of a lie. Then when the subject would repeat the lie they’d have a good feeling, which they were told meant they were right to feel that way. You may have to re-read that to get it. By doing this over and over John A was rewiring his subjects brains. John is dead now but someone else with access to our surveillance has the remotes. The remotes even work via satellites.
He did this to peace-loving soldiers to turn them into assassins. They were useless to him thinking independently. He wanted to turn everyone into him, and he’s the same person who told me he was Lucifer.

The recent attack in NYC was Mooc planned as their Halloween Masacre.
You may start to believe all this if Republicans sweep the elections.

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