Korea Proves Earthquakes can be manmade

Now Korea is having earthquakes near their explosion sites, proving earthquakes can be caused by man.
There were 3 earth quakes on Sept 18 in Oaxaca, Mexico.
There must be a fault line that extends into the ocean in that area and, as I’ve explained before, can be achieved using two private submarines, drilling into a fault line and depositing a bomb. The water near Baja and the water in the Oaxaca area should be checked for radiation. Other proof will be dead fish. and churned up water. Since the fish died of trauma they should still be edible.
There have been 10 earthquakes in Mexico in 5 days. 10 earthquakes from planting 2 bombs in faultlines.
Now Korea is having earthquakes near their explosion sites, proving earthquakes can be caused by man.
Some companies related to the Rand Corporation want to get countries to buy early warning earthquake systems which are ridiculously expensive and will make a few people billions of dollars. I have this information from several very reliable sources.
In reality, early warning systems aren’t very expensive and have little real value. The vicious entrepreneurs who are doing this should be permanently locked up.
Countries outside the US should investigate. Mexico could do on the ground and in the water investigation. Test the water in the earthquake area for excessive numbers of dead fish and radiation, and you wouldn’t need satellites.

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Mexico City Earthquake

Mexico City Earthquake
Himalayan region will have earthquakes greater than magnitude 8 in the future’ The Gorkha earthquake that hit Nepal in April 2015 devastated the country. Geologically, the earthquake may have unlocked fault lines in the region, changing its seismicity.”

Since Google, yes Google, caused the earthquake in Nepal, it stands to reason they had something to do with Mexico City.
I have written about it and you can use the search bar to the right to read about it. I also got confirmation from General Rand that there was, indeed, radioactive particles around the volcano where the bomb was planted.
Now that other countries are finally listening, maybe Interpol or someone other than the US can check with their satellites for radioactivity.
The deal the US government made with Google was, anytime the Government asks Google to do something for them, like spy, Google can do whatever it wants.
I also think it was human caused because I learned about it in 2013.
(With all this spying you’d think they could stop terrorists?)

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Scotland Yard, Interpol, Royal Guard

The story behind this video. Back in 1971 I organized the May 3 anti-war rally to shut down Washington DC, and we did, and later that day Nixon announced he would end the war in Vietnam. This is a little history of my social activism for coexistence; and my time spent talking with religious and righteous leaders of their day, which began before I was 10 years old up until 2007 when I went on the road in my RV. I learned what other countries thought about us. Information I have accumulated since the Kennedy’s presidency. The Moocs who owned me, kept me tortured and a slave and prisoner and their what to do that was to erase my memory by using drugs, electricity, and hypnotism. These things sound impossible. They are not impossible they are highly improbable. Everybody who knows these types of things get killed. The US kills its social activists. Obama killed good people like Steve Jobs and Christina Grimmie, and he’s manipulating my daughters and Adam Levine and George Lucas because they’re extremely good people who have the power to help me and they want to help me. He’s been brainwashing them – trying to get them to hate me for eight years. 99.44% of the people in the world want world peace. Obama and Trump are among the 0.56% who want WW3 so they’re afraid if I get together with my girls, we’ll be powerful enough to stop WW3. So the NSA Moocs make up all kinds of awful lies about me. They run around before I arrive and after I’ve left someplace spreading their lies in an effort to discredit me. NO One is “allowed” to help me. People in the Military and in the Middle East who have helped me get closer to World Peace – are killed by special forces, by order of the POTUS.
To Scotland Yard, Interpol, Royal Guard – I’m in London leaving a trail large enough to land a jet on. I’m the woman Queen Elizabeth had a manhunt for about 25 years ago when I was abducted. She asked for President Obama’s help over the last three years, but since he was the one keeping me prisoner, he wouldn’t help her.

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Make Your Own Soap

Soap Ingredients:
Olive or other Oil 1/3 to 1/2 cup
Lye Mixture:
1 heaping teaspoon full of Lye (sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
!/4 cup of luke-warm water
 (You buy lye in the plumbing section of your hardware store in the drain cleaner section.)
(You have a month’s worth of soap for less than a buck. No harmful ingredients.)
1. Measure the olive oil into a container that can be heated. Peanut butter jars or other heavy jars are best.
Slowly add the lye crystals to the water, stirring with your spatula as you do so. Do not inhale above this container—there will be fumes that can take your breath away! This mixture will heat up quickly.
Heat the oil to be very warm to the touch, while the lye cools down. (I use 22 seconds in the microwave.)
5. pour the two together. I pour the oil into the lye mixture, but you can do it either way. Blend and stir until mixed and then occasionally for 3 to 8 hours, until the mixture reaches medium trace (it will be like thick gravy, and drizzled trails will stay on the top).
6. Add a few drops of scented oil if desired. The soap smells metallic but that smell rinses off. Leave the mixture in the jar, or pour into a chilled mold (or a clean, dry, quart size milk carton with the top cut off) and stir occasionally.
If you mold it for bars, unmold 48 hours after pouring into the mold. Cut into bars and place in your curing area for 5 days.

If you leave it in a jar you’ll have hard soap in the bottom of the jar. You can add 1/2 cup of very hot water to the jar to use it as liquid soap which can also double as shampoo if you put oil on your hair first. You can add oil to the jar too for a more delicate liquid soap.
The hardened soap will be ready to use as liquid in about 5 to 15 minutes so do this step just prior to bathing. You won’t notice a change in the hard soap in the bottom of the jar. Just enough is melted to make the liquid soap each time.
There will be plenty of hard soap in the jar for the next shower for about a month.

The soap loses its cleaning power after about 3 weeks, so most soap recipes will say to wait three weeks before using it because commercially made soaps don’t want you to know how much better homemade soap is at cleaning. I was thrilled and amazed!

Note, I put about a half cup of very hot water and some imitation vanilla (found in the baking or spice section of the supermarket) into my jar to make enough liquid soap for shampoo and body wash for 1 shower. I heat that water in the microwave for 30 seconds. The soap has a metallic smell to it. Other scented oils can be added if you want.
It takes seconds to do but is well worth the effort!

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When Floods Give You Dead Animals – Make Jerky

I believe the process for making beef jerky can be very mobile. Recently dead animals should be seasoned, smoked, and processed into jerky or salami or canned, if need be. Jerky doesn’t have any fat so that’s preferable without refrigeration. Enterprising individuals with vans might be able to do that. Leaving the carcasses to rot causes disease.

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