Farewell, Barbara Bush

Go to the light.  So sorry to hear about Barbara.  My condolences to the Bushes.



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Internet Privacy. Crooks use Uber. Facebook is a crook.

The Today Show interviewed Uber’s new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, who was asked how safe their data is.

Privacy and Uber.  Their data isn’t what crooks are after. If you use a site like Alibaba, or even eBay and Amazon, you may be targeted if you buy a big-ticket item. Cyber crooks are everywhere, especially inside the Internet Companies.

Once you have the Uber App on your phone, anyone who knows how to break in can break in and find out exactly where you are. If you’re in an Uber then they also know where you’re going and if you’ve planned a return trip, they know how long you’ll be gone.

The question Today didn’t ask is how easy is it to break into the Uber mainframe? Uber may not have a data group associated with them, but they may have crooks who use them. Another question is, how often is their site breached?

If you rarely use Uber, like maybe once every six months or less, download the app however often you need it. Stay safe.

Facebook – I’m glad these criminals are finally being outed. I’ve been warning people ever since I got my memory back. I hope Mark Zuckerberg outs the crooks. There are many others who should be testifying. I don’t remember them, but I do know I never met Mark Zuckerberg. I think it has become obvious to the committee that they have to interview others.

It turns out that Facebook is stealing your data from sites they have nothing to do with. They have your Medical Data – so they can sell data they steal. This is as bad, or way worse, than rigging the election!

Think Peace!


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Mark Zuckerberg is the President – not the creator

That’s why he didn’t know if he was the right person to testify. Once again, ALL social networks were set up to collect your data. Facebook people wanted a program that would make you “give up*” all your friends and the things you like to do and where you like to go and best of all your plans. The data collection software was created along with Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Microsoft, Bing, Google, and many others.

* Their words – not mine.

Rise Up!

Think Peace!

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Kudos Paul Ryan

I support your decision not to run again. Good luck to you. It’s so much fun having teenagers, enjoy them while you can.

I was told a year ago one of the Moocs’ plans was to fake a chemical attack in Syria and blame it on Assad. Advise president Trump to go to war. The Moocs’ plan was sometime during the US war with Syria, then Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, then China, and possibly Russia and Vietnam, they will kill Trump and Pence, and then install you as president. I applaud you for deciding against going along with that plan.

There’s no real reason for the US to go to war and I will continue to do my part to rail against war.

It is my hope that one of the reasons you decided not to seek re-election was you decided not to be a party to Armageddon. You may be able to push for a Republican to replace you who is not a Mooc. For the past 50 years, ever since I was a kid working with the Kennedys, I have been trying to get the corruption out of my government. This country could be great if the hawks, Moocs and crooks let go of the reins.

The Republican’s duty to the people of the US is to choose a replacement Speaker who is not a marionette of organized crime. Republicans’ responsibility, over the next few months, will be to vet the House Republicans to find an independent thinker who thinks that war should be a last resort. The majority of Republicans got into politics to make this world a better place, and to help their neighbors. Those people are the ones at odds with the Moocs in the Party. Someone who enjoys helping others will be the best choice for Speaker.

Rise Up!

Think Peace!




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week off

I’m taking the week off

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