very, very bad guys are mixed into the good guys and they hide by eliminating those who would expose them

I apologize for the way I look, I’m in a lot of pain.

It’s jarring to find there are very, very bad guys mixed into the good guys and they hide by eliminating those who would expose them.  I am one such good person.

Everytime a new President begins his tenure he signs off on killing those good people trying to keep our sacred Democracy alive.  The US goes deeper and deeper into the abyss of war and destruction.  Instead of exposing this practice, Pres. Obama thought he’d do the world a favor and let me live, but keep me a prisoner, and I am still a slave.  Obama told me he thought it was humorous that an old white woman was a prisoner and slave.  I came up with the plan to arrest Osama Bin Laden, and this is the thanks I get!  Bin Laden was NOT arrested but was killed instead, because he would have named treasonous war criminals in the US.  I know this because I’m the woman who wrote the memo about the US being attacked using passenger jets.  I gave that memo to Pres. George W. Bush thinking I was helping the US.

The NSA has been running an untrue terrorizing smear campaign against me.  Their only job, lately, is to eliminate those who want to keep the US a democracy.  They won’t stop the terror attacks they know about, hoping those attacks will lead to WW3.  Scroll down for yet another terrific flick!

Part 1:

Pray for peace.

Rise Up!

Think Peace!


The NSA has been invading my privacy in a perverted way and making my most intimate moments public; they put microphones and cameras inside my toilet and inside my bowel.  I think that’s so insane I feel the Generals who give orders like that against US citizens are traitors to our Democracy.

The NSA and Pres. Obama kept George Lucas and I apart, all the while lying to George, telling him they were helping us.

Look at the tabs along the top of this blog for some of my accomplishments other than ‘The Dream.’

The NSA has lost sight of its function.  They are making the US less free.   This is the reason WikiLeaks exists.  Freedom of Speech is imperative to a Free Democracy.  The NSA wants to stop freedom of speech because they want a dictatorship.

The NSA worked full-time against the truth, instead of protecting the truth.

Over the years the NSA has killed celebrities, including John Lennon, who wanted to help in my quest for World Peace. (I worked with the Beatles on 5 of their albums.)  The NSA killed two of my uncles, my mother, and my first husband’s Mother, Father and brother.  They were no threat to anyone.  They were working class citizens of the US.  The Military, the Intelligence Community and Politicians think they’re above the law.

This blog has to go viral if we are to get out of this mess we are in.  The tracking device in my belly has to be disabled. Trump won’t get us out, he’ll make the world worse.  He won’t even believe me that Global Warming is a real thing.

I want to know why did Obama help Trump get elected? Why did he turn his back when he found the corrupt faction of the NSA?  I think he was being blackmailed.  I know the NSA did some of their famous brainwashing on him.  He never bothered to talk to me because this country doesn’t jail its dissidents we kill them.  We like to keep up the illusion of being the good guys.  It’s jarring to find there are very, very bad guys mixed into the good guys and they hide by eliminating those who would expose them.

Pray for peace.

Rise Up!

Think Peace!

Part 2 —

Trump’s Tweets Today

Since the Obama Administration was told way before the 2016 Election that the Russians were meddling, why no action? Focus on them, not T!

Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY?

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Obama helped Trump win.  But why? WW3?

Trump Tweeted
Since the Obama Administration was told way before the 2016 Election that the Russians were meddling, why no action? Focus on them, not T!
Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY?
Both of these Trump Tweets are true!
Obama knew about the hacking and did nothing?  Why, indeed?  Obama knew Trump wants to bing back slavery or nuke the inner cities.  “If they don’t want to be slaves,” he told me, “Then we’ll have to nuke ’em.”

Obama also had all the notes from my meeting with Trump and he knew of all Trump’s diabolical plans, including his plans that would start WW3, but he did nothing!  My only conclusion is that President Barack Obama helped Trump win.  But why?  WW3?

If you think that’s off the charts crazy, come up with your own answer.  I pray there’s another answer!

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Seattle is Now an Official City Run by Moocs (Murder Occult Organized Crime Syndicate)

Seattle is Now an Official City Run by Moocs (Murder Occult Organized Crime Syndicate)
I just remembered the reason young black men are being killed. The Pirate Flag has just been raised over Seattle Washington.  
First it’s a throwback to the horrifying dark days of lynching young black men. The KKK is a subdivision of the Moocs. When I was young and those days were described to me I believe I wrote the poem Strange Fruit which told of lynchings as being such a common occurrence you could pass hanging bodies as you drove down the road.
Foremost the shootings happen in cities the Moocs have taken over. The murders are a satanic symbol that those cities have been completely consumed by evil and are now safe for Moocs.
Bottom line the murders and acquittals are the same as a pirate flag hanging above the city hall that indicates Moocs will be protected and can get away with murder in those cities. It is my belief President Obama has unwittingly aligned himself with these barbarians.
People trust President Obama and will follow him down the road to ruin. President Obama has been so thoroughly indoctrinated through a series of electric shock, hypnosis, and torture sessions that his beliefs and his new agenda are as clinically insane as any terrorist. I will not repeat what he told me because I believe it was not Mr. Obama who did the telling, but some evil Mr. Hyde side of himself that he may not be aware exists.
Moocs have infiltrated the Democratic party. I do NOT wish to be President of the US – that was a dream the Kennedys’ had for me fifty years ago when I was a teenager.
I believe we need a multi party system, that would be less lucrative for everyone.
I believe political ads should only be allowed to talk about the party and candidate that sponsors the ad. Any mis-information in the ad should be punished by releasing an ad apologizing for the mis-information.
Now we’re rolling along the road to WW3. These terror attacks and the stuff happening in Yemen and now the lies about Qatar will set the stage for even bigger diplomatic problems. I feel strongly that Iran will be hit by one of Korea’s missiles, and Iran will return fire, which will awaken the sleeping giant, China. As I keep warning, the US must leave that area, but Moocs in politics and the Military want us there when WW3 breaks out. Moocs in politics and the Military are turning a blind eye to the terror attacks so people will feel justified about marching into Armageddon.
People who went along with this scheme due to brainwashing, should come clean now and say you were hoodwinked and bamboozled into going along, and things went way too far before you found out you were dealing with Satanists who believe in Armageddon. There are politicians who know far more about this situation than I can guess.
People in the US are too busy watching the Trump fiasco to pay attention to what’s going on outside our country. We’re hypnotized and horrified by the notion that anyone at all could have voted for Trump. Remember the polls are off by + – 30 points. If they say Trump’s approval rating is 40% – that means 10%. That’s a Kellyanne Conway trick.
Trump says I helped him get elected but I was answering his questions in 2003, and I had no idea he could really steal the Presidency. Again, that was with Kellyanne’s help, not mine. She should be arrested for manipulating the vote. The vote for the President of the United Sates should be held again this November before it’s too late. It already may be too late.
When last we spoke I told Trump he shouldn’t have bragged about raping me to Billy Bush. I said I was going to charge him with rape because when I was 15 he took me to his apartment and he drugged and raped me. I’m number 1 on Trump’s hit list. I have him on a tape (saved offsite) admitting to the rape in Manhattan almost 50 years ago.
America has to turn our eyes away from Trump’s death spiral and focus on stopping terrorism by getting the corruption OUT OF politics, the Military, and the Intelligence community who must fess up to why these attacks are allowed to happen. The Intelligence community of Germany, France, England, South Africa, Russia, and the US know precisely who, what where and when attacks will happen. Keep your eye on the ball, people. The Intelligence community shares responsibility for these terror murders. They are enablers!
Meanwhile, I think the man who told Trump to fire Comey should NOT be in the mix on any ongoing investigation.
Back at the ranch, Trump and Pence will both be impeached and the Moocs we’re more accustomed to, will take over with THEIR man, Paul Ryan. It’s a plan so nice and neat you could pinch its cheeks and tie it up with a bow.
Bottom line, though, Moocs will be Moocs and they want Armageddon.

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6-19 London terrorist

Someone needs to question the driver of the London terrorist’s car, with sodium pentathol to find out who is really to blame. Brainwashing doesn’t show up without hypnotism or sodium pentathol. Good Luck

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A little about Judgement

I get judged over lies the Moocs and the NSA tell about me.
Fun Fact – George Lucas avoided meeting Marlon Brando since he was told Marlon was just like the character he played in Streetcar Named Desire. I knew Marlon as well as anybody could have, because I worked with him many, many times and we would spend our down time together. We would talk and talk all night (no sex involved). I know George, or any intelligent person, would have liked him. George believed lies and made a judgement about Marlon based on those lies.
Never pass judgement on anyone based on something someone else tells you. That’s what happens to me all the time. People pass judgement on me based on lies. The lies are the polar opposite of the real me. I don’t pass judgement on anyone. I’ll make a determination after I’ve spent time with them, whether I want to start a friendly relationship with them.
I find this to be true – If I don’t like someone they probably don’t like me either. We’re not supposed to like everyone. We should try to remain true to ourselves. For instance, I will not become evil so that evil people will like me.

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