That’s Not What They Signed Up For!

There are politicians and NSA officials who have known of Trump’s plan to cheat and his ties to Russia, since 2003. NSA officials were in on the conversation I had with Trump in 2003. They taped it. Our Intelligence knew Trump called Putin from his cell phone during the meeting! The San Bernardino terror attack and even the Russian attack on Syria were planned during the same meeting. Trump had US Military help to get elected. The US Military has helped rig every Presidential election to try to get a Republican elected. (THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY SIGNED UP FOR!)
The truth is that wars are started just as a show of power, not as a means to an end. Wars are started to make the rich richer. Wars are started to kill poor brown people. The Donald has a stake in all three.
More and more people die each day because the truth stays buried. Some terrible things will happen, the politicians think, if the truth is told: but they’re wrong! Without the truth, history is destined to repeat itself, and has been repeating itself for decades, and centuries.
The foundation of evil is deep in this world. In reality, evil is a house of cards, take one card away at a time then ten others will fall around it. We have a hold of so many cards, at this point, that if we pulled those away, the cards would all fall.
The foundation, made of *Mooc followers, will blow away because the truth will set them free.
American Traitors You May Know – Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump. Plus Vice Presidents Cheney and Pence, Not Biden.
Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we conspire to deceive. President after President goes along with the realization that Presidents can’t be charged with a crime, even murder. Presidents can use the Military to kill anyone they want, for any reason, even for being or helping a pacifist. A President can use Military money and supplies for any reason, no questions asked. (For instance, Obama uses torture drugs on my daughter EVERY DAY and watches the torture EVERY NIGHT on closed circuit channels. Those drugs cost money and military operations like that put the soldiers lives at risk. If those Green Berets are suspected of being prowlers they could be killed. If they complain, they will be killed. If they tell anyone, they will be killed by a fellow soldier.) (THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY SIGNED UP FOR!)
These are the real reasons so many NSA Officers have been killed over the past 14 years. We have to go back into Afghanistan so the murders that occurred in the States, can now be listed as “Died in Combat.”
Certain people in the National Security Agency are spitting on, and making a mockery of, all the men and women in the Military, because they fought to defend our freedom. Anyone who has fought for this country; anyone who wanted to make this world safe for Democracy, has been betrayed by high-ranking Generals, Captains, and others who sold us out and teamed up with the Russians to trade our Democracy for a Dictator named Donald. (THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY SIGNED UP FOR!)
Politicians use Military and Intelligence Agencies to further their agenda of greed and war, and are all responsible for every terror attack in the past 30 years, and for the war in Syria. Highly trained elite soldiers are given orders by criminals that have no bearing on the safety of America and have dire consequences for the world. THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY SIGNED UP FOR.
They signed up to protect America, not to head up terrorist groups like Isis, Boco Haram, and the Taliban and commit horrific atrocities so the war will never end. When they try to tell anyone what their mission really is, they are killed. If they complain or try to quit, they are killed.
911, Benghazi, Boston, San Bernardino and even the Russian attack on Syria were all planned by these American Traitors.

Under Bush and Cheney,
911 – Bush and John Alexander used a memo I wrote as a blue-print instead of stopping the attack, they enlisted the help of Bin Laden, who they referred to as Ben, and they had him recruit two men we had on our terrorist watch list to fly the jets.
Bush created the Taliban as a reason to keep the war going. They are a terrorist supergroup trained by US Special forces. I named the Taliban.

Under Obama, (Biden was kept in the dark about the dark ops)
The fact that the soldier who killed Bin Laden claims to have been under orders proves my point. Bin Laden had to be killed because he would have told everyone that Bush knew. Obama did not know, however, that Bin Laden had been home all along.
When I came up with the plan to get Bin Laden, I was told he would be taken alive. I only helped with the plan as a way to end the war. Boy, was I naive. Also, I was the one who could say with 100% certainty where Bin Laden was? With all the evidence they had? Come on. Also, we couldn’t find him while Bush was President? Again, Come On!!
John Alexander told me later, we knew where Bin Laden was all along, in fact, John-A visited him at his home a few times.
Obama formed Isis. I named them Isil, and Bill O’Reilly renamed them Isis, so President Obama continued to call them Isil because O’Reilly’s such a scumbag. (My word, not his)
The Boston Marathon was planned and executed by John Alexander and others, probably under orders. Obama approved the attack. The boys who were blamed, were picked at random since one had been to the Middle East to visit relatives, and they were planning to go to the Marathon and then to a party, so they brought a change of clothes with them in back packs. Both boys were supposed to be killed afterward to cover up. The younger one lived, so John-A tortured him to make him think he may have done it. General Robin Rand didn’t want the truth to come out so he described the boy as “a casualty of War.” (General Rand had been brainwashed by John-A)
Jehadi John, a member of Isis and a close member of President Obama’s Secret Service, confirmed this.
J-John told me that at first he was thrilled to be assigned to President Obama. He thought the world of him and would willingly die for him. J-John acted as my secure microphone when the President wanted to talk with me. I was close enough to him that I would be able to touch him without stretching out my arm. He soon learned the truth about President Obama, and became more and more disillusioned, and wanted my opinion. He told stories of President Obama ordering US soldiers to kill other US soldiers. Ordering US soldiers to kill US civilians like Christina Grimmy and Steve Jobs, because they’re good people who wanted a better day for this country. Ordering US soldiers dressed as Isis militants, to kill civilians in other countries. Ordering US soldiers to kill US civilians in other countries. Ordering Jehadi John, the man I was talking with, to behead people: and once, Obama ordered J-John to swing the severed head around. When they were sent somewhere as Isis, like a place of business, filled with men with families to support, they were still ordered to kill those men because those men were hoping my message of World Peace would take hold in their country.
Those last two Obama orders like swinging the severed head around, and killing an office building full of peace-loving programmers in the Middle East, weighed so heavy on his heart he couldn’t live with himself. (THAT’S NOT WHAT HE SIGNED UP FOR!)
Oh God this is hard to write.
I didn’t want to believe him, but J-John said it was Obama speaking as I listened on the speaker Obama had planted on J-John so we could have these conversations. These midnight conversations were over a period of three or four months. In every conversation I had to listen to my president order the deaths of everyone who said he wanted to help me with my plan for World Peace. One night I listened as Obama order the deaths of 50 people, including Intelligence Agents and 3 Generals, and my ex-husband because he said he would turn himself in so he could help me. I went from total elation as they pledged their help toward peace, to deepest despair, as they were killed. My memory was erased. During another meeting Obama ordered the death of J-John, because he knew too much. The man standing outside my trailer who had come to kill J-John said, “It was an honor to serve with you, Sir.” I had my memory erased, but I remember now, and I know for a fact, that’s not what either man SIGNED UP FOR!!

J-John was ordered to brainwash a man to shoot into a crowd at a Country Concert in Vegas. (The murders happened after Obama was President, so he may not still be covered by diplomatic immunity.) I concurred, with J-John, that the things he had been asked to do were horrible, and should not be part of his job. I told him Obama was wrong to order those things. The special forces are tortured and programmed so they can’t refuse an order. They are part robot, so it’s not only fear of death that makes them follow despicable orders, but they feel compelled to follow orders, even an order to kill a close friend. THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY SIGNED UP FOR!

President Obama had our soldiers kill every man in Intelligence who wanted to work with me on World Peace, or when they tried to protect me and my daughters. I believe the figure Obama and J-John gave me was 20,000. Of that, 400 were killed for trying and failing to kill me. And Obama had our soldiers kill another 15,000 good, kind, righteous US citizens for wanting to help me with World Peace. According to Obama and J-John, several Government officials and workers were murdered for disrespecting the President by swearing in front of him or telling an off-color joke. Many Obama ordered murders were suggested by an advisor from the RAND Corporation.
Obama laughed about killing SEALS and other Special forces and said, “We’ll make more,” but, he told me later, he even killed men on the Special Forces waiting list, because men who finished training and were being given jobs that were like being hit men for organized crime, felt they should let the men know exactly what it is they’re signing up for. They will give up their free will and their ability to think. They will be routinely tortured and raped. They will be asked to kill their friends as a test.
That’s really why the Green Berets were sent to Niger. First because Trump told me if the name of that country came up, he would pronounce it as though it had two Gs; and second because they angered Obama for saying they would help me in my mission for World Peace. Obama said they shouldn’t want to help me with my mission; they should want to help him with his mission. He thought that they were disrespectful, since he wants World War. These men said they signed up to work with people like me. They thought the job of the Military was to stop war, not to dress as terrorists and attack foreign towns to keep the war going.(THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY SIGNED UP FOR!) But that’s what they were killed for. They were killed for wanting World Peace.

In December I wrote – Once Dictator Donald is allowed to reign, things will escalate so out of control it will look like the Armageddon.
Trump planned these with US Military help.
Benghazi, was attacked by a seal team as a favor to Trump. Petraeus disliked the Ambassador and his plans to better the area. Since Petraeus had a problem with Libyan Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. He illegally ordered his murder and to make it look like a terrorist attack, and since Hillary Clinton knew Stevens asked for extra security, he would blame the attack on her, even though a Secretary of State has nothing to do with ordering security of embassies. Petraeus was responsible for the Embassy’s security. Why didn’t anyone blame him?
The San Bernardino terror attack and even the Russian bombing attack on Syria were planned during the same meeting with Trump. The NSA has tapes and films of that 2003 meeting, which would include the attempted rape Trump bragged to Billy Bush about. They have the power to arrest people, they could have arrested Trump right then.
Excerpt from my 2003 meeting with Trump – Trump also told me he would ask all people darker than he is to leave, and if they don’t, he will make life here miserable for them and if they still don’t leave he will kill them. He will bomb the inner cities, he told me.
The Donald said, “You should listen to me and learn something. A President is allowed to kill anybody he wants. I have a list of, probably fifteen hundred people I’m going to have killed when I’m President, and that number will probably grow, since I plan to kill everyone who opposes me. You and that nigger are first on my list.”
“Who?” I asked.
“Obama. Oh pardon me, President Obama. My friends know just who I’m talking about when I say – that nigger. Oops, sorry, I said it again.” Then he made that stupid face he makes.
I reminded Trump almost half of the country is darker than he is. He’d have to kill over 100 million people.
Earlier in our conversation Trump said he calls the country of Niger – nigger: and that’s why Obama said he would plan an assassination in Niger.
~~ end of reasons for La David Johnson’s death ~~
Note: To keep me quiet, the NSA has put a tracking device and tape recorder planted in me. Here I sit writing what I know to be the truth; the absolute truth about what I learned as CEO of the RAND Corporation, a top Think Tank Company that’s used by Executives and Rulers throughout the world. *Moocs run RAND. I was a key player since most clients wanted my help, so I was named CEO and CIO (Chief Information Officer)
I was not a conspirator so my memory was routinely erased, and has resurfaced, bit by bit, eight years ago.
These are memories of my conversations with the conspirators, including Army Intelligence. The NSA has been surveilling me for more than 50 years so I won’t talk.
I was with Jack Kennedy when he was killed by the CIA. To cover up I labeled a possible traitor and I get watched? Nobody investigated the CIA? Earl Warren helped plan the assassination. The Warren Commission investigated JFK’s assassination.
Satanism infiltrated our Military during the Revolutionary War and has had a stranglehold on our government ever since. Satanism was behind the Nazis and Trump. Satanism and world annihilation is the bedrock of the RAND Corporation. The three are interconnected. President Obama joined the satanic church and teamed up with RAND when he was running for congress.
Harry Truman said, “I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.” and ”You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.”
It’s more than disgusting to find out that Intelligence agents, under the direction of Obama, watch as my daughters and I get raped and tortured by the Satanic *Moocs who own us. Our government watches and does nothing but protect our torturers. I’m told Obama and some Generals watch our torture with glee. Some have participated in the rape and torture rituals.
Under Obama’s orders we have fewer and fewer descent Generals and Officers, he wants an all satanic Military. Bush, Obama, and Trump want World War 3 – I want World Peace. The Agents assigned to keep my daughters and I prisoners and slaves have a high suicide rate since that’s the only way out. Oftentimes they’re killed for trying to stand up for us. 400 soldiers died at the hands of Obama for not killing me.
Obama’s part in the massacre in Niger. Obama created Isis, because the Taliban wasn’t evil enough for his taste. I named them Isil and since Obama hates Bill O’Reilly, he continued to say Isil, because O’Reilly renamed them Isis. They have NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM.
The NY Times was about to publish my letter when they were stopped by the General in the NSA who had been the soldier who killed Kennedy. They called me and the NSA intercepted the call. He told them I was being investigated and not to publish the letter. If that letter had been published, we wouldn’t have Trump for President. You get the drift. It’s sickening, isn’t it?

* Moocs – Murder Occult Organized Crime Syndicate

**Right now the very short version of the violent chaos that plagues us is; The *Moocs want to kill all the dark-skinned people so they go into Africa and the Middle East and meddle in their politics, where they feel compelled to wage war on skin color. That creates refugees who come into Europe and America. If the *Moocs stayed out of meddling in Africa there would be no refugees. So now the *Moocs in Europe and the US don’t want Africans and Middle-Easterners to emigrate into their countries and those handful of Moocs make it hard on everyone.


This could be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Edward Snowden was trying to protect me.
Presidential Policy Directive 19
* The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, Pub.L. 101-12 as amended, is a United States federal law that protects federal whistleblowers who work for the government and report agency misconduct. A federal agency violates the Whistleblower Protection Act if agency authorities take (or threaten to take) retaliatory personnel action against any employee or applicant because of disclosure of information by that employee or applicant. Whistleblowers[1] may file complaints that they believe reasonably evidences a violation of a law, rule or regulation; gross mismanagement; gross waste of funds; an abuse of authority; or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.
Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act and Presidential Policy Directive 19[edit]
President Barack Obama issued Presidential Policy Directive 19 (PPD-19), entitled “Protecting Whistleblowers with Access to Classified Information”. According to the law signed by Obama on October 10, 2012, it is written that “this Presidential Policy Directive ensures that employees (1) serving in the Intelligence Community or (2) who are eligible for access to classified information can effectively report waste, fraud, and abuse while protecting classified national security information. It prohibits retaliation against employees for reporting waste, fraud, and abuse.[7]

However, according to a report that the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs submitted to accompany S. 743, “The federal whistleblowers have seen their protections diminish in recent years, largely as a result of a series of decisions by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which has exclusive jurisdiction over many cases brought under the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA). Specifically, the Federal Circuit has wrongly accorded a narrow definition to the type of disclosure that qualifies for whistleblower protection. Additionally, the lack of remedies under current law for most whistleblowers in the intelligence community and for whistleblowers who face retaliation in the form of withdrawal of the employee’s security clearance leaves unprotected those who are in a position to disclose wrongdoing that directly affects our national security.”[8] S. 743 would address these problems by restoring the original congressional intent of the WPA to adequately protect whistleblowers, by strengthening the WPA, and by creating new whistleblower protections for intelligence employees and new protections for employees whose security clearance is withdrawn in retaliation for having made legitimate whistleblower disclosures.[9] S. 743 ultimately became Pub.L. 112-199 (S.Rep. 112-155)

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3D Mammograms and the Dangers of Big Medical and Dental

I keep wanting to warn women about the new 3D mammograms – they don’t work.  As you may or may not know, I invented the mammogram.  I also invented the 3D slow-mo motion picture camera used in The Matrix.  The manufacturers of the mammography machine came to me to ask if it would be possible to combine the two; so I explained the 3D camera was really a series of 9 cameras connected by cables to a main computer that puts the images together, so it would be a massive machine, in the first place, and since mammograms involve smooshing the breast, the images you get back would be blurry and worthless.

So these guys, who were clearly women hating * satanists, said they would just move the camera: and I told them that would just make for a blurrier mammogram.

The men became almost gleeful, telling me “The mammogram was too good.  It worked too well and could find tumors before they got harmful. Breast cancer used to be a death sentence, but now it’s not.  There are too many women in the world,” they thought.  They would make a machine where the camera is on a track, and call it 3D, and then the images would be worthless and women would start dying again, they laughed.

The meeting ended and I was formulating my next move to out these horrible guys ready to murder women through negligence and cancer, but, as always, I was drugged, tortured, and my memory erased.

I had one of those mammograms and I saw the images and they ARE worthless.


And now a note to both men and women, dental x-rays aren’t necessary at all, but we’re being duped with “3D” dental x-rays. Those images are all just a gray blur and we’re being charged a fortune to get them.  Ask your friends and neighbors if they have ever benefited from dental x-rays.  Take a pass.  I also know how Dentists rip us off, and I recently went to Seattle’s Washington State Dental College, and the lesson the young student learned on me was how to get the most money out of me.

I’d been to my dentist in Nogales, Mexico, who put a metal cap on my cracked tooth and charged me $90.  I’d been to  a dentist in the states who wanted $3,500 to fix the tooth, so I drove.300 miles to Mexico.  My Mexican Dentist, who went to dental school in the States, told me, when that metal cap falls off, in five years or so, go to a dental school and they will tell you, you need to try a new porcelain cap, but they won’t be able to make it stick because your tooth doesn’t have enough of a lip.  Then when that doesn’t work they’ll tell you you need a root canal, a post and a crown, (even though my tooth didn’t have a root.)  That’s how we, speaking of Dentists in Mexico, learn how to make a diagnosis where we would make more money.  Americans are used to being ripped off by their dentists, so they don’t even question it.

Sure enough, the student suggested I need a root canal, a post and a crown for $4,000.  The teacher came in to say to try a cap first, that would cost over $2,000.  So, I asked if that would work, knowing it wouldn’t?  The student thought my total bill would be something like $7,000.  I could buy a car!  What if I were in pain?  It didn’t matter, it was all procedures I didn’t even need.  Patients go to dental schools to save money.  The Seattle school is making a fortune on people who can’t afford it.  It’s a disgrace.  This student, I thought, may have a soul and he may not gouge patients for greed, but that’s what he was being taught.  He was being taught to be heartless and evil for money.

If you live near Mexico, I highly recommend you get a Dentist recommendation for a Mexican Dentist.  They won’t give you x-rays because they’re taught x-rays are worthless.  You may not save on unnecessary procedures, but they charge 10% of what you’ll be charged in America.

My tooth had been cracked during torture and I have zero money because the RAND Corporation stole my money along with my memory.  These same satanists have infiltrated Washington and Seattle, its politics, its colleges and medical institutions.  Vote them out of government and take your state back.

Watch the first 10 minutes of the documentary, The Illuminati, on Hulu.  They talk about the Satanic cults who are ruling the world.  These people are Trump supporters.

* Trump told me all the people he wanted to kill, the poor, brown people and women – the three categories of humans all satanic men are told to hate. I told him that if he killed all the women that would be the end of the human race. Trump asked, “Why?  Women aren’t important.  They’re a drain on society. Do you think men can’t get along without women? I think men would do just fine without women.”

“Until the last man is dead,” I said.

“Oh, I think we can go for generations without women bothering us.”

“How about children?”

“We could adopt,” he answered.

The President doesn’t know women are the ones who create life.  Without women there’d be no children.

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Got Milk Canada?   <= link to audio

The United States has asked Canada to tell us a how they get their milk to market. The reason why we’re asking for that is because on our pharmaceutical companies will want to poison your melts the way they do with our milk. The reason why I say poison is that is the word that Rita used in our conversation in 2003. All of the things that the pharmaceutical companies do is put chemicals, which they say are edible, into our food supply.  Those chemicals cause health problems and then the pharmaceutical companies can sell drugs to counter act the health problems that they cause with their food additives that are really poison.  Our body treats them like poison.  Long ago there was a documentary called Supersize Me.  About a guy who ate McDonald’s food every day for a month, and every time a McDonalds employee said, “Do you want to supersize that,” he would say yes.  At the same time he had a doctor doing bloodwork and following him up medically.

The first there was a big change in his blood chemistry, so much so that he was getting hypertensive, diabetic and he was developing some heart problems: and second week everything that dramatically worse. There were changes in every part of his body chemistry and the doctor suggested that he was being poisoned.  The third week he was so dramatically worse that the doctor said,  “If you continue to do this for a month I can’t be responsible for what will happen.  I’m sure you’ll either a heart attack or stroke because your blood sugar is so high and your blood pressure is so high that for most people this is pre-free heart attack or stroke bloodwork.”  And he the doctor did use the word poison he said the only way you can change your blood chemistry this dramatically in that short amount of time is with poisons.

McDonalds sued but they couldn’t sue for money because it didn’t affect their profits at all. P people continued to go to McDonald’s but if you watch the movie now the word poison is taken out of it and the doctor’s concern is also cut from some scenes.  The food additives that McDonald’s puts in their food can make a person to die in a month then they should be in the category of poisons.

When McDonald’s was told that they couldn’t use the pink slime anymore, they insisted that pink slime was nothing more than a broth that was thickened. The stuff they thicken it with, is the poison and that United States puts in “pasteurized” milk because it was much worse for you and the pharmaceutical companies decided they would be able to sell drugs that would counteract the way milk affects our bodies.

Pasteurization takes out the amino acids that are natural in the milk that we need in order to digest the milk properly and use it properly. In order to get the amino acids that we need to digest milk, we have to have raw milk, and the country was frightened into going along with pasteurization because milkmen, who were also Moocs, would put typhoid in the milk and other diseases that people assumed came from unpasteurized milk, but that wasn’t true.

United States does with its milk is, it that no longer uses heet to pasteurized milk, it uses water and those chemicals that are poison that sickened the pink slime in the McDonald’s hamburgers. The poison is so powerful that it does kill disease, it will kill any typhoid or any of virus that lands in the milk but it will also kill the amino acids in the milk which is what the Moocs in the pharmaceutical companies want.  To make the milk so that it is indigestible by humans, and that way they can sell their drugs to people who drink milk.

United States pasteurization process is simply add one third water to the milk, a bunch of sugar, and then thicken it back up with those chemicals that are really harmful to your health. The pharmaceutical companies can now sell you drugs for diabetes, drugs for heart disease, drugs for hardening of the arteries, drugs for hypertension, and more: because inside those drugs as the other ingredients that you have to watch out for.  The other ingredients in those drugs will cause other diseases!  The new diseases that have come out last 100 years are due to the pharmaceutical companies, and the biggest one that they always try to get you with is cancer, because they make all bunches of money on cancer.  They found out that people who get cancer will spend their life savings and more to get rid of.  Cancer is a radical change in your blood cells and your body would fight that off naturally.  Even small amounts of poison would that will kill a cancer cell because they’re not indigenous to your body so your body doesn’t want them anyway.  {Right now I have a cancer and I’m getting fevers, and I’m really, really tired a lot but I can’t do anything about it because the health providers in the area, Jefferson Healthcare in Port Townsend and Swedish in Seattle, have been told to change my test results and keep me in the dark.  But I know I’m sick because my body is fighting off something and I’ve been told I been injected in pretty much every you area of my body with carcinogens, which are trying to grow cancer cells and my body’s trying to keep it from growing cancer.   Pray is pretty much all I can do right now.  Obama told me I have been given so many carcinogens that a man who was injected with less than I was, died in February so I’ve lived 8 months longer than he did; he only lived a month after they injected him so there you have it. “You’ll be dead in 4 week or 4 days,” he told me in February.  “Now you’ll see I’m more powerful than God!” Obama said.

One of these days, if I ever get free I may get more conventional help with cancer, but you can concentrate on any disease that you’ve got, and the power of the mind can cure. You don’t have to believe in God.  It helps to believe in God because if you’ve got Him working on curing you, too, then you have a much better chance of being cured.}

So that’s how the United States “pasteurizes” milk.  One third water, so you getting much more product back out, and sugar, they had quite a bit of sugar so you don’t taste the chemicals.  They always add something to sugar, that gives you diabetes and they add something that is addictive to the sugar.  There is really no part of the food chain that the pharmaceutical companies don’t add something to it. I strongly suggests that Canada does not share its information of how the milk gets to market with the United States because there are so many US citizens who are also Satanists or Moocs now in Canada. Obama was paid millions to allow Americans into Canada with false documents.  The US government is giving Satanists Canadian birth certificates, passports and driver’s license because the moocs’ next project is to take down the Canadian food supply and contaminate it because they think that they can make more money in the Canadian medical arena, then than they do in the United States because Canada has the universal healthcare and they think that they know how to work that system so that they can make more money in Canada than the United States.  They’re there to corrupt Canadian politics and to take over Canada’s medical and food supply.

One third water, a large part of sugar and lots and lots and lots of unhealthy chemicals and that will make the milk tastes just about the same with about the same consistency – sometimes even creamier consistency and it saves money because now you have only two thirds of the amount of milk and those chemicals are very, very cheap the Moocs want make sure that those chemicals stay in the food supply to keep people sick and going back to the doctors and buying more and more drugs.  The people selling the idea will sell the cost not the consequences.

The chemicals added to milk are the same as ingredients in Dawn Dishwashing liquid and Axe Bodywash. That’s why it foams for cappuccino.

I can prove it, Canada, take a look at Gibsons Landing British Columbia. Check their medical records from seven years ago until now and you’ll see a rise in doctor visits and prescriptions. I hope that is proof for you. The Moocs targeted Gibsons because I like the area and they wanted to ruin it for me. Start listening to me, Canada, I know what I’m talking about.

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President Obama and President Trump planning Armageddon

Over the past year I talked to President Obama about his plans, that included –

The California Fires are a classified military operation ordered by Barack Obama.

The earthquake in the Pacific will be a top secret military operation ordered by Barack Obama.

The Las Vegas mass murder was a military intelligence operation that involved brainwashing and was ordered by Barack Obama.  I talked to Arizona and Obama about it.

The Hurricanes were manipulated by the military radar tracking system ordered by Barack Obama.  Misinformation was given to the weathermen to allow for looting in Florida.

A war with North Korea and China will be a military operation ordered by Barack Obama.

Going into Afghanistan is a military operation ordered by Barack Obama to cover up his many murders of men in special forces.

It will look like North Korea attacked us but it will be our missiles that attack my RV, Fort Huachuca, AZ, and George Lucas’ home.

Barack continues to rape and torture my daughter, Liberty, daily.

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All the World’s a Stage

hands crossed

Nothing is as it seems. Things we learned from our parents, school, friends and church are wrong. These talks will tell the truth. The truth shall set you free.  For years I was the CEO of the RAND Corporation, a highly respected think tank used by Politicians, Big Business, the Music Industry, TV and Movies.  All ideas were passed by me, I was involved in problem solving, so I know scads of important people and the truth about all advancements over the past 50 years. I wouldn’t have believed this could happen 10 years ago.

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Only the Good Die Young

How and why the US Government and Military are using mind control and murder to either change or eliminate good people and free thinkers.  The US uses war to eliminate people.  President Obama just eliminated the 3-5-0-0 rule in combat, I wrote about that 50 years ago.  The Military wants war and wants to eliminate anyone who opposes war.  That’s why I’m always in pain or sick.  I’ve been injected with carcinogens, I’ve had my neck and back broken, and I have been undergoing weekly attacks, that only serve as an opportunity for the POTUS to kill more US soldiers.

Satanic warfare is so brutal anyone with a soul has a problem carrying out orders and so has to sign a waiver to have his mind altered, thereby giving away his free will.  These men are told it’s an honor and the US is proud of them.  They don’t understand the agreement goes on to say exercising free will or questioning an order is punishable by immediate death, and I mean immediate.  Obama had a 4 Star General killed while he was mid-sentence in a conversation with me, talking about helping me.  By the time I realized what happened and tried to plead for his life, he was already dead.

After ordering a Colonel killed, Obama laughed and joked, “We’ll make more.  I love how easy this is.”

Now, this is why we have to go back into Afghanistan so we can finally list the men who died in the states over the past 9 years as dead.  Their death certificate will read – died in combat.

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End World Suffering

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Fracking in Yellowstone is tantamount to Mass Murder.

(Injecting large amounts of waste water into the Earth’s Arbuckle causes earthquakes.  Oklahoma went from 2 earthquakes a year in 2008 to 3 a day. {It seems a pipeline or holding tanks would be of some use.  The pressure at which the wastewater is pumped MUST be adjusted.}
Setting off earthquakes in Yellowstone would be like dropping more than 20 hydrogen bombs on the area.  A third of the US will be uninhabitable.
The people proposing this as an idea are evil insane mass murderers who want to end the Earth.
The only reason politicians go along with such lunacy is money. We are at the mercy of Greed.)
From 60 Minutes
Oklahoma’s rise in quakes linked to man-made causes.

The following script is from “Earthquake Alley” which aired on May 8, 2016.

Bill Whitaker is the correspondent. David Schneider, producer.
Before 2009, there were, on average, two earthquakes a year in Oklahoma that were magnitude 3 or greater. Last year, there were 907. That’s right, 907.

LaRue’s disposal well is one of more than 3,000 in Oklahoma. The state created a website to explain the earthquakes — this map shows disposal wells as blue dots. The orange dots are earthquakes. When the price of oil went over a hundred dollars a barrel in 2008, oil and gas production increased dramatically. So did the amount of wastewater and earthquakes.

Bill Whitaker: What’s causing these earthquakes?

Mark Zoback: What we’ve learned in Oklahoma is that the earthquakes that are occurring in enormous numbers are the result of wastewater injection.

Mark Zoback is professor of geophysics at Stanford University. Zoback says there are two factors behind the earthquakes. One is the large volumes of water being disposed and the other is where it all goes: deep down into a layer of earth called the Arbuckle.

Bill Whitaker: What makes this such a good place to dispose of all that water?

Mark Zoback: Well, it’s very thick. It’s porous, it’s permeable so it can accommodate, you know, very large injection rates.

The only problem with the Arbuckle is that it sits directly on top of the crystalline basement — a rock layer riddled with earthquake faults.

Bill Whitaker: So this water is seeping into the faults?

Mark Zoback: The water pressure is seeping into the faults. And the fault is clamped shut and the water pressure sorta pushes the two sides of the fault apart and allows the slippage to occur today, when it might not occur for thousands of years into the future.

Earthquakes are now a daily occurrence in Oklahoma, but it was three quakes in November, 2011, near the town of Prague that caught everyone’s attention. One was magnitude 5.6 — the largest in Oklahoma’s history. It toppled a spire at St. Gregory’s University and severely damaged 14 houses, including the one where John and Jerri Loveland live with their two children.   …

Jerri Loveland: Our bed was shaking and all you could hear was glass.

John Loveland: You know, earthquake insurance is something that you don’t ever think you’re gonna have to have.  … Especially in Oklahoma.

Like most Oklahomans, the Lovelands didn’t have earthquake insurance and have been doing their own repairs to save money. More than four years after the quake, Jerri Loveland often resorts to simply hiding the damage.

Bill Whitaker: Doesn’t that concern you? That you’ve got a crack like this–

Jerri Loveland: I’m afraid that if we went in and fixed these and then there was another earthquake, even a little, it’s gonna crack it all and then you’ve done all that work for no reason.

Bill Whitaker: –covering it is fixing it?

Jerri Loveland: It’s not fixing it. But that’s our only choice. It’s not like we have the money to bulldoze the house down and start over. That’d be great.

But it’s not gonna happen. We have a mortgage. We live on one income. And I realize that that’s our choice, but our choice was great when somebody else didn’t screw our house up, so– and that’s proven fact that somebody did it.

It’s not a natural disaster.”

(This is Armageddon stuff)
From Eco  Aug 22 2017

Massive Fracking Plan Near Yellowstone National Park Threatens Wildlife, Air

Quality, Climate.

The Center for Biological Diversity and the Sierra Club lodged formal comments with the federal government Monday opposing a massive gas fracking project that spans 220 square miles of public land in Wyoming south of Yellowstone National  Park.  Massive Fracking Plan Near Yellowstone National Park Threatens Wildlife, Air Quality, Climate.
The Center for Biological Diversity and the Sierra Club lodged formal comments with the federal government Monday opposing a massive gas fracking project that spans 220 square miles of public land in Wyoming s outh of Yellowstone National Park.

“This enormous project will be a disaster for wildlife, people and the planet,” said Diana Dascalu-Joffe, a senior attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity. “It will decimate habitat for animals that are already struggling and further foul the air in communities already suffering with pollution from drilling and fracking. And it locks us into decades more fossil fuel dependence, which will only worsen the climate crisis.”

In their comments to the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Monday, the groups said the project would destroy key wildlife habitat for greater sage grouse, prongh orn and mule deer by allowing 3,500 new gas wells, roads and other infrastructure. If approved by BLM, drilling in the 140,000-acre gas field could begin next year.

Fracking in sagebrush habitats will reduce already dwindling mule deer  populations in the region. Mule deer avoid gas wells and infrastructure, which fragments and shrinks their habitat. Research shows that development of the  Pinedale fracking field decimated migration routes and winter habitat, reducing mule deer populations by more than a third.

“This massive drilling project could well be the final nail in the coffin for Wyoming’s historic migrations of pronghorn and mule deer, and it puts some of the largest sage grouse concentration areas in the West in serious jeopardy if it moves forward,” said Bonnie Rice, senior representative with Sierra Club’s Our Wild America campaign. “Drilling thousands of new wells will not only have devastating impacts on wildlife, but on local communities which already have serious air quality problems from existing oil and gas development.”
Jonah Energy’s plan would also drill extensively in winter habitat critical for the survival of greater sage grouse populations. That’s despite substantial evidence that shows drilling within 1.75 miles of winter habitat will cause sage grouse to abandon the area.

Drilling would worsen ozone pollution in the upper Green River basin, where winter ozone levels already exceed federal health standards. The project would produce up to 440 million tons of equivalent carbon dioxide pollution. This would account for more than 1 percent of the entire remaining U.S. carbon budget needed to have a 50 percent chance of returning global average temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2100.

(NASA Thinks depressurizing Yellowstone is in order.)
National Geographic

The drill will not touch the magma, as that would cause massive depressurization and could even set Yellowstone off. It’ll sit above the magma, ten km deep in the hydrothermal fluids.
These fluids rob the magma of their heat. By adding water to the fluids, NASA will cool down the volcano’s heat significantly.

It’s a fairly expensive undertaking, but the benefits would be many, apart from saving the world, the excess heat from the volcano could be used in America’s power grid.

The project will take thousands of years to see results, and by that time the initial project leaders will be dead.

(The same evil geniuses could easily make this happen.  Moocs own the LA Times)

from   LA Times
A potent threat of major earthquake off California’s northern coast.

Risk of a monster quake and tsunami off California’s North Coast is greater than researchers once thought.

March 12, 2014|By Rong-Gong Lin II and Rosanna Xia

If a 9.0 earthquake were to strike along California’s sparsely populated North Coast, it would have a catastrophic ripple effect.

A giant tsunami created by the quake would wash away coastal towns, destroy U.S. 101 and cause $70 billion in damage over a large swath of the Pacific coast. More than 100 bridges would be lost, power lines toppled and coastal towns isolated. Residents would have as few as 15 minutes notice to flee to higher ground, and as many as 10,000 would perish.

Scientists last year published this grim scenario for a massive rupture along the Cascadia fault system, which runs 700 miles off shore from Northern California to Vancouver Island.
The Cascadia subduction zone is less known than the San Andreas fault, which scientists have long predicted will produce The Big One. But in recent years, scientists have come to believe that the Cascadia is far more dangerous than originally believed and have been giving the system more attention.


Thanks, Thom!  It’s good to have a good-hearted genious like you fighting the good fight.  Thank your team, too.   Gracie

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