The Voice

Kyla took that song, A Little Help from My Friends, to where it should be. Kudos, and thanks.
Britton was handled skillfully by Alicia. She showed off his genius with his voice, and he may win, but not just for his cuteness, he’s a talented guy.
Win or no win – Spensha is terrific and should be allowed to take her rightful place as a Country star. She would be the first Female Black Country Music Star, and I say – it’s about time! There was a woman of color years ago, I think, but she never got very famous. The times they are a changing. Finally!
Brynn was wonderful.
A note from Jane to Adam’s fans. A few people know this
I Wrote with many of the world’s greatest bands of the last half a century. As it turns out the bands I wrote with, ended up with hit songs. The biggest bands were the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, the Eagles and on and on. I realize it sounds like bragging, but it’s just a fact. I named Maroon 5, but I never wrote with them. I miss everyone. I’m in such pain, emotionally and physically.
How this prison without walls works – The airwaves are scanned for keywords. If my name is spoken on the phone, or anywhere where there’s electronic equipment, the US’s spy satellites will record the conversation. The Moocs in the US Military will kill everyone involved with that conversation, especially if the conversation involves helping me. It’s just little old me against the power and might of the US Military. They really, REALLY don’t want peace. The odds are 35.000 highly skilled and trained soldiers, using state of the art equipment, against little-old-me, and my no equipment, not even a smart phone. Soldiers are often told I’m an enemy of the state, which is a lie. I’m an enemy of the Deep State which is corruption that exists within our Military and Politics. I survive only by the grace of God and the assistance of many people who I don’t even know. Thank you to those people and the families of the people who lost their lives helping me.
Sorry for Adam being blocked out of the Voice. I shouldn’t have thanked you … I thanked Adam for waking me. I finally got to speak with him about a year and a half ago. Of course, it was with a few thousand people, but it felt so good to speak with him again. So good. I thanked him for being my Prince Charming. And now Mooc central is out to get him. He thinks his fans are pirating his music, but no, he’s being robbed, and that got worse after we talked. I made things even worse for him. I’m sorry. It sucks being Jane.
Oh, Adam, thank you so much.

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Congratulations on being born, Louis!

Wake up Scotland Yard!
Congratulations on being born, Louis!
English and American Deep Staters and Moocs are taught that England’s Royal Family is standing in their way – that without the Royals, the UK would be as corrupt as the US. American Moocs are woven through England’s Law enforcement agencies.
Moocs stands for Murder Occult Organized Crime Syndicate. They do the dirty deeds that keep the top 1% in the top 1%. The Deep State are the puppeteers behind the politicians. American Military Generals are told that if they keep the top 1% in the top 1% they, too, can be part of the Deep State. Whoop-de-do! The common thread behind ALL the strife in the world is the power these people have over everything and their belief that they “have to” bring about Armageddon.
Most ordinary people just believe these things happen due to random acts of violence: or are a byproduct of greed. Most ordinary people are wrong. Everything, from indiscriminate murders in London, to an earthquake with an epicenter near a nuclear power plant, or near a volcano, are planned events, with an end goal their religion commands, Armageddon. 1% of the world are Satanists. The Satanic Church preaches world destruction. The earthquake in Hawaii has a series of explosions around the area where a lava flow would do the least harm, something I suggested when I found out Hawaii was a target. I can see them in the News footage. Hopefully, that’s what they did.
It’s horrible to know about these things and to be powerless to do anything about it. That’s why the Deep State lies about me, so what I say goes un-listened-to.
Lately, I’ve been trying to warn the Royal Family of a plan to assassinate them. Just because I’m penniless, doesn’t mean I’m the one lying. Billionaires are still stealing everything from me, including my life, my health, and my money (What little I have of it.)
I can’t get Interpol’s help stopping President Trump. In 2003, he made it clear to me he’s going to start a World War. I explained to him that the Earth can’t survive a nuclear war. My memory of that was erased and didn’t return until after the beginning of the Presidential Primaries. I went to London, using my very last dime, and I could not get past the Deep State. A kid at the BBC wouldn’t interview me to get the word out that Trump would start WW3, and my plea to England not to help Trump, when he did. I hope, when Trump does initiate Armageddon, the Nobel committee doesn’t nominate him for the Peace Prize.
I hope Trump will rise up against the tyranny of his mother, and I hope he brings about World Peace, not World War. He has the ultimate power. I pray he realizes he’s more capable than his mother told him he was, and Trump is capable of using his might to bring about World Peace! He’s been rounding the bases – I hope he opts for a home run! Right now, he’s in a position to do it! He would go down in history as the greatest man ever born. I would gain the ultimate respect for him.
Trump has been Tweeting his exact future whereabouts for the summit: the people encouraging him to do that want him dead. Trump, too, is being brainwashed, Trump’s 3AM Tweets are evidence.
The world needs to know these things before I die. Make a copy of the flicks and this entry, as it will get sideswiped and lost. Truth is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Those of us in the reputable 98.5%, it’s our responsibility to call out the corrupt 1.5%, and to keep the truth alive.
The official stories about the things happening now are simply water colorings of the truth, made to look nonthreatening. The Deep State 1% or 1.5% are the ones who know the real truth and try to say I’m the one telling the lies about them. They’ve gotten overly sensitive: they protest too much, and too loudly, and too angrily – to try to make good people back down. And we do. We need to muster our righteous indignation and our survival instincts and use self-defense.
I’ve been investigated since the McCarthy hearings when I was in pre-school. The people who tell the new recruits in the Gold Star Program, (Which I named, by the way) who are told I should be investigated, are the same people who have been randomly killing people on the streets of London. The same people who killed dozens of people at a concert in Las Vegas. The same cult, or group of cults as those who killed Princess Di. Don’t let those people use lies about me to stop any investigation into Trump and Obama, or they will be successful in ending the earth, which is their ultimate goal. The American Forces have been investigating me since McCarthy in the 50s. the new recruits are told I JUST showed up on their radar, they get away with that because the Military tells the men after they have killed the men who have been watching me for a dozen years and have concluded I’m not a threat to the country. All of those men (33,000 under Obama) are killed and a new batch are brought in to investigate me. New equipment is ordered, and while the new batch are brought in, the money spending and the time wasting, all begins again. When I tried to tell President Obama he shouldn’t be so cavalier in wasting the lives of our young, good men; he responded, “We’ll make more.”
British Intelligence, if you find no-one is doing anything to investigate American interference in British politics, or the investigation will last past the date of the Royal wedding, rattle a few cages, because there are undoubtedly enough corrupt influential people, who want war, to stop an investigation. They have not vetted Megan’s family. They have not even met them. Doesn’t that send up white flags all over the place? This is a clear case of brainwashing and has to be investigated. President Barack Obama set this whole thing up telling me, “It’s time we had a black Princess. Little black girls should be “allowed to” dream about being princess. Give Megan a polygraph test. According to Obama, she doesn’t even like Harry. Also, do your homework; Megan’s father, according to Obama, was wanted for murder, but wasn’t charged. When Obama told me this, he wondered, aloud, if Megan’s father might help him kill the Royal Family. The wedding day will be the first time the Royal Family will meet Megan’s family, isn’t that odd? I was asked to be a Nanny for the boys, and I was told a thorough background check would be necessary and the family would have to meet my parents. And that was just to be the Nanny. Megan will be part of the Royal Family and they haven’t met Megan’s parents? Wake up Scotland Yard!
It sounds crazy, but think about it, and you’ll know it’s true: England is going to be in trouble because Trump is planning Armageddon. As the CEO of the RAND Corp., I learned about what is about to happen. Obama set things up so Trump would be President. Trump’s team succeeded in making it seem as though Trump won the Presidency.
He looks like a sweetheart and a really nice guy, but scratch the surface, and you’ll realize, Obama is insane and has started using mind control on a grand scale, just to get his way.
During a “secure” satellite “conference call,” General John Kelly broke into the Royal Family’s conversation with me, saying we have to have child abuse and he wants the men in the military to rape and beat their children; and they should make their children feel as though everything they do is wrong. It was very upsetting. Obama and Kelly want WW3. Obama and the Satanic Church wants to get rid of the Royal Family because they keep getting in the way: so you see, Trump and Obama are indeed a threat to England. Obama has used that conversation during that “secure” satellite “conference call,” as fodder for brainwashing the Royal Family into believing I am a pedophile and I advocate raping and beating children; when what I actually said was I wanted to achieve world peace through eradicating child abuse – to which General Kelly yelled, “Kill her! We have to kill her! We can’t have that! Kill her now!” which made the Queen, and me, very upset.
Obama is behind the stabbing deaths in London. Former President Barack Obama and former VP Dick Cheney have their own classified Army of soldiers and Special Forces who carry out their orders or are killed. Obama has hired my ex-husband as his personal assassin. Peter Mickelsen was the Boston Strangler, and now is being used as a modern-day Jack the Ripper. Rita Denman and Peter Mickelsen owned me and kept me prisoner and a slave and kept my money from all the work I did as CEO of the RAND Corp. I had no idea who he was until a conversation I had in 2003; that I detail in my book The Conversation which Mr. Cheney has changed dramatically, and has made impossible to obtain. You may be able to get it in e-book format.
To achieve World Peace, all countries have to start to work together.
Obama and Dick Cheney still have access to the US Military and are using them to kill all of the best of the US Citizens and organize Terror attacks in England and France. Obama and the US Military carried out the chemical attacks on the English Soviet spies, so Russia would be blamed. Obama told me we have the same chemical weapons. Barack wants to see what Trump will do if it looks like Russia is involved. He just did the same thing in Syria. So, it is US private citizen Obama, who carried out the attack to see what Trump will do about it. Obama and Dick Cheney have the US Military attack the US Military that Trump controls in different parts of the world, in order to make the situation seem worse than it appears. It’s confusing, I know, that’s why I wanted to talk to the Queen in person. I am very concerned for their safety. Obama plans to kill them at the wedding reception. I know Obama has the Royal Family brainwashed so they’re overly trusting of him, and now they may not trust me.
After the conference call, Queen Elizabeth contacted UK Intelligence to see if they could get me free. Obama had to put a stop to that, and he stopped it using mind control and torture.
Unfortunately, this is true, because, I realize, it’s almost impossible to believe.

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Avoid the AOL and DNA Scams

AOL and DNA Alert
They want to, and can, and do, frame you for any crime.
I have AOL email accounts. My main account kept telling me my password was bad until the message read I had to contact them, even though I knew my password was good. The Customer Service Rep said she had to set me up with an account that would be free for the first month so I just have to cancel it before the end of one month and I won’t be charged. I figured it was a paid email account but I asked what the account was and how much it would be?
She said it was a credit monitoring account and also credit card insurance. (She said again it was free for the first month, but of course, if i forgot to cancel, they wiould start deducting the amount every month ubtil i caight them, which is yet another reason to refuse.) it’s the information they want. I said “Absolutely not!” FYI: With that kind of information, the kind needed to set up an account like life-lock, the Moocs and the Deep State get enough information to take out a mortgage on your house; and frame you for murder.
So, she gave me a temporary password and I was back in business.
The other scam is the DNA account. They say they will find ancestors. Fun, Huh? They can’t really do that – it’s a hoax and a scam. One fella in the ad says he always thought he was German but found he was Swedish. He probably put, somewhere on his form, that he thought he was descended from Swedish Ancestors. Now the people who own the company will say they can, but they are light years away from being able to do that.
Same thing with Dog DNA testing. If you put on the form that you think your dog may be Rat Terrier, or Parson Russell Terrier it will come back your dog is part Rat Terrier, and part Parson Russell Terrier. I know someone this happened to, and she was out 50 Bucks. I figure human DNA is more expensive.
Another new even more horrible scam is DNA based cancer treatment. The government is funding this, I’m pretty sure, so it will be ridiculously expensive. What happened there, and I know because someone involved told me, is they took someone well insured and told him he had cancer. It was a type of cancer, they said, that might respond to a new DNA cancer treatment, and asked, did he want to be in the trial? He said, ok. They “treated” the man so they could prove the treatment worked. This is a true story, told to me by one of the scammers.
The man never had cancer. And guess what? Now he’s cancer free!
(Women who were never pregnant get abortions: and people without cancer got cancer treatment; and it’s all done just for the money.)
I can tell you what they really want to do with your SS#, DNA and your credit information.
The Deep State commits copious murders every year, literally thousands. If they want to get enemies of the Deep State, like me, or naturally tan individuals, like 51% of the country, out of the way; they can spread your DNA around the crime scene and they can use a credit card or two in the area, and Voila, proof you were there in the area and more specifically at the crime scene.
Read this a few times because it’s real and it’s been happening. Don’t entrust your DNA to anyone unless you’re Lilly white and without enemies. Remember there’s no information they can tell you that you don’t already know and have told them. Don’t give your social security number to anyone no matter what color you are.
As for the
Think Peace!
Rise Up!

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the Voice Follow up

Voice Critique
Everyone did great!
The Voice is Emmy Quality. It’s like watching the Grammys without all the annoying awards and everything.
‘Happy’ (by Pharrell Williams) describes Rayshun LaMarr
Jackie Verna has improved so much she should win most improved voice.
Spensha Baker did great. Kyla Jade’s performance was inspiring.
Good Luck to everyone.

Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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The Voice

There’s a mighty Fine Crop of Singers this year.

I’m sorry this took so long. I wrote it on 5/2 but the people keeping me prisoner have been f_cking with my computer. So I’m pretty sure this is way too late. Sorry. Here it is anyway.

Jackie Verna
I Can’t stop Loving you – Ray Charles

My suggestion would be a soft melody so she doesn’t feel the need to belt the song. I think I hear some Joni Mitchell (Big Yellow Taxi) or Laura Nero in her voice.   (Superstar by Leon Russell might be a good fit, but I’m afraid the song has faded into obscurity.)

Rayshun LaMarr
I would suggest a song like You are My Sunshine – Ray Charles

I’m thinking Stray Cats, or some Swing song along the lines of Boogy Woogy Bugle Boy, so Rayshun can sing in front of a band stand. (A band stand, I think, are those music stands with a poster with the band’s name in front of them that covers the stand. I hope you know what I mean. Horns are usually in the back row, which is elevated.) Rayshun’s clothing choices are good. His energy is quite impressive and probably infectious. I’ll bet he’s great live.

Spensha Baker
I think she’s more Americana than Country. When she moves around the stage, she might occasionally do a two step or a country waltz step if she knows them. Any decidedly country song like a George Straight song that all people recognize, so that she gets associated with Country. She’s a cutie. I almost think she should wear braids but she’s probably far too cool for that.

‘For my Broken Heart’ – Reba McEntire

‘Spend it on Love’ – Rainmakers   but add a two step beat.

Good Luck to everyone.

Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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