Alec Baldwin,

Alec, I am sorry I have to tell you this so publicly but the government is still keeping me prisoner.  They intercept all of my phone calls, emails, and mail. So, in case someone else reads this, I’d like them to know that you are a kind, considerate, professional, human being.

My theory about the motive – This tragedy sounds like the work of Trump’s cult.  Knowing the cult and the Donald as intimately as I do, this is likely part of pay back for some of the skits Alec was in on Saturday Night Live.

There was probably another shooter hiding in the shadows, or with the extras. All movie sets should be closed, and name badges required.  Anytime something bad happened on my sets it was perpetrated by someone no one knew and the perpetrator couldn’t be found. Hire some friends to look into any changes in the local law enforcement. The cult would make sure they have one of their own in on the investigation.

My theory – This tragedy sounds like the work of Trump’s cult.  Knowing the cult and the Donald as intimately as I do, this is likely part of pay back for some of the skits Alec was in on Saturday Night Live.

It’s hard to believe, I know, but look at what they’re still doing to me.

I’ll be praying for you.

(President Biden said he would free me after his first 100 days, but they are slicing his brain to make him afraid of me.)

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Vaccinate Canada

The US has refrigerated trucks made for hauling the Covid-19 Vaccine. Why not fill them with the Covid-19 vaccine that’s about to expire and deliver them to our neighbors to our north. Don’t just let them expire; fill them at any US station that has an over-supply of vaccine and drive, like heck, north to stations in Canada with a low vaccine supply.

The request for a delivery can be sent via e-mail for expediency sake.  Include the nearest border crossing between the pick-up and drop-off points; and anything else the drivers will need to know to map the shortest route.

Call it something like ‘Project Good Neighbor.’



Get the Covid-19 Vaccine: or get Covid-19.


President Biden – Don’t you forget about me.

I’ve been recovering from many midnight attacks which have left me with two broken arms, two broken clavicles, three broken vertebras, two in my neck (which should have killed me) and one in my upper thorax.  The broken neck caused convulsions so severe that I twisted my ankle all the way around so it broke my leg and tore my ankle ligaments.

The hospital, Jefferson Hospital, in my area is pro-Armageddon so they will do nothing to help me. One needs one’s arms when one’s leg is broken.

The Cult that owns us doesn’t want you to trust me. They’re using advanced brainwashing techniques that began in your previous administration.  Be careful who you believe. I’m still the same person who began the Peace movement and Earth Day in the sixties and everything else I did for this country listed in my blog. Please believe me. Follow your heart.


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Farewell Prince Phillip

Farewell Prince Phillip,

The Royal Family are some of my favorite people. Prince Philip was one charming Prince.

My sincere condolences to Her Majesty, England, and the Royal Family.

With Love,



Long live the memory of Prince Philip.  The world suffers when even one good person goes to Heaven.  The lives of so many are enhanced by that person’s presence in their lives.


How may I help you? Are the 5 most important words – They make your life happier and richer.

Rise Up Stronger Together!

Think Peace!

We still can’t find the three thousand little girls sold into slavery by Johnson and Trump’s cult!

Don’t comment on this blog or follow it.  The Government and the Annihilists are intercepting my calls, emails, comments and snail mail; and then they hurt and sometimes kill the people who tried to contact me.

Apocalypse means the truth is revealed. This blog tells the truth about Armageddon was supposed to end in 2012: or 2020 at the very latest. It’s 2021 now: it’s time to stop the plague so we can stop your grand social experiment.


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