Inner cities

Ask Trump how he will “fix” the inner cities?  His answer to me is – Send the N–ers “back” to Africa.  For those who want to stay, he would bring back slavery to “give them something to do.

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Trump’s Ace in the hole

Once again – the Polls are rigged.  Trump’s numbers are an apparition.  He is Polling at less than 10%.  Don’t abandon faith in the American people.  He will get none of the women, black and Hispanic votes.

Trump was unprepared because he can’t learn.  He told me some of his IQ test scores indicate he is retarded.  His mother had him tested many times.

Trump told me if cheating didn’t get him the 5% he is hoping to get, he will kill Hillary.  He called it his ace in the hole.  I explained he still wouldn’t win because people will pick someone else to vote for.  He didn’t agree and said again, “People love me,” and he was omniscient and a god, and he thought America would be happy to have a god as president.

Hillary needs to get extra protection.

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Will the Real Donald Trump please stand down

1. Trump was born in Germany.  He and his mother never legally emigrated to the US.

They used forged US passports and emigrated illegally from Germany to Belgium to the US.

2.  He bought the polling companies, so don’t loose heart, he is really in single digits.  That’s why the polls are so wildly different.  He said many times if he can’t cheat to beet Hillary, he will kill her.

3. News stations are in heaven with Trump running.  They contribute to his campaign by keeping him in the News, giving him free daily coverage.

4. Trump told me up front he has killed over 2 thousand people.

5.  He travels with 5 stretch limos so people don’t know which limo is his.  He has 5 or 6 guns on him at any given time.  Each of his bodyguards carry 6 guns and 6 knives and he had two bodyguards come in my house with him.  If I told him anything he didn’t like he would kill me.

6.  His parents weren’t married.  Eva chose the last name Trump for their forged papers.

7. Mother was Eva Braun.  She didn’t know who his father was.

8.  Trump came here with his mother who had forged birth certificates that said they were born here.  She said she was married to a man named Trump, who was a “businessman”  but she was using “treasure” stolen from the Jews who were sent to work camps or killed.

9. Trump never went to school.

His home schooling was all about looking and sounding like a god or a businessman.

10.  Paid his business school to let him say he graduated.

11. Trump University taught how to do shady dealings and not get caught.  And the things his mother taught him about looking the part.

12.  He ran out of the treasure money his mother stole and he can’t pay back any of his loans. He has been borrowing from one bank to pay another for years.  He claims he is worth what the top five banks have offered to LEND him combined.

13.  His top 2 reasons he gave me for being president were 1. To be the richest man on the planet.  And 2. To get rid of anyone who is not white.  He wants to fulfill his mother’s dream of living in an all white country.  I reminded him that his mother was dead.  So he said he wanted to make his mother proud.

14.  Trump has to become President in order “to use the money in the IRS to pay back” his loans.  If he doesn’t pay his loans some banks may go bankrupt.

15.  He had sex with his mother and his children.

16.  Trump is never wrong and everything he says and does can’t be disputer because he is a god, his mother told him so, and she was a god so she should know.

17.  He bombed Syria and has sponsored terror attacks in this country.  He borrowed money from banks to pay Russia to bomb Syria. To get footage of people crossing a wall for his campaign ad.

18.  Trump will never pay his loans back because he is a god.

19.  He will bring back slavery if black people and other dark skinned people want to stay in this country.  He will organize killings of black men so they will want to “Go back where they came from.”

20.  He will build casinos on Mars.


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suggested reading

I haven’t looked at it in a while so there are probably typos, but the free ebook The Truth about Lynn Mickelsen is John Alexander’s favorite book and tells stories about me gowing up.
PS: NSA scramble

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Until the law is changed to protect whistle blowers, the President has no choice but to pardon Edward Snowden.  He should expose the dis-information Presidents get while he’s at it.  I’ll weigh in some more later.
Thank you Mr. Snowden.
Shailene Woodley is very good and
Joseph Gordon-Levitt deserves an academy  award!  Whoa!
This is only one example of the abuse of power Edward Snowden stopped. John Alexander has always had a personal vendetta against me ever since I was 11 years old and in Dallas Texas standing on a small cliff-like hill when he shot John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I managed to get him arrested. A few years later, I was in a hotel across from the Watergate and reported a robbery. John was arrested again. After that, John felt that if the Moocs had not freed him from prison by substituting other men, he would have been in prison for his life. John said he has had a love-hate relationship with me and spied on me for most of his life. He loved me and hated me for always doing the right thing. John Alexander spied on me for 50 years waiting, just waiting, for me to do something wrong. He had an army of about 350 men watching me around the clock. That’s 1,000 men a day watching and waiting for me to do something bad or illegal. That’s almost 17 million man hours that the military paid for, just to watch me. At just $10 an hour that’s 170,000,000 taxpayer dollars for the possibility of a vendetta for one man. Not including the millions he spent on cameras and microphones.


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