Child Abuse

Thank you, Pope Francis, for taking a baby step toward denouncing child sexual abuse.
Please say something about the little girls who are missing from the detention centers.
Rise Up!
Think Peace!

#Find the Little Girls!

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Are We Happy Now? #Find the Little Girls!

#Find the Little Girls! This Horror Story is Far from Over.
The numbers of affected children are being downgraded to 2,000. About two weeks ago it was 4,000 children. At the rate children had been incarcerated, the number has to be up to 5,000 by now. But now the News says the number is only 2,000. That’s nuts, unless the US is killing the children.
That means the families have 20 days to get back together, but they have no control over that. Trump’s decree is only good for 20 days and I figure it will take at least 3 weeks for anything to be done about the current situation. (3 weeks is 21 days- 1 day more than the decree.)
Satanists love to watch suffering.
At the end of three weeks, when everything is essentially the same, and human rights groups will be looking for only 2,000 children, not 5,000, which is the true number. Naturally tan people, who can barely speak English, will cry and complain to unsympathetic TV cameras, that their girls have vanished. The superior Newscasters will say, “There were only 2,100 kids, and 2,100 were returned, so what can we do?” The real meaning is – no one cares about little girls, they’re stupid and can’t learn. They’re a drain on society and their families. Those are ancient satanic beliefs, that have wormed their way into US culture.
The little girls will be forgotten and white slavers in this corrupt government will be filthy rich. Trump believes the world would be a much better place without women. Everyone in the room agreed with him. I said it would be the end of humanity; but no one could understand. So, I had to explain that without women there would be no children. No one understood that either. “Some of us would adopt,” Trump said. “Where would the babies come from?” I asked. No one knew.
The News is owned by corrupt politicians and the Deep State who hate girls and women, so all of the slave traders, and this ugly, ugly thing will be swept under the rug.
I used to be proud to be an American and an Independent. I can’t imagine ever voting for Republicans again.
Rise Up!
Think Peace!#Find the Little

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Thank You, President Trump

Thank you President Trump, for allowing families to stay together while awaiting trial. it is my firm belief that people who walk across our border to allow them selves to be part of our legal system, are not criminals. Criminals would sneak in. one way to accomplish this is the one element that isn’t investigated, or wasn’t as of last December 2016 or January 2017: was if, in fact, people are really related. I met one woman who said she brought over 15 brothers she wasn’t related to, and had never met. It was my impression that she and her 15 “brothers” were big time criminals in their own country. I reported that to General Robin Rand who was going to look into it, and free me. Consequently General Rand was murdered by corrupt politicians, who want to continue to import criminals and keep me prisoner.
Here’s the Presses’ responsibility; stay with the story for at least a month, or until the whereabouts of the 2,000 little girls is uncovered.
The Press will have a field day with the reuniting photo ops.

I’d like President Trump to please stop saying Democrats want open borders because that’s untrue, and the American People are weary of the lies.

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#Find the little girls?

Where are the little girls?
President Trump is probably right that the law to take children away from their parents at the border was put in place by the Democrats, for him just after the Inauguration.
I’ve talked a lot about midnight conversations I had with the Military and President Obama. (The things happening now are making you a believer, I hope.) They were like gigantic conference calls via satellite. Several people were looped in and I’m convinced that many of them thought they were just listening, but they were also miced (sp?) so I could hear them. There was some discussion about children and the border, so even though the President may have knowledge that the Democrats penned this horrible law, it was implemented for the Donald under his Presidency. He could stop it, but his base wants fewer naturally tan people in the US, and those are the only people the President wants to please. His base also wants WW3, so buckle up folks, we’re in for a bumpy ride, and then we’ll die; so I guess those children will die along with the rest of us.
Here’s the diabolical truth, the truly loathsome other part to this puzzle, I also overheard someone saying they would only need detention centers for boys because he’d take the little girls and sell them as slaves. I’ve been waiting for someone to say, “Oh, here are the girls.” Or, they were looking into it, but no, the girls are not mentioned in any way shape or form, ever. There are over 2,000 little girls missing.
I’ve heard, my whole life, that no one cares about girls, and I thought we had gotten away from that absurd, stupid way of thinking, but it appears not.
When is enough too much?

Rise Up!
Think Peace!
#Find the little girls?

“When everyone has transformed it seems as though no one has transformed.” ~ Milton Meyer, Nazi Historian, on the horrors of mass mind control and the loss of individual freedom.
“When you cheat to win, guess what, you still win.” ~ Pres. Donald Trump

It’s really too bad you can’t leave comments on this blog. The US Military has killed many of you who have left comments. Some people need to get together to investigate Deep State activity in this country and our Military before our way of life is just a distant memory.
When I was a girl this country was 31% black. Now it is 14% black. WTF?

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Just call the show the Connors

that’s it.

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