Pray for Peace

Pray For Peace

I started Earth Day with a couple of flyers a peace sign and some snacks that my little brother and I brought to my local park. Now it’s a pretty big deal.

I decided now that WW3 is starting up I have to think of something.

I am going to go to my local park and take a minute to pray for peace.

That is something we all could do. It’s a good idea, I think because if on person goes to a park in their town it will be an opportunity to do a head count of people who don’t want war. Bring your friends.

Noonish on Saturday, March 19, I will be at CJ Carroll Park Route 19 Rhody Dr. in Chimacum, Jefferson County where I live.

I request you take a head count and make your local paper aware of the result, and post the result on your webpage. I know if you write a short article for them, most local papers will print it.

This is something everyone in the World can do.

I want us to let Putin and Trump to know we don’t want them hijacking our earth for personal gain.



Please don’t respond to this post

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forward to the Russian Soldiers you know

When the Russian Soldiers get to Kyiv they should just surrender.

My job here is to keep telling the truth and keeping the peace.

There are loads of talking heads speculating the reason for this war.

There is plenty of energy without fossil fuel. Each town can build its own generators.

This war is simply so Putin and Trump can have the whole world to themselves and live in one of the six palatial, ten-thousand acres estates each with three guest houses, a general store, tennis courts movie theatres, swimming pools, etc.

People in Russia are standing in bread lines while Russian soldiers stand guard over these billion-dollar estate towns. Trump and another SS descendants, already have their palaces picked out. They think of the post- Armageddon people as their slaves, with the US as the main exporter of slaves.

That’s what Russian soldiers are really fighting for. Not money, not oil, we are securing a disgusting idea of the future thought up by the SS guard for Germany one hundred years ago; born out of a dark authoritarian present at the time. Trump has been trying to regain that past so people will embrace his future.

Thanks to the new-found resilience of modern-day loving people.  These red-hat non-thinkers are up against people who long to co-exist. They may be much louder and more ego-driven, but they’re no match for people who get joy from helping others.

People guiding the missiles, guide them to deserted islands.

In 1967 I wrote “What if they had a war and nobody came.” I don’t want the world to help in this war because that’s what Trump and the red-heads want; they want this to turn into Armageddon.

This could finally be it. I am praying for you.


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Alec Baldwin and Halina Hutchins,

How are you and the Hutchins Two more things. During my midnight calls from the military, they asked about the rifle in The Rifleman – I was mark, you may know. The creator of the gun would not tell me the specifics only something about the firing system was different from most guns. I told them that’s all I knew.

What I can tell from the opening credits is it didn’t need for the trigger to be pulled for it to fire. These were ballistics people from our military asking. I would tell them to ask their cohorts, and why didn’t they know? This question came up at least three times. If it was a ballistics question why didn’t they know? And why did they ask me? I told them I didn’t know.  But I can tell you this, someone associated with the government did. And as you testified, Alec, no one pulled the trigger.

Since Trump ordered the hit in retaliation for your skits, and he chose that the mark be a woman because “woman are worthless:” No one pulled the trigger because it was a specialized weapon, it doesn’t matter who pulled the trigger, only who ordered the murder and the site, and possibly the man who placed the gun on your palm and ran yelling from the scene. Why run if he didn’t know what was happening?

Also, Halina Hutchins became the target as I was a fly on the wall of several other meetings. The necessary evil that happens when someone has to be targeted in a murder. The target had to be either black, gay or a woman. There was a woman coming up for premotion.  One of the sites could be New Mexico since New Mexico is one of my favorite states. (I’ll explain that later.)  They wanted the location to be more than 50 miles from a hospital, so if it was not a “clean kill” Halina could bleed out. If she had been allowed to drink water, this may not have happened. (Water turns immediately to blood as you drink it. I’m living proof.)

There are always people on sites tucked away in the shadows. Badges should always be required. Trump’s cult is rampant inside Hollywood and now in TV.  Maybe some good can come of this. If an order, even if it comes from a president, is an illegal order for a personal gain, it should not be carried out.  In my 2003 meeting with Trump he was thrilled to inform me that a president can have anyone killed for any reason.

What I also overheard was a conversation on why Halina was chosen. The cult insisted the victim had to be a woman because women were dispensable. The champions to let Halina Hutchins live said she was a kind and generous person; they loved watching her with her kids and how she was with her family. “Can’t you pick a guy? I know a few guys who the world would be better without. Someone like Halina is the kind of mother we all would have wanted.”

Alec, I am sickened by this. I would happily testify on your behalf if I ever get free. People who try to free me are murdered. If the legislature can’t help me I can’t help you. So far the military has killed Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, George Burns, Gracie Allen, one of the Popes, Koki Roberts, Prince Philip, to name a few, the number is in the hundreds.

I got an anonymous tip that a legislative committee is trying to reach me. Who what where and how I’ll probably never know. I don’t get mail, emails, or phone calls. I’ve been sitting here in my trailer park for 15 years.  The Post Office and UPS are run by the Cult.  The people here are all in the cult.  They tamper with my sewer; they ransack and put rats in my trailer. They have broken my bones 8 times over the past year. I was given three types of Covid over the past 2 years. i have two broken rotator cuffs and two broken akelas tendons. I pray that soon this nightmare will be over for both of us and the world.

(Rand Paul could use my help, too. When he gets to the origin of Covid he’ll help stop Armageddon.)


For the record, I liked your work on Saturday Night Live.

I’ll be praying for you.

(President Biden said he would free me after his first 100 days, but they are slicing his brain [ the same as they are doing to me] to make him afraid of me.)


Good people thank you for sticking together. We stand stronger together.

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