Clearly Mueller is on the Take

Oh, so you want us to believe the Russians, willy nilly, decided to interfere with our elections? To what end? Who supplied the money? How much are you getting paid, Mr. Mueller, to help start WW3?
Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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Steal from the Poor and Give to the Rich…

…or Phony Baloney Medicare Cuts & the error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future.
I paid into Medicare God Damn It! I paid for my Social Security, too. It’s insurance that I already paid for. Trump doesn’t understand insurance. Medicare Part A is the hospital part and that for “free” because it was prepaid. Hey, The Donald – Prepaid means it was paid for BEFORE I got it. Get it. Cutting something I paid for is stealing. I’ll try to simplify it for you The Donald, lets say I buy a lamp – with my hard earned money – and I bring it home and set it up and I look forward to using it that night when it gets dark; but, before it gets dark you break into my house, or, knowing you, you pay someone to break into my house, and you take the lamp out of my house so I have to stay in the dark at night. That’s stealing The Donald.
I’ve been saying, for a long time, that the US spends far more on banks and corporations to bail them out and/or to make them even more profitable, than we do on medical coverage, food stamps and welfare and individual programs. A prominent Republican I know who has access to those figures thought I was wrong, way wrong, so he eagerly looked into the numbers with the intention of proving me wrong. He told me that when he did the math, he stopped counting when it was clear the corporations and banks received well over four times as much: and he thought it was probably something in the neighborhood of eight times more.
The numbers are staggering and those numbers are not in the budget, because people would be upset.
I maintain if a company really is “to big to fail” it wouldn’t fail. Right? Isn’t that what too big to fail means?
The FDIC insures depositors, and that’s fine, because people who trusted the bank shouldn’t be the ones to suffer because of that bankers’ ineptitude and greed.
No one should be rewarded for making a big company fail. I know, for an absolute fact, that large corporations work on making them fail to get those big pay-outs from the government. There are no laws governing what to do with bailout money, so it gets pocketed by the owners. That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s being let in, as a consultant, to the companies’, like Enron, inner circles.
We should go back to the time when the amount of profit you can make was limited to 300%. The magnitude of greed beyond that is clearly a mental illness. Let me let you in on something – there’s no such thing as a human god. The Donald thinks he’s a god.

Making the Filthy Rich Filthier
There are ongoing conspiracies generated in our country to satisfy some government gangster’s need to be filthier rich, and to decimate individuals and families. Hurting, and even killing, humans is always the desired byproduct of their actions. They get the help of our Military in order to pull it off. That’s one of the main issues the men in the Military had with their superiors when they asked for my help. It’s that total lack of compassion, and even contempt for their fellow man, that makes the Tea Party and many in the Republican Party so loathsome.
The combination of corrupt politicians, the Military and Intelligence (the CIA), backed up by the Legislative branch, was the same lethal combo that killed Kennedy. the Legislative branch should have leaped into action to stop that madness – but they didn’t and the madness continued to grow. They are a do-nothing branch. They are enablers.
These are the things that the US Government needs to keep in mind when they talk about cutting back on welfare. And Medicare!? We would be able to pay more for individual Social Programs if we stopped paying banksters and gangsters for deliberately tanking their companies.
I’ve had banksters tell me they made more money than they ever dreamed possible during the Big Short (the man made recession of 2008) so they were planning on doing it again. A depression has been orchestrated and it will be put in place as soon as a Democrat is President or sooner if Trump is reelected.
This is supposed to be a Democracy, but there are roughly five sure-fire ways of cheating, so we’re in a Dictatorship. With the help of the US Military and the Legislature Trump was able to use all five. As CEO of the RAND Corporation, I can’t tell you the number of times I heard people guarantee they would win an election (and they did) when I was sure they didn’t have a prayer. Trump cheated to win and Mueller knows it and has for quite some time – since the Primaries, in fact. Our Legislature was designed to keep the Politicians honest, but unfortunately, human beings can be bought and wars can be started for astonishingly small amounts of money. Obama only got one and a half million to help with the run up to WW3. I wonder what Mueller got to close the case on Trump?
Rise Up!
Think Peace!
Don’t comment on anything on this website as that has proven to be fatal – so sorry. My heartfelt condolences to anyone who lost a loved one for linking to, or commenting on, this blog. It is all true and it’s a story that needs to be told because history is repeating itself, as all peace-loving citizens of the world can clearly see. (That’s why folks are freaking out.)
You are welcome to copy and paste anything in this blog and send it out that way. While I’d like it if you credit me, it’s not necessary, and I think, even that is risky. Again – no links.

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Florida Shooting

You know I know a lot of crazies; and that’s why, when I report on them, I sound crazy. You should hear the things they tell me, so – Hold on to your hats. There was a shooting at Fort Meade in Maryland in the morning of February 14th. This sickens me because Barack told me he dispatches agents from Fort Meade to torture my daughter who lives in Maryland. Also, I went to Fort Meade to see, now deceased, Gen. Robin Rand, whose memory was erased and that meeting was also blocked by Pres. Obama.
The shooting, as many Fort shootings are, could have been to silence some agents there. Every time they plan to go to the press to tell the truth, there’s another mass shooting. I know, when I went there, the Military had its panties in a bunch, because they thought I had discovered Obama’s secret. The “missions” to torture my daughter are classified. This is way too disturbing and disgusting for me to make up. Pres. Obama talked about it at length. At any rate, they wouldn’t let me see Gen. Rand because Obama wouldn’t allow it.
When I finally did get to talk to Gen. Rand about a year later, I got him past his brainwashing within 3 minutes; and when he said he wanted to work with me, he offered to help me, he was immediately killed by Obama. I mean, immediately, right in mid-sentence. It was horrifying, and debilitating. Robin Rand has a family. His wife should back me up on this but she’s afraid, the Army that she and her husband loved, will kill her and members of her family if she speaks up. This insanity is so imbedded in the Military that it’s just expected.
Sounds really crazy, because it is really crazy.
The shooters, like the one that was set off in Florida, have been brainwashed (programmed), too. Obama is addicted to brainwashing, and since he has control of the Military (still?!) He can order up an assassin like he would a banana split. They are all over the country. One was in Vegas in a hotel across from the concert. I’m not making this sh_t up. (I came up with the strobe light) The reason people, like VP Cheney and Pres. Obama, tell me these things is because they like to have a worthy adversary. No sh_t! That’s what they tell me. Now I know all this sh_t, and it’s killing me, and they’re laughing. Mueller and Comey are laughing, too.
So to cover up his sins, Obama has people killed, in what looks like a random act of violence, so nobody will know why they were targeted. He told me he was going to start to rape my daughter in MD, and he probably did. He rapes his own daughter, so why not mine?
Someone at Fort Meade was thinking of outing him, so they got killed.
The other reason these things happen is because weapons manufacturers make a fortune each time a mass shooting occurs. Oh, yes, always look to the ones who make the money to find the guilty party.
The News will report the school shooting, which stays in the News for days and makes bunches of money in ad space: bunches of money in weapon sales: and keeps the News focused on the school and not Fort Meade. Wars and mass shootings make money for for everybody including the News. That’s a fact.
I don’t know why they had Fort Meade outed as an NSA site? Normally that would be way wrong! I know when I went there they didn’t want anyone to know. There were dozens of guns pointed at me the whole time I was there.
So someone knew about Fort Meade and had the Florida shooter primed and ready so the focus would stay off of Forte Meade and would stay in Florida.
You can’t make stuff like this up. Smoke and mirrors, Folks, smoke and mirrors!
It will only get worse when Mueller says he can’t find any wrong doing. How much is he getting paid to blow this investigation?
Rise Up!
Think Peace!
Well, it’s 1, 2, 3 what are we fighting for, I tell you I don’t give a damn, next stop is Iran! Well, it’s 5, 6, 7 open up the pearly gates. There ain’t no time to wonder why – whoopee we’re all gonna die!
The world is seriously f_cked.
In case you’re wondering, John Kelly wants WW3, too.
Trump, Kelly, Cheney, Obama, Gen. Petraeus,* the swamp creatures known as Trump’s Cabinet, and Pence are all members of the He-Man Women-Haters club – that’s a joke, only because there’s no such club, but they do hate women. Add the Bushes to that list and you have the Run Up to WW3 Club.

*Gen. Petraeus orchestrated the Benghazi attack. Remember Benghazi? Lock her up? That – you can take to the bank! I was there when it was planned. Comey -You knew that, right? Why does the Legislative Branch protect the President? Money?
Let me ask you this – why do you want WW3?

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A Trump Advisor was fired for saying a pre-emptive strike on North Korea is a bad idea

A Trump Advisor was fired
for saying a pre-emptive strike on North Korea is a bad idea
Why are we hearing about abusive cheaters instead?
Moocs own the News.
What news is real news?
We only hear what they want
carefully chosen bits of alternate facts
leaving out corruption
and everything that matters.
Whose pockets are lined with lies?
Brat-bastard Banksters and greedy government gangsters – that’s who.
It’s all fake news!
Who pays the price for this stranglehold the Moocs have on this country?
America’s finest
and the whole world!

Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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Trump’s Mother

It’s so obvious when you talk one on one with Trump that he is clinically insane. He told me things like –
My mother taught me that if you cheat to win – you still win: so you may as well cheat.
My mother taught me – that women can never amount to anything – so don’t pay any attention to them.
My mother taught me – that a President doesn’t need to be able to read.
My mother said If a man is accused of rape – always believe the man because women lie.

Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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Cut the payouts to Corporations who make their companies fail

I say the companies and banks that get Government bailouts use up much more money than Welfare and Medicaid and any other government programs. I know a Republican who was out to prove me wrong.
He went over the stats and was shocked to find out the difference was up to 800%. Banks and failed companied “Too Big To Fail” reap up to 8 times the money spent on social welfare and government programs such as Medicare. He said he searched for all of the programs, because he was so sure I was wrong.
The Government spends more on Corporate Welfare than all the Federal Social Programs combined, including Medicare and Medicaid.
I say cut the payouts to Corporations who make their companies fail. I know for a fact they make their companies fail to get the bailout money, I’ve been in on those conversations.
Think Peace!
Rise Up!

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Betrayed? By a Memo?

What about this internal GOP memo that Trump wants released? The memo has lies that will have to be addressed by the FBI. Was Hillary Clinton betrayed by the FBI when they revealed she was being investigated after the investigation was over? Pleople should ask if the American people were betrayed when the FBI didn’t let us know that Trump was under investigation?
Also why, if they knew he was being helped by Russia, was Trump allowed to continue with his bid for being the Republican candidate?
Are there individuals in the FBI and the Military who want WW3? Has the world been betrayed by these individuals? If the FBI doesn’t act now, I beleive the answer will be YES!

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