NAPA Earthquake

The Doomsday Machine
 Actually, I had been drugged and questioned, “How would you cause an earthquake?”  I thought it was a drinking game, or a plot for a movie.  I didn’t know I was telling people who actually wanted to cause Armageddon.  That was before I knew evil existed.  That’s why I say over and over in my ebooks, the Conversation and the Truth, that we must recognize evil to defeat it.  Had I known such people existed I wouldn’t have opened my mouth.
 So at first I said, “I would drill a hole into a fault line and drop a bomb in there.”
 “No good,” Maj. Gen. John Alexander (not his real name) replied.  “Satellites would see it.  The cameras on those satellites are so powerful they can see who is driving a car.”
 “So you want to cause an earthquake without being detected by satellites?  This is a game right?  This is just hypothetical?”
 “Just hypothetical,” was the reply.
 “Well,” I said, “if you could get well drilling equipment on a submarine you could drill a hole off shore.  That wouldn’t be detectable by a satellite.  You’ll probably need two submarines.”
 Maj. Gen. John Alexander said that was no good either because they want the earthquake to be on land.
 I said that, “Some fault lines run through the land and extend out into the ocean, it’s all the same fault line even under the ocean.  So what you would do is find the area that you want to be hit by an earthquake follow the fault line out into the ocean and drill as close to the land as possible.  The epicenter will be off shore but earthquakes can affect areas as large as 50 miles around it.  I’m pretty sure.”
  John Alexander started talking to Rita, saying things like he had Army Intelligence, his best people, trying to figure this out for years and here I was figuring it out in minutes.
 I thought then I’d been talking to someone in Army Intelligence, which I was, only I didn’t know there were two Armies.  That is explained pretty well in the movie Green Mile.  Every time Chief Richard “Monty” No last name (played by Matt Damon) was given intelligence reports about where the munitions were hidden, he came up dry.  No sign of Weapons of Mass Destruction.  The cults wanted to keep them for themselves to be used in the Mid-East to start a war.  That’s what’s happening in Syria and Palestine right now. 
 I started to speak again, “You’ll probably get a title wave or tsunami, as well.  I think that tsunamis are caused by earthquakes under the ocean floor.”
Maj. Gen. John Alexander said he’d have somebody look into that.  I realized then that it wasn’t a drinking game and people were going to get hurt.
 “You said this was hypothetical.  I don’t want people to get hurt.  You’re not going to really do that?  Are you?  You’ll use it instead of a hydrogen bomb because there’s no fall-out?  Right?  It’s only to be used as a last resort instead of a hydrogen bomb. Answer me.”
 “You can go back to sleep now, and when you wake up you’ll remember none of this.”
 It would never have occurred to me that someone would use such a thing just for fun.
 They didn’t need a bomb to make the thing work.  It’s a verifiable fact that if you pump enough water into a fault line it will cause an earthquake.  That’s how the earthquake that hurt the Washington Monument got started, pumping water into the earth to release natural gas.
 Rita told me, during the 5 hour Conversation, that was how they were doing it, and since it’s in the ocean, no one will notice the water.  She said my idea of a bomb was stupid.  Of course, when she told me I didn’t remember anything about the Doomsday Machine.  In 2003 she mentioned using the machine on Christ’s Church New Zealand, Tokyo, Rome, the Netherlands and Iceland.   Since then there have been earthquakes in Christ’s Church New Zealand, Tokyo, Iceland.
If the Napa earthquake was caused by the doomsday machine they’ll simply say it was a fracking operation that went wrong.  It’s possible that they used submarines in San Pablo Bay.  I think it’s highly unlikely that a fault in the earth that has been steady for 100 million years would suddenly and spontaneously cause an earthquake.  When the scientists look into it they’ll see no reason for a quake.  San Pablo Bay should be checked for irregularities in the bay bottom.  Irregularities such as a sudden deepening.  Any hole would have been filled in mostly by the quake, but there still may be a depression.
 Countries have to patrol their shorelines to make sure there are no submarines, even small one man subs.  The US should help.  The US should find the people doing this and lock them up and throw away the key.
 Rita also said that’s why all Nuclear Power plants are built on fault lines.  I’ve never researched it, but she may be right.  She also said when those “natural” disasters happen, people donate to the Red Cross and the Red Cross funnels some of that money back into weapons like the Doomsday Machine.  She’s probably lying, I hope she was lying, but does anyone monitor what the Red Cross does with all those donations?
Sorry for taking so long to post this but I’ve been depressed over Robin Williams’ murder.

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Robin Williams’ Death

For years I was known in Hollywood as the woman with no memory and no name.  Ask the old-timers, they’ll have heard of me.  I’m recovering memories daily.  Many memories were triggered by Robin Williams death.  I can tell you now I had many conversations with Robin Williams: every time we made movies together we talked all through the down-time.
Robin knew about my memory “problem” and he told me, “If you remember nothing else about me, I want you to remember I would never kill myself.  I want you to remember, “If they ever find me and it looks like I committed suicide, know it was murder.”  I would tell him to let his wife know, but he said it just made her afraid, so she wouldn’t listen.  We both knew we were being watched, which wasn’t paranoia, it was just an observation and a fact.  I told Robin I never told that to anyone.  Neither one of us knew who was watching or why.
During ‘the Conversation’ Rita told me I was under surveillance 24/7.  She had me followed by cult members around the clock: I was also watched by satellite.  There were NSA cameras and microphones all around the house.  She also told me anyone with an aura like mine was under surveillance.  Robin and I could see the people in the distance watching him – and no, they weren’t fans.
I have to let Robin’s family and fans know ROBIN WILLIAMS DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE.
His Publicist and the Coroner had to be in on the murder, there had to be others, too, but I can only speculate. He died of strangulation and then was posed to suggest suicide. I should add hanging oneself is a painful way to die, and if you knew Robin, you would know he wouldn’t do that.  Hanging oneself is tricky and rarely works because you have to know exactly what you’re doing.  More often than not you’re just left with a pain in the neck and bruising.  So if you don’t believe me because you don’t believe I knew Robin Williams, know he wouldn’t choose hanging as an efficient, painless way to die.  That’s a fact.
Rita listed many people who her cult and other cults around the world killed through the years and the public was made to think the death was either “natural causes” or suicide.  Over the years my now ex-husband and former cult prince, Peter Mickelsen, made references to deaths being a result of murder that had been listed as natural causes.  It always confused me.
This is a partial list of people murdered by the satanic church in northern NJ or another satanic church.  If a death is attributed to Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, or for infants or the elderly Sudden Death know it could be murder. For cancer- they inject a carcinogen into an organ or the brain to give the intended victim cancer, then, after the cancer advances, they suffocate the victim and cancer is listed as the cause of death.  Rita said her cult was known for killing and torturing celebrities and whenever they did, her church gained twenty new members.
The Kennedys – John Jr. and Ted by the cult in NJ, Robert and Jack (Were killed by another church, probably Skull and Bones – the governing Satanic Church of the Ivy League schools.)
Princess Diana
Princess Grace
Steve Jobs
James Dean
Elvis Presley
John Lennon
George Harrison
Michael Jackson
Alfred Hitchcock
Jim Henson
Freddy Prinze
Richard Prior
John Ritter
Tupac Shakur
Jerry Garcia
Gracie Allen
Bob Marley
Robert Palmer
Charles Schultz
Laura Nero
Jimmy Hendrix
Phil Hartman
Gilda Radnor
Madelyn Kahn
Jim Morrison
Roy Orbison
John Denver
John Bellucci
Patrick Swayze
John Ritter
Andy Gibb
River Phoenix
The horrible truth is that the above people were killed for wanting to continue to be my friend.  They “had to” be murdered to keep me a secret.  These are the people I remember, but I’m sure there are many, many more.
I truly believe Robin Williams was murdered as a warning shot across my bow to keep me quiet.
The Kennedys – John Jr.,  Ted,  Robert and Jack, Princess Diana, Steve Jobs, James Dean, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, George Harrison, Michael Jackson,  Jim Henson,  Freddy Prinze, John Ritter, Jimmy Hendrix, Roy Orbison, John Denver, Patrick Swayze, and River Phoenix all felt they were here to make the world a better place, so the cult felt they had to be eliminated.  I now know I was used to allow the cult access to many of these wonderful people.  The Kennedys, Steve Jobs and John Lennon made the biggest difference; but they were all succeeding in making the world a better place when they died.

The cult also murdered -
Natalie Wood
Sonny Bono
Linda McCartney
John Candy
Warren Zevon
Laura Nero
Nelson Rockefeller
Bernie Mac
Tim Harden
Tim Buckley
Steve Irwin
Marilyn Monroe
Whitney Houston
Heath Ledger

The cult went back through my life to torture everyone who I ever had contact with: some of the victims were intentionally or unintentionally killed by torture that went wrong or too far.
Victims are often suffocated then posed to look happy before rigor mortis set in.  Peter Mickelsen of Hopatcong NJ holds their facial muscles in place as though they were smiling and poses the bodies face up with their hands folded over their chest after he kills them.  Their bedding is straightened out so any struggle won’t be noticed.  The crime scenes are cleaned up with the expert guidance of FBI and NSA Intelligence. It makes them and their surroundings appear peaceful.  No murder is suspected.  Once in a while it’s called a suspicious death but then the cult makes sure no one follows up.
Rita says all suicides are cult related.
The status of Robin Williams death should be changed to Suspicious Death, at least.

I too will say, “I would never kill myself.  I want you to remember, “If ever they find me and it looks like I committed suicide or died in an accident, know it was murder.”

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Plea For Help

John Alexander and Dick Cheney knew about the reward on me.  Even though they’re both richer than Rockefeller, they devised a plan to kill me and collect the reward on my head.  I assured them, and they knew this already, that the cult had no intention of paying any ransom whatsoever.  I told them they would be killed if they killed me.  I reminded them that nothing was foolproof and that Rita Denman and Peter Mickelsen didn’t care how many people they killed and they didn’t care that it would be a former Vice President that would be killed.  That point was moot, I was told, because they had decided not to go ahead with their plan because they wanted to see what I could do.  Dick Cheney had done that once before, I was told, so I thanked him for that.  I thanked them both.
I know there have been dozens, if not hundreds, of people the cults had sent to kill me and didn’t.  I thank you all!
I know that, as I write this, there are good people who want to help me, but evil people in positions of power and Generals in the military who want me dead are telling them not to – so they don’t.  Many people on both sides of the fence are caught in the same trap, they are prisoners of their own mind.  They’re taught, through punishment and physical pain, as children to “respect authority” so they do as they’re told.  Now, as adults, they go against their own good moral judgment and ignore their Original Love and blindly follow dictates of others who have dubious motives and enjoy the suffering of others, and that includes the suffering of those carrying out their commands.
By doing nothing, by doing what they’re told, by following orders, by respecting authority – good people are helping evil win.

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Google Murder

Why was Google Executive Forrest Timothy Hayes killed?  Google is one of the companies I named so I know they’re a Company who takes orders from the Satanic Church that kept me prisoner.  (I named ‘Trending,’ but that’s a whole other ball of wax, I’ll tell you about it sometime.)
 I’m convinced Hayes got in Google’s way, or their church’s way, perhaps he could take no more of the diabolical plans to sabotage the Major Power Hubs that control EVERYTHING: or he didn’t agree with the subversive uses for Google Glass – and there are only subversive uses: but, I believe, it’s likely he was pushing against a car that drives itself and didn’t have a manual override.
I didn’t add “high-end” call girls to my book, “The Conversation,” but we discussed them; and the use of murderers like Alix who inject poisoned heroine into the cult’s murder targets.  That’s how John Bellucci was killed.  (I use the word cult interchangeably with church.  Satanists call it a church, all others call it a cult.)
Hayes may not have ‘solicited’ Alix Tichelman who went to his yacht and injected him with a lethal dose of heroin.  In fact, it seems unlikely.  No doubt Alix Tichelman murdered Hayes; but the tawdry circumstances are not exactly the case, but rather a dose of cover-up Google and their church want the public and the family to believe.  If the family gets caught up in the web of unbelievable circumstances, they’re less likely to look further into the matter.  Hayes must have confided in a co-worker or family member about his fears about the company’s undertakings.  Those confidences should become grounds to call what happened – murder, because they’re a motive.  The hit was most likely approved by Google’s owners.
Losing a loved one, especially so suddenly, is hard on the emotions.  It’s a time of loss and grief, it’s the hardest thing human emotions can experience.  Add to that the fear of being alone with such a young family, mixed in with grief, makes for feelings of fear and anger; especially since you feel that there’s something the loved one could have done to avoid the death.  You mix in to that soup of emotion, the unknown entity of hookers and drugs, and it’s something you really don’t want to explore.  Even the cops, the detectives, won’t pry too hard into a case like that.  Perhaps the murder had to occur on the yacht in order to bring it into a law enforcement district covered by someone in the cult; so they won’t look into it, they’ll call it manslaughter even though they know better.  Surveillance video shows Alix sat and watched Hayes die – that’s murder.
There is no such thing as a heroine overdose.  Heroine has to have poison added to it to become lethal,  so I firmly believe that the only deaths due to heroine are murders.  Rita said John Bellucci, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Bruce, and several others have all been murdered with poisoned heroine.
Hayes was working on Google X which is in their “moon shot” programs like the self driving car and Google Glass.  Hayes was also in charge of Google around the world.
If you read my book The Conversation you’ll see that the letter X designates not only reason for murder, but Satanic ties.  I have a post to this blog about Major Power Hubs that are built and controlled by Google.  Everything – and I mean everything – is connected to those Hubs.  The plan in 2003 was to flood the Netherlands using the Major Power Hubs.  When I spoke with Dick Cheney and John Alexander they acknowledged the power hubs and thanked me for nick-naming them MuPHs.  I told Dick they needed a nick name since Major Power Transition Hubs wasn’t something people can remember.  They told me in 2011 the plan to flood the Netherlands by sabotaging the state system through the Major Power Transition Hubs (MuPHs) was still a priority.
I think that Forest must have been led to his yacht under false pretenses to allow for opportunity.  The NSA and Homeland Security should investigate just why Hayes went to the yacht and what it was he was about to blow the whistle on.
Glass allows Google to “read the wearers mind.”  I named Google Glass.  They were really excited about this new project that would allow them to read a person’s mind.  The eyeglasses are computerized to analyze where the eyes are looking and by monitoring the irises they can tell what the person is looking at and how it makes the wearer feel.  The iris and pupil dilation lets Google know if the person is feeling excitement, fear, or happiness, etc.  This invention is simply a much more sophisticated means of identifying individuals who would be likely candidates for recruitment into their church.
Google is still saying they want to make a car with no driver’s seat.  Don’t be hoodwinked into thinking that’s even possible.  Someday there will be advances in road design but until then they have to put in a driver’s seat and the ability to override the automatic pilot.  Perhaps Mr. Hayes could see that problem and that was enough to get him eliminated.
I don’t think the owners of Google started out as evil people, but formed alliances, probably financial, with people hell-bent on destroying the earth.  And once you start you’re brainwashed to think that’s something that you, “have to do.”  So if someone comes along, someone like Forrest Hayes and you think he’s supposed to help you, and he turns out to be a whistleblower instead, you’re taught by the church that you have the right to kill him.  Sullying his name by having a prostitute do the killing is beneficial because he may have said something to someone else about what Google is up to, and this way he’s now been discredited.

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Robin Williams

I met Robin early on, back when he was supposed to be an alien for the first time on Happy Days (I think it was) they called on me to coach him. I did, and he was great. I can’t remember fully, but I’m pretty sure, I worked with him on ‘Good Will Hunting,’ and I remember working with him on ‘Popeye.’ (My nine month-old daughter, Alicia, played Sweet Pea. She was great!)
I’m writing this because the people who held me prisoner all these years kill people I love and those who love me. They seem to be on a killing spree. This is how Robin died. First of all they have access to him, probably through his Publicist, who was all too eager to say Robin had been depressed lately. Something the cult does well is torture, drug and hypnotize their victims to “*go crazy.” The coroner will be one of “theirs,” and confirm the suicide. In reality he was most likely drugged and strangled and left in a way that suggests suicide. There will be bruises on the body that would suggest a struggle, but the coroner will say that it was blood pooling under the skin after he died. This is an impossibility since once the heart stops, bleeding stops. Rita said even if the coroner isn’t in the cult they never question the bruising on the neck, strangulation would leave a different bruising pattern than a belt, but since they don’t suspect murder they don’t question or even look for the difference.
From what I can remember, Robin and I liked each other – being smart and kind and funny is a good combination. Someone so kind and generous would not commit suicide.
Also, they killed Philip Seymour Hoffman, whom I met when we did ‘State and Main.’ Philip is one of the sweetest, kindest smartest people I’ve ever met.
In my book The Conversation Rita told me of some of the people they got away with killing. Gracie Allen, Elvis, Michael Jackson, JFK and Bobby Kennedy and JFK Jr., Princess Grace, Princess Diana, and everyone in the People magazine issue – Gone Too Soon. They own People Magazine and that issue has been in the works since 2003.
This is going to sound narcissistic and crazy, but all Robin or Philip would have had to do is say something like, “Oh, I’d like to see her again,” and that would be “reason” enough to get them killed. It makes them feel powerful to kill people famous enough to make the National or World News.
* Torture, drug and hypnotize their victims to “*go crazy.” They have done this to Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Charley Sheen, Michael Jackson and countless others.

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Surviving A Great White Shark Attack

Surviving A Great White Shark Attack
One of the very many horrible things the cult did was try to kill me in inventive ways. Rita, during our conversation, told me cults were breeding the sharks in Jaws. I told her, time and again, the shark in Jaws was a mechanical shark. (I remember now, I worked on the movie Jaws and turned it into a huge puppet operated by scuba divers since the mechanics didn’t work.)

What I realize now, is that Rita was talking about the Great White Shark. Evidently each Satanic group has its own purpose in bringing about Armageddon. They never did achieve ending the world, but to date each individual cult has never been told to stop their cruel undertakings. So new viruses are released from time to time and the breeding of sharks and boa constrictors continues. Hey, guys, you can stop now – okay!

My Shark Attack -
One day I was drugged and brought to the ocean and pushed overboard and that woke me up. While I was still struggling and gasping for air I heard someone yell, “Shark!” I turned around to see two men leaning on flotation devices that were attached to a huge cage. As soon as I focused on them they lifted up the door to the cage and a gigantic Great White Shark immediately swam furiously toward me. The men yelled, “Swim away – Swim away!” to me.

The following is exactly what I did, and what I think anyone could do, if faced with the same situation. You have to see the shark and it has to be close enough that you can’t get away. I believe that shark was released about 150 feet from me. Everything in me told me to swim. I remembered that dolphins aren’t afraid of sharks, it’s the opposite, sharks are afraid of dolphins. A bottle-nose dolphin can swim as fast or faster than a shark and he will bunt the shark in the nose with enough force to really hurt the shark. A shark’s nose is very vulnerable. I knew I couldn’t possibly swim away fast enough. That shark was coming straight toward me at the speed of a ski-boat pulling a water skier. So I put my body into a ball, my knees to my chest and I used my hands to keep myself afloat. I stayed in that position for two or three seconds while the shark closed the gap between us. I had to wait until the shark was close enough that I could kick it with enough force to stop it.

What happens is, the shark has to be close enough to begin its attack. I think it unhinges its jaw because I heard a definite sound before it began its ascent. It has to get its mouth over you because the shark’s mouth is on its underside. Then there is a whoosh sound as its head comes to the surface of the water. That’s when you can release your legs with all the force in you and kick him, heels first, in the nose. I thought, and you would think, you would probably hit a tooth or its mouth when you’re trying to do that, but you won’t because it’s mouth is set back from the tip of its nose. Also, the shark never varied course, not an inch to one side or the other, that’s a good thing to know, I didn’t know that at the time. I imagine if you wait too long its head would be entirely out of the water and then you might have the chance of sticking your foot in its mouth while trying to kick his nose. Believe me, I sincerely doubt that would ever happen because it’s difficult to wait for an enormous shark to get that close in order to kick it. It’s a bit like that scene in Braveheart when the warriors were waiting for the horses to get close enough to attack the men riding them. If you kick too early you may have to kick again and then you wouldn’t have the same force behind your feet.

I was able to kick him smack between the nostrils with both heels. And I had enough force behind it that I felt my heels go into his nose for several inches before I hit any bone, any part of his skull, but once that happened, blood squirted out of both nostrils and all forward motion of this shark stopped and he appeared to sink. I waited a second or two to see if he would come back after me and I realized that he was gone and only blood remained where the shark had been. So I began to swim back to shore thinking that other sharks might smell the blood and come to that spot.

I’d spent a good deal of time in the ocean my whole life so I knew how to ride waves and follow currents and I made it back with not a scratch on me.

The shark attack incident was recounted to me during The Conversation I had with Rita. She claimed it was all on tape. I’ve always been on satellite surveillance so possibly there’s a satellite video of what happened. Rita told me the men who released the shark were apparently upset with me for hurting him, since they’d raised him from a “pup.” She said they starved him for a week before they released him so they would be sure he’d be hungry enough to eat a human being.

So to recap,

* Face the shark

* Bring your knees to your chest while staying afloat with your hands

* Wait until you hear his jaw open and see his head begin to rise above the water.

* When his eyes are water level spring your legs forward to kick him between the nostrils with enough force that you can feel your heels connect with his skull. Remember he’s moving forward at about 30 MPH so that’ll add to the force of your kick. He’ll be close enough to kick when his nose is near or at the surface of the water.

Remember -

The huge majority of sharks aren’t a threat to people. They don’t like us and they stay away. Most Great White Sharks aren’t interested in people. If there are no unusual circumstances they want no part of you. We’re too much trouble to eat and we don’t taste good. But if Rita was right, and from reports so far, she may be right, and there are people breeding these creatures and releasing them in strange waters, then this counter-attack strategy is something you might want to keep in mind.

Remember that sharks have a dorsal fin that remains out of the water much of the time. Dolphins swim in an up-and-down motion because they’re mammals and they have to breathe, and they’re breathing through the blowhole in the tops of their heads. So if you see a dorsal fin that goes in and out of the water with great frequency that’s a dolphin or a porpoise. If it stays on or near the surface of the water and continues for a long time without surfacing, then it’s a shark.

As a kid, when my friends and I used to swim unattended in the ocean, one of us would stay on the jetty and watch for fins. If we saw dolphins or porpoises in the area we knew we could swim safely because no shark would dare cross that barrier. It worked out well for us for many, many years. If we did see a shark we would just stay on the beach. Of course, it’s best to swim where there are people, lifeguards, etc. Part of a lifeguard’s job is to watch for sharks. Remember, too, our ocean beaches are routinely patrolled by helicopters and small planes.

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New Preface for the Conversation

Apocalypse is a Greek word meaning revealing the Ancient Truths.  The Conversation is the Apocalypse.
Belief in the Devil
Skepticism is how the cult hides.  No one wants to think Satanic cults exist and if you try to point it out to people, they‘ll just say you’re crazy and that way Satanists get away with murder!  And you bet ya – it sounds real crazy!  Cults rely on your disbelief.  Rita made it a point to tell me the same thing will happen to me.
Satanic churches seek out people who live in misery.  “Social Media,” Cable and Satellite TV, and spyware makes it easy to identify them: and GPSs, Cell Phones, FaceBook, Twitter and Linked In tell them how to find them and their friends any time of the day and night.  Next cults use torture and mind control to get those people to join their church.  Some Satanic religions are intergenerational, meaning some people are born into the cult.  I believe 99% of people in Satanic churches or cults are prisoners without walls.  I wrote this book for them.  I lived my life as a prisoner of a Satanic church.  I was their slave and prisoner since I was two.  I now find myself mourning my own life. 
My Sanity
All psychologists have to know about cults because cults wreak such grave emotional havoc.  A few psychologists have told me that usually people who’ve suffered the kind of abuse I’ve suffered, are wearing straightjackets, and live in a padded room.  I should be, or at least look like, a bag lady.  I should rest assured I’m the sane one and the people who did this to me are the crazy ones.  They explained, the fact is, if I were insane I certainly wouldn’t be able to go RVing, enjoy myself, map routes, hold intelligent conversations or look as kempt as I do.  They thought my assertion that it was God who saved me must be true, because my mere existence is a miracle.
John Alexander
There’s a man who belonged to many cults and he was a Major General in the Air Force and the NSA, formerly Military Intelligence.  I don’t know his real name.  John felt enough people in cults would know his name and he knew those were the people I was trying to reach by writing this book.  John Alexander was a ruthless cult figure responsible for many of my torture sessions, and he said a thousand murders.  He was in charge of torture at Guantanamo Bay.  He caused much of the permanent nerve damage to my body, although he said he was not responsible for any of my 106 broken bones, seven of which are in my neck and spine.  Every bone in my spine has a fracture in it caused by a cattle prod put in my anus and touched to my spinal cord and turned on.  (One night, Sam Walton, the owner of Wal-Mart, used that torture on me for six straight hours.)  John supplied Satanic cults with night vision goggles, NSA torture drugs and taught torture techniques such as water-boarding and electrocution to the cult that owned me.
John Alexander told me he spent his life afraid and unhappy.  I teach in my eBook the Truth that our only two directives from God are to choose Heaven or Hell and to be happy as long as we don’t hurt anyone.  Since he was lied to and abused by Satanists his whole life he felt duped.  John said after he read this book he found himself mourning his own life.  He hoped young people, considering joining one of these churches or clubs, would read this book and their eyes and hearts would be opened and they’d be spared the hellish life he felt he “had to” live.  He wished he had books like the Truth and the Conversation to read when he was young.  He found it almost unbelievable that someone who had been held a rape and torture prisoner and a slave would do something as selfless as this for the very people who tortured her; but he added, he knew me and that made it all very believable.  He thanked me over and over for writing these books.  It cleared up many things for him.  My eBook, the Truth, made him understand God in a way he never thought possible – it made him like God.  He became a fan of Christ.  He wished he knew the truth about God when he was young.  John added, “God picked a good name for you.”
John said he would like all military and law enforcement personnel to read the book  John thanked me for forgiving him and hoped one day his protégé, AF General Robin Rand, would be able to forgive him.  John died in December 2013.  He’s now one of my Angels.
Whether you believe in Satan or not you need to be aware there are people who do and they will hurt you and your country.  For instance, they can abduct those whose life they want to ruin and make them hate their job.  They’ll then abduct that person’s boss and make them believe appalling things about that person to make their job really terrible, even unbearable.  It’s a soul crushing experience to go everyday to a job you hate and work for a boss who hates you.  Their goal, and the goal of all Satanic churches, is to make life on earth as much like hell as possible.  The logic eludes me.
This was done to me in most of my jobs.  I apologize to those who worked with me and suffered under this edict.
Fear, Hate, Vengeance and Anger are the main ingredients of control.  They are the cornerstones of Satanism.  They are doorways through which evil enters a soul.  This eBook is an exposé about the religion of Satanism.  It also is a brief summary of my life because I was a slave and prisoner of a Satanic cult all of my life.  The book is important for everyone, whether you believe in God or the Devil or not, because it clears up all that has been happening in the world.
The following is a five hour conversation I had with Rita Denman the self-proclaimed most evil witch princess of all time.  She claims she’s the Whore of Babylon.
Each chapter has notes in italics which are my thoughts since the conversation.  Each chapter has a summary that attempts to make sense of the conversation.
I’ve put several stories about me, some cult legends about me, and information about my relationship with God in the eBook, the Truth.
I have no editor and this eBook had to be published now, so please ignore any typos, etc.  Thank you.
Rita Denman, the woman who owned me and who is the person with whom I had this five-hour conversation, said, “When you tell people, and you will tell people, because that’s the kind of person you are.  You don’t care if we kill you.  If you think something is right – you’ll do it.  Your own life isn’t as important to you as doing something for someone.  Even for people you don’t know.  I’ll never understand you.  But it doesn’t matter – no one will believe you.  They’ll all say you’re crazy.  And we’ll be right there, up front, pointing our fingers at you.  We’ll get everyone to believe you’re just crazy because you say so many crazy things.”  Rita puffed like just thinking about all the trouble I’ve caused her made her tired, “That’s why I had to go back through your life and make everyone hate you.  Everyone you love, everyone who ever knew you hates you or is dead.  All of north Jersey will say they hate you, and you’re just crazy, and the rest of the country will believe us.”
It came to me to say something.  My Angels were pretty clear, I wasn’t sure why I was to say, “You won’t kill me,” but I did.  It just confused her.
My Name
I was born Lynn Pezzutti, then I was married and became Lynn McDermott.  Then I was mind controlled into marrying the “prince” of a Satanic Church based in north-west New Jersey and I became Lynn Mickelsen.  I now consider Lynn Mickelsen my slave name.
One day in 2007 God said, “You will be called Grace.”
I argued for a minute saying, “Me?  Naah, I’m not Grace.”
God said, “You will be known as Grace.”
I replied, “I don’t even like that name.”
God repeated Himself as though He hadn’t said a word before, “Everyone will know you’re Grace.”
I had argued with God over many things many times before and I knew enough to stop.  It was a simple enough request.  God chose the name Grace for me and I chose the last name Gardener and God okayed it.

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