Finding George Lucas (Part 1)

George Lucas before he was George Lucas

How did I meet George Lucas? This is the story of meeting and getting to know George Lucas on the set of American Graffiti. A warning, this is 5,000 words so you might want to print it or go offline to read it.

I was told I got a small part in a small film. (I named it American Graffiti during the shooting because it was outdoors and all over the place.) I was supposed to play a 12-year-old girl. Since it was so last minute George Lucas wanted someone young but with acting experience. I wasn’t young but I could look young and I had acting experience. I knew what a mark was and all the lingo that went along with filming, etc.

(There was a new pay-TV channel that showed short films whenever a film didn’t end on the hour. It was called HBO. HBO used to be a good station, believe it or not. I’d seen a short film called THX 1138 four times. I loved it. I thought it was the best film I’d ever seen. It was about a land where love was forbidden. I made it a point to remember the man’s name who wrote it and directed it. It was George Lucas.)

The person who drove me to the movie set began walking with me and said, “There’s the man you’ll be working for, his name is George Lucas, I think.”

“You think, or you know? Is it George Lucas?” I was thrilled and frightened at the same time.

The man looked down at a paper and said, “Yeah, that’s right. George Lucas.”

I stopped walking, I wanted to see this man. He looked young. He looked very good. I wanted to watch him for a while. I was curious to see how he interacted with people.

“Come on. What are you stopping for? We’re late. Your late. Keep walking.”

I started to walk again and when I got close enough to see him and hear him I had to stop again. The driver grabbed my arm and dragged me along.

When we got up to him, George said, “Are you shy? They said you’ve acted before. You can’t be shy if you want to be an actress.”

“I’ll leave you with him,” my driver said as he walked away.

I was speechless. This man was entirely too good-looking and too young to have written THX 1138.

“Are you George Lucas? Did you write and direct THX 1138? I love that film. That’s my favorite film.”

“Did someone tell you to say that? Flattery doesn’t hold any weight here.”

“No. I love that film.”

I thought he may have said, “I don’t believe you,” but I remember being very disheartened by his reaction.

“This resume can’t be right. You’re here now,” Lucas said as he threw my resume on the table. He picked up a copy of the script, “Here’s the script. I hope you’re a fast reader. Your late. You have to start right away.”

I got in the car with Milner (Paul Le Mat) and we began the scene. George called Cut. I was devastated, “Did I do something wrong? I can do it anyway you want.”

“No. You did just fine. Better than I’d hoped for. It’s just that… It’s just that I think you’re too pretty for the part. It said in your resume that you’d played boys. I thought you’d look different, that’s all.”

“Is that it then? Can I stay a while?” I asked hoping I could get to know this man a little better before I was asked to leave. So far he seemed distant and cold, but I didn’t believe that was him, I knew from THX there was much more to him.

Lucas wanted me to stay, though, and said he would write a part for me. He asked if I wouldn’t mind doing something with Charles Martin Smith, the boy who played Toad. I knew him as Ernie from Father Knows Best.

“If I can stay, I’ll play any part you want.”

Charlie remembered me from a few episodes of Father Knows Best I’d been on with him. Ron Howard remembered me because when we were 5 or so I played his girlfriend in the Music Man. I don’t know how they could tell it was me so many years later. George just laughed. He didn’t know what to make of me. He didn’t believe I’d seen his film. I think he really thought I was just being kind, and before Ron and Charlie recognized me he thought I was very young, under 18 and he didn’t want to be perceived as doing something inappropriate.

“You don’t have to act like that. You’ve got the part. It’ll take me a while to write something for you, but I will. Don’t worry, you can stay.”

I was thrilled. I was flabbergasted and thrilled.

Lucas hadn’t really paid attention to what I said. He didn’t know how great he was, he really didn’t. He’ll tell you that. I’ve heard him say it. He had no idea who he was, but I did. Some people don’t take compliments well, it’s a shame I think, and Lucas was one of those people. You can’t imagine how many people, how many great actors and actresses, Directors, even Einstein, I’ve had to tell, “Just say thank you.” They don’t know how to take a complement and that was the advice my mother always gave me. It works well and if you’re one of those people who don’t know what to say when someone compliments you, Just say “thank you.”

“Can I stay here? I mean right here, with you? I just want to watch you work,” I asked him. I wanted to size him up, to see if I could get past the shell. I’ll tell you, I’m pretty sure, right from the get-go, I flirted like a madwoman.

“If you’re quiet and you don’t bother me, you can stay wherever you want,” he answered. So I stayed right there with him for the rest of the film.

Mackenzie and John Philips were on the sidelines watching the filming. I guess they lived in the area or something. I said, “What about that girl?” We went over, I told John I was a fan of his music and did he think his daughter would like to be in the film. John remembered me from ghost-writing California Dreamin’ with him. George had me coach Mackenzie a bit because he wanted her to do the part exactly the way I had done it. Right out of the gate she was great – problem solved.

Luckily, after a short while George said it was all right for me to talk, I guess I’d been really quiet for a while. I wanted to know everything about him, I desperately wanted to get to know him because, even then I thought I would probably want to marry him. I was young but I had dated a lot of boys and I knew what I wanted. I’d made a rule for myself, I didn’t look boys in the eye because, and this is going to sound very conceited, but it seemed to me boys would say, “I love you,” very quickly. They probably just wanted to get into my pants but I never knew what to do or say when they said that, so I just wouldn’t look them in the eye and that seemed to work well for me. But with Lucas, I made sure I looked him in the eye.

Once I got him talking I found I was right, he could talk about anything. We talked about things we liked and things we didn’t like. We both liked and disliked the same things. I told him about my philosophies and thoughts about life, art, organized religion, music, politics, the way we treat one another, and I found out he felt the same way. I talked while he wrote and that didn’t seem to bother him. I know it bothers me when someone talks to me when I’m trying to write. I wasn’t the type of girl who just yammers on about nothing. I’m quiet when I need to be, actually I’m quiet most of the time, but not with George. I tried to be quiet, I did, but I was so captivated by him that it was hard to shut up. He found out I could draw and he found that fascinating and said he tried to draw because he liked art so much but he wasn’t happy with the way things looked. I told him it takes time and practice, like anything else. He didn’t think he enjoyed drawing well enough to put in the amount of time and practice it would take to get him to where he’d be happy with something he created. His father used to ridicule him when he drew and it took the joy out of it for him.

We talked about our hobbies like music, science and math, we talked a lot about physics and astrophysics – a hobby interest we both had. I may have told him that when I was little I used to be in a group of kids who shot off rockets. We were both surprised to find someone interested in both art and science and we both remarked how uncommon that was. It was clear we were two very unusual people, but unusual in the same way. Now this calmer, gentler George Lucas was the very special man I knew he would be. Better, even.

I had become Assistant Director. George said, “As long as your gonna hang around here, I might as well put you to work.”


One of the things I loved about THX 1138 was the way people kept moving in and out of the scene. It’s something you rarely see in a movie, any movie, and even nowadays. So when Lucas asked me to set up the scene where the kids are in the street talking, I set it up so that Toad would run up to them and tell them if they see Milner, to tell him Harrison (I can’t remember Harrison’s character’s name) is looking for him.

Lucas came over and said, “This is great, now all I have to do is start shooting. No, wait, we are missing one you forgot Charlie.”

“No, Charlie’s across the street, what he has to say is a non sequitur. I wanted him to come into this the scene like you did in THX.”

“No. That was wrong. My professors told me not to ever do that again. They almost failed me.” That was the second time I heard George make the noise that he makes when he gets very upset. It sounds like he’s swallowing air, and then he gulps. It’s the sound of frustration, sorrow and pain.

By that time I knew that THX 1138 was Lucas’s senior project. How could his professors do that to him, I thought. How could they have been so cruel? The good for nothing know-nothings! They were just teaching him what they were taught without looking at the movie at all. What mindless jerks! Krum bums – the lot of them. They learned not to do that, so they almost failed George Lucas for being an innovative thinker. And they dragged him down, I could tell by the noise he just had made. They knocked the legs right out from under him, and they got him to change his thinking about the best part of his film. George Lucas had been abused into believing authority figures. He was denied his freedom of thought. He believed his teachers, and like his father ridiculing his art, they made him change for the worse.

“Well your professors are wrong! That movie was great! Don’t let them bully you like that, they’re not even gonna grade this. What do you care what some stupid professors say anyway? You’re better than them.”

“How do you know. How can you say I’m better than they are?”

I told Lucas to tell me the names of his teachers and I didn’t know either of their names and I told him I pay attention to stuff like that, directors and writers who I like, as much as I do to actors I like, maybe more. I told Lucas I never heard of them, but I’d heard of him. “Don’t you know – that happens all the time? Who was Michelangelo’s teacher? Who was Leonardo da Vinci’s teacher?” Lucas shrugged. “See, you’ve never heard of their teachers, but you’ve heard of them. I know who they are because I learned who they were in art history, but you know, they’re only famous for being the teachers of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, not for their work, because their work wasn’t all that great. Your work was great! And they’re idiots, blind idiots for not being able to see that! Don’t let them drag you down. You can stop listening to them now, you’ve graduated.”

“Don’t call my teachers idiots,” Lucas said softly.

I went on, “So you’re better than they are. I’ve never seen scenes like that, and I want you to put one like that in this movie. At least one, this is the perfect one.”

Ron Howard came over and said “Hey guys, it’s cold out here, let’s get this show on the road, were standing over here freezing while you two were talking about art.”

Lucas shook his head and said, “We’ll try it one time your way. One time.”

Lucas rolled the scene and I knew enough to read ahead in the script because I had spent my summers in grammar school assistant directing for Alfred Hitchcock. I learned a lot from him. So I motioned for Charlie to come, and he half ran across the street, I thought he’d get there and wait for his line, but as it turned out, he got there just in time to deliver his line. The scene came out just great. It left Mr. Lucas scratching his head. “Better than they are, huh? What are you a magician or something?” I think he liked it.

After it was clear that Lucas had written my part, he continued writing. He was directing and writing the whole time we were shooting. I asked him what he was writing about and he told me he was working on another movie. I found it interesting that he could direct one movie while writing another. I asked him what the movie was about. He said, “Oh, you might not be interested. It’s science fiction.”

I didn’t remember at the time but I had worked on 2001 – a Space Odyssey; and Star Trek. “Oh no, I like science fiction. Funny huh, a girl who likes science fiction. What’s it about?”

“I’m not sure yet,” he laughed, “but I want to try to make the best science fiction movie ever made.”

“Don’t try.” He looked puzzled like he thought I thought he couldn’t do it, so I quickly added, “Do. Don’t try – do. Do make the best science fiction movie ever made. You can do it, I know you can. You have greatness in you and if anyone can do it, you can. THX 1138 is science fiction, isn’t it, and that was great.” I knew there were many iffy science fiction movies to date and I was sure Lucas could easily out do any of them. 2001 was probably one of the best, but THX 1138 was better. Lucas just looked at me and laughed.

I explained that, “If you say you’ll try, then you leave yourself a little wiggle room, you leave yourself an out. If you only try then you may not succeed and you feel like that’s okay. But if you say you will, then you have to, because you’ve made a promise to yourself that you will. So say you will make the best science fiction movie and you will.”

I helped Lucas throughout the rest of American Graffiti. I added a few scenes and assistant directed a few others. I coached Cindy quite a bit. There was a scene where Harrison said something while sitting in his car with his girlfriend and Lucas said, “I feel like she should say something here. Like the girl should say something, but I don’t know what.”

“Ain’t he neat? She should say, ‘Ain’t he neat?’ I think that’s what a girl like that would say,” I told him.

As we walked away from a car I told Lucas that was what I thought when I watched him work, I thought – Ain’t he neat? Not in those words exactly, but that’s how I felt. He seemed happy. I was happy he was happy. When I first met him I thought he was entirely too sad and serious for such a young man. (I think he was only 28.)

There was a scene where my character, Debbie, gets her hair mussed when she hides in the bushes. When the scene was over, Lucas said he wanted to fix my hair because he wanted to touch me. I was glad he said that, but I asked him not to fix my hair, I told him I wouldn’t be able to feel it anyway because it was a wig. I told him I didn’t like it in movies when someone has their hair fixed and there was no time for them to fix it. It was one of those little things that bothered me in movies. So he left it. When my scenes were over I took the wig off and asked him to fix my hair and I liked the way he looked at me. (Just FYI: I had brown hair, kind of short, Cindy Williams and I looked a lot alike. If you watch the terrible movie ‘Dinner with Schmucks,’ I’m the French girl – Paul Rudd’s roommate. [I still looked young for my age.] That’s the only movie I can remember being in where I didn’t have on prosthetics, makeup and a wig. ) The whole time while we were filming he never made a pass at me or asked me out.

When the movie wrapped he asked if I was going to the wrap party and I said I didn’t know when my ride was coming for me. I told him I was sad the movie was over because I wouldn’t get to see him again. That was way flirtier than I had ever been with anyone, and it made me uncomfortable to say it, but it had to be said.

Lucas said, “I’ve been thinking about that. About all of it. I’ve been thinking about how well we get along together and how we like the same things, and we’re both into art and science, and I know I’m older than you but I can tell you that never happens. Never. Not even with guys. I don’t know anyone who’s interested in both. And I really like you, I like the way you make me feel, like I could do anything. I like that you believe in me more than I believe in myself. So I’ve been thinking.” He stopped.

I waited. “What have you been thinking?” I really wanted to know, Lucas was a hard man to read. I thought I made him happy, but he really hadn’t been clear about that. “Do you want to see me again? Because I’d like that.”

“Oh Jesus yes. Yes I’d like to see you again. That’s what I’ve been thinking.” He stopped again and this time I didn’t know what to say so I just waited. “I’m thinking I should ask you to marry me,” he said finally. I waited. Nothing.

“You think you should ask me to marry you? When were you thinking of doing that?” This really blew my mind, it was totally unexpected. I thought he would ask me out, or something. That’s what I was hoping for. “Did you want to ask me out? Do you want to find out if we get along?”

“Oh, we get along, we get along great. I get along with you better than anyone. I know we get along. I don’t want to date you, I don’t want to take that chance, I don’t want anyone else to ask you.”

I waited some more. He didn’t want to take what chance, the chance I won’t like him if we dated? He was making me a little nervous, maybe because he was so nervous, I didn’t know.

“I want to be the one who asks you. I think if I wait, even another minute someone else will come along, that’s what I’m afraid of. Will you marry me? I think we’ll be great together. I know we’ll be great together. What do you think?”

“Can I think about it?”

“Yeah. Well, yeah sure, you can think about it,” he hesitated. “Oh God, tell me why you’re thinking about it? Are you thinking about how to say no to me?”

What I was thinking was – why didn’t I just say yes? That’s what I wanted all along, I just didn’t expect it quite like this. It wouldn’t win a prize for most romantic proposal on record, that’s for sure, it was a confusing proposal but the case he made for getting married was right. I knew he was right, there was nobody like him, and there would never be anybody like us. We would be great together. I knew he was right.

George was looking at the dust he was pushing around with his loafers. “So if you’re thinking about how to say no to me, just do it, just say no right now.”


“Oh God.”

“No, I was thinking I should say yes.”


“Yes. That’s your answer. I’ve thought about it long enough, and yes, George Lucas, I will marry you.”

He looked up at me and I was beaming and nodding yes. “Yes,” I said again. “We should kiss or something, don’t you think?”

I walked over to him and kissed him for a long time until Ron Howard came over. “Are you guys kissing because the movie wrapped? Can I get one?”

“Too late, we’re engaged,” I told Ron.

“You dog! George, you dog! I thought there was something going on between you two. You dog!” Ron said again punching George in the arm. Cindy came over and Ron told her the news and she and I jumped up and down holding arms.

“When did this happen?”

“It just happened. Just now. He just asked me now and I said yes,” I told them.

George talked with the boys and I talked with Cindy. Mackenzie came over and said, “Man, I miss everything.”

Lucas kept looking over to me and I could feel he was so happy that I was so happy. My happiness meant everything to him, as his did to me. I knew then that we could each make ourselves happy by making the other one happy, and that’s as it should be. I knew I had the perfect man.

My driver came, he wouldn’t let me stay for the wrap party. He told Lucas I would call him, but, of course I never did. I was tortured and given amnesia, only the memory of that kiss remained, that kiss and his leather shoes in the dust. George was eventually told I was dead.

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Finding George Lucas (Part 2)

Isn’t THX 1138 one of the worst names in the history of movies?

It’s LucasFilm not LucasFilms. If you type in you’ll get a redirect to Star Wars and that’s now owned by Disney. Sucks, don’t it?

Here’s the plot according to LucasFilm THX 1138.

LUH 3417, a disenchanted surveillance worker, consciously stops taking her mandatory drugs — medication that suppresses emotions — and gives placebos to her roommate, THX 1138. Now free to feel, the two fall in love, but find themselves on the run for breaking laws of conformity.

Here’s the link

Here’s what I think after thinking about this memory of George Lucas. It isn’t like me to flirt with someone with such gruff behavior as George exhibited when I first met him. I feel like THX 1138 was Lucas’ message in a bottle to me. I got it, I may have been the only one who got it. His teachers sure didn’t. Lucas needed someone to take him off his metaphorical mandatory meds so he could feel. That’s why he feels the necessity to get back to me, because I’m the one who got through the shell. I’m the one who let him live his own life.

He’s a real smart guy, and he’d probably have figured it out eventually. He found himself and his wings soon enough to change his own life, and in doing so, I believe he’s changed the lives of countless others. I’ve done the same over the years for many, many people – Most of them ex-cult members. Yet it’s cult members who continue to keep us apart. They are still in their shells, a prison of their own minds.

For the past four years, I’ve spent many hours sitting at the Yoda fountain at the old ILM complex. (I named Industrial Light and Magic and LucasFilm) I saw men bringing their children there, and groups of men standing there all talking about their young lives during the Star Wars phenomenon. I took their group’s pictures for them. One wife looked at her husband and said, “You’re happy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy.”

I feel as though together Lucas and I can teach everyone on the planet to fly.



If you’ve read my book the Conversation ( free on ) you’ll know that my life has been very strange indeed. I had a normal life, that is to say I lived with my parents and went to school, and later work, every day. And that was all I was allowed to remember. In the other part of my life, the part where I worked as a slave for the cult, I did many other things, including working in Hollywood and the music industry. When I was very little, except for the role as Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, I very often played boys, including Little Ricky in I Love Lucy: Patrick in Auntie Mame: and, Mark in The Rifleman. After I my breasts grew, I played girls. I had a very young face but with makeup and hairdos of older women, I often played someone much older, and always under a pseudonym. For instance, I played Humphrey Bogart’s love interest in the Maltese Falcon when I was so young you can watch me grow during the film. In the last scene, they had me take my shoes off because I had grown taller than Humphrey. True story.

After each job my memory was erased, and if at a later time, someone commented on work I had done or even if they said I was pretty, I was tortured again.

I never knew what talents I had or what I looked like. I’m just now finding out. I’m just now remembering.

These memories of George Lucas are the most painful. I thought the line in Jerry McGuire – You Complete Me – was a silly line. We’re all complete just as we are, I thought. But I feel I need George to be a better me. There’s another me in me, a better one. I can’t achieve much without him. I can and have achieved quite a bit but that’s nothing without George. And he needs me too. He needs to make me happy so he can be happy. He wants to help in my struggle for World Peace. He’s achieved quite a bit, too, (at least he has the money to show for it) but he wants more. Not more fame, he doesn’t even like fame, and God knows he doesn’t need more money, but he needs me – I feel it, I’ve felt it all my life. I cracked his shell to let him get out. I helped him find his wings, they’re as big as arc angel’s wings, I just have to teach him to fly.

Just watch us, the way we lift each other up, there’ll be no limit to what we can do.

So Star Warriors, here’s what you can do. If you sell bicycles, or whatever, link it up. Put a link from your website to my website, and then stand back and let’s see what happens.


(I just tried to find THX 1138 online, and even joined HULU because they said they had it, but they only had the trailer.)

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Steps Toward World Peace

Note: This blog is searchable. If you were looking for something else check the list of topics on the right or do a search. Thank you.

Steps to take Toward World Peace. Search for more information on any of these topics elsewhere in this blog. This topic is a work in progress.

Think to the Future Seven Generations Out. Think, “What will my actions today do for my children’s, children’s, children’s, children? How will this affect them? That’s how the ancient philosophers thought and many native tribes around the globe still think. The ugliness in the world today has been brought on by people who think, “How can I make money on this today?” The pitiful thing about the destruction of the earth and the greed over fossil fuels is that the guys exploiting the earth and its inhabitants don’t even know what to do with the money they make because they have so much of it. It’s not just fossil fuels but food, water and the earth itself that they have jeopardized.

Everyone on earth should start using the Mantra, I’m No better than anyone, and No one is better than me. This Mantra works for countries and organized religions, as well. The very rich have to realize ‘I’m No better than anyone’: and the very poor need to realize ‘No one is better than me.’ That’s one of the things engrained in many cultures that has to be questioned.

Question Everything – Know that many of the things we learned from our parents, our churches, our schools and our countries are not necessarily true.

About Our Children

Take the parenting advice Yoda will give in The Force Awakens that is found in this blog. I’ll be writing more about this because once we eliminate child abuse we are 90% of the way toward World Peace. Don’t teach your children to follow orders blindly. Compromise is key. The children of today will be the rulers of tomorrow. Teach them to think and make decisions for themselves, not to make decisions exactly the way you make them based on the things you were told.

When a child asks, “Why Not?” ask yourself the same thing. Make sure the words, “Because I said so,” never come out of your mouth.

Change the tenure practice in schools. It’s too difficult to fire bad teachers who cause emotional damage. Give extensive psychological testing to new teachers.

Fix the Foster Care System and follow up on parents! Children are being bounced around so they’ll become emotionally unstable adults.

Believe children who say they’re being abused.

Share information about ‘The Total Transformation’ the free brainwashing training given to bad parents. When you report back that it worked for your child, the makers of this agenda know your child is easily brainwashable. They know the key words to say to your child to get him or her to do their bidding. That’s the reason ‘The Total Transformation’ is free in exchange for feedback.

The Internet is a good source of information sharing. That’s one thing Mr. Lucas can get his team of programmers started on. Information sharing’s the reason I thought of the internet.

Yoda will say this in the Force Awakens. Forgive your parents but don’t make excuses for them. Abuse is intergenerational. In order to stop it you have to admit your parents were wrong.


World Finance —

Accounting practices. Leave in and left out are “mistakes” waiting to happen. There are many books about alternate accounting practices. Pick one and share information as to how it works for you and soon one will emerge as the most logical to use. The internet can be a useful tool for sharing this type of information.

If a company is actually ‘too big to fail,’ then it won’t fail. If a company fails then it wasn’t ‘too big to fail.’ The government has no right to pay a private company anything! If a government gives a private company taxpayer money the company gets rewarded for bad management and cooking the books. I don’t get why nobody gets that. The same people who line their pockets with taxpayer dollars don’t want to give taxpayer dollars in the form of welfare and food stamps to the starving poor. They are the very people who say the government can’t afford Universal Healthcare!

Eliminate stock markets World Wide – In the meantime get out of the stock market. The stock market serves no real purpose, except to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Established companies have no reason to go public. If a company makes big profits give the money, in the form of bonuses, to the employees of the company. Duh!


Health —

Medical Institutions and Pharmaceutical Companies should not be Publically Traded. Anything to do with health should be shared information and not-for-profit. Don’t use products made by publically traded companies. Don’t use products tested on animals. Don’t use Doctors that belong to medical groups that are publically traded. If you’re a doctor, open a private practice. Suggest products other than pharmaceuticals.

Change the Rules for Internships and Residencies in Med School, so Interns and Residences work only eight-hour shifts allowing good students to stick with medicine as a career and more doctors will graduate. The increased number of doctors will result in competition and lower costs. Health is an important ingredient in World Peace. Search for more information on this elsewhere in this blog, and in my book, the Conversation. (available for free at Smashwords)

All countries, including the US, should institute and maintain better Universal Healthcare Systems.


Doctors should not get bonuses for prescribing certain drugs and for ordering or administering expensive, unnecessary medical testing. Price fixing is rampant in the medical community and health facilities. Those are the two reasons there is opposition to Universal Healthcare in the United States.


Food Supply —

Don’t allow chemicals in our food supply. In the meantime, read labels. I have a few posts about Pharmaceutical companies putting additives in foods that cause illnesses their drugs treat. Watch out, particularly, for ‘other ingredients.’

Eliminate GMO foods – especially wheat, corn, and rice. These cause illness and have little to no nutritional benefit. Organic doesn’t mean non-GMO. Hybrids and other terms mean GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms.) For example, Heirloom Tomatoes contain genes from Opium Poppies and Hemlock, so they have no nutritional value, cause ‘leaky gut,’ and keep you coming back for more. The US is one of the only countries that doesn’t require GMO Labeling. Our food supply is making us sick.

In the meantime avoid fast food and prepared food and read labels. If you do, your children won’t need Ritalin.

Food products should not be Publically Traded.

Seeds should be the property of the person who grew the plants as it had been for thousands of years. Engineered famines are a real and present danger. If you’re a farmer and you have to purchase seeds for the crops you want to grow – those crops are not better than their non-GMO cousins – in fact, they’re worse.

Eliminate Feed Lots!! This is where the harmful chemicals are added to our meat. Feed Lots are inhumane. Check my posts on those. If the cows weren’t being slaughtered they would die of poisoning.

In the meantime eat pastured meat or at least meat without added hormones.



Scour the North and South Polls with x-ray satellites to check under the ice to find the real culprit behind the melting polar ice caps and the hole in the ozone layer.

Don’t allow the destruction of the permafrost.



Adopt Foreign Policies that Restore Trust. The US should have three Secretaries of State.

Eliminate Torture.


Stop funding Terrorist groups. Follow the money.


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The Force Awakens – Spoiler Alert

If you don’t want to know the plot don’t read this post, but read the four posts that follow.

Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens,’ has Han Solo and Chewbacca going back to their home planet. Star Warriors know that already from watching the tickler.

The story is intended to be a platform for more information about The Force so it may seem, at first, that the plot’s a little thin, but it won’t be, believe me. Lucas and I had a long discussion about The Force, and that will be woven into the movie as well. My thoughts about the Force are in a tab in this blog.

So the plot, as I remember it, is basically this – Chewbacca wants to go home. The other characters have to learn how to speak Wookie. The other characters learn that Chewbacca is a woman. Something happens at the celebration that turns ugly. Han Solo is killed. The Wookies beat up on the intruders using their own arms. – So there’s lots of opportunity to be funny. I’ve worked on only science fiction and comedies (most notably, Men in Black 1), so I thought those were all good ideas. As for me, I was leaning toward no plot at all but Lucas said that would take all the fun out of it.

The sub plot will be George’s and my philosophy about life, children and the Force. All of that information is in this blog as posts and pages. I strongly believe that kind of information will make your life easier. This knowledge is also necessary on our path to World Peace, and that’s exactly why I have to post this. The next few posts will explain why George Lucas and the movie Star Wars – The Force Awakens are in a precarious situation. Also read the information about me to find out about my precarious situation as well. I think there should be more Star Wars movies, but not with Disney and JJ Abrams at the helm.

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The Contents of the Force Star Wars Movie

I have to divulge the conversation I had with George Lucas that was supposed to become the movie, The Force Awakens, because the tape of our conversation has been tampered with; and JJ Abrams cannot be trusted. I’ll explain all that later.

I’ve written a few blog posts about my ideas and philosophy about child rearing. I’ve shared these ideas with George Lucas and he wholeheartedly and enthusiastically agrees with me. Lucas told me my philosophy about bringing up healthy adults was slated to be in the next Star Wars movie The Force Awakens. Also the idea that, when we do everything we can, then we have done enough. Also my ideas about the Force would have been in the movie as well. These ideas or philosophies will be helpful to the residents of the earth, and it’s my belief that they’re important to obtain and sustain World Peace. But the cult can’t have that because people would be very hard to control if they were emotionally stable. So JJ Abrams and Disney have to eliminate these ideas from the movie. I have to stop that from happening.

I can tell you a few things that George Lucas and I talked about that may have made their way into the movie without ruining the movie for you, I think. I’m going to say them as succinctly as I can, just as proof that I know what I’m talking about. We’ll find out something about Chewbacca and there will be more about Princess Leah. We will find out something about the way Wookies fight and their language.

The people who owned me are hot and heavy into the movie industry, especially Disney and any company with an X or Z in its name, and they have their fingers in pretty much every studio except for Sony, and that’s why Sony is being targeted. I was told the TV show about them is called the Game of Thrones but that’s put on by a Company owned by the people who owned me, so it’s likely to be loaded with disinformation. I haven’t seen it so I can’t vouch for any accuracy. (I don’t watch TV and I certainly wouldn’t pay to watch it.)

I know for a fact that JJ Abrams works with and for the people who owned me. He questioned me incessantly about people I had known 30 years ago and then was in on torture to get me to give names and addresses of people I hadn’t seen in 30 years. The high school I went to was called Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School and the cult didn’t realize that a regional high school encompassed more than one town, even though cult members attended the year I was there to keep an eye on me. JJ Abrams didn’t know the word regional meant region. The towns were Rumson and Fair Haven New Jersey, just as the name of the high school denotes. What the idiots were torturing me about was some of the kids I went to high school with lived in the town of Fair Haven. Once I explained what regional meant (a school for a region, rather than a town) and that Fair Haven was the name of a town in the region, the torture stopped. At one point JJ Abrams asked me where Joe Abrams lived and I replied I didn’t know. We had established in a conversation earlier, that JJ was not Joe, he was too young and not from the same area. The conversation and questioning went round and round covering already well-covered ground. All torture is like that, I think if they decide something is worth torturing me for then they ask the same questions over and over so the torture can last all night. I remember JJ saying, “You must know – you know everything.” I replied I don’t know everything and he said, “We have to go and find everyone in your high school and tell them you don’t know everything.” In the earlier conversation JJ remarked the reunion committee did a really good job finding everyone in the class except Joe Abrams, I knew they already had addresses for everyone. Years later they wanted me to give addresses, that they already had and I never had, and one neither of us had. The night ended with JJ raping me because he was furious with me and because he only likes rape, not sex.

It was a very bizarre, very upsetting conversation. I thought, from the tenor of his voice, that he wanted to kill Joe Abrams because I talked with him for five minutes at a high school graduation party. To give you some idea of how long ago that was – Bruce Springsteen played at my prom. I didn’t know at the time that they were torturing everyone I used to know. I told him if I knew where Joe Abrams was, I would have told the reunion committee. Joe Abrams was the only classmate of mine the reunion committee couldn’t find. But JJ Abrams and the rest of the torturers were convinced I knew and was keeping it from them and they wanted to find him to see why I was protecting him. I don’t know if you understand their logic, I sure as hell don’t, but that’s what they thought, or so they said. They know I didn’t keep in touch with anyone from high school because they’re the ones who kept me from keeping in touch with anyone, but that was this night’s reason for torture. They’re just nuts!

I’m telling you this very strange story to let you know how I know JJ Abrams is in a cult. Just in case you think I’m crazy, 4 psychologists have assured me I’m not, they are. They say they can tell I’m sane by the way I look, write, speak, dress, behave, etc.

When I heard George Lucas say on the News he had hired JJ Abrams to direct his new Star Wars movie he used words like perfect and best and George Lucas rarely speaks in superlatives. But the clincher was the phrase, “We were lucky to get him,” because that’s the phrase that gets embedded into the mind of a person being brainwashed into wanting to use one of their people. So I’m quite certain George Lucas was brainwashed into using JJ Abrams and until recently I couldn’t figure out why. It does seem on the surface that JJ was a very good pick, and no one would question the logic of using JJ Abrams to direct since he directed a Star Trek film. (I’ll do a little bragging now – Star Trek was my baby when I was 14. (It was my idea to have a TV science fiction show that actually had some science in it. I played Penny in Lost in Space and hated the fact that physics was nowhere to be found.) I chose the characters, a very diverse cast; I named them, designed their costumes, and made up the Spock character because I wanted to work with Leonard Nemoy because he was such an interesting guy. Leonard didn’t make the cut at the auditions so I invented Spock – a perfect character for someone with Leonard’s acting abilities. Spock also voiced many of my philosophies. I wrote the Cleon language, not all of it but I gave somebody a pretty good head start and taught him how to do it. (It was originally – Clengon – but no one in the cast could pronounce it.)

I know the gist of the new Star Wars movie. And everyone knows how George Lucas keeps everything as hush-hush as the CIA when it comes to the contents of his movies. I also know from working with the Rand Corporation for all those years, that it would be very easy to change the script to cut out the insights that the cult didn’t want in the movie. This particular Star Wars – the Force Awakens movie has the potential to go a long way to achieving and sustaining World Peace and they don’t want that either, so the project has been in jeopardy from the get go.

Most of you are too young to remember the movie Serpico. It was about corruption in the police department and if you read my book The Conversation    you’ll see why they don’t want that kind of information available in a movie. I remember the author was furious with the way Hollywood changed his book. Also, I’ve written and directed many comedies and there was one in particular that I had written that was directed by someone in the cult and that was changed so radically that it wasn’t funny at all. It was just horrible. I quit mid-movie and said I didn’t want my name associated with it at all. It wasn’t what I had written or intended in any way, shape or form. So I know the power a director has over a script.

Now changing the script would be easy enough. Convincing the people who knew what the actual script had been, that this new script was what George wanted wouldn’t be much of a problem since only a few people would be privy to the contents of the original script. Let’s just say George Lucas and probably a dozen other people would know the original contents and those people could be gotten to and their memories changed. You really do have to read my book The Conversation to understand what I’m talking about. I know they can get to George Lucas because I can’t get to George Lucas. He has people working for him who are in the cult and fear for their lives. There’s a woman who passed herself off as Candy Clark (me) at the car show in Petaluma about 3 years ago. She travels with three assassins who are ordered to kill me if I show up. I know the following people are in the cult, Lucas’ limo driver (he recognized me and my car one afternoon while I was staying in Marin,) his personal assistants, and head of Security and most of Security team, and people in his Personnel Department and people in his mailroom all will help the cult to get to George whenever they need to. There are ALWAYS cult members on every movie set, that’s why the union requires so many workers. (Sometimes I thought we had homeless people hanging around the sets of the movies I was involved with, but they turned out to be cult members.) FYI: I was abducted off of the set of Brave Heart, and Multiplicity by members of the movies’ crew.

**To those who want the Empire to win – If you’re reading this and feel as though you should tell someone so they can stop me, just know that the person you take orders from is part of a cult that helps the cult that kept me prisoner all my life. Stop stopping me. You’ve been helping evil since you got involved with whatever club you think you belong to. People in the cult do things because they think they “have to.” They do as they’re told. They’re nothing but human robots who fear death. They are small-minded, selfish, greedy, disgusting, shortsighted, evil slugs that only masquerade as humans and they give no thought to the greater good. Personally, if I were them, I would fold up shop and get the hell out of Dodge.

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The Birth of the Idea for Star Wars The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens was originally supposed to be based on a telephone discussion George Lucas and I had many years ago. This according to George Lucas during an interview he did with Oprah Winfrey 3 or 4 years ago. I say supposed to be, because JJ Abrams and Disney plan to undermine and change the message and Lucas’ basic philosophy. This according to an hour-long face-to-face encounter I had with JJ Abrams.

(The hour I spent talking to Lucas was wonderful; the hour, or more, with Jeffrey Jacob was horrifying.)

I’ve gotten my memory back enough to remember both conversations; and things have happened since then that give me no choice but to divulge the dialogue.

I suggest you go to see the movie, The Force Awakens, anyway, because no one can surpass Mr. Lucas and John Williams at breathtaking soundtracks, visual enchantment, and audacious audio – a veritable thrill ride for your mind and senses. I hope that JJ Abrams is as clear and careful as possible with the imagery, an area George Lucas has mastered to perfection.

At any rate, I told Lucas I wanted the series three Star Wars movies to explain The Force. It was a topsy-turvy conversation, to say the least. First of all, Lucas was not allowed to tell me who he was as part of the condition to talk to me, so while I suspected the voice on the other end of the line was George Lucas, since he denied it, I wasn’t entirely sure. (After my escape from the cult, I heard Lucas say on an Opera Winfrey special, that he was using our entire hour-long conversation, as a basis for the movie.) Lucas said he wanted to give me a writing credit, something the real-life Game of Thrones characters won’t allow. Secondly, Lucas asked me many, many things and one of them was about future Star Wars movies. He said he was a good friend of George Lucas and he’d make sure that whatever I said would get back to him. It was a condition of the phone call that he was not allowed to tell me who he was, so I respected that and played along that he was not George Lucas.

I told Lucas that I had always thought there would be three more Star Wars movies. He responded, “Whatever gave you that idea?” And I didn’t know. I told him I thought they should have the original three characters, and he responded, “They’re a lot older now you know.” “Aren’t we all,” I said. Lucas laughed and said he couldn’t believe “What kids we all were when we making that. We had no idea.”

“What numbered episodes would they be?” He asked. “7, 8, and 9,” I said, thinking that was already in the works, but since George didn’t seem to know, I don’t know why I thought that. I think he may have told me that before they started shooting the original Star Wars. I met him on the set in the desert and I helped with a few minor details. The coolest thing I did that day was to name the Star Wars characters. I also told Lucas that, “of course you want the merchandising rights. Who wouldn’t want one of those little storm troopers.” I told him I’d never seen anything like it, and nothing like the characters I was naming. I thought that if I were a kid I’d sure want one.

One of the things George Lucas told me was that I was Yoda. Apparently, Lucas had taken down everything I said while we worked on American Graffiti. (I played Debbie so I didn’t have many scenes, and every time I had downtime I would run over and pester Lucas.) I told him how I talk, to economize my words, and told him that Yoda doesn’t talk that way. Then he read me a list of words and phrases that I had used over the first 40 minutes of our phone conversation that weren’t exactly wrong but, worded differently. When he said he would work them into the movie, I reminded him that Yoda was dead. Lucas said the actor Alec Guinness was also dead. He said Harrison didn’t want to be Han Solo anymore. I suggested that the dead characters reappear as ghosts but in different form, along the lines of the movie ‘What Dreams May Come,’ and that could be taken a step further and they could have different voices and forms each time they appear. They could be pretty things like hummingbirds, butterflies, and rainbows that talk, and the person they appear to would just immediately recognize them, so the audience isn’t confused. Are you? Guess you’ll have to see the movie then. That has some real potential! (I’m hoping this time Yoda is at least something pretty.)

The things Yoda will say in The Force Awakens are the things I said during that phone call. Here’s the thing, George Lucas records everything so there’s no misunderstanding in case anything creative is discussed. I’m quite certain that the recording of our conversation was altered. Again it was something Lucas said during the Oprah Winfrey interview that makes me say our conversation was altered. It took three days for Lucas to get a copy of that conversation. 3 MFin’ days? He also said that there were things he remembered differently, and things he had a clear memory of, that weren’t even on the tape. Things he thought I said that I hadn’t said at all. Those things were undoubtedly erased.

Given my life and the way things went for me, I know that a lot can be done in three days. And I know that, from many conversations I’ve had, that George Lucas is a prisoner of the same people who kept me. He’s not a slave because he gets to keep the money he makes, but he’s not free either. He’s a good man, a trusting man, even given all the things life and the cult have thrown at him. They take full advantage of that trust. They see trust and kindness as stupidity. Lucas has to get rid of all of his hired people.

If you look up the web casts of the Oprah Winfrey show, the show with George Lucas is the only one that’s not intact. The people who owned me and the people who smother Lucas got to it and changed it, and I’ll bet not even Oprah nor Lucas knows what happened, or that it even happened. Lucas needs to get a full body PET scan. I don’t want them doing to him what they did to Steve Jobs.

**Spoiler Alert – At any rate, these were my suggestions for the next Star Wars movies. I suggested they go to Chewbacca’s home planet to attend a wedding or some other celebration, since Lucas does those so well, where we find out Chewy is a female Wookie. Pretty cool, huh? I told Lucas I always thought of Chewy as a girl and that Han Solo only used the pronoun ‘he or him’ once in the first three episodes. You Star Warriors will be able to check me on that. So, George Lucas and I thought a wedding would be a good reason for returning to their home planet. (I didn’t remember that Hans Solo and Chewbacca were from the same planet. Did you?)

I thought that after Harrison gets them there, he could leave to go to visit with his family while Chewbacca prepares for the wedding. I thought perhaps she could be a bridesmaid, or something.

I thought that when Wookies fight they pull the arms out of the sockets of their enemies and beat them with them. Which I thought had the potential of being a very funny visual. George Lucas didn’t remember that about Wookies. But what I was remembering was back when I named the Star Wars characters. When I saw the drawing of the Chewbacca character, I named her Chewbacca and said everyone should call her Chewy and that she was a Wookie, and Wookies pull the arms off their opponents and beat them with them.

(Originally, back in the desert where they filmed the first Star Wars, the person playing the Wookie was tiny. He may have been a dwarf, I don’t know, but he only came up to my chest. They couldn’t figure a way to make the mouth work because the animatronics were too big, so I suggested putting the head above the head of the man and they could fit a lot more hardware in the Wookie head. I said they would have to give Chewy two elbows. I turned to the little actor, “Would you like that? Would you like to be a character who pulls peoples’ arms off?”

The man who ended up playing Chewy was very tall, so I don’t know how that worked out. I asked someone at ILM about it three years ago and he replied Chewy was always tall. He thought I was mistaken. {Moi?})

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The Force Awakens Call

The reason I’m writing this is because Lucas told Oprah when he got the recording of our phone conversation, many things were changed or different from what he remembered. He said some things he thought I said, I never said at all. Also, it took 3 days to get. Plenty of time to alter the tape and delete or change things. I’m the voice of Michelle on Garmin so my voice is already synthesized so they can make it seem like I said anything they want.

Lucas and I had gotten engaged when the movie American Graffiti wrapped. I was taken away and George was told I was dead. I worked as a slave for the people who owned me and about five years later I got a job trying to figure out how to make Luke Skywalker’s farm vehicle fly. I did, and as I did George recognized me and was brought to tears. I made a few minor changes to Star Wars as people walked around in storm trooper uniforms. Carrie Fisher complained to me about the weight of her wig and I suggested using Styrofoam wrapped with hair. I suggested two moons for the planet Luke was on, and said that it could very well have happened in the past since it was a different solar system. I named all of the characters except Luke, but I gave him his last name Skywalker. I named Han Solo, and that made Harrison Ford happy.

True George Lucas fans might remember this story. Then it became time to leave and I started to leave but realized I was going back to my jailers. So I turned to George and asked if I could stay because I didn’t want the same thing to happen again. He had told me about getting engaged and then losing me. I thought that if they could do that and erase my memory, I would never see him again. George said I could stay and when I turned to walk toward him I saw his face change. He was looking at a machine gun pointed at me. I took a few more steps and George’s face changed again, I looked and this time the gun was pointed at him. I looked around and two other men had machine guns pointed at George. So, I had to go with them.

I saw George only one more time on the set of the Fugitive. He and Harrison were trying to save me but I was shot with a drug that causes comas and I was taken away in an ambulance driven by the cult. Of all the memories of horrible things that have happened in my life, I think that one causes me the most pain.

When he called my home one afternoon, Lucas wasn’t allowed to say who he was as part of the bargain to be able to talk to me. He had been keeping tabs on me since I was still working as a slave in both the music industry and in Hollywood. Lucas wanted some parenting advice because he knew I had children who everyone thought were terrific. He was happy to get the advice, and I’m happy to say the advice worked. I knew it would.

I thought it may be George Lucas I was talking to, but I wasn’t sure because he couldn’t verify that for me, and I thought, why would George Lucas be calling a fat middle-aged housewife, anyway? My memory about anything other than my 9-5 job, my husband and children were systematically erased and had been all of my life. For the life of me I couldn’t remember even meeting George Lucas.

Now that I remember most of it, I know too much is at stake to remain silent any longer.

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