Train Attacks – No Bombs or Weapons Needed

Undoubtedly some of you have seen me on the internet. Those 5 minutes in bed was just one part of my week. What was I doing the other 10,030 minutes? There are miles and miles of movies of me in the bathroom, cooking, cleaning, helping the kids with their homework, playing with the dogs and kids, etc. Unbeknownst to me cameras have been hidden in the walls of my home for 50 years. I was also used for kiddy porn when I was a toddler (I remember blood running down my legs) I’ve been tortured weekly for the past 55 years and it’s horrifying to know that it’s ALL on the internet. Even though the sound and lighting are always wrong somehow people want to think I knew about it. We live in a society of voyeurs. To know people watch my every move is creepy beyond words. (The ones that look like I’m a skeleton are taken through my roof with military satellites – your tax dollars at work) Please report to the FCC when you see me on the internet to have those Videos taken off. The torture shows should also be reported to your police department. They were taken without my knowledge or consent. Thanks.

Trucks and SUVs on train tracks?

I have been told a few times about this. There was a truck on a train track and no one called the number posted next to the crossing? That’s mass murder – a home grown terrorist mindlessly doing someone’s bidding. The driver’s a menace to society and should be put away for life, or he’ll do it again.

The woman in the SUV acting so irrationally was in a trance. The detour was part of the plan. The camera angles were probably better at that intersection.

When these crazy things happen just know the answer will be crazy. Cars and trucks on train tracks was just one of the premonitions I was privy to.

These people enjoy destruction, pain, injury and suffering. They’re bringing the destruction of war home. That’s the ultimate goal, getting a war started that will move to American Soil, but it’s taking too long! Who told me this? The men who wanted me to name the Tea Party.

Using Hollywood, TV, Movies and the 50 Shades of Gray books they (the people orchestrating the train attacks) are trying to make torture mainstream. They’re desensitizing us to violence. They will film these train attacks and sell them to people who get off on suffering. Someone is making tens of millions of dollars on these train wrecks. Stop making violence and suffering a spectator sport. Videos of people being killed and dismembered are right now for sale on the internet.

I didn’t know I was being filmed and the videos were on the internet until I started traveling. It was a sickening, horrifying discovery.

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General Petraeus is responsible for Benghazi

Any which way you slice it Petraeus is responsible for Benghazi.

The attack on the US Embassy Compound in Benghazi, Libya happened at 9:11 PM on 9/11 2012. Since General Petraeus was in charge of the CIA and the CIA was responsible for security at the Benghazi Embassy Compound he should have been on top of it at 9:15 local time. Petraeus dropped the ball, I think, because he was responsible for the attack. John Alexander told me Petraeus is a Satanist. Petraeus may have also been responsible for security breaches at the White House since the Secret Service ultimately answers to him and Petraeus has the power to override any previous orders.

Petraeus knew the Benghazi Compound needed extra security but he ignored the request because he was busy with an arms deal with Syria. This was very much like the Arms for Drugs deal Daddy Bush made between Iran and the Contras when he was in the CIA. That became known as Iran-Contra, Oliver North took the heat for that.

About the highlights in this blog Post – (I hope they show up, I’m trying something new.) Things in this color and in these brackets { } are my thoughts on the report. This is a section of information on Benghazi I got from Ask and Wikipedia. (FYI: I named both Ask and Wikipedia) The sections highlighted in yellow are important.

I heard about this Benghazi attack 20 or so years ago when I wrote Back to the Future. (I didn’t want to rile up any countries in the middle east so I picked Libya, because I liked the name Libya. I was told we wouldn’t have problems there for another 20 years. I thought that was a joke.) I heard about it again in 2003 and again in January or February 2012.

I’m certain those killed were trying to help the region; and those who wanted to start WW III had to stop them. Followers of Satanism are in every country and since 2007 they have all been working together.

Hillary Clinton is a target because the people who really run the world don’t want people to think a woman can be an effective Secretary of State or President. If she gets in they’ll do the same things to her as they’ve been doing to Obama. Not what’s best for the country but what they think is best for their agenda. The reason Condelisa Rice was left alone was because George H.W. Bush (Baby Bush) is in the Builder Berg Society and is a Satanist who wanted war. Condelisa was programmed to never question George.

The Americans killed in the attack are: J. Christopher Stevens. Sean Smith. and CIA Operatives Tyrone S. Woods, and Glen Doherty.

On the evening of September 11, 2012, Islamic militants attacked the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, killing U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith. Stevens was the first U.S. Ambassador killed on duty since 1979. Several hours later, a second assault targeted a different compound about one mile away, killing two CIA contractors, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty. Ten others were also injured in the attacks.

{Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty may have been interfering with the arms deal. Glen Doherty was the only CIA Operative who tried to get to the compound to help. Only one Operative went to help when it was the CIA’s job to provide security at the compound.}

Main article: 2011 Libyan Civil War

Militants like Abdul Hakeem Belhaj, who fought alongside Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, other former members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group or other radical movements, as well as jihadists who had fought in Iraq and Afghanistan were essential in the effort to overthrow Gadhafi. That spring, weapons began being shipped to rebels through Qatar with American approval. By September 2011, Western counterterrorism officials had become increasingly concerned with the role Islamic radicals were playing in the revolt in Libya, and worried the weapons acquired by them during the war would be used in future terrorist attacks.

American presence in Libya and Benghazi

Within months of the start of the Libyan revolution in February 2011, the CIA began building a meaningful but covert presence in Benghazi. During the war, elite counter-terrorist operators from America’s Delta Force were deployed to Libya as analysts, instructing the rebels on specifics about weapons and tactics: Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was named the first liaison with the Libyan opposition in March 2011. After the end of the war, both the CIA and the US State department were tasked with continuing to identify and collect arms that had flooded the country during the war, particularly shoulder-fired missiles taken from the former arsenal of the fallen regime of Gaddafi, as well as securing Libyan chemical weapon stockpiles, and helping to train Libya’s new intelligence service.

Further, eastern Libya and Benghazi were key intelligence-gathering hubs for intelligence operatives. Before the attack, the CIA was monitoring Ansar al-Sharia and suspected members of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, as well as attempting to define the leadership and loyalty of the various militias present and their interaction with the Salafi elements of Libyan society. By the time of the attack, dozens of CIA operatives were on the ground in Benghazi. In addition, it has been reported that in the summer of 2012, American Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) missions had begun to target Libyan militias linked to the Al-Qaeda network of Yasin al-Suri. By the time of the attack, a composite US Special Operations team with two JSOC members was already in Libya working on their mission profile independent of the CIA and State department operations.

Multiple anonymous sources reported that the diplomatic mission in Benghazi was used by CIA as a cover to smuggle weapons from Libya to anti-Assad rebels in Syria.

Seymour Hersh cites a source among intelligence officials, saying The consulate’s only mission was to provide cover for the moving of arms. It had no real political role. The attack allegedly brought {an} end to active US involvement, but did not stop the smuggling.

In January 2014, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence reported that “All CIA activities in Benghazi were legal and authorized. On-the-record testimony establishes that CIA was not sending weapons … from Libya to Syria, or facilitating other organizations or states that were transferring weapons from Libya to Syria.”]

{ Who is the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence? Who is on the US Special Operations Team and the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC?) If they include Cheney or Alexander or any of their cronys then that would be the reason for the attack on the embassy in Benghazi because J. Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith were trying to do right by the Libyans. The CIA denied transferring weapons but with three other intelligence agencies circumventing the US Embassy how would they know what was really happening. Or, the CIA could be lying, this wouldn’t be the first time the CIA lied about its true mission. The US had 4 special force agencies mucking around in Libya. Even though there is now the NSA clearing house, one doesn’t know what the other one is doing. John Alexander confirmed, ‘special’ is code for Satanic, so we know someone with WW III as a goal was pulling the strings on 3, possibly 4, Operations in Libya. How is it that we can go into a country and manipulate it so dramatically – like we know best?

The NSA theoretically should know what was happening. Hillary Clinton, J. Christopher Stevens, and Sean Smith didn’t }

During Congressional hearings, Ambassador Stevens’ top deputy in Libya, Gregory N. Hicks, testified that Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi in 2012 because “Secretary [of State Hillary] Clinton wanted the post made permanent,” and it was understood that the secretary hoped to make an announcement to that effect during a visit to Tripoli later in the year. He also stated that “Chris [Stevens] wanted to make a symbolic gesture to the people of Benghazi that the United States stood behind their dream of establishing a new democracy.”
{That is absolutely enough reason to get Stevens killed.}

The attack

Between 125 and 150 gunmen, “some wearing the Afghan-style tunics favored by Islamic militants,” are reported to have participated in the assault. Some had their faces covered and wore flak jackets. Weapons they used during the attack included rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), hand grenades, AK-47 and FN F2000 NATO assault rifles, diesel canisters, mortars, and heavy machine guns and artillery mounted on gun trucks.

The assault began at nightfall, with the attackers sealing off streets leading to the main compound with gun trucks. The trucks bore the logo of Ansar al-Sharia, a group of Islamist militants working with the local government to manage security in Benghazi. (Ansar al-Sharia was listed in January 2014 by the U.S. Department of State as a terror organization.)

The area outside the compound before the assault was quiet; one Libyan guard who was wounded in the attack was quoted as saying “there wasn’t a single ant outside.” The attackers stated they were acting in response to the movie. No more than seven Americans were in the compound, including Ambassador Stevens.

Stevens was visiting Benghazi at the time to review plans to establish a new cultural center and modernize a hospital. The ambassador also “needed to [prepare a] report … on the physical and the political and security environment in Benghazi to support an action memo to convert {the} Benghazi {Embassy} from a temporary facility to a permanent facility.” Surplus funds originally dedicated for use in Iran for fiscal year 2012 were to be redirected and obligated for use in Benghazi: an action that had to be completed before the end of the fiscal year—September 30, 2012.

Ambassador Stevens had his last meeting of the day with a Turkish diplomat, and Stevens escorted the Turkish diplomat to the main gate at about 8:30 pm local time. The street outside the compound was calm, and the State Department reported no unusual activity during the day outside. Ambassador Stevens retired to his room at about 9 pm, where he reportedly remained alone in the building, according to guards interviewed later.

{None of what Ambassador Stevens was doing would warrant his murder. The transfer of arms is the only reason that warrants murder in this scenario.}

{The attack happened on 9/11 at 9:11 PM Local time}

Three agents returned to the main building in an armored vehicle; they searched the building and found Smith’s body, but not Stevens.

According Operators with the Annex Security Team, they had become aware of the consulate attack after 9:30 pm local time, {and} communicators at the CIA annex were notifying the chain of command about current developments, and a small CIA and JSOC element in Tripoli that included Glen Doherty was attempting to find a way to Benghazi.

{ Why didn’t the CIA have any Intel prior to the attack? Doherty was in Tripoli and he was the only CIA Operative who attempted to help – the nine others in Benghazi didn’t even try. No one arrived in time. Those nine operatives in Benghazi who didn’t help need a safe haven so they can tell the truth about what happened that night.}

Reaction in the United States

Diplomatic Security Service agents/Regional Security Officers informed their headquarters in Washington about the attack just as it was beginning at about 9:40 local time (3:40PM Eastern Time). At the time, they were informed that the attack was a “terrorist attack”. By 4:30 Eastern, Pentagon officials informed Defense Secretary Leon Panetta about the attack. The Pentagon ordered an unmanned aerial vehicle that was in the air conducting surveillance on militant camps to fly over Benghazi. The drone arrived at 11:10 pm local time (5:10 pm Eastern Time) and began providing a video feed to Washington. At 5:41 pm Eastern Time, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telephoned CIA Director David Petraeus to coordinate. The CIA, which made up most of the US government’s presence in Benghazi, had a ten-member security team at its annex and the State Department believed that this team would assist the consulate in the event of an attack.
{Since the CIA was there why didn’t they order additional security personnel since they knew the situation warranted it? I would think assessing security details for our Ambassadors would fall to the Military or the CIA, not the Secretary of State. No? why not? Wouldn’t you think it should have been Petraeus who would have called Clinton? Since he was in charge of the CIA and the CIA was responsible for security at the Embassy Compound he should have been on top of it at 9:15 local time. Petraeus dropped the ball, I think, because he was responsible for the attack. Petraeus is a Satanist, John Alexander told me.}

Recovery of Ambassador Stevens

Some of the Libyans who entered the compound apparently tried to rescue Stevens after they found him lying alone on the floor in a dark smoke-filled room with a locked door accessible only by a window. A group of men pulled him out of the room through the window, and then placed him on the courtyard’s stone tile floor. The crowd cheered “God is great” when Stevens was found to be alive. A 22-year-old freelance videographer, Fahd al-Bakoush, later published a video showing Libyans trying to extract the unconscious ambassador from a smoke-filled room, where he was found unconscious. At around 1 am, he was then rushed to the Benghazi Medical Center, a hospital controlled by the Ansar Al-Sharia militia, in a private car as there was no ambulance to carry him.

{It’s apparent these people liked Ambassador Stevens. The rest of this report is online at or Wikipedia.}

At the hospital Stevens was administered CPR for 90 minutes by Dr. Ziad Abu Zeid. According to Abu Zeid, Stevens died from asphyxiation caused by smoke inhalation, and that Stevens had no other injuries. The doctor said he believed that officers from the Libyan Interior Ministry transported the body to the airport and into United States custody. State Department officials said they do not know who took Stevens to the hospital or transported the body to the airport and into U.S. custody. Jack Murphy reported that in the absence of orders and on their own initiative, two JSOC operators from the composite U.S. Special Operations team that was already in Libya before the attack left their safe house to search for Ambassador Stevens after they heard about the attack They drove into Benghazi, located Stevens’ remains at the hospital controlled by Ansar Al-Sharia, and recovered it after an exchange of gunfire.

{After an exchange of gunfire? Again I ask, who is in the JSOC?}

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Twitter people – Thanks for cutting Isis out of your Twitter feeds.

The Internet has the power to stop Terrorism

Thanks Twitter

Read my book – ‘the Conversation’ the truth about Satanism – The truth will set you free.

Internet guys -You haven’t done anything really terrible yet. Get together with a righteous goal and you’ll see what the Force really can do. You have the power – I gave you the power, now do something truly wonderful with it. Once you feel what authentic power feels like – you’ll be hooked.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and other Search engines. You could give Isis the same trouble you’ve been giving me.

Twitter people – Thanks for cutting Isis out of your Twitter feeds.

YouTube and other sites that allow videos – stop showing violent videos of any kind.

Facebook people – stop sharing your information with Satanic churches which allows them to go in murder anyone they please. Please stop what you’re doing and think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Take “Have To” out of your vocabulary. Meditate on a life without ‘Have to,’ and ‘can’t.’

The Satanic Church’s goal is world annihilation. The contributions you make to them go toward that. Don’t you have children? Read my post Not On Mars.

Repeat –

To all the people I’ve helped over the years – ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Why would you hurt someone who helped you? The answer I keep getting is, “Because I thought I had to.” If you can’t come up with a better reason than that then you have no reason at all. If you want to see what I can do – let me do it!

Peter used to say, “I wonder what your army will look like?”I didn’t know what he was talking about, but now I know my army will look exactly like his worshippers. Everyone will wake up and turn around. They’ll wake up and do an about face and realize it has been love, happiness and peace they’ve been yearning for their whole lives.

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Stop Stopping Me!

Stop Stopping Me!

I’ve been stopped all my life, but much of my work is still out there going strong without my name on it. For the Satanists in the game of trying to stop me, take a step back and take a breath and think about what you’re doing. Just because you took an oath to do what you’re told doesn’t mean you have to do what you’re told. Remember, I’m just one person I’ve been told by people who should know that it is 3,000 to 1. For every 3,000 people working against me there is only one working for me and that one would be me. So it’s me against 3,000 highly equipped Satanic church members who control the Cloud, email, Verizon, and all the equipment and satellite surveillance money can buy and much of it is given to them by our military and other countries’ military. Remember that right now it’s just me. You took an oath to work against me and to kill me when it was me who helped you. No one else in the cult helped to you. I helped you, I’m the reason you’re multimillionaires. You know the people in the cult and you know none of them have the capacity to come up with businesses and business advice and names that made you multimillionaires.

It was me who helped you!

If you were inclined to play fair you would stop trying to stop me. Since it was me who helped you, your natural inclination should be to help me. That’s how karma works. When someone does something nice for you – you do something nice for them. It’s like concentric circles. If you throw a pebble in a pond there’s a ripple effect that comes out of it and goes on and on.

What people have done recently to help me is simply to not try and stop me. I implore you to do me that one tiny favor. Also, remember, when all is said and done if people find out you’ve been working against me they’ll stop using your company.

I noticed that Google is continuing to stop links that go to my website and my books for sale. If Google would just stop doing that, then people would become enlightened and things would move along in a happy direction.

I was married to Peter Mickelsen for 22 years. I have memories more horrible than you can imagine. But one memory I do have is more than once Peter said to me, “I’d like to see what your Army looks like.” And, “I think it would be fine if you ruled the world. You always do the right thing. You’d always make a decision that would be best for everyone without regard to your own health and safety. You do that. You do what’s best even when you’ll be killed if you do it.” (Seriously, he said that to me, more than once he told me I would be great at ruling the world) I would always answer I don’t want to rule the world,” and, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Once I said to him, “Now, Peter, Come on, seriously, who would want me to rule the world?” And he replied, “Everyone. Everyone wants you to rule the world – that’s why you have to be stopped.” And I said something like, you’re a crazy person, why do you say crazy things like that?” I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.

I still don’t want to rule the world! Yikes! All I want is world peace.

Every time I got close to getting people to believe world peace was possible a thousand Satanic church members would change everything around, the news in particular and they would murder people in order to keep anyone from knowing who I was. There’s been at least a thousand murders just to kill the people who got to know who I was, sometimes in a crowd situation.

There were plenty of murder attempts on me. Right now, I’m going through a terrible journey of memories of times I was almost killed and the things that were done to me and sometimes to others.

I know it’s a risk to help me. I realize courage is frowned upon in a world of Satanists so I don’t expect help, not right now anyway. Once you feel safe you’ll help but right now you’ll think you “can’t.” I’ve heard several times from people on both sides, “I’d like to help you but I can’t.” The only difference between can and can’t is a T. But Satanists don’t see it that way, they’re in their own prison of their own making. They won’t take one baby step outside of their Satanic world. Satanists use fear as a weapon. It seems to be the main controlling factor in everything they do. Keep in mind that Fear, Anger, Vengeance, and Hatred are the four cornerstones of Satanism.

An oath signed in blood is meaningless and childish. You’re not allowed to read my books? What are they afraid of? You’re not allowed to get to know me? What are they afraid of? They’re afraid you’ll learn the truth and you won’t try to stop me anymore. It was Beelzebub, not God, who didn’t want Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge and truth.

The truth has been hidden from everyone on both sides. Organized religions lie if they tell you anything other than – In order to go to heaven you have to want to go.

I just want to be treated like everyone else.

So, Google, let your program do what it’s supposed to do. Let people read my blog and be able to find my book by using your search engine, just exactly the same way you do for everyone else in the world. Don’t you remember me – I’m still the same person. Why am I so special? What would be so bad if peace broke out? How much fun are you really having?

Wikipedia, fix your site so that the things I was involved in are corrected. For instance, put me back in as the person in the Oval Office who figured out how to stop the Cuban Missile Crisis. Put me back in as one of the Rocket Boys and fix the dates. Put me back in as the first female to be nominated to a NASA team, and the youngest person. Put me back in as one of the creators of Star Trek. I was considered by Jobs, Gates et al. to be the east coast extension of The Wiz Kids. Why do you keep leaving me out? We seemed to hit it off. Why do you do as you’re told? The next time someone puts in one of my accomplishments please leave it alone, unless it’s a lie.

Email owners – allow me to get all of my emails unedited and unrestricted. I should be able to know who’s trying to contact me just like everyone else in the world does.

Twitter people – let my tweets go out to the people I want to tweak to. And let me receive tweets.

YouTube people – stop editing postings that include information about me or references to me. Why should I be edited out? What did I ever do to you? Why do you want famine, plague, global warming and war? What did the world ever do to you except make you rich.

Facebook people – stop sharing your information with Satanic churches that allows them to go and murder anyone they please. Loosen up your restrictions and make the site more user-friendly instead of just making it a spy site. The site would be so much better if you weren’t trying to spy on everyone. Please stop what you’re doing and think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Take “Have To” out of your vocabulary.

Verizon – stop intercepting my phone calls and changing my voicemail. If you work for Verizon and you get strange requests to stop certain peoples calls, know that your company is run by the Satanic Church and their motive is world annihilation.

Amazon – Stop keeping my royalties. What did I do to you? Do you really want to be mixed up with the bad guys?

iUniverse – Stop keeping my royalties.

To all the people I’ve helped over the years – ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Why would you hurt someone who helped you? The answer I keep getting is, “Because I thought I had to.” If you can’t come up with a better reason than that then you have no reason at all.

If you want to see what I can do – let me do it!

Peter used to say, “I wonder what your army will look like?” I didn’t know what he was talking about, but now I know my army will look exactly like his worshippers. Everyone will wake up and turn around. They’ll wake up and do an about face and realize it has been love, happiness and peace they’ve been yearning for their whole lives.

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Putin vs. the Tea Party

It’s my guess that The Tea Party is behind the murder at the Kremlin. They’re really pushing for war and are trying to scare up scenarios bad enough that the United States would go to war with Russia. Putin says he didn’t do it, let’s assume he’s innocent until proven guilty. That’s the American way.

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More companies and people under Satanic control

Mitt Romney, John Boner, and both sets Coke brothers.

Rand is a Satanic name I made it up for the Rand Corporation. Rita said it was never a word before so Satanic churches decided to use it as a name to easily identify other Satanists. Obviously the Rand Corporation is run by Satanists they are the ones who kept me as a slave. They made millions, if not billions on me and I hate the fact that they are murderers and terrorists and their using my money to start ruin our food supply, start plagues and distribute viruses.

If what Rita says is true then Ayn Rand and Rand Paul are both Satanists.

These companies in this post and the one just previous to it are all actively trying to stop me.

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People and Corporations who rule the World

The following people and corporations are in Satanic cults. I know this because I named the Companies and I met the people. Someone else has to fill in the names for me. The owners of the chains will undoubtedly have their upper echelon people and a few of their employees in the cult. These are the men in the shadows. These are the men who truly run the world!
* Wal-Mart – Sam Walton was, and I’m sure his family and predecessors are in the cult.
* Dollar General – The man who owns Dollar General. John Alexander told me that he installed face recognition software in a camera that faces the street on the Dollar General on Foothills Blvd. in Yuma Arizona. The things these people do for no other reason than they feel they “have to”- again, go figure?
* Target – The man who owns Target. I just remember kicking around some ideas with him and some of his comments indicated he was in a Satanic cult.
* Bill Gates. I thought up the name for the Windows and suggested calling the small computers personal computers so people could call them PCs. All the fighting that Steve Jobs did with Bill Gates was because Bill was allowing software that allowed viruses and spying.
* Bill O’Reilly
* Howard Stern
* Rupert Murdock
* Google and Google Chrome
* Twitter (Big Time)
* Exxon
* Halliburton (Big Time)
* Dick Cheney
* the Bush Family (Big Time)
* Linked-In
* Skype
* You Tube
* Face Book (Big Time)
* Doppler Radar
* Amazon
* Netflix
* Kellogg’s
* Arm and Hammer
* Colgate
* The Mayo Clinic
* Purina – Purina has many subsidiaries.
* Scooter Braun (Maroon 5 Agent)
* James Valentine (Maroon 5 Lead guitarist)
* AP & UPI (Associated Press and United Press International News sources)
* Fox, CNN and to a certain extent the three Major Networks including their News
* Any TV show that glorifies violence, blood-gore-and guts, zombies, and vampires.
* The FDA
* IBM – I suggested IBM get ready and begin producing PCs so they will be ready once the Windows program is available. I suggested the term icon and other terms like desktop, etc.
* Microsoft – Bill Gates made sure that Windows was able to be hacked. I was told all of the changes to the Windows program was to allow access to PCs. Windows 8 is nothing but spyware. Steve Jobs was killed by the cult. They injected him with a carcinogen and brainwashed him not to seek conventional help. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Bill Gates helped the cult get access to Steve Jobs.
* Clouds – A Cloud is a huge searchable database. Nothing is private because the people who manage them are in the cult. All of your personal data is stored in the Cloud . I named “Clouds.”
I was told the food additives are now in ALL prepared food and ALL fast food.
* Wikipedia – I had the idea for and also named Wikipedia and TiVo. The owners are in cults. The guy who bought the idea for Wikipedia said he wanted to know how to make an atom bomb. I was told once he got that information he copied it and then deleted it from the site, saying it was inappropriate for the site.
* TiVo – The cult bought TiVo as a way to monitor what people watch. They were good ideas but were sold to evil people.
* Red Lobster – the man who owns Red Lobster said he goes to poor areas where people can’t afford proper diving gear and solicits divers to get his lobsters. I suggested he supply the divers diving gear so they won’t get the Benz. (Is that how you spell Benz?) He replied that that would take all the fun out of it. He said he goes back to the villages to see the devastation he caused by rendering its healthy young men paralyzed vegetables. He said gleefully, “Sometimes whole villages starve.”
* The Tea Party
* The Red Cross – I was told the Red Cross siphons off money to pay for Satanic goals including spreading infectious disease and the start of World War III.
* Disney – Disney is a Satanic company and has released mutated measles viruses at its parks, more than likely at the ‘It’s a Small World Ride.’ The ‘It’s a Small World Ride’ in Disney World in Florida has side doors and back rooms that should be checked for illegal activities, please see my book, ‘the Conversation,’ for more on that. Keep in mind child rape and molestation is requisite in Satanic cults and Walt was a pedophile who rented me to molest me from the time I was tiny until the cult killed him. The water in the rides should be checked for viruses and bacteria.
* Pharmaceutical Companies – Food additives are concocted by the Pharmaceutical Companies to give people the very diseases they have drugs for. It’s madness! See my post on the MMR Vaccine. All of the drugs that have an X, Y or Z in their names are Satanic and have poison in them, that’s why there are side effects. I’ll have to write a book about the Pharmaceutical Companies, they are responsible for disease, malnutrition and they are working on causing global famine using GMO seeds! (I named Ebola. There is a cure.)
* Drug store chains
* Rita Zot Denman
* Peter Mickelsen
* Fred Levine
* Most Chain Restaurants and fast food chains.
And the following restaurant food chains that all wanted to know what foods had a lot of salt and sugar in them so that the taste of the chemicals they added could not be detected by consumers. The chemicals, as it turns out, cause diabetes, heart disease, attention deficit disorder, Alzheimer’s, Autism and a variety of cancers. Most of these chemicals are made by pharmaceutical companies who also have drugs that treat diabetes, heart disease, attention deficit disorder and a variety of cancers. They also cause the buildup of belly fat, a new type of fat that can’t be broken down by the body or exercise.
The owners of the following restaurants are in Satanic cults –
** – Panda Express; Applebee’s; the Olive Garden; Red Lobster; Little Caesar; McDonald’s; and Jack-in-the-Box.
And many, many more

Cults with names similar to the Builder Berg Society and the Skull and Bones Society are Satanic and both are more powerful than the cult that held me prisoner but when the three work together they’re seemingly unstoppable. I’m not sure of their exact names, but I think I’m pretty close.

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