Who needs Drones?


The NSA (before it was the NSA) asked me how to get one of their operatives out of Siberia. They were pretty sure his plane went down and that was all they knew. I asked, “Why are those things even manned?” We talked a little bit about how to create a pilotless flying spy machine. I named it a Drone after the worker bees, and the mindless human workers in the book, Brave New World, which should be re-read now that human gene splicing is a reality. (I was wrong they are called The Epsilons) Then we came on a plan to find the downed pilot. The pilot was later killed by the man who asked for my help, John Alexander, because he figured out John’s allegiance was first to the satanic church and it was John who hid the WMDs. So the pilot was killed and Robin Rand was tortured to death for figuring that out as well, but Robin was only legally dead and his memory was erased. John later confessed to me that what he did to Robin, the murder of Bobby Kennedy, and of that pilot we got back from Siberia, were the things that haunted him the most. He also felt that if he had not agreed to hide the WMDs that no one else would have been able to do it, and the world would now be a better place.

I begged John Alexander not to use drones for bombing missions. He wouldn’t listen for some very troubling unsavory reasons. The US MUST STOP BOMBING WITH DRONES!!! President Obama continues to be advised by, what was called in the movieThe Green Zone,” the other team. It’s the other team that continues to discredit him on FOX News and on Capitol Hill. I’m sick of it.

At any rate, Drones
are ONLY spy machines. I don’t agree with spying, but that’s neither here nor there. Company or Individually owned unmanned aircraft has to be limited to line-of-site models such as the remote control models. It HAS to. Drones aren’t cost efficient for any other purpose than spying. Amazon wants Drones to deliver packages ONLY when the package is going to a customer they want to spy on.

The US and other countries need to make it illegal to own and fly Drones beyond the operator’s line of sight, and for the military to use them for any other purpose than what they were designed to do. Enough with the “mistakes” already!

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Cancer, Part 3

I didn’t add in the last post that the name Chelation is a combination of elation and chemo, because, I thought, it would work like chemo, but you’d feel better for taking it.  (I’m not endorsing Chelation because I don’t know what the formula is, and I don’t trust the doctors who took over the project.)

The following is an excerpt from my book ‘the Conversation.’

A more long-term insidious torture is giving the victim cancer.

I dismissed that possibility as preposterous.

So she explained.  A cult physician places a carcinogen inside a person’s pituitary gland or brain by going in through the nose.  Rita told me a carcinogen can easily be injected into a thyroid gland or in the breast, or ovaries, or prostate.  She told me I have had carcinogens placed in my brain, breast, thyroid, and ovaries.  The body reacts by making a pearl of cancer around the carcinogen.  Rita maintained that a cancerous pearl is liable to spread more quickly than regular cancer.  These cancers are devastating and often times lethal.  Once a person has cancer the cult can wait for the cancer to kill him or they can murder him by suffocation and the diagnosis for death is always cancer – natural causes.

“No one checks for the cause of death when a person has cancer,” Rita gurgled.

“Someone who goes up against a public official, or the CIA, or Army Intelligence, or anyone in a Satanic Cult, cancer is the preferred murder method, because everyone thinks it’s a naturally occurring disease!  No one ever suspects it’s murder.  There’s nothing natural about it.  If it weren’t for us there’d be no cancer.”

Germ warfare is prevalent among Satanic Cults.

“Someone in each cult is always in charge of growing salmonella, at the very least.”  She said, their north New Jersey cult, “has dozens of diseases and poisonous bacteria ready to be unleashed at any time for any reason.”  She said, “Most cults keep a supply of Whooping Cough, Anthrax, Small Pox and Typhoid.  Some are concocting bacteria that are incurable.  Antibiotics won’t work on them and they’re very contagious.  We’re about to cause the next Black Plague.”

—————–End Excerpt

The other drugs that she said that the cult was releasing all had terrible side effects, like the drugs that caused young boys to grow breasts.  It never did do whatever it was that it was sold to do, all it was, was some of their ancient potions that grew breasts.  For reasons why someone would create a potion like that in the first place check out,the Conversation.  What Rita told me was they would be releasing their potions, all of them poison, to see how much destructive havoc they could wreak.  She said “We’ll charge for R&D, we’ll charge as much as we can for the drug which will be something we’ve already got, and then, after people start dying or what have you, we have the lawyers who will sue the drug companies and we’ll make money doing that.  Isn’t that great!  It’s a win, win, win situation.  We make money all around.”

If you notice the ads for the legal teams that are suing the pharmaceutical companies, they are all using the same jargon.  It’s the same ad, just the name of the drug has changed.  If you have been poisoned by a pharmaceutical company you might want to use your own lawyer instead of theirs.  You’ve already given them money by buying their drug, you don’t want to give them money again as a portion of your settlement.  Well, you can do what you want, but that’s my suggestion.

You might want to just live with the disease if there are a myriad of side effects to the drug.

I’m convinced that high blood pressure and cholesterol is really not all that bad.  I know for a fact that they changed the statistics.  They make recommendations that can be harmful to your health.  Take vitamin D for instance.  I say it in my book that Rita told me they’ll say they found a new kind of vitamin D and everyone will take it by the handful.  I told her that was nonsense.  I told her, “Everybody knows vitamin D is toxic, why would they take it in handfuls?”

“We’ll tell them to and they’ll do it, people do everything we say.”

And guess what folks, people are taking vitamin D3 because new evidence suggests it might be beneficial.  I had a friend who took it in handfuls.  He also took a drug called Anatablock.  I read the ingredients of Anatablock and decided it was a highly addictive poison.  (That’s what e-cigarettes are highly addictive poison – worse than real cigarettes.)  You couldn’t pronounce one ingredient in there.  I told him if he didn’t stop he would be dead of cancer in three years.  He looked me square in the eye poured pills in his hand and popped them in his mouth and swallowed.  He died of cancer three years later.

I’m quite sure, by the way Rita described it, vitamin D3 is a drug that will exacerbate any of the ingredients in any other drugs that you’re taking that have the potential to give you cancer.  It kicks it up a notch.

Now this guy I now, who died of cancer, took a plethora of other supplements.  He went on a website that suggested different supplements and I found out later that that website was owned by the Satanic church.  Don’t believe everything you read folks.  People got along without supplements for 8,000 years.  We may actually need them now that genetically modified food has leapt into our food supply in a big way.  Processed food that has chemicals in it will always use GMO products because, again, the combination of the chemicals and the modified food product cause cancer.  That’s how I learned it, and it seems to be true.

Okay, now here’s the good stuff.  I’m going to tell you what companies are responsible for poisoning our food and giving people cancer, again, these are the same companies that make chemotherapy and other drugs that fight the illnesses that the tainted food causes.  I know this is a difficult concept and I don’t know a better way to say it, so please just reread that until you understand it.  These chemicals are disguised as preservatives, food color, flavor enhancers and the worst are stabilizers.  Beware of any additives with the word gum – including gum, the word acid, or words with an X,Y or Z in them – basically anything that’s hard to pronounce.

Be careful of anything made by Monsanto, Purina, Bayer, Arm and Hammer, GNC, Pfizer  and I’m sure there are a bunch of others but I just don’t know who they are or can’t remember them.  Monsanto should be made to leave Hawaii since they’re poisoning the native people with chemicals that cause birth defects because they want the native people to either die or leave, since Hawaii is a paradise they want for white people.  It makes no sense to me either, but that’s what I was told they’re doing, and my research says so too.  What they haven’t thought of is the land they’re polluting will still be polluted once the indigenous people are dead.  Satanists are annoying because they never think things through to a logical conclusion.  They wander around aimlessly killing people, polluting the earth, and ruining lives with a nebulous goal of ruling the world.  Don’t they have to live in the world they’re ruling, too?  Read my post about Mars – they won’t be able to live on Mars.

Names that are historically Satanic are – Mayo, Carnegie, Kaiser, Jude as in St. Jude, Oz, Shriners, and more.  I don’t know if St. Jude’s is still a corrupt company since Marlo Thomas took it over.  And I don’t know the status of Dr. Oz, he may just be someone’s puppet.  Otherwise, these are all good, respected names in the medical community, they don’t harm everyone and in fact, I believe they may be doing more good than harm; but I’ll give you an example of the targeted harm they’re capable of.  I could tell you what happens to me when I go to get a medical test.  I named Focused Imaging, and since they had me forget that I went to Focused Imaging for a sonogram on my breast.  While the technician was checking I was watching the screen and there were definitely some odd oblong dark areas, that I asked the technician what they were and he said he didn’t know and that the radiologist would have to take a look at it and let me know.  It wasn’t like he thought it looked normal he definitely saw the things I saw, he just didn’t know what they were.  I think he said there is such a thing as fat tumors and he thought it was possible that’s what they were.  They hurt though, and they still do, but when I got the sonogram to take with me and I looked at it on my computer it was of a different breast.  It was a perfectly normal, small, young breast.  It wasn’t even a picture of the area that I had tested.  It looked nothing like what I saw on the screen.  This way if the carcinogens they injected were doing their job I wouldn’t know it until I was dead or very, very sick.

How do they do this?  There are long numbers associated with each test and if there are three sixes embedded in that number that means they have tampered with the results of your test.  Pretty much every test I get, comes back normal and there are three sixes in the test number, so I know I can’t trust it.

Hypothetically – Let’s say you know someone who died of cancer.  He could have gone for a CAT scan of his stomach because he told the woman he was with that he was incontinent, which wasn’t true by the way, he just wanted to get out of sleeping in the same bed, but that’s a whole other story.  If he had been singled out by the cult the Mayo Clinic could have showed him someone else’s CAT scan, a picture of someone who had bowel and stomach cancer that spread to his liver and pancreas.  That CAT scan number, too, would have the number 666 embedded in it.  Then he went against the advice of a doctor.  He went for chemotherapy treatment at one of the many cancer treatment centers the cult owns, the treatment center could have added a little extra poison into his chemotherapy which would have accelerated his death.  And everyone just would have been surprised that he died so quickly.  But it’s better that way, most people think, if you’re going to die anyway, the quicker the better.  He was in horrible shape.  I’m not saying that’s what happened, but I’ve heard stories of things like that happening.  These places that take care of you often times are excellent when they give the good care, which they most often do.  But if you cut someone off on the road, or said something nasty to someone in the supermarket who is in the cult, they could do the same thing to you just as easily.  Just so you know, that’s how it works.

The drugs and chemicals in food to watch out for are anything with a number or an X,Y or Z in the name.  I named many of the drugs and chemicals – that’s how I know.  If you notice there are many mood altering drugs with an X,Y or Z in the name.  That’s why so many people diagnosed with mental disorders, like depression, don’t like taking those drugs because of the horrific side effects.  There may be some benefit to them and if you feel better on them – more power to you.

I can tell you three stories about drugs, pharmaceuticals.  One is that I have a house with a septic tank and the guy who came out to clean the septic tank told me that he was at one couple’s house and when he got down to the bottom third of the tank he noticed all these colors so he turned his machine off and went and got the couple.  The couple was flabbergasted to see that the entire bottom of the tank, a full one third of the septic tank, was filled with their prescription drugs.  The Dr. insisted they needed them or they would die.  They decided they’d been living without the drugs in their system for three years and had been paying $1,000 a month for them.  So they decided not to take their prescriptions anymore.

I know someone who was a Corporal during the Vietnam War.  He was the guy who helped when the wounded were brought to the M*A*S*H hospital.  He was a sociopath so he never got emotionally involved in the decision-making, which ended up being to everyone’s advantage.  At any rate, he said they were always low on supplies so the protocol he followed was to give out aspirin for everything.  He said it was amazing how it always worked.  He said it worked probably 99% of the time.  If they were depressed they got an aspirin, a broken arm – aspirin, a migraine, you guessed it, aspirin.  99% of the time the patient would come back asking for more of those pills saying they worked great.  Again, this shows the power of the mind, the same as the septic tank people.  They believe the pills work so the pills work.

It reminds me of that scene in The Bird Cage where a distraught Nathan Lane puts his wrist to his forehead and says, “If not for my Pirin tablets I don’t know what.”

Robin Williams frantically asks Hank Azeria, “Pirin tablets?  She’s on drugs now?”

Hank replies, “It’s nothing, it’s just aspirin.  I scrape the A and the S off.”

A few years ago I was walking through the gem and mineral show at Quartzsite Arizona and I was looking at the crystals.  The guy manning the table said, “I don’t know if they really work but people swear by them.”  I knew that people used crystals for their purported healing powers so I replied, “Everything works if you believe it will work,”  Hope hopefully ending any moral dilemma the guy had about selling them.

I tell those three stories to people undergoing Chelation therapy.

There was a study that had been going very well that said that music could cure cancer.  The guy running the study suddenly became almost insane and scrapped it, saying it was crazy of him to think that would ever work.  His coworkers were very upset that the study had been stopped because they were sure they were on to something.  A total change in personality like that, and scrapping an endeavor that could have helped a million people effortlessly is most likely the work of a Satanic cult.  Pharmaceutical companies would have lost millions of dollars if music were found to be a cure for cancer.  I think the researcher died shortly after that.

I’ll tell you something about taking pills, take them with meals and in the middle of the meal.  Take a bite of food and take a pill take another bite of food take another pill then when the pills are done eat the rest of your meal.  Those pills are dense and the gelatin is thick and they need lots of stomach acid to dissolve.  When you get a new prescription crack it with your teeth to see how hard it is, if it’s very hard your system won’t be able to digest it anyway.  Many of the capsules are made with synthetic gelatin which is very bad for you.  The capsule will say it’s made of gelatin but you don’t know which one, always assume it’s the one that’s made from chemicals and is bad for you.  Sometimes I see that they say organic gelatin, or kosher gelatin, or natural gelatin, I think they’re trying to tell you that their gelatin is not made from chemicals but no one checks that.

Even food coloring is made from chemicals that are carcinogens.  I thought they were made from natural ingredients, but no, I was wrong.  So even the brightly colored pills that you get from pharmaceutical companies can cause cancer.  Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Another thing Rita told me was, no one checks the “other ingredients” in the pills.  I noticed that many pills, over-the-counter pills anyway, contain silica.  Silica is that stuff that they put in tiny packages that keeps the dampness out of whatever it is they want to keep dampness out of.  It is highly poisonous.  It’s the stuff that if you take a pill that contains silica, it will make your mouth go dry.  So if you’re taking a few different prescription drugs and a few different supplements, check the “other ingredients.”  Talc is another big one they like to put in prescriptions and supplements.  Talc is a carcinogen.  If you notice those horrendous legal ads, there is a lawsuit saying if you got ovarian cancer from talcum powder you can join the suit.  Talc and talcum powder are both still legal to sell.  Talcum powder is especially bad for baby girls.

Someone should take note of which pharmaceutical companies have class action suits pending against them.  They knew those drugs were harmful when they were released.

So I hope this little exposé is helpful.  These are all things I was told and have looked into over the past 12 years and I believe it.  I’ve done, seriously, gobs of research.  Keep pushing for GMO labeling.  The votes have been manipulated.  The American people want GMO labeling.  Take a straw poll outside of polling places and call Monsanto and Bayer to task for manipulating the vote.  Genetically modifying food and owning seeds has to be made illegal to stop these ruthless people.  Seeds are the property of the people who own the plants and the people who grew them.  Having to buy seeds through pharmaceutical companies and other conglomerates is insane and irresponsible.  I’m afraid the tomato seeds of tomatoes I used to eat when I was a kid no longer exist.

(A dog virus from the east has been unleashed in this country through the Satanic church) We know animals can cure themselves, why don’t we believe people can do the same.

Good Luck.  Think Peace.

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Confusion turned to Chaos

Confusion turned to Chaos

Confusion turned to Chaos – High School Relationships, Cliques, Racism, and the Mafia through the eyes of fifteen year old Lynn Mickelsen.  Also available for free on Smashwords.com

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Cancer (Part 2)

Once again, I lived with the conspirators so this is not a theory – This is reality. The conspirators are all in the top 1%. They are the men in the shadows who rule the world.

The many carcinogens in our food are put there by drug companies that produce chemotherapy drugs. When I was told that in ‘the Conversation’ I didn’t believe it. I kept saying, “The FDA wouldn’t allow it! They wouldn’t allow chemicals in our food that could harm us.”

Rita’s cold, loud reply was simply, “We own the FDA, or most of it, and we will own it by 2012!”

Part 2

Chemotherapy Drugs cost very little, she told me. The more people with cancer the more the drug companies make. I named Cancer Treatment Centers of America. That’s a place where you can go to get the most aggressive cancer treatment. If you have a tumor and it has to be removed, something that would work on cancers that haven’t begun to spread, go to a place like Cancer Treatment Centers of America and they’ll sell you Radiation and Chemotherapy in addition to surgery. They even brag about it in their commercial. The fella in the commercial says he had surgery for his cancer and when the tests came back he was told he needed more surgery that’s when he decided he needed a second opinion. He went to cancer Treatment Centers of America and they told him they would give him radiation and chemo and then do the surgery. Evidently that made him happy. Why trust one doctor over another? Why pay thousands of dollars more for treatment you don’t even need? We’ve been taught that we have to put poison in our body to kill the cancer. The medical community, trained in this country, has been taught that. If you’re with someone who wants to use a minimal approach, why not try that first? This horrendous disease has been put upon the people of the world, especially the people of the United States, and no one is questioning where it’s from?

I know someone who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was told not to do anything about it because of his age. Prostate cancer is one cancer men will always get if you live long enough. It doesn’t spread in older people and will not kill them. So he went for a second opinion and was told he should have chemo, radiation and surgery. So he went with that suggestion instead and became very ill.

I was in on the decision to add prostate cancer to a yearly fund drive. The people who wanted to collect money for that cause had other objectives for that money. I told them prostate cancer would not kill older men and they said that’s good because the money they collect for research won’t be going into research.* They just wanted to put the emphasis back on men because they thought women’s cancer was in the limelight far too long, and women aren’t as important as men. I don’t know what month they picked but when they wanted a color I suggested blue, since pink is for girls and blue is for boys. True story. (*Knowing them, it’s probably going to fund ISIL.)

Why do cigarettes made in the United States cause cancer and cigarettes made outside of this country don’t? I was told, tobacco does not cause cancer. The type of fertilizer used on the tobacco and the type of pesticides the US uses are what causes cancer. In addition the paper and the filter are made of things that cause cancer and there is something sprayed on the tobacco so that it burns slowly and evenly, and that also causes cancer. If you grew your own tobacco you could smoke and it wouldn’t cause cancer. That makes sense since other countries are able to smoke tobacco with no ill effects. The native Americans smoked tobacco and lived a good long healthy life (when we weren’t killing them.) But we allow our health to be compromised by greedy health providers. Why do they do this? Money. Also they like to watch people suffer and think it’s funny when families are concerned for their loved ones.

This may sound off topic but, I’ve worked in Hollywood on comedies for many years. The comedies have gone downhill because members of the Satanic church are being hired by Hollywood producers and those people have no idea what’s funny. They’re taught that suffering is funny, bullying is funny, frustration is funny. You watch America’s Funniest Videos and you’ll see what I mean. When I flipped through the channels sometimes I’ll land on that and watch it for a minute or two until someone gets grievously hurt and I cringe but the audience sounds like it’s laughing. That could be a laugh track but I’m telling you these people, in Satanic Churches have a very sick sense of humor. They think it’s funny to watch people suffer and family members grieve and everyone spends his or her last dime to try to save that person to no avail. Some of the doctors and nurses who work in corrupt cancer treatment centers are legitimate doctors and nurses who care about people and cry when they suffer. But the people who own these places enjoy making money above all else and find it amusing to watch people in pain. It’s a sickening thought.

I know for a fact, because it’s happened to me, medical tests are manipulated all the time and the results of the test are frequently falsified. In my case, tumors that I saw on the sonogram screen disappeared on the sonogram image I took home with me. Tumors that I discussed with the radiologist are not even on the report. The report is a an assessment of another woman’s breast. So I can’t get the help that I need, but I’ll tell you if I ever get free of these bastards and I get to have surgery, surgery will be my only course of treatment; unless of course the cancer has spread by the time I’m free. Even then I doubt I would subject myself to chemotherapy. I’d probably opt for Chelation Therapy or work with a lab on alternatives like Hydrogen Peroxide. I’m under constant surveillance so I’m being bombarded with x-rays minutely. I’ve had carcinogens planted in every part of my body, so I should have died of cancer by now, but the radiation from the satallite surveillance may be just enough to keep the cancers from spreading – or not. I’ve been to Heaven and I’ll tell you it’s a glorious place.

In someone else’s case they could be told they have cancer when they don’t. Satanists often do this to their enemy’s. It’s easy to switch an image of cancer to someone who doesn’t have it, and then start radiation and chemo that makes a person’s hair and teeth fall out. They’ll do that as some sick revenge for minor infractions like cutting someone off on the road. I know for a fact women who aren’t pregnant are told they are so the abortion doctor can collect his fee for an abortion. Down and down the money spiral of filth we go. Medicine is a sinister thing when so much money is at stake.

I know I’ve written posts about things and diseases I’ve named over the years, so I know a lot about the plans to make people sick with incurable viruses and the like. One of the things I named was the series about cancer currently airing on PBS. I called cancer the Emperor of diseases. Rita said cancer is called the Big C because they make so much money on it. She said that any poison, including rat poison, kills cancer cells. But Rita likes to see people’s hair fall out, especially women, and so they use a poison that makes hair fall out as a kills cancer cells.

They make documentaries like the one on cancer so the rest of the Satanists and see firsthand the havoc that they wreak by contaminating the food supply. One of the main reasons, Rita told me, that people join the Satanic church is to get a list of foods that are safe. I don’t trust any processed foods anymore because I know they don’t list all of the ingredients. Between GMO and chemicals most of the food in the US is not safe. Just as an aside, Heirloom Tomatoes have a gene from poppies spliced in them so they are habit-forming, they also have a gene from a poisonous plant, Hemlock – I think. All in all – they aren’t food. (I named Heirloom Tomatoes)

There’s a PBS special brought to you by companies like Monsanto, who are doing the gene splicing and making chemicals that go with it to make you sick: that likens GMO to breeding. Gene splicing is not breeding! In fact, I’m going to go way off base here and say that the Bible’s reference to the abomination of God’s creation, the phrase that people use to say God doesn’t like homosexuals, is in actuality warning against Genetically Modified Organisms and has nothing to do with homosexuals. (God doesn’t dislike anyone and He certainly is incapable of hate.) The people who say they hate homosexuals are the same people who are proponents of genetically modifying our food. You could actually use the Bible as an argument against GMO, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I was told cancer was one of the easiest things to kill. I believe it because Cancer is mutant cells in our own bodies and so our bodies are already trying to attack them and kill them. I was told any kind of poison will work. I’ve thought for quite some time, that hydrogen peroxide should do the trick. I’ve discussed this with doctors who are now trying Chelation Therapy on human guinea pigs in Mexico. I know several people who’ve tried it and swear by it. I wouldn’t try it because I know it couldn’t work on my own maladies resulting from years of torture: and because I understand they’ve added other drugs to it. No one who’s tried it has been able to give me a list of the drugs that are being pumped into them. But I do think that something simple will work to kill cancer. The reason I think hydrogen peroxide should be tried is it has two atoms of oxygen to two of hydrogen so, in theory, it should raise the red blood cell count and that should be enough to kill cancer: additionally, hydrogen peroxide is a poison and that alone, may be enough to kill cancer. I wanted clinical trials so we could determine what amount would work, but the doctor I was explaining it to, decided he would do his own human trials in Mexico. I really don’t like that approach and I don’t know what he’s added to the hydrogen peroxide. He charges 60 dollars per “treatment” which is, essentially, 2 cents worth of hydrogen peroxide and he recommends 10 treatments. When I explain this to “patients,” they say they will not inject anything into their veins without a doctor. Go figure. They could save $599.80. They may have signed up to get cancer for all we know since we don’t know what the other chemicals are.

What Rita said in The Conversation was any poison even rat poison would kill cancer with fewer side effects, but since cancer is a result of human intervention *they choose chemotherapy that also makes your hair and teeth fall out and makes you nauseous so they can sell more drugs. (*they being the medical and pharmaceutical companies which are in the Satanic church)

Satanists often use cancer to kill their enemies. John Alexander said he was the one who injected Steve Jobs with the carcinogen that turned to cancer that eventually killed him. They use cancer on prominent people because no one suspects murder. Also, if they murder someone who has cancer, cancer is always listed as the cause of death. They murder sick people using drugs or suffocation, usually with a pillow, and the cause of death is always listed as whatever it was the person was ill with.

In Conclusion:

Essentially it’s the drug companies who make additives for our foods that give us diseases that the same drug companies have cures for. Not cures, mind you, but drugs to make us feel a little better. Most of those drugs have side effects that they have other drugs for and so the slope gets slipperier the longer we eat foods with additives.

Why would people do such horrible things? That’s the reason I didn’t believe Rita in 2003. If you only look for the good in people – all you’ll see is the good.

I say in my book, the Conversation and the Truth, that if you only look for the good in people all you see is the good.

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Pharmaceutical Companies, Campbell’s Soup, Leaky Gut, and the FDA

Part 1

I’m not a conspiracy theorist – Think of me as one of the conspirators when you read this, or anything I write, because I was there, I know these things as fact. My memory was erased so I wouldn’t blow the whistle, but now my memory has returned.

The Pharmaceutical companies that make the disease-causing additives for the food, are the same companies that make drugs that cure the diseases the additives cause.

In other words, one company may make a drug for heart disease, and that same company makes an additive that goes into prepared foods that causes heart disease. Another company that makes a drug for diabetes also makes an additive that goes into prepared foods, including bread and especially soda and anything sweet, and the drug that’s added causes diabetes.

The many carcinogens in our food are put there by drug companies that produce chemotherapy drugs. When I was told about that during ‘the Conversation’ I didn’t believe it. I kept saying, “The FDA wouldn’t allow it! They wouldn’t allow chemicals in our food that could harm us.”

Rita’s cold, loud reply was simply, “We own the FDA, or most of it, and we will own it by 2012!” I believe they own the FDA now because of the mis-information and all the new kinds of cancers blossoming all around us. Bakeries have begun adding these lethal chemicals into their baked goods and the FDA does nothing to stop them, they may even be encouraging it. Rita said they were going to get the FDA to recommend adding their poisons to bread and other baked goods. You’ll notice the bread is tasteless and dry – almost to the point of tasting stale. Baked goods from Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club,
Safeway and many other supermarket chains have a whole paragraph of ingredients when they used to have 3 or 4. They use GMO wheat so their end products cause Leaky Gut. GMO wheat cannot be processed by the body and so is a non-food or inanimate object that causes bodily distress.

GMO labeling is not being voted down by consumers, rather the vote is fixed by Pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry who see GMO food as a goldmine.

The thought that our food supply is unsafe and causing long term diseases is horrifying, I know, it was hard to listen to and believe. I’m repeating it because it’s vitally important.

The reason diet soda makes you fat is because there are chemicals in it that aren’t listed on the label that make you add fat cells in your body especially in your belly area, and those non-nutritive fat cells are impossible to diet away, or exercise away. The same chemicals are put into fast-food hamburger meat and soup – Campbell’s soup was the original culprit. You’re probably too young to remember this but the Campbell’s soup kids used to be morbidly obese. Having very fat kids was a sign of affluence back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Campbell’s soup was guaranteed to get your child fat so you could look like you were rich. Before canning and Campbell’s poor people went to the local apothecary or witch to buy the medicine and they added it to their food, themselves. But the fat that’s created in the body is not nutritional and isn’t able to be broken down by the body, so, a child could still die of malnutrition if he or she got chubby eating Campbell’s soup. Lately they’ve added the same chemical to Progresso soup as well. I heard on the news something about getting Campbell’s soup to take that chemical out.

(The chemical was injected into my belly and caused enormous fat growth that I can’t get rid of. I was used as a guinea pig for the church.)

So the now-a-days chemists say they don’t know why people who drink diet soda gain weight: it’s the chemicals added and the artificial sweetener that make fat. Remember I know those Coke brothers. They also add something very addictive. (I’ve never developed a taste for soda. We drank lemonade, iced tea, water or watered down juice. Our friends would complain: and after I had kids my kid’s friends would complain and I’d say, “If you want to drink soda, bring soda,” and that was the end of it. So you see, it’s an addiction we develop early in life and stays with us.)

There’s also a chemical added to sugar that’s highly addictive. (Surprise, surprise) Those chemicals that add non-nutritive fat, and cause addiction are added to flavored chips, prepared foods, and especially fast food. Watch the documentary ‘Super-size Me,’ if you don’t believe me. It’s about a man who decided to eat at McDonald’s for a month. The doctor monitoring him called the experiment off after only three weeks because he was not only gaining weight and had very high blood pressure, but he was developing heart disease and diabetes. The doctor used the term poison, so McDonald’s sued but couldn’t prove they lost sales, in fact, their sales went up, so they lost. After 2 weeks, the doctor suggested that the man in the experiment switch to fish and salads or chicken if they had it. He did that after two weeks and the results on the third week were dangerous enough to call the experiment off. When Rita told me about the additives she called them poison, as well. I’ll refer to them as poison throughout the next few exposé posts. There should be three or four more installments exposing pharmaceutical companies.

Again it is pharmaceutical companies that have drugs that treat certain conditions that make the food additives that cause those conditions. That’s a fact.

I know I’ve told you this before but not in quite so much detail. Pay attention to the labels on the food you buy. If you buy canned food the canning is the process that preserves the food so there should be no preservatives added. If there are, then don’t buy that product. The so-called preservatives are just poison. Notice when you buy unsalted canned food – if it tastes salty that would be one of their chemicals that causes heart disease.

Freezing food is another way to preserve food, so there should be no added preservatives since there’s no need to add preservatives. The chemicals in frozen prepared foods, frozen dinners and the like, are not preservatives they are poisons that cause the following –


Heart disease



All kinds of Cancers

Brain dysfunction

Liver dysfunction and Liver Disease

and a whole host of other maladies.

There are roughly 7 chemicals added to bread that cause these illnesses and another chemical that’s added to GMO wheat bread that together cause Leaky Gut. (A disease I named) It’s not gluten intolerance, it’s the GMO wheat – whole or processed – along with an added chemical that causes severe irritation in the bowel. There’s gluten in most carbohydrate foods. If you buy “Gluten Free” processed foods, just know there are a host of chemicals in them to cause you medical problems down the road.

I have a real problem if I eat bread with chemicals and no symptoms what-so-ever if I eat bakery bread with no added chemicals, even though it’s probably made with GMO wheat. Instead of going “Gluten Free” check the labels for chemicals (you just have to look and if there’s a paragraph under the word Ingredients put it down) or try doing your own baking.


Please read ‘the Conversation’ it is vitally important and it’s free.

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Netanyahu’s a Yahoo

I can prove without a shadow of a doubt that God did not give the Jews Israel. Here goes – if God gave the Jews Israel, they would have Israel. Now that that’s taken care of – You don’t go making empty campaign promises like, “There will never be a Palestinian state,” unless you mean it. Netanyahu wants war. The Israelis seem to get upset when they’re not at war with someone. Don’t hold the Bible out like it’s some book written by God. Don’t use the Bible to start wars. Grow up! Enjoy life! Stop your constant whining!!!

Now Netanyahu doesn’t like us trying to lift sanctions on Iran. The man’s a warmonger and a poor excuse for a human being.

Next the Tea Party will fall in lockstep with Netanyahu and demand war. The people in the government who stand up to Barack Obama, or shall I say stand up against Barack Obama, are well compensated.

These Tea Party people have no rhyme or reason as to what they’re doing; they follow orders like good little Nazis. I understand they are well compensated for their efforts to discredit Barack Obama. I don’t know exactly how they arrange it but check into the people who use the Tea Party moniker and you’ll find an income, an unverifiable income, compensation for their evil deeds; they made a fortune when they shut down the government. They want World War III. They want to discredit Barack Obama. They do not have the best interest of the people of this country at heart. They are servants of the people but serve only themselves. They are pigs and whores of the greatest magnitude. If the agreement goes forward the Nazi Tea Party will sabotage it down the road even if that means killing Americans. Mark my words.

I’m all for anything that instigates World Peace. The former Ambassador to Iran, Seyed Hossein Mousavian, a current Princeton Professor, feels this agreement is a good step toward World Peace. hosseinmousavian.com

I’m sure the Tea Party will act as though they read the Iran proposal, but we all know they can’t read anything longer than the comic that comes inside Bazooka Bubblegum – and they need someone to explain that to them.


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Princess Parisa Tabriz

Parisa Tabriz has the awkward title of “Google Security Princess.” Did her predecessor have the title “Google Security Prince?” Her job is to hack into Google, trying to find flaws in the system. If you ask me, Google Chrome is fatally flawed and allows hackers into every nook and cranny of any computer running it, but Princess Tabriz wants everyone to use it! If she were truly a Security Princess she’d be railing against Google Chrome because it takes over your computer. My question is – is she being set up or is she setting up the world? Oh, come on, this is Google – she’s being set up while she’s setting up the world. Security Princess, my ass.

Hey Tootsie, take a look at what GM did to their first female President. All the ills of the company that had been percolating for over 10 years suddenly became the problem of a woman who had only been President for 9 months. She must be pretty sharp to have been able to f_ck things up retroactively! These antiquated dinosaur-brained lugs in big companies want things to fail, and believe me GM has been slated to fail for nearly 20 years, when they finally do fail they can blame a woman saying, “See, a woman can’t run a corporation.” If you’re an engineer and you helped design defective cars, didn’t you once ask yourself – why are we doing this? I know the answer, but it’s so ridiculously stupid I won’t say it here. Google’s doing the same thing. They want a woman at the helm when they perpetrate a mac-daddy of a security breach along the lines of what I’ve been writing about since 2011 and what I heard about in 2003, so they can say a woman can’t do the job.

(Oh, by the way, when GM fails again the government will give them money again, even though GM wants the US to cut back on welfare. They’ll take money from the government but poor people shouldn’t. It would be my guess that what GM gets from the government each year would just about cover the country’s welfare bill. If they can’t run a business properly – they shouldn’t be in business.)

I hope Princess Tabriz knows Google’s plans to flood the Netherlands.

From my post on MuPHs – Major Power Transition Hubs designed and maintained by Google

(Please read my earlier Post for the whole article by David Galland.) The following are my comments on David Galland’s assertions –

This kind of attack is what Rita was talking about. She said the plan to sink the Netherlands had to do with electricity, computers and a part of a wheel. Major Power Transition Hubs are the brainchild of the people at Google. I can remember naming Google and having conversations with the two programmers and I believe Rita’s assertions may be correct. When the hub goes out, the dike system will fail and Princess Tabriz will be to blame.

As for what we can do – be aware something sinister is in the works. If you have money in electronic form, i.e. stock trade accounts, electronic banking accounts, I suggest investing in a printer and at least printout hard copies of your holdings, probably, twice a week. Make one of them on a Friday after the stock market closes so you have a hard copy of your assets. Buy durable goods. I really think buying what makes you happy makes the most sense, since that’s what you’ll have in the long run. Redistribute your money; pay off your mortgage so at least you’ll have your home. If this happens, it will take a long, long time to get everything straightened out.

What the governments can do is make sure there are manual back-up systems for everything connected to the Major Power Transition Hubs. They should begin dismantling and disconnect everything that can be disconnected. Internet searches will take longer, but the country will be safer.

I whole-heartedly agree with Galland when he says –

“We have to expunge the crippling dependence of people on governments. Only when people once again learn, in no uncertain terms, that ultimately they have to rely on themselves to better their life – working with their neighbors and others they want to associate with freely – can the world transcend the current morass.

Give a little thought to your Plan B.”

The following are my suggestions in order to counteract Google’s planned MuPH sabotage:

Everything – absolutely everything, has to have a non-electrical counterpart. Like there should still be pedal operated sewing machines.

There should be one old-fashioned Cash register in stores, even if they keep it in the back.

Stores and residences should be encouraged to have backup power. One solar panel and two 6 volt batteries wired in parallel or one deep cycle 12 volt. There are wind turbines that work well in the desert and at the shore. I think all electric power companies should be equipped to buy back power from any household generating power.

Gas stations, water companies especially need backup power so water and gas are available. There aren’t just threats from hackers Hell bent on Armageddon but from earthquakes and other natural disasters.


From another earlier Blog Post on Forrest Timothy Hayes’ murder

Why was Google Executive Forrest Timothy Hayes killed? Google is one of the companies I named so I know they’re a Company who takes orders from the Satanic Church that kept me prisoner. (I named ‘Trending,’ but that’s a whole other ball of wax, I’ll tell you about it sometime.)

I’m convinced Hayes got in Google’s way, or their church’s way, perhaps he could take no more of the diabolical plans to sabotage the Major Power Hubs that control EVERYTHING: or he didn’t agree with the subversive uses for Google Glass – and there are only subversive uses: but, I believe, it’s likely he was pushing against a car that drives itself and didn’t have a manual override.

I didn’t add “high-end” call girls to my book, “The Conversation,” but we discussed them; and the use of murderers like Alix who inject poisoned heroine into the cult’s murder targets. That’s how Elvis, Lenny Bruce and John Bellucci were killed. (I use the word cult interchangeably with church. Satanists call it a church, all others call it a cult.)

Hayes may not have ‘solicited’ Alix Tichelman who went to his yacht and injected him with a lethal dose of heroin. In fact, it seems unlikely. No doubt Alix Tichelman murdered Hayes; but the tawdry circumstances are not exactly the case, but rather a dose of cover-up Google and their church want the public and the family to believe. If the family gets caught up in the web of unbelievable circumstances, they’re less likely to look further into the matter. Hayes must have confided in a co-worker or family member about his fears about the company’s undertakings. Those confidences should become grounds to call what happened – murder, because they’re a motive. The hit was most likely approved by Google’s owners.

Note to Google; Once again Google, you haven’t done anything terrible yet, it’s not too late to straighten up and fly right. Why doesn’t your search engine work right when it comes to me? Are you out of the loop, ’cause most everyone else has decided to leave me alone. Take a step back, take a breath and think about what you’re about to do. Leave me alone and run your business and stop trying to screw things up. Destroying the earth isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Why do you hate the Netherlands? Don’t you have children? Aren’t you tired of this?

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