Twenty Traits of Satanic Cult Members

Twenty Traits of Satanic Cult Members

This chapter is also in the Conversation. This is how they recognize each other. This is how they hide in plain sight.
To see an aura just look for light and shadow. It’s like in a photo when one person looks dark and the one next to him is bright. Look for actual shadows. If the dark person is not in a shadow, he or she has a dark aura. Make it a habit to notice auras. It’s very helpful.
The Importance of the Recognition of Evil
In this new Millennium the understanding and recognition of evil will be of paramount importance. Good people MUST wake up to the fact that there are people on this Earth who mean to do harm. Evil people can pick each other out of a crowd. You’re at a disadvantage if you can’t. These are the people who will lie, cheat, murder and steal to get what they want. Making others miserable, “dirty tricks,” brings them temporary pleasure. If you cross them, they will torture or kill “sacrifice” you.
These people are your friends, co-workers, the cashier who just checked you out, the nurse at your doctor’s office, your Army buddies, and the cop on the corner.
People ask me how they can tell who is evil. Others say, “Oh, I would know if my friends were in a cult.” No you wouldn’t. I was married, for twenty-two years, to the prince of a Satanic cult, and I didn’t know: I may not have an IQ of 220, but I’m not stupid. Now that I’ve got things figured out I’m compelled to share this with you.
Both John Alexander and Dick Cheney said these observations are spot on. Here are twenty signs to be aware of.
Looks – Physical Appearance
1. The overwhelming majority of Satanic cults in this country are white.
During Cain and Abel days, it was assumed, God is black, because man was created in God’s image, and everyone was black. The earliest Satanists were called Canaanites because they decided to worship Cain for being the first person to end a human life. They wanted to breed themselves as far from God’s creation as possible. They wanted to become white. Many migrated north. Albinos were exalted and abused and used in their breeding programs.
Over a hundred centuries later, Satanists continued their hatred of black people and Jews, since Christ, whom they believed was God, was a black Jew.
2. Tattoo
The tattoo symbol for many satanic cult members is a small pea sized black circle with a circle of black dots surrounding it. Or three sixes, or a circle with three curled tails coming out if it – the circles of each six is overlapped. Cocopelli, the god of fire and mischief, was the first figure made of two series of three sixes. He’s not often drawn that way anymore. These tattoos are usually at the hairline on the back of the neck, but they can be anywhere. A dragon, skull, skeleton, a star, or snake, are popular cult symbols.
These symbols make it easier for cult members to identify each other. Three sixes is the symbol of the Devil in the Book of Revelation, because six has always had meaning to the Satanic church. A five pointed star or the six pointed star was one satanic symbol adopted by the Hebrews during the Exodus. Hiding the sixes, as in the overlapping circle or figures, is popular, since the Devil hides.
3. Eyes
People who belong to Satanic churches won’t look you in the eye, since they believe the eyes are the mirrors of the soul.
They take to heart the saying, “The eyes are the mirror of the soul,” and they don’t want anyone to see their soul. When they’re in a trance, which is usually before and during the church meeting, their eyes tend to wander around your face.
As they talk to you, they’ll glance at your eyes periodically, like they’re trying to look you in the eye; you might mistake this for shyness, or some affliction of their eyelids.
For a day or two before the full moon, until a day after the full moon, they have a decreased capacity to focus, or to pay attention to what’s going on around them (which might be mistaken for boredom) because they’re in the mode to go to a cult meeting. During this period of time, they may get agitated easily, especially if they have a task to perform at the meeting, such as bringing the torture or sacrifice victim, or the torture supplies.
If you’re a neighbor, or a co-worker, of someone who acts strangely every once in a while, pay attention to the phase of the moon. If they’re unable to concentrate, are irritable and their eyes are especially evasive, and that happens during the phase of the full moon – think cult.
After age forty, their eyes are dark, with dark circles around them. Some of the women get so unsightly as they grow older, it’s difficult to look at them. The black circles and sunken eyes are almost grotesque.
4. The women don’t wear make-up.
Women are a subspecies. They’re not considered equal to a man, even by other women. They’re treated as rape victims only, unless they’re dominant in their marriage relationship, due to their standing in the cult. They’re not supposed to be attractive. If they wear make-up, it must be undetectable, because wearing make-up is grounds for torture and rape. They teach, if a woman wears makeup, she wants to be raped. They believe only actresses and prostitutes wear make-up, and their Bible dictates actresses and prostitutes are willing rape and sacrificial victims. (That’s why there were no female actresses centuries ago.) If you try to be helpful and suggest under eye cover-up, and the woman replies she is not “supposed to” or “allowed to” – think cult. Also, be aware, your suggestion is grounds to torture, rape or sacrifice you.
5. They wear very drab, dark colored or black clothes. They’re often unkempt.
This is another rule. It is designed to keep women undesirable. Men should look scary. Most people try to avoid scary-looking people. The Satanic churches’ reasoning is that we’re made in the image of God and they want to make that image far from God’s image or hideous.
Black is the color of the Devil. Red and black are colors of the Devil; but in cult teaching, red is also the color of sacrifice. Those who wear red want to be sacrificed; so black is the color of choice for Satanists. Black and orange are Witches’ colors. White is the color that signifies God, so only dark colors are allowed.
They don’t wear white. Satanists are troubled by people who wear white. That can be a handy tip.
Overweight people are often ignored, therefore, people whose religion it is to murder, torture and rape, will tend to be overweight in an effort to go unobserved or unidentifiable.
Nice clothes might draw attention to one’s self, which isn’t allowed.
6. Their hair is not done professionally.
Again, to keep the women undesirable and the men scary. If their hair is wiry, all the better, because that makes them look more like a witch.
They’re allowed to go to a beauty salon to get their hair cut, but would never ask for a cut like a celebrity or anything that would make them more attractive.
7. They may slump.
Satanism is one of many organized religions that allow no pride. Cult members hate themselves. Standing up straight, walking with good posture, is something that would stand out. They would like to be invisible.
This is obviously not just a cult thing: a lot of people are taught to hate themselves as children, so they slump, with the weight of the world on their shoulders.
Note: If your daughter slumps, she is depressed and you need to think about acting like you like her, and tell her you love her every day. Depressed people often end up in a cult.

8. They are not allowed friends outside the cult. They keep to themselves, they won’t talk about themselves or share anything personal. They may not tell you where they’re from.
Satanic cults call themselves clubs. They will say it’s an After Hours Club, or it’s a Dirty Tricks Club, or a Circle of Friends.
If someone brings you to a cult meeting you’ll be drugged, usually with Ruphinol, AKA roofies (the date rape drug), then subjected to a ceremony that looks at the soul. If you have a dark soul you’ll be encouraged to come back and after a few meetings you may be brainwashed into joining.
If you have a white soul, but they want you to join for some ulterior motive, you’ll be drugged, tortured and mind controlled each time you attend a monthly, full-moon meeting, until your soul begins to turn black. These, once good, people often change their jobs and attitudes, and begin saying things they never said or thought before in their lives. It is a dramatic change and it’s disconcerting, to say the least, if you were a friend of theirs before the indoctrination began. You may shrug your shoulders and give up on the relationship; but you should know that person is in jeopardy.
That person may say she doesn’t want to be friends anymore, because she has new friends – something she’s been looking for all her life. Her original personality may be nowhere to be found.
They’re not allowed to enter contests because they wouldn’t be allowed to go on any trips or concerts they won.
If you, and an old friend join the same cult, you won’t be allowed to see that friend, ever again, without permission, and if you get permission, you will have to call the princess to tell her what the conversation was about, and everything you did, and anyone else you met up with: and/or agree to be surveilled. This puts acquaintances of cult members in constant jeopardy, because, if anyone in the cult meets with anyone outside the cult, that person is watched, and more often than not, abducted, tortured and may even be killed.
It’s hard for me to believe that they’re capable of a project of this enormity, but, I think enough people keep strict to that rule, and don’t see any other people outside of the cult. There are enough members who want the job of surveillance, on anyone, because they enjoy it. After all, they call it a dirty tricks club, and spying on a friend in order to have him or her tortured is a pretty dirty trick, but that’s why they joined.
If you know someone who’s personality has changed drastically and no longer wants to be friends, because he has “new friends” – think cult.
9. They say and believe that everyone lies.
The Bible says righteous people don’t lie; and evil does nothing but lie. {The Roman Catholic Church believes that everyone lies. I said I didn’t, so the Priest told me he would hear my confession. He said the statement, “I don’t lie,” is a lie, and lying is a sin.} Since the cult does nothing but lie, they think and are taught that everyone lies, and if you say you don’t, they say you’re a liar, because you lied about that. They are very adamant about that point. It’s a catch twenty-two.
If you know someone who lies consistently, be careful of that person because they will lie about you, too. And if you’ve told them you don’t lie, now they know you’re a righteous person and now you’re in danger, because they can and will take advantage of you. Evil people would like to kill all the righteous people – and would – if it weren’t against the law.
People in Satanic churches lie, they lie to each other and to everyone else — to the point that they can’t keep their lies straight.
Lying about someone, giving false witness against their neighbor, gives them an excuse to torture. They’ll say, for instance, that someone is a murderer, just so they can use the accused as a human sacrifice. It doesn’t matter that they’re lying.

10. They use words like “supposed to” or “allowed” when justifying behavior.
I was talking about sex with one woman who I didn’t know was in a Satanic cult. She told me she didn’t like sex; and I responded, “That’s regrettable.”
She was very surprised and said but, “I thought we weren’t supposed to like sex.”
I asked her, “According to who?”
She said “It’s in the Bible.”
I told her it wasn’t.
She was very shocked and very upset.
The cult has its own Bible.
Of course, that conversation was before I knew the cult existed. I’ve talked to many cult members over the years, before I knew about cults or the Devil, and I was always surprised at the things people told me they weren’t “allowed to” do, or the things I wasn’t “supposed to” be doing. Like noticing things. Remembering events and conversations. Going to movies and concerts. Cult members are “supposed to” live their lives with blinders on. They spend most of their lives in a trance. They’re not “allowed to” go to movies or any entertainment except the monthly cult meeting. Some churches, like Southern Baptist Churches, have the same rule. This is so the cult meetings and church services are more attractive. If that’s your only entertainment, you’re more likely to go. You’re not “allowed to” talk to anyone outside of the cult, or to each other, except at meetings, unless you have a high ranking.
You’re not “supposed to” be noticed.
If someone tells you their not “supposed to” or “allowed to” do something – think cult.
11. They’re not animated. They have a peculiar, sick or morbid sense of humor.
These people will joke and laugh but if another cult member enters the room they’ll be reserved and they’ll check with the other person to see if it’s okay to laugh. They have to get permission to laugh! I think when they’re not being watched they’ll laugh much more readily; but cult members know they may be watched so this changes their normal behavior. If they make a joke it will always be either at someone’s expense or about something upsetting.
If you know someone who always looks over his shoulder during a conversation and sometimes will laugh at your jokes but at other times tells you, you’re not funny and gets agitated easily — think cult.
The only people allowed to be funny are the prince and princess and the elders of the cult. No one else is “allowed to” be funny. When the prince or princess hears someone say something funny they will repeat it, so everyone in the cult can laugh. It could be disastrous for them to laugh at something you said even though everyone else is laughing.
12. They do everything so as not to be noticed.
Everything must appear normal and unobtrusive – their looks, their house, their yard. The yard can be neither weedier, nor less weedy, than their neighbor’s yard. Their house should be the same color as the predominant color in the neighborhood, and should be no more rundown nor spruced up than the neighborhood houses. The children should wear clothes that other children wear, not Kmart or Salvation Army, and not Tommy Hilfiger or Sacks, if that’s not what other children wear. It would be horrible to have someone say, “Oh look at that child, he’s always so dressed up,” or “Look at that child, she wears the strangest clothes.” (My youngest daughter had her own fashion sense, from the age of three, which got her noticed and that irritated Rita no end. I, of course, didn’t know the rules since I was never in the cult.)
When Satanic church members need a new car they buy the most popular car, like for years in the 1980s, that would have been the K cars, and they buy the most popular color. In the late 90s it was a white Camry.
They don’t change jobs if they can help it. They don’t move often if they can help it. Both things would cause new people to become aware of them. If your neighbor or co-worker is in a cult, you will be subject to routine observation, drugged question and answer sessions that include torture, to make sure you’re not aware of any unusual goings on. You’ll be left with the feeling, you can trust this individual, and you like him or her, even though you can’t put your finger on why. If somebody asks you about her, you’ll find yourself saying something like, “Oh, you’re wrong about Rita, she’s okay.”
The point is, that person who blends in so nicely, could also be a murderer and a rapist.
13. They go out late at night. They may appear not to go out at all.
The Satanic church meetings are on the Saturday night closest to the full moon, unless the full moon is on a Friday, or Sunday, then it will be on the night of the full moon. Some cults aren’t that strict – they’ll have their meeting on the Saturday closest to the full moon, regardless. The tortures and sacrifices are around 3 A.M. The meetings will begin around Midnight (the witching hour) and run until just before the dawn. A time when, in their minds, only people who are up to no good, are out. If a woman is out before dawn, as in the case of the Central Park jogger who was attacked by Peter, she wants to be raped and murdered. Satanic church teaching is very steadfast about that. They feel secure with the 3A.M. torture and sacrifice time, because they say only people like themselves are out.
They’re not allowed any other entertainment than the cult. Even though many of her church members are musicians, other cult members aren’t even allowed go and see the bands play. The other reason cult members aren’t allowed to see the bands, is that the bands may get a following, and become famous, and then they would be noticed, and that would be disastrous, so band members would have to be killed. All Satanic cults don’t have the rule of not being famous. Billy Idol and Mic Jagger are in cults, and they’re was quite famous. Billy’s songs are about Satanic cult rituals.
If you’re unlucky enough to be out at 3 AM, and there’s a cult meeting outdoors that you stumble upon, you’ll see lights in a circle. There may be lights in the trees around a clearing in the woods where they have the meeting. Their cars will be pulled up around the clearing with their high beams on, so there will be a circle of light on the ground that reaches upward and a circle of lights in the trees. If you stumble upon a meeting, they’ll drug and torture you because they’re positive you’re there for that purpose. Most likely they will torture you with a cattle prod and tell you they’re aliens and the prod is an anal probe and the lights you saw in a circle was a spaceship.
It’s easier for us to accept that we were abducted by aliens than by a Satanic cult! It’s our rigid disbelief in evil, and our reluctance to look for the evil in people, that allows cults to exist!
14. They may appear, on the surface, to be good parents. Their children may be less energetic or may look sickly. Their children are usually shy and scared and may not want to have their picture taken, especially for the newspaper.
Intergenerational cults thrive in Russia, Europe and in this country. Their infants have to be indoctrinated from birth. These people only have children in order to add members to the church and to torture them! They think it’s their right. The Bible says, “Honor Your Father and Mother,” so they teach that means the father and mother can do anything they want to the child. The child chosen to be the future princess is used in rape rituals frequently. All children are raped and tortured. They use electrical shock before a child can talk. After that, they use drugs and other torture. When a child misbehaves he or she is tortured. New members of the cult bring their children to be indoctrinated. I spoke with one man who was happy because he could bring his child, who was now in her early teens, to be raped and tortured into being submissive to him. He called it voodoo and laughed about it. I wouldn’t have thought him to be an evil man. The cult thinks raping and torturing children is a positive thing because it makes them submissive candidates for cult membership when they’re adults.
When a child reaches early adolescence, and still has not turned evil, he or she can’t be in the cult because of it; he or she is tortured and brainwashed into committing suicide. Satanic churches have been getting away with this for centuries. Satanic cults boast all teenage suicides are cult related.
Cult parents are taught that the most joyful sound in the world is the screams of a baby.
A cult in northeast Maryland brainwash their children from birth. These children are homeschooled. When they move into a neighborhood close to “their church,” they don’t tell the authorities they have children, because the mothers lack formal education and aren’t equipped to homeschool their children. This also gives them the opportunity to torture the children, and possibly kill them, and no one would know, because there’s no record they exist.
These children aren’t allowed to play with any other children outside the cult. They are not allowed to talk to the neighbors, and they are not allowed out of their yard. I lived next door to, and across the street from, two of the cult member’s families and I only saw the children of my next-door neighbor maybe once or twice a year. I never saw the daughter of the other family at all and I lived there for four years. Those children never went out except to go to midnight cult meetings once a month. They never had human interactions, they never played. They were taught the only fun was the cult meeting. They referred to the cult as “the church” and the higher-ups as “priests” so if the children talked about the cult, they called it “their church” and no one was the wiser.
15. They won’t get close.
They may be rude and aloof if you try to talk to them. They’ll be pleasant and cordial but not chummy. Just for clarification here, they don’t like you, especially if you are a good person. And they really don’t want to get to know you. They won’t look you in the eye. They go out very late at night once a month around the full moon. Their children may not be allowed to hang around with the neighborhood children.
16. They claim to hate sex. They like rape.
Both men and women are supposed to have no sexual appetite because that goes against what God gave us. God gave us sex to know what it feels like to be in Heaven. The women in the cult will tell you that all women want to be raped. When I asked them individually if they wanted to be raped they hesitated. I know they have been brainwashed into thinking they do, but when asked directly, they can’t answer yes. The women watch the rapes of other women, boys, girls and infants during cult rituals. The women are expected to clean up the victims with soapy water and styptic powder. I can’t, in my wildest dreams, understand how mind control works to that extent.
Raping children turns them off to sex. That’s the reason Satanists and Catholics rape their children – to keep them celibate as adults.
If you know someone, male or female, who says they are not “allowed to” have sex or that people are not “supposed to” like sex — think cult!
17. They don’t decorate for religious holidays and usually don’t attend a Church, Mosque or Synagogue.
Even though Satanic cult members hate Jews, they often say they’re Jewish at Christmastime so they’re not asked why they don’t have Christmas decorations. But you’ll never see them attend synagogue on Saturday nights like your other Jewish friends.
If they do decorate, it’ll be on the Windows. If they have a tree, it will be in the window so people can see it. A high priest of the cult next-door to me in northeast Maryland put a candle in each window at Christmas-time. It looked lovely and no one would suspect they’re not going to celebrate Christmas.
They can, and do, go to church as a front. Don’t buy that Damien stuff that they get violent or ill if they go to church. Church is a perfect hiding place. Peter and my family went to church almost every Sunday for fifteen years until Peter killed our Minister when Rita told him he shouldn’t be going to church.
18. Their family, friends and acquaintances die frequently of apparent heart attacks.
I wish I had known this fifty years ago.
If you’re saying to yourself, “Those people are always going to a funeral,” then those people should be suspected of being in a cult. Cult members are killed for various reasons including accidents during torture, but mostly because they didn’t carry out a task properly. Often times acquaintances of the cult have to be killed because they become suspicious or say something a cult higher-up doesn’t like. The cult member or members who knew that person will go to the funeral, or to the wake, so as not to be suspected. The cult often makes one friend kill another. That task is frequently not accomplished and then the cult member himself has to die.
The Satanic coroner deems the death was probable heart attack. The cult will often, immediately after the death, drug and torture the family members and tell them the loved one died happy and safe, and to cremate the body and not to question the death. Even if the body is checked, NSA torture drugs aren’t in a drug screening. Why not? Many, many coroners are in a Satanic church. Also, Doctors have to become more aware of cults and they have to start to take them seriously, especially since the military doles out those drugs like they were candy! John Alexander in the cult in north-western New Jersey orders that torture drug by the boatload and no one ever questions why he needs so much. That’s our tax dollars at work.
Many members of my family, many of my friends, and many dozens of celebrities were killed using those drugs. I can only assume hundreds more have been killed and permanently injured by NSA torture drugs.
19. They adopt a child who is considered unadoptable as a torture or rape prisoner.
Cult members working in the child welfare and Adoption fields will adopt out children to cult members who are otherwise hard to place. The children become rape and torture prisoners. These children are reviled by the cult.
If a cult member gives birth to a physically deformed child, that child makes a perfect sacrifice. Rita said, the medical community, the coroner, and law enforcement never question when an afflicted child dies. They should. Satan doesn’t “allow” his disciples to have imperfect children, but, of course, they do because they drug themselves incessantly. Cult members who have a child with special needs is required to kill him or her.
20. They adopt pets and children for “sacrifices.”
Cults will always have a volunteer at a pound or shelter so when an animal needs rescuing, and is in its last hours, then another cult member will “rescue” it. This makes the cult member look like a “good” guy.
The best way to have a housewarming party is to have a sacrifice. If a human sacrifice isn’t available, many cult members use the family dog. Ideally their child will do the sacrificing.
If you have a new neighbor who moves in with an animal, and has a party, and then has no animal – think cult!
If you have a new neighbor and suddenly you have no pet – think cult!
If you have a neighbor who is continuously losing pets or doesn’t know what happened to his pet – think cult.
If you ask someone where his dog is, and he doesn’t remember even having a dog, you’re not crazy, that is cult activity.

Each one of these things alone is not necessarily cult behavior but several of these traits together creates a picture of someone you want to be careful around and suspicious of, and anyway, why on earth would you want to be friends with someone like that? Avoid these people. Please make sure you let others you trust know about your suspicions.
Now that you know the traits, it’s imperative that you remember them, look for them, and be a watchdog for good.
You know the signs that have been around since 9/11, “See Something, Say Something,” or, “Report Suspicious Behavior.” Do just that! You’ll be saving lives!

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Changing Country Borders

The world is on the precipice of either World War III or World Peace. I believe a war-weary world is ready to embrace World Peace.
The world needs and wants an alternative to war. Once countries deal openly with each other there’s no limit to what we can accomplish together.

Country Acquisition Example Outline -

Once we achieve World Peace countries will need a world-wide approved diplomatic policy adopted to redefine their borders.
This proposal includes the creation and institution of a World Peace Organization, the WPO, that will oversee a peaceful negotiation of any Country’s concerns that would here-to-fore have resulted in War. And the drafting of a World Standardized Nation Inclusion Petition that would be used as a means to acquire a country or region without the need for war. The writing of a Two Country Consolidation Treaty should be drawn up to and agreed to by the countries involved. The TCCT, Two Country Consolidation Treaty is to be amended by the countries involved to suit their individual needs.

I will use the fictional Nation of Algadones as an example of a future Country, Nation, Kingdom, or Motherland wishing to expand or to redefine its borders. In this example Algadones would like to add the fictional Country of Kinglet.

The explanation of these six steps is contained at the end of this post:
1. The acquiring government’s decision.
2. The Petitioner Nation Popular Vote.
3. The World Standardized Nation Inclusion Petition or offer with proposals of what the petitioned nation can expect, is to be presented to the World Peace Organization.
The World’s standardized approved Nation Inclusion Petition with proposals of what the petitioned nation can expect can be drawn up. The NIP can be presented by the World Peace Organization or the Country doing the petitioning.
4. The mandatory vote of the people of the Nation being petitioned. These votes should be counted regionally and collectively.
5. Acceptance or Declination.
If all regions of the petitioned Nation decline (vote ’No’) then nothing more can be done.
If some regions vote ‘Yes’ but the majority of the petitioned Country’s votes are ‘No’ votes, then the option to secede should be offered to the regions that voted ‘Yes.’
If all regions accept then a Two Country Consolidation Treaty and acceptance application is to be drawn up and approved by the World Peace Organization. With that the process would be complete.
6. New Country Boundaries

The example, using the fictional Nation of Algadones the fictional Country of Kinglet, of the breakdown is as follows:
1. The Acquiring Government’s Decision
The government of the Nation of Algadones decides it wants to include the Country of Kinglet into its Country.

2. The Petitioner Nation Popular Vote
The government of Algadones then informs the people of Algadones of the pros and cons of including Kinglet in their Country and they put the proposal to a vote. The people of Algadones vote whether to invite Kinglet to join the Nation of Algadones. The vote should be counted by region and should include a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ vote.
If the majority of the people of Algadones vote to petition Kinglet to be included in the Algadones Nation; then Algadones will offer the government of Kinglet the Algadones government’s World Standardized Nation Inclusion Petition or offer.

3. NIP
The World’s Standardized Nation Inclusion Petition or offer with proposals of what the petitioned nation can expect is next presented to the newly established World Peace Organization for approval.
The WPO approved Nation Inclusion Petition with proposals of what the petitioned nation can expect, can then be submitted to the petitioned Nation by either the World Peace Organization or the Petitioner Country.

4. Popular Vote of the Petitioned Country
Once Kinglet gets the petition, the people of Kinglet have a mandatory vote on the decision to become a state, region or province of Algadones or whatever designation the Petition states.

5. Acceptance or Declination
If Kinglet votes ‘Yes’ then those two countries draw up an agreement to have Kinglet become part of Algadones.
If the vote in Kinglet shows only one region or area of Kinglet wants to join Algadones then another vote should be taken to see if the country will allow that region to secede and join Algadones. If that vote is ‘Yes’ then it will be up to the seceded region and the petitioner work out that agreement based on the Two Country Consolidation Treaty.
If the majority of the people of Kinglet vote ‘No’ then nothing further can be done.

6. New Country Boundaries
Once the TCCT is ratified by the WPO the new Country definition can be accepted into the UN, assuming the country is a candidate for the UN or is already a UN member.

Note: Ideally the WPO will be made up of five former Nobel Peace Prize recipients from varying countries.
The TCCT can be drafted using input from various countries’ Secretaries of State.

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Military Budget

                      The Absurdity of the US Military Budget

I’d like to state that there were several times the military came to me to ask how they could spend more money.  I had to come up with ideas to increase the military budget, which is something I’m totally against.  Sometimes I thought it was a dream, or, a game, or, I thought it was hypothetical, so I would help them by thinking of really absurd ways to spend money.  It didn’t seem real.

One year, I thought up the complete, utterly insane money suck of a weapons system in space.  We called it Star Wars.  The game was spending money and this thing fit the bill and surpassed their wildest dreams.  This happened during the Regan presidency.  (It had nothing what-so-ever to do with Mr. Lucas’ epic masterpiece.)  Of course, a few days later when I was awake and not drugged and in my own mind, so to speak, I heard about the proposal and I thought it was ludicrous.

One year I thought of building a desalinization plant.  I think now, and thought back then, that getting drinking water out of the ocean would be important in the future so I thought it may be a worthwhile endeavor.  The people in Satanic churches that are in the top brass in the US Military didn’t want to build it near the ocean, which was the smartest thing they could have done, because we could use more fresh water on the West Coast.  Instead they built it in the dessert in Yuma, Arizona.   Later I came up with the word ‘desalting plant’ because several Army personnel  couldn’t pronounce desalinization.   When I was told they wanted to lower the salt content of the water that flowed into Mexico, I suggested pumping ground water to add to the salty water to lower the salt content and then pump that water back into the Colorado instead of spending millions on a desalinization plant in the middle of the desert.  But, since the name of the game is spending money, they built the plant and ran it for a few days until they saw that the output was purer than they hoped for, and then the plant was shut down.  The plant has been sitting idle for 30 years.  Once the powers that be were satisfied with the results, they started pumping ground water and adding it back into the Colorado, which is what I asked them to do in the first place, and they told me that was impossible.

(The wastewater from the operation in Yuma, and from the brackish canals, is pumped into a stream that is supposed to go into the Gulf of California; but it’s my guess most of the polluted water makes its way to the New River which flows north to the Salten Sea.  The Salten Sea has become so polluted, fish can’t survive and birds are dying.)

Another of my suggestions are Drones.  For those who don’t like Drones, the US Military will tell you the only alternative is manned jets.  I prefer Drones.  Of course, I’d prefer all countries would open lines of communication so spying would not be necessary.   That way all countries could cut back on their military and save loads of money.   Think Peace.

The US government must abandon its policy of tolerance of the Satanic church in the military.

In the face of all these ‘Fiscal Cliffs’ (more like fiscal speed bumps – if you ask me) the Military will insist their budget be high.  They will tell the American people a large Military budget is the only way to ensure our safety.  That’s because the Satanic churches that operate within the military can siphon as much money as they need to wreak havoc on any country they choose, including the United States.  The only way to ensure safety is to show other countries some respect.

My eBook, ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen’, explains what they’ve been up to.

*One of the people who kept me as a slave and prisoner all of my life was a Major General John Alexander in the NSA.  Deeta explained to me about people who go into positions of power, not to help others, but because they enjoy watching suffering.  Some people join organizations like the police because they think they may have an opportunity to do some good, but they quickly find out things don’t work that way, and they’re but a tiny minority in a huge government syndicate.  At any rate, since I had a connection to Army Intelligence I would, from time to time, be abducted and asked questions by my own government.  At times I was happy to help, after all, who doesn’t love her homeland.  One time I was asked to help get some men out of a country that was going to kill them because they were US sympathizers.  I suggested disguising them as a film crew and we went into great detail as to the logistics of how to get these men to the United States. This operation was recently declassified.  From time to time when the US Intelligence agencies had a job they couldn’t figure out, John would come to me for advice, and that’s how they knew to come to me for money SPENDING ideas.

So much of my life was while I was in a trance and drugged and then tortured to forget.  Sometimes I was tortured into coming up with ideas.

We MUST get out of the Middle East.  We MUST stay out of other country’s affairs.

Many people in the Congress will object to cutting back on the Military because they are in Satanic cults and expect to see World War III with more casualties than we’ve had in all our wars put together.  The Tea Party was started as a tax dodge and a money collection scheme designed to topple the government, discredit President Obama and make him look bad, and they want to help the US get into World War III.  They should be tried for treason.  I remember the conversation I had with some of their supporters when I named them.  John Alexander confirmed my suspicion was right that Satanists were anxious to have a black man in power when they brought down the government.  He also said President Obama is surprising them all because they haven’t been successful.  He said he thought Obama was smarter than he was, and that’s saying a lot, John wasn’t one to give compliments and John was always certain he was the smartest one in the room.  Except for General Robin Rand, John thought Robin was smarter than he was.

Once again the Tea Party should be its own party, not associated with Republicans, and they should be tried for treason.  The Tea Party and their affiliates should be charged with tax fraud.

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to AF Gen. Robin Rand

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to AF Gen. Robin Rand


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Adam Levine and Russell Crowe


My Most infamous Achievement -

I didn’t know it, but, I starred in a record shattering video called the Dream.  I was drugged and told Adam Levine’s visit was a dream.  I ask you, ladies, if Adam Levine visited you in a dream and wanted to make love to you – you’d do it, wouldn’t you?  Of course you would, you’re not stupid!  I’ve never seen the movie, because it freaked me out that something like that was out there on the internet and I had no control and NO memory of it.  I lament my decision to deny the film because I may have remembered Adam sooner.  Now that I remember that interlude, I think the video may be so hot because we were genuinely into pleasing one another.  We MADE love.  If you don’t remember it – it was the film with the big splash in it, it was out about 13 years ago.

 Taping my every private moment and selling it as porn was another despicable way my now ex-husband and his cult abused me as a slave.

As crazy as this sounds, Adam had Russell Crowe check on me after Songs About Jane came out and I didn’t get in touch with him.  Russell recognized me from the ‘Dream.’  He was very complimentary.  This was another scenario in my life that was surreal.  I asked if I were dreaming and Russell said no, so I asked if I could pinch him,  Russell said, “Aren’t you supposed to pinch yourself?”  I answered, “What fun would that be?”

Russell wanted to do something for Adam as a present for helping him with his music.  Yes, Russell Crowe has a band.  His songs are pretty good.  Russell said he enjoys his band and his music very much.  Russell said Adam was very distraught that he hadn’t seen me in so long he was beginning to forget my face.  So we thought making a copy of the video and getting a few still photos off of it might help.  I wasn’t sure Russell was right and said once he gets home and sees the video he’ll realize he was mistaken and it wasn’t me.  I  was wrong.

At one point in our conversation Russell apologized for being distracted.  He said on his way over to my house his manager called and told him some publication printed that he was the most overpaid actor in Hollywood.  At first I said, “Good for you!”  That was obviously the wrong reaction.  I asked who did that kind of reporting, anyway?  I suggested someone might have printed that just to see how he would react.  I said the paparazzi were worse than whores, since whores ask if you want to get f__ked.  I commended Russell for his righteous struggle against the paparazzi.  Russell suggested it may be that battle that has him labeled as Hollywood’s bad boy.  I think he’s right, because if you ask me, that shoe doesn’t fit.  I said I wouldn’t let the ‘overpaid’ comment bother me.  Russell said his problem was he didn’t know how he would react when someone said something about it.  I told him I would just say, “Jealous?”  Russell laughed.

What Russell did for me was supreme altruism.

Russell left my house unharmed, I hope.  I also hope publishing these eBooks and blogs affords Russell, Adam, Lucas and my daughters a modicum of protection.

At any rate, I’m telling you this as a preemptive strike – ‘the Dream’  video was of Adam and me.  I still haven’t seen it.  I remember the love-making (whew!), but not the film-making.  Adam had the cult take it off the market because even though they distorted his face, the judge could tell it was him by his tattoos.  He told the judge I couldn’t defend myself, so he wanted it gone.  He was right and I thank him.  Adam’s a true knight in shining armor.  I pray I get to see him again.

The internet is littered with so many of my unauthorized videos, including torture videos, filmed with cameras posted in my walls and NSA cameras acquired through Major General John Alexander that were posted in the cable box on the corner telephone pole.  My ex, his princess and his cult make obscene amounts of money by selling my intensely-private, intimate moments as porn.  Please, please don’t search for that video: I will keep you posted as to ownership and availability.  In the meantime, if you see any videos of me on the internet please notify your local police and the FCC and have them shut down, because profits from these videos are used for mass murder, murder, torture, rape and child pornography.

 if anything happens to any of these people you will know who was responsible.

Please read my eBook ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen’ for information on how my ex-husband’s NJ cult works.

Note: My philosophy, thoughts, poems for Adam Levine and Lucas, and stories of writing with Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon are in my eBook, ‘Garden of the Light’ by Grace Gardener.

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Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament

Grace Campion Gardener

514 Americas Way # 3212, Box Elder, SD 57719

                                 January 31, 2014


When I left my home to travel in my little old RV, I thought I would be on the road for about a year.  I was very wrong.  I knew I should have as little contact with my daughters as possible because I assumed the people who kept us prisoners would want to know where I was by torturing my daughters.  I gave them vague references about where I was.  I thought that once the cult found out they couldn’t get any information out of them they would stop torturing them.  John Alexander said it didn’t stop them – “They’ll never stop,” he told me.

When John Alexander came he confirmed that my daughters were being used as slaves just as I was, and that they’re routinely tortured in an effort to get them to hate me.  At this point my daughters are both in their 30s and that torture has never worked – and yet they continue it.  My youngest daughter, Liberty Jane, was even hit by a car traveling 40 miles an hour, as she crossed the street.  She was set up by the man who took her out on a date and the other who drove the car, and it was her father, Peter Mickelsen of Hopatcong NJ and his beloved princess Rita Denman of Succasunna NJ, who ordered the hit.  I still can’t get them to leave the area: every time I do the next time I talk to them they have no recollection of telling me that they would move away.  I can’t go and get them because we would all be killed.

Now that I know they get tortured every time I talk to them on the phone, it’s difficult to talk about anything, and I haven’t been calling and I know it hurts them.  Liberty and I were both very athletic and strong as children and now we’ve been crippled by her father and his cult.

I want everything I have (roughly $10,000) to go to them and their half sister, Miranda.  Alicia should be the executor. I would like to keep the rig in storage as it may come in handy for projects in the future.  I’d like to keep the couch and everything above it and any decorations in the rig as part of the rig, everything else can go to my daughters if they want it.

First my daughters Alicia and Liberty Mickelsen of Hoboken NJ, have to be rescued.  I believe AF Gen. Robin Rand has experience in that area and he should be the one to set the plan in motion.  He is a good man and a very intelligent officer.  The three of them should be considered national treasures.

There is one-hundred million currently offered as a bounty on me that won’t be paid.  I don’t think it exists, but any portion that does exist should go to Alicia and Liberty Mickelsen as that money is money we earned as slaves for the RAND Corp.  Also, I have money that has been put away for me by several celebrities, songwriters and musicians;  that I would like to be used by Alicia and Liberty to open a non-profit that will create labs to test our food supply, drugs and supplements: and possibly to send up a satellite over the North Pole where there are microwave towers breaking up the polar ice caps.  Those are my priorities.

As far as  my daughters, Alicia and Liberty Mickelsen, and United States security – I’d like them to be consulted and use my book ‘the Conversation with Lynn Mickelsen’ as a guide.  They were taught by me since they were tiny children and so they will know the righteous path to take.  Also Gen. Robin Rand should be the major consultant as he has a wealth of knowledge in the field of war and terrorism.  World War III is boiling as we speak.  Between Gen. Rand and Alicia and Liberty Mickelsen the situation should be able to be defused in a timely manner.

Alicia and Liberty are abducted and used in torture and rape rituals.  They also are slaves for the RAND Corporation, the same corporation that used me as a slave.  They do the same work as I did, naming, consulting, script work, and advertising.  I don’t know if they do anything for the NSA or NASA, as I did, or anything in the field of science; but they are slaves and never receive a dime.  I would like the government to shut down the RAND Corporation for tax evasion and using slave labor.

I apologize for not seeing any of my daughters for so long, but it was their safety that I was concerned for.  I want them to know I love them more than life.  I am enormously proud of them.  I’ll be right here.


Grace Campion Gardener

AKA Lynn Mickelsen

# 3212 Box Elder, SD 57719  January 31, 2014

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If anything happens to me or my daughters – these are the people responsible:


 The devil is the king and queen of the cult.  Rita Denman of Succasunna, New Jersey, is the elder princess.  And  Peter Mickelsen of Hopatcong New Jersey is the elder prince

Rachel Simon previously of West Orange, New Jersey is the Princess.

Eric Gutermuth previously of West Orange, New Jersey is the new Prince

Rita orders monthly tortures, druggings, beatings and rapes.

Peter murders and rapes both for his own enjoyment and to carry out the wishes of Rita and the cult.

Many of the crimes are on tape.  The tapes used to be kept in a false wall in the back of Rita’s basement.  This information was posted on a website that was taken down by the cult so they must have moved this critical information by now.   The tapes and pictures and army intelligence torture drugs, date rape drugs and sodium pentothal are important evidence because they corroborate these allegations.


According to John Alexander, together the cult is responsible for to thousands of rapes, thousands of  psychological and physical disorders,  countless victims with permanent brain damage, and thousands of murders, with over a hundred of these are teenage suicides.  Rita says she is responsible for all the teen suicides in North Jersey for the Past forty years.   Babies are sacrificed to Peter to be raped and tortured.  This continues for all of that child’s life.  If they don’t accept evil they are killed.

Both Rita Zot Denman and George Denman’s Parents were in the cult.  They were chosen to marry as soon as it was determined Walter Denman would not be the cult Prince.  The Zot and Denman Parents all died in their early fifties.

Those who question them are killed.

Their cult symbol is a swastika.  Their goal is world domination but they do not want to stand out or be famous.   Rita says Peter and she rule all of North Jersey.


***  Rita and George Denman and their children Celeste and Leigh.  3 Elmwood dr. Succasunna New Jersey  973-927-0167 

Rita is the Princess and George, Celeste and Leigh are her minions or “drones”. George, Celeste and Leigh are drugged and tortured into submission.

Rita works from home.  George’s work address was The Oxford Group, 1055 Parsippany Blvd. Suite 406, Parsippany, New Jersey 07054. 973-316-8111

These people will not be helpful in an investigation.

Search for-

  • Keep torture, date-rape and other mind altering drugs, videos and photos of rapes and tortures behind a wall in the back of their basement.
  • Has a cult meeting in their basement at 3:30am on the Friday of or the Saturday closest to the full moon.  Rita had double soundproofing put in her basement for these rape/torture Parties.
  • This incriminating evidence may have been moved since Rita told me about them.


Rita ordered hundreds of rapes and tortured many hundreds of women and children.  Caused permanent brain damage and irreparable mental harm.  She “helped” hundreds of teenagers commit suicide.

They have a cellar with double soundproofing –(That can be checked, I am sure) and a well.  May have a septic system as well.

Is the putrid princess of the cult.  She was born on April first.  This is nine months after satanic cults’ breeders day, July first.  She was bred to be the Princess.  She has something like seven brothers all bred to be the Princess but she was the only one who was female.  The brothers were never made prince.  Rita chose Peter to be her prince because she knew he was already a rapist and murderer.  All those years of breeding in the cult were for naught because Rita chose Peter.  Rita claims to love Peter.  She keeps him in line by shoving a cattle prod up his rectum, drugging him and telling him what to do.  This is some kind of mind control. To Rita it is love.

     Even though Peter has been to doctors on several occasions to cauterize his rectum because of the uncontrollable bleeding Rita has caused; he voraciously continues to follow her directives.

Peter has an IQ of somewhere in the nineties according to Peter.  Rita has made him her puppet.  She makes him kill at her whim.  She makes him want to kill his wife, she tells him his wife will never love him, she tells him not to love his wife or his children even though they love him, and then she shoves a cattle prod up his anus, drugs him, tortures him and he believes her.

And on and on.  He was so badly abused as a child it is easy for him to believe her.  It is easy for Peter to confuse anal rape with a cattle prod as love. Rita knew this when she first questioned him under sodium penithol.


     Rita herself was bred to be the Princess.  She does not know who her father is.  She is over six feet tall and both her Parents were under five two.  She thinks she is small.  But she is six one and four hundred pounds.  The fact that she was born on April first, nine months after breeders day (Oct. 1st), should tell her something.  She told Lynn that her daughter was expected to be the next Princess and so she was repeatedly raped and tortured.  Lynn pointed out to Rita the same thing must have happened to her.  That was the first time Rita ever heard or thought of that.

     Rita was thankful though, once she figured out what Lynn said, that she had been raped so many times because now she hated sex and hated every one and hated herself and that made her a perfect Princess, she said.

     Her brothers were not appreciative of her choice of Peter Mickelsen as the prince.

     Rita had to keep everyone happy with Peter and hating Lynn.  That is her full-time job.  She loves Peter so that was a mission of mercy and she hates Lynn so she has to have everyone see Lynn as she does.

     Keeping her prince, Peter, hating his wife Lynn using torture and drugs is her life-long joy and mission.

Everyone in the cult knows Rita cannot make a mistake.  She is perfect.  If she hates Lynn — everyone must hate Lynn.  She went so far as to have someone posed as Lynn in northeast Maryland.(See the other Lynn)  If she loves Peter everyone must love Peter.  If she is a murderer everyone is a murderer.  If she is a rapist everyone is a rapist.  If she hates herself –everyone has to hate themselves.

Rita called Lynn before her death to tell her she was going to have her minions kill her by dissecting her while she was alive.  She went on to tell her why.

(see campaign to discredit Lynn) link at end of paragraph


In the process Rita told Lynn all about the cult and the cult’s activities.  She told Lynn the names of all the members that Lynn knew and a handful of the murders.  She told Lynn about the history of the cult and of all cults.  Rita told Lynn she was the Princess of the cult and what that meant and how she became the Princess.


Rita said she loves to hear the screams of “youn’lins’” ,  she strips up plastic insulation off of an extension cord and uses the cord to torture infants.

She did this with Peter and Lynn’s children and all the children who were born to the people who were in the cult.  She did this with her own children.

Rita hates her husband George.  She hates her children.  She hates herself.  She was born and bred to marry Walter Denman, the older brother of George Denman.  Walter was not evil enough to become the prince of the cult so a campaign began on to have Walter commit suicide.  When that did not work Walter was allowed to live until Rita decided he should die.

(see the death of Walter Denman) link at end of paragraph


The reason Rita has so many brothers is because her family was the one who was supposed to have the Princess and Rita’s mother had to keep trying to have a girl.  One of Rita’s brothers should have been made prince if Walter was not going to be the prince.  Both Walter Denman’s family and Rita Zots family have been in the cult for so many generations and have been faithful followers and that the cult felt they were expected to have children who would be good as leaders of the cult.

The tests that they do periodically on the children of the cult turned out that Walter would not be a good prince.  But the family Denman should have someone marry Rita so George, Walter’s younger brother was chosen to marry Rita.  Rita married George as part of her Princess duties but felt nothing but hatred toward him.  She had two children with him but felt that since George was so stupid and ordinary that the children would not be expected to be anything special in the cult.

Rita has been told she is the most evil Princess ever and from her litany of murders, rapes and tortures perpetrated on infants, babies, children and women: I would tend to believe her.

Rita hated Lynn from the moment she saw her with the passion for hate that was instilled in her since infancy.  If Peter were to marry, he should marry her.  But Peter chose Lynn.

I don’t know what Rita’s position in the cult is at this point.  The new Princess, Rachel Simon was probably installed as Princess very recently and I don’t know how that affects Rita’s position.


***  Peter Mickelsen

  No house phone only a cell phone.  973-229-9975 and 973-229-9973.  12 Pebble Beach Rd., Hopatcong, New Jersey


I have separate pages on Peter because his crimes are so numerous.  He keeps mementos from his murder victims.  His house contains evidence, including photos or videos, drugs and mementos.

He has a cellar, a well and septic.

Guilty of multiple murders and many if not most of the violent rapes in New Jersey, Ate a toddler alive.


Peter’s parents raped him from infancy.  Peter’s father raped him while Peter’s mother watched.  Peter says he was the Boston strangler.  While this is almost impossible to believe I can not entirely rule it out because of his demonic nature.

When Peter was eleven years old his father was about to rape him, he picked up a chair and hit his father was it and went out and raped a neighborhood woman from his church.  When the police came to the door, his parents lied for him.  That was the first time he felt loved.

Knowing he could no longer rape in his own neighborhood he went to the train station and figured out that Boston was close enough that he could get there and back in one day.  This is what he said.  He may be delusional because he is a pathological liar and a serial killer; but he may or may not be the Boston Strangler.  His parents figured it out and asked him to stop.

      After that he went to the Baptist Church and was baptized.  He felt that would take away his sin.  He felt he was not going to rape or murder again.

      When Peter became old enough to go to college his father wanted him to go far enough away that he could live away from home because the neighborhood did not like having a rapist in their midst.  So he went to Montclair State and that is where he met Rita Zot (now Denman.)

      She immediately recognized Peter as an evil soul.  She took him to her cult, drugged him and did her soul exam on him.  He talked about the rapes of the old women when he was the Boston Strangler.  Rita loved that.  He did not tell her about the murders was since he had been baptized and he felt that he had been forgiven for those.  This was all under truth serum.

Rita, never heard of the Boston Strangler and didn’t know he was also a murderer; but that would have made him all the more attractive.  Rita decided she loved Peter and wanted him for her prince and began a campaign to get him to want to marry her and be her prince.


But; to Rita’s consternation, Peter chose Lynn.


So Rita and Peter began the most bloody campaign in cult history, to kill and torture everyone involved with Lynn.


The cult is a satanic religion.  You are supposed to have a “reason” to kill someone.  This cult has decided the word “reason” is synonymous with the word excuse.

So everyone who knew Lynn, who liked Lynn, was tortured and most of them were killed.  Peter did this at Rita’s command thinking this was the only way he could get Lynn to marry him, because that is what Rita said.  He killed everyone in his path even though he was expected to kill Lynn on their wedding night at Rita’s command.

As all of her family and friends died Lynn was tortured and mind controlled into marrying Peter.


*** Randy and Barbara Simon of  West Orange New Jersey,   (May Be 325 park Place West Orange NJ)

Randy worked for O’Hara Construction.  Randy had a heart attack when he was 39.  Rita says they have big plans for the Simon’s middle daughter, Rachel. 


Rachel Simon will be the next Princess.

May have information buried in their walls.  Randy is in construction.

Their children Peter, Rachel and their youngest daughter, should be tested for date rape drugs and for brain damage and emotional abnormalities.  All the children have been repeatedly tortured and raped.








Dot Zot of Bergen or Passaic County.  Rita’s mother.


Dr. Lee Suckno  973-627-8915  170 E. Main St.  Suite 202 Rockaway New Jersey 07866 – probably the most insidious and despicable members of the cult.

Is the psychiatrist for the cult?  He prescribed medications known to cause suicide in young people.  He HAS two sets of books and client rosters. He told me this.


He didn’t come to see Liberty when she felt like she was going to kill herself.  A post hypnotic suggestion placed there by Peter and Rita.  He said he didn’t come because Peter told him it was too late.  I questioned that then he said Peter said I was making more out of it than it was.  Two totally different, cover his ass answers, because he knew all along killing Liberty was the goal.

Doesn’t believe rape is a crime.  Thinks all women want to be raped.  When I told him Peter was a rapist and a murderer he wouldn’t listen. “A rapist is one thing, and who knows if it’s rape, rape isn’t so bad, what he did to you and your daughters may or may not be rape since you are married, but murder is another and just put it out of my mind.”  I didn’t say the rape was on me.  How did he know that?

He’s the psychiatrist; doesn’t he know that is impossible?

Guilty of rape, multiple murders and eating a toddler alive


*Jane Reckenwald confirmed he was in the cult.



Anthony M Abore a lawyer from Ledgewood New Jersey, offered information that Peter was raping my daughters without being asked. Said they saw Peter rape my girls during his “shows” but would never give Peter up and I could not use them as a witness because the cult would kill them if they went up against Peter.

Succasunna NJ

The Lawyer for the cult.  Protects those who rape and murder. Doesn’t believe rape should be a crime. Said what I am doing is slander.

 Probably has 2 sets of books, and client rosters.

Saw me and all my daughters raped by Peter.  Said if I want to bring Peter up on charges for raping my daughters he wouldn’t stand in my way. Then he recognized who I was from my “sex show” and the whole tenor of the meeting changed.


*Jane Reckenwald confirmed he was in the cult.



Sergeant Allen of the Roxbury police department knew that Peter was raping my daughters. Would never give Peter up.  Rape shouldn’t be against the law.  Raping your dogs is not against the law because dogs are animals and we can do anything we want to our animals.  Said it is not against the law to rape your wife.  He stopped every subsequent investigation by saying I was being vindictive.

Guilty of murder, rape and cover-ups.

*Jane Reckenwald confirmed he was in the cult.


Dr. Lavenburg an Eye Doctor Bear Delaware


Stuart Leeds, the psychologist Parsippany New Jersey  973-257-9000 x 24  I believe he is the psychologist for the cult. He is the one who sent me to Anthony M Abore, the cult’s attorney.  May have 2 sets of books, and client rosters.


Dr. Green, a neurologist in the Hackettstown New Jersey area.  All of the torture and abduction drugs the cult uses cause neurological side effects.  this guy is important because if your ailment is cult caused he’ll make you feel crazy for complaining.


The Skylands Medical Group – Landing New Jersey,   One or more of those Doctors are in the cult.

Peter Wolf, a PR guy from the Verona New Jersey Area.

Jane Rectenwald  Morris County DA

The Morris County DA Office Manager worked for the cult until at least 2001 or  2002.

Thinks all women want to be raped.  Had a program put on her computer so every time Peter’s name came up for investigating she would be the one to take the case.

She said it came up so often she was beginning to wonder what kind of man she was protecting.  But she didn’t question them.

The man responsible for computer investigations in the Morris County DA’s office.

The Following Members knew Peter is a murderer and rapist and made up stories or gave the cult reasons to torture me so I would forget the terrible things Peter told me about his murders and rapes.

Each is guilty of multiple  counts of aggravated assault and they all are accomplices to murder.

Beate Gutermuth  address unknown probably living in Montclair, married name unknown. Beate is a new cult now.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder.



Carol Gutermuth  was living in Landing New Jersey last name Denman.  Re-married and moved to the mid-west.  Is also complicit in the murder of Walter Denman.

LKP 414-427-8863

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder. Ate a toddler alive




Joanna Gutermuth – Last Known Address or phone number- 19 prospect Pl,  West Orange 07052  – 973-731-0321

Mother of the new prince Eric.  Peter is his father.

 Had me tortured for many things I did not do.  Voted that I should be killed at age 29 a few months after the wedding. Said what I am doing is slander.

 Saw me and all my daughters tortured raped by Peter.

 Have been protecting Peter since they were nineteen, or younger.

 Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder.  Ate a toddler alive

Stefan and Jan Gutermuth 299 S. Hillside Ave.  Flanders, New Jersey 07836    973-584-3529


Carol and Ron Kinney, 16 Plymouth in   Yardley Pensylvania 19067  215-493-3458

started their own branch of the cult when they moved from Succasunna to Yardley.

Saw me and all my daughters tortured raped by Peter.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Ate a toddler alive



Roger and Sue White,

Rita thinks their son is Peter’s son.

Had me tortured for many things I did not do.  Susan had me tortured for giving her a five dollar barrette for her birthday.  I heard her talking about it during the torture.

  Voted that I should be killed at age 29 a few months after the wedding.

Peter is the father of their son.

Have been protecting Peter since they were nineteen.

Gave their daughter a seizure disorder using drugs and torture.  * Rita told me this.

Helped to try to kill me.  Guilty of rape and murder.

Judith Mollis – Massage therapist -

378 Millburn Ave.  973-763-1189

Had me tortured for many things I did not do.  Voted that I should be killed at age 29 a few months after my wedding to Peter. I heard her say she was having me tortured because she asked my opinion about what dress to wear to an Italian wedding.  I told her she should probably wear something other than a black dress.  So she had me tortured for giving my opinion after she asked me for my opinion.  Any answer would have gotten me tortured. 

Had me tortured over a dozen times including — Judith also had me tortured because she asked me to pick her up from the plastic surgeons at 1PM and after I waited for over an hour they told me Judith just had surgery and she wouldn’t be allowed to leave until 6PM so I asked Peter to pick her up on his way home.  That too was a setup.  Every conversation I ever had with Judith, because I thought she was my friend, were turned into reasons for torture.

  • Rita told me that I was scheduled to be sacrificed that night.

Saw me tortured by Peter. 

Has been protecting Peter since she was nineteen.  She said she believes everything he says.  Will go to the grave protecting him.

Rita said Judith is indispensable to the cult because she is so stupid she will do anything the cult requires.  Judith cleans up the children brought in for rape rituals.  They use styptic powder.

Judith said she would never have children because she doesn’t want to give them up to the cult.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder.

Judith ate a toddler alive

Jack McArdle, JR., Livingston, NJ– and his rents and friends. –  Jack lives with his rents in Livingston.  He works for Prudential in Florham park NJ

Had me tortured for saying that now that he was in his forties he might want to think about moving out of his parent’s house.


Had me tortured for Saying Bruce Springsteen played at my prom. (which he did, by the way)

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder  and rape.

Ate a toddler alive


Frank Giselli of UnitedTrust Bank now PNC Bank in Bridgewater New Jersey,

 John and Monica Anderson 9 Haynes Dr., Bloomfield New Jersey  07003 – 973-893-0031 members for about 12 years.

Work is Black Watch Productions 49 Murray St., NYC 10007 212-349-0869

Bring a continuous stream of victims to be tortured at the hands of the cult.  Had me tortured to see my “sex show,”  and again because I got hungry at his bar-be-queue.

Saw me and all my daughters tortured and raped by Peter.  All while knowing Peter is a murderer and rapist.

Will protect Peter because they want friends.

Continued to protect Peter even after they found out he had been lying about me in order to have reasons for torture.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder. John Raped Liberty.

Rita states John and Monica brought more new members than anyone else ever had.


Jay McDermott – Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Raped and tortured Liberty and our daughter Miranda.

Tortured me.


Yvette and Kevin O’Connell – 973-743-9344 – 36 Madison St.  Glen Ridge New Jersey 07028  members for about 12 years, brought in by the Anderson’s.  Go to the meetings to be tortured. They bring their daughter to be raped and tortured.  They have a daughter who should be tested for drugs, rape and brain damage.  Saw me and all my daughters tortured and raped by Peter.  They may have pictures of Peter raping their daughter.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Raped Liberty.



Carolyn and Mark Dacey 291 Pines Lake Dr. E., Wayne, New Jersey 07470-5008   973-839-7116

Carolyn works in NYC and Mark is a musician.

Had me tortured for many things I did not do.  Mark voted that I should be killed at age 29 a few months after the wedding.

Set it up so I could be raped at his house to conceive my daughter Liberty.  Rita felt that Liberty would be her’s if she was there at the conception. 

Had me tortured because he called me for advice of where to find dental tools and I forgot to mention it to Peter because Peter didn’t come home for several nights and I didn’t realize I was being tortured for every misstep.  I didn’t think it was important.  Peter also complained that I talked too much.

Saw me and all my daughters raped and tortured by Peter.

Will go to the grave protecting Peter.

They have a new son who should be tested for rape, torture and drugs.  Mark brings Carolyn so she can put on “sex shows.” * Rita told me this.

Rita said the cult wanted Mark to marry Carolyn so they could all rape her.

  Carolyn is a sister of someone in the cult a musician in one of Mark’s bands, and was scheduled to marry Mark since she was born.  Mark is not “supposed” to be famous because that would draw too much attention to the group.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder.  Mark and his brother-in-law Raped Liberty.

Donna Mangeot, 3403 Londonderry Dr.  Greensboro NC 27410  336-288-0590

She thought I was calling her from the grave.

She told me she voted that I should be killed at age 29 a few months after the wedding.  She apologized for that.

Saw me and all my daughters raped and tortured by Peter. Had me tortured for many things I did not do.

Has been protecting Peter since she was nineteen when Peter raped her.  She did not report the rape.

Will go to the grave protecting Peter because she is afraid the cult will kill her.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder.

  • She has been out of the cult for 6 years or so and she now feels remorse for some of the things she did like eating a toddler alive.


Chris and Cheryl Ventor   24 Elm Pl., BERKLEY HEIGHTS New Jersey 07922

908-322-6036  Rita thinks their son Milo is Peter’s son and daughter Nina is expected to bear Peter’s child.

Had me tortured for many things I did not do.  She voted that I should be killed at age 29 a few months after the wedding.

Saw me and all my daughters raped and tortured by Peter.

Has been protecting Peter since she was nineteen.

Will go to the grave protecting Peter.

Cheryl had me find out what type of roofing I used on my house.  She said she wanted to use the same kind. She had me tortured because I wondered why she didn’t use the same kind. I heard her say that at the torture.  I heard people question it but no one stopped it.

Saw me and all my daughters raped and tortured by Peter.

Her children, Milo and Nina are at risk of brain damage and life-long mental illness.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Raped Liberty.

Nina is one of Peter’s favorite rape victims.

  • Her husband, Chris may not be as loyal to Peter.


Julie Popovitch  76  S. Salem St.  Dover New Jersey 07801  973-361-0628

Gave early onset Alzheimer’s to husband John using Rita’s drugs and torture.  Rita told me this.  She probably also tortured and drugged her daughter Collette.  Collette is expected to bear Peter’s child.  Julie is a Dover New Jersey welfare administrator and is the one who puts cult members on the rolls when Rita wants them to work full time for her.

Saw me and all my daughters tortured and raped by Peter.

Julie has been protecting Peter since she was nineteen.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – John.  Helped to have Liberty raped.



Roger and Sue White, 25 Holoham Dr. Plainsborough, New Jersey,   08536  609-750-0047.

Rita thinks their son is Peter’s son. She may be right.

Directly responsible for having me tortured three times that I know of.

They had their daughter drugged and tortured and she ended up getting seizures for many years after that.

They saw my daughters and me tortured and added to the reasons.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Roger raped Liberty while Sue encouraged him.


Steven Kerlinger (Buck Dilly) of Warren County was expected to become a LCSW and practice psychology, to help those teenagers who didn’t become evil, commit suicide.


Andy Goesling’s wife Allison of  Annandale or Bunville New Jersey,   Andy is the “drone.”  Bands he is in include Blue Sparks from Hell, Railroad Earth and Kings in Disguise.  Allison is their sound person.


Jerry Baldwin of Warren County NJ


Tim Carbone of Warren County New Jersey,  Bands he is in include Blue Sparks from Hell, Railroad Earth and Kings in Disguise.


All of the Members of Blue Sparks from Hell, Railroad Earth and Kings in Disguise.


Jon Paris of NYC – Guitar Player


Tucker of Warren County New Jersey – lead singer for the Blue Sparks

Michael Nigro  Bethesda MD.  Mike poisoned his wife on their wedding night.  He tried to kill me and stabbed his friend “Stretch” to death when Stretch tried to stop him.

John McDermott of Randolph, New Jersey,   “Jay” was my first husband.

Joseph Lynch of Verona NJ

John and Penny Bellamy’s Parents, Port Morris, Roxbury Township New Jersey,

Phyllis Sperry and her mother of Port Morris, New Jersey,   Her son, Dan is supposedly Peter’s son.  Danny Sperry is on the cult’s hit list because he wasn’t evil enough.

John and Ramona O’Hara – Formerly of West Orange New Jersey,   He works for O’Hara and sons construction.  May now be in the same cult as Beate.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Raped Liberty.


The following are members whose names I don’t know –


Ann Marie Ward. Montclair  -Ward is her maiden name.  Supplies childhood stories as fuel for torture. Also belongs to the Upper Montclair Bowling Club.


Ellie or Eleanor ? From Prudential Florham Park


Beverly   From Prudential Florham Park

Dates Peter.  Her daughters are rape and torture victims.


Doc.  Brought to the cult by John Anderson.  I don’t know his real name.  He is in the hierarchy of the club. Rita said he supplies many of the drugs for the cult.

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Raped Liberty.


Any pharmacist currently under investigation for over ordering psychotics, hypnotics, date rape drugs and torture drugs.


Probably have past affiliations and/or information—


Sandy and Bob Cole LAST KNOWN ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER 93 Salmon St. Reading Ma 01867

617-942-0667?  Since they moved out of state they might not be a part of that particular cult any longer but may have information.

Voted to have me killed.


Margie and John Goetz – LAST KNOWN ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER   40 Indian Hill Rd., Medfield, MA 02052.  Margie is a very good friend of Rita Denman’s and Rita said she has no friends outside the cult.  They have children who are at risk.

Voted to have me killed.


Joseph Lynch  Verona NJ?

Helped to try to kill me.  Attempted murder – Raped Liberty.


Peter Mickelsen’s Father and Sister know for a fact Peter is a rapist and murderer – both told me this.  They live in Beaver falls Pensylvania,

Sister Betsy Miller –3224 5th Ave.   724-847-0279

Anton Edward Mickelsen. Peter’s Father Covered for Peter for many, many  years – since he was 11.

1220 9th Ave.    734-847-3572 . he has been protecting  Peter for 45 years but may reconsider since he is now in his 80s, and my want to confess.

They both believe Peter is the Boston Strangler and have known since that time that he is a murderer and rapist.  They have been protecting him since he was eleven.



Probably have information—



Those with additional information –

* Linda used to live across the street at 541 Main St. Landing New Jersey saw the person Peter hired to come and kill me.  she saw him try to get in the house and then chase me around the front porch trying to get to let him in.  she called the police.

Peter was angry and said I should have let him in it would be the thrill  of a lifetime for the “kid”.  He wanted to kill Linda for calling the police.




Morristown DA’s Office Anthony Mauceri 973- 829- 8403  – Knows about Jane Reckenwald and the cases she took from him.  He and Jane both believed me but Anthony Mauceri was trying to help when she stopped him.


Note       I am probably not spelling Jane Reckenwald  correctly.

 Eric Gutermuth and Rachael Simon, both originally from West Orange are now the Prince and Princess of the Cult. Sorry Eric and Rachael.

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