Garrison Keillor made a Prairie Home Companion – the movie

Garrison Keillor raped Lindsay Lohan while we were making a Prairie Home Companion – the movie. Lindsay’s mother told Garrison it was okay. I found this out while she was giving Lindsay a pill. Evidently her mother thought that by pimping Lindsay out, that would get her jobs in Hollywood. That’s an antiquated notion. Many producers and directors will sleep with actresses but that’s not how actresses normally get jobs. Once you’re established, as Lindsay would have been because she did an excellent job in the film, she would have gotten more jobs, and allowing Garrison Keillor to rape her at such a young age was just meaningless. Lindsay’s mother was keeping her on drugs. After Garrison raped her, he cut her vagina and she was bleeding so badly that I wanted to call the cops and the ambulance. Lindsay’s mother stopped me because I was also going to out her has Lindsay’s pimp. Lindsay didn’t know what to do because she didn’t want to get her mother in trouble but she was in pain and very confused by what had just happened.

The producer and the other director, Robert Altman, didn’t want me to call the cops because we would’ve lost one of the major players in the film and our set. Very, very sad but true.

So I sent out for maxi pads for Lindsay, and as they say, the show must go on.

Let me tell you a little something about Garrison Keillor. He thinks he is a god. He told everyone, including Lindsay’s mother, that he could advance our careers. Garrison didn’t know who anyone in the cast was. The people in the cast of A Prairie Home Companion, which was being filmed on their soundstage, were Woody Harrelson, Tommy Lee Jones, Garrison Keillor, Kevin Kline, Lindsay Lohan, Virginia Madsen, John C. Reilly, Maya Rudolph, Meryl Streep, and Lily Tomlin. To not know who Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Kline or Lily Tomlin are and say you’re in show business is insanity. He really had almost no idea of who Meryl Streep was except that he knew he had heard the name before.

Garrison said, “You must be 25, all wrinkled with saggy skin. I don’t like women over 20.” He said, even Meryl Streep’s daughter, was too old for him. I spent so much time yelling at Garrison that Meryl kept dragging me off trying to keep me from getting fired. I know that men who are sexually molested by their mothers are told that they are gods. There also taught not to have sex with anyone over the age of puberty, the only exception being their mothers. Garrison was also taught that women and girls should not like sex and part of his reason for being was to make sure they didn’t. This is the common profile of a pedophile. Lindsay cried and shook as she described sex with him and I kept explaining to her, she had been raped.

What Garrison does is he tells very young girls he can advance their careers and then after he defiles them in the most disgusting way then he cuts their vaginas and sends them home, and when they complain he says he’ll ruin their careers.

I’m glad he’s out of show business. He claimed he was being a good Lutheran by making sure girls become women who don’t like sex.

What I had planned to do after the show wrapped was, I was going to call the police and make a complaint. Garrison assured me no one would listen to me that, that was his town and they all knew him and went to church with him and they agreed with what he was doing.

When my memory got erased, not only did I forget doing the movie, but I forgot what happened to Lindsay.

In the script, one of the cast members of the radio show dies during the movie. Before that scene, Kevin Kline just found out that Lindsay had been raped and no one was doing anything about it. If you watch his reaction to being told about the cast member dying, you will see a very slow response time and a little bit of adlibbing because he was so worried about Lindsay. Also, in the scene where Lindsay and Meryl find out about the death, they both really cry. And then in one of the last scenes, Lindsay has to go and sit at a table with Garrison. She does an excellent acting job even though he was so disgusting she couldn’t look at him. In the very last scene when people are saying goodbye to each other on stage, Garrison Keillor just walks off.

Garrison grumbled the whole time about how rude Hollywood people are, but no one could stand to be near him or look at him because of who he was and what he did. Pedophiles will always blame others for their own disgusting behavior.

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I haven’t written because

I haven’t been writing because my disabilities caused by my ex-husband Peter Mickelsen of Hopatcong, NJ and his friends Rita Denman of Succasunna NJ, and Sam Walton (of Walmart, alive and well in Brazil) have rendered me unable to move.

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Exploding Rocket

Elon Musk Tweeted, “There was an overexposure event in the upper stage liquid oxygen tank data suggests counter intuitive cause.” In other words, the mission was sabotaged. At least they waited until the rocket was over the ocean – how kind of them. It’s stupid to think this was an accident.

Space Exploration Technologies owns Falcon 9, the supply rocket that just blew up. The company calls itself Space X. If I named it, the X would denote a company involved in home-grown terrorism. I know that the News likes to create News. It is my opinion that this third failed attempt to get supplies to the Space Station was planned. In fact, all three explosions were planned. It will make for very good News, like the time miners were trapped and attempts to free them were prolonged because the News was involved and the ratings were high. It sounds insane, I know, but the people who plan these things are insane.

If the Russians want to see their cosmonauts again they need to get them back themselves. I don’t trust any company with an X in its name. This is a very costly ratings game they’re playing.

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The last post about baby care was inspired by living next to a family of Mormons for two months, but I ended up writing about Isil. (I had also just seen a very disturbing documentary about the Isil child camps.) I’m going to try to correct that in this post.

All problems boil down to our treatment of our children. If we could only raise healthy adults we could end the world’s problems. Really! That statement is overly simple but stick around and hopefully you’ll get my drift.

My seemingly newfound obsession with childrearing, let’s not even call it abuse, is simply to point out that when we teach our children to blindly follow our instructions we take away their ability to think for themselves and to question what they’re being taught. Most of what we teach our children are things we were taught and we never questioned. I knew the Mormons encourage corporal punishment such as beating, sometimes whipping, and raping their children, but what I didn’t know was they don’t talk to their children. That is extreme neglect: and physical punishment mixed with extreme neglect is subtle mind control that makes for adults who can either be dominated or who want to dominate.

Not talking makes the babies’ brain like a clean slate, and that slate can be filled with any ridiculous notions the parent wants to program the child with: ideals like war, prejudice, rape, terror, stealing, hate and murder are okay if no one can see it and you don’t get caught. Girls in the Mormon, Satanic and Southern Christian Churches have to accept rape as a way of life, and that further demoralizes them.

I was watching Charlie Rose and a show about the Brain and Parenting. &Charlie had on a panel of psychologists talking about playing with and talking to babies. If you don’t talk to your babies they will have brain damage that can’t be undone. The study showed you had to start talking to your children before two years of age. That was the cut off and they showed pet scans of the brains of children whose parents interacted with them and those who didn’t. The interaction could be that you play with your children or read to them or cuddle with them and make them feel loved and included in your life. (Do not molested or rape them!) But simply talking to them makes them feel a part of your life and that’s what they want, they want to be a part of you. You can’t beat that connection into them.

Teach your infants how to communicate because older children feel the need to talk almost constantly if no one talks to them. Parents have the mistaken belief that if you talk to your child they will bore you by talking too much. Actually, the opposite is true. The more you talk to your child the less your child will feel the need to talk to you all the time, because she’s secure in the knowledge that she’s part of your life.

Since I live in my little 22-year-old RV I get different neighbors all the time. It’s very interesting meeting new people and I enjoy that. This past winter a young woman and three of her children would come over to visit her father, their grandfather, and they’d stay for four hours a day. There was one five-year-old boy, one 19-month-old girl, and one 7-month-old girl. The boy talked all the time – non-stop, and no one ever answered him. The 19-month-old girl cried all the time – non-stop, and it hurt my nerves because it was so unnecessary. The seven-month-old cried from time to time but she was sitting on her mother’s lap and got a bit of attention. Since there was only 12 months between the sisters it’s unlikely the middle sister got much lap time at a very young age. It was the 19-month-old girl who I worried about the most. Something was obviously wrong for four hours and neither the grandfather nor the mother ever asked that girl what was wrong. (RVs are parked very close to one another, so you hear everything) One day, after this had gone on for a month, the 19-month-old girl really screamed for two hours. She was in some kind of pain, not excruciating pain, I figured she had terrible diaper rash and was probably wet and in a good deal of pain. I kept thinking the grandfather just didn’t want to change the diaper, so I finally went over there because I couldn’t stand it anymore. The grandfather and the mother were both sitting in the trailer. The 19-month-old sat screaming on the floor. I was surprised to see the mother was there. So in short, there were two adults sitting quietly, doing nothing, in a tiny space that included a nonstop screaming toddler.

I asked what was wrong and the reply was they didn’t know, “She just screams like that.” I said, “But something’s wrong, she’s in pain or something, why don’t you ask her what’s wrong?” And the grandfather laughed at me and replied, “You can’t talk to a 19-month-old. They just cry for no reason.” I said they never cry for no reason. I asked the baby girl what was wrong and she looked at me with a blank stare. After I left the mother spanked the 19-month-old and left. The grandfather, who was 56 years old, came by to scold me for saying anything. He said his daughter was afraid I would try to take his grandchildren away and that they already had four children taken away. I said, “I wouldn’t try to get her children taken away, I just would like to hear her talk to her children.” I wouldn’t try to take her children away because there are some horrible, dangerous adults in the foster care system.

My mind was swimming after that. How can you be afraid someone will take children away and not alter the behavior that caused other children to be taken away from you? This was a good example of parenting our children the same way our parents treated us.

Every day after that I told the grandfather to tell his daughter to talk to her children. But she refused day after day after day. I’m sure she thought she was right and I was wrong. She got her parenting advice from the Mormon Church and Dr. Phil! (OMG people don’t get parenting advice from Dr. Phil – it’s like taking advice from the devil himself. Dr. Phil spends more time and money on lawsuits against people who’ve been on his show and had their lives ruined, than the staff he has working on the show. He’s a horrible, evil, greedy man.)

That Mormon mother essentially let that child know that trying to communicate was a painful thing. Trying to communicate got her hurt even worse than the pain that started her crying in the first place. No matter what that child did, no matter how hard she cried and screamed, no one would pay any attention to her. There was no way to get her needs met, and she learned that trying to get her needs met was wrong and punishable by “spanking.”

I saw no future for that child. Her grandfather and mother were both borderline retarded. They were teaching their child to be retarded, and by not meeting her needs, they were teaching her to be a sociopath. I could see only hardship in her future and emotional pain. What kind of life where they preparing her for?

So here’s the thing, if you have a baby and she cries – she’s crying for a reason. It’s up to you to establish communication. At around six weeks, the baby firms up from being a floppy new-born to being an infant, and her cries become very distinct. Try to say the words that help to understand what the cries are. Like, if her diaper was wet, I would say the words diaper and wet. For hunger I would say hungry or ba-ba and pretty soon she responded well when I said the words that corresponded with the particular problem.

By 19 months my daughters could talk. They could communicate in sentences. So for someone to tell me that talking to babies is impossible was very upsetting. Each time I would ask that the mother talk to her children I was met with, “You can’t talk to children until they learn to talk,” in a tone that let me know I was an idiot. No amount of logic or reasoning could change their idea.

The pet scans of the children who had no one to love them had very little brain activity. If the mother of those three children loves those children she needs to show them that she loves them. So I found the link to that Charlie Rose show about the Brain and parenting and wrote that down along with a note for her and gave it to the grandfather who said she was going to watch it. I hope she does – it will change her life dramatically, and save the lives and future of her daughters.

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Fear and Blind Hate

Millennium Without Fear

For a half a century I’ve been teaching people “spanking” a child isn’t necessary – even anger should be avoided.  I think it’s been working and I think the lack of severely emotionally crippled individuals, is shrinking the ability of evil to spread.  I know the News makes things look horrible but in actuality Intergenerational Churches worldwide aren’t able to sustain themselves because of the lack of severely abused children.  Without child abuse people aren’t mentally ill and emotionally incompetent, and they can make decisions for themselves.

Diehard extremism is losing its foothold.  Lack of viable members forces ISIL to steal children to indoctrinate.  Preteen boys and some girls are chained, imprisoned, beaten and raped into submission.  If a child is brutally raped and tortured and is told he or she wanted that, or deserved that, his or her mind protects that child by creating an alternate reality where killing and torture is okay: or the child feels a need to leave this life, because this life, the life he’s a prisoner of, is abhorrent to him.  Becoming a suicide bomber is a tempting way out.

Think Peace!

Translatable Version

Millennium Without Fear

For a half a century I’ve been teaching people hitting a child isn’t necessary and anger should be avoided.  I think it’s been working; and I think the lack of very emotionally or mentally handicapped people is lessening the hold of evil.  Recent events look like horror,  but there are less members of Churches of organized religions with hateful beliefs passed down from generation to generation, because the Churches can’t find enough people who were badly abused as children.  Without child abuse, people aren’t mentally ill; but instead, are emotionally able to make decisions for themselves.

Blind belief without thought is losing  its foothold.  Lack of mentally unstable members, makes ISIL steal children to torture into submission.  Very young boys and some girls are chained, imprisoned, beaten and raped until they do what they’re told without thinking.  If a child is viciously raped and tortured and is then told he wanted that, or did something to deserve that, his mind protects him by creating another reality where killing and torture is okay: or, the child feels a need to leave this life, because he’s a prisoner of a life he hates very much.  Becoming a suicide bomber is appealing.

Think Peace!

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Marlon Brando

I thought I’d write about something a little lighter for a change. A lot of you know that I spent a huge chunk of my life in Hollywood, so I felt it was about time I wrote about that, especially because I think it’s entertaining. It seems the mood of the blog’s been too dark. It irks me that Word Press won’t allow comments to my blog. C’est la vie.

I thought I’d tell you that my favorite actor to work with was Marlon Brando. I’ve told people that in the past and they say, “Marlon Brando?” But what no one remembers is before Talkies there were Silent Films and before that the Stage. Stage acting is very different from the Movies. Even TV acting is different. Brando came in right after talkies and single-handedly defined Movie Acting. Both Silent Films and the Stage you have to overact, but with films dubbed Talkies when they first came out, you really had the option of acting like a regular guy on the street, basically acting like you weren’t acting. It was Brando who first did that, if you watch On The Waterfront you’ll see what I mean.

Aside from being a genius at acting he was a really terrific person. He had his own perspective on everything and had enough money that he didn’t really care what anyone thought of him. Perhaps, deep down he did, but he never let on. I love that quality in a person. I think with all the abuse we suffer as children, and all the “shoulds” we hear all our lives, it’s very difficult to be true to what makes us happy, what makes us really content and joyful.

I thought I’d tell a little bit about being on the set of The Island Of Dr. Moreau. I didn’t have to work as an assistant director or anything, I just had to act as the half woman half cat character, so it was an easy gig. Val Kilmer was the main character and Dr. Moreau was played by Marlon Brando. We had to the island to ourselves, just a handful of actors, the director and the crew. We found ourselves with a lot of down time and no entertainment or restaurants.

Marlon wore a muumuu pretty much all the time. He loved them and said he felt so comfortable that he didn’t understand why people wore shirts and pants. I sometimes wonder that myself when I see dignitaries from Africa put on Western garb. I think, “What are they nuts?” It seems a little ridiculous. At any rate, Marlon loved hanging around in a muumuu and drinking wine. He brought his chef with him so almost every night I would wear my muumuu over to his area and we’d talk and drink wine and eat all night long. Even Val thought we were ridiculous and Val’s threshold for things out of the ordinary is pretty high. He was also more than a little intimidated by Marlon so I worked on him for a couple of days to get him to join us. All in all it was a very strange and wonderful experience. Very otherworldly.

The movie was strange enough, it’s about a scientist to splices animal genes into human genes, an idea that scares me and is undoubtedly being done privately on remote islands. (I think some of the characters in the movie were possibly results of those types of experiments.) I try not to think about it because it’s pretty disgusting: but the movie works well as a fantasy.

The moral of the story is the things we talked about were way outside of the usual dinnertable chatter. I belong to a club or two that the rules are you don’t talk about religion or politics and you don’t swear. How does anyone expect to cure the ills of the world without talking about religion or politics? Everyone has his or her comfort zone which was instilled in us by our parents. We probably have the same comfort zone as our parents had.

So I submit that probably 80% of you are thinking, “I would never lounge around all night on palm leaves dressed in a muumuu and drink wine and eat food with my hands (Marlon didn’t like utensils) along with two men dressed in muumuus. I would never swear and I don’t like people who do. I get upset and angry when I talk about politics; and anyone who’s not of my religion is just wrong and stupid. I don’t like talking to people who I KNOW are going to Hell. I don’t want to hear about other religions or meditation or anything my Reverend said is wrong.” So 80% of you would never do the things Marlon Brando and I did. (Just FYI: I worked with Marlon Brando on all of his movies beginning with a Streetcar Named Desire. I lobbied ferociously to use him in The Godfather and talked him into doing the movie The Freshman. I would consider him a good friend – without benefits – if you get my drift.) Marlin had an unusual, interesting way of thinking about EVERYTHING. I try to always listen to everything with an open mind, and I can always learn something that way. I can agree to disagree.

Without an open mind, you’re missing out on life. If you can get yourself upset and angry by talking, you’re just hurting yourself because you’ve closed your mind to all kinds of exciting opportunities and happiness.

Here’s a statistic that I just heard, in 1950, 80% of people thought interracial relationships were wrong and 20% thought it was okay. In 2015, 80% of people thought interracial relationships were okay and 20% thought it was wrong. Did interracial relationships somehow change? Or did attitudes change? And if attitudes can change that dramatically shouldn’t you, from time to time, reevaluate your judgment system. The anger that we feel about our judgment system being right, has to be dissolved away, probably through prayer or meditation. Don’t you owe it to yourself and to the world? What kind of world will we leave to our children.

I believe that if we, as citizens of the earth, can’t begin to talk about religion and politics, we may never be able to achieve World Peace.

Think Peace

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Train Tragedy 2

The findings regarding the crash so far corroborates my previous post.  I believe the engineer, Brandon Bostian, can’t remember the crash because he was drugged.  The hypnosis that makes someone do something like that includes a drug similar to truth serum.  They should test for that, not just self administered drugs and alcohol.  They may have to test Brandon’s bone marrow to find it at this point.  If you notice his social media reveals someone with the tendencies, the home-grown terrorists AKA “Little Harmless Fun Club,” were looking for – please see my previous post.  Then Brandon could be tortured and drugged and brainwashed into making the train go too fast around a curve.  They may have told him it would be cool to see the train do a wheelie, that way he would be concentrating on that and not possible devastation.  In fact, I know them so well I would say that’s exactly what they would tell him.  Someone should ask him that.  Again, the drugs they use when brainwashing (mind controlling) someone, cause amnesia of the actual event.

Remember Sirhan Sirhan didn’t remember killing Bobby Kennedy.  He didn’t remember being there at all even though he was apprehended in the act with the gun.  Sirhan Sirhan was a Bobby Kennedy fan, he said he loved Bobby.  What they do in a case like that is tell the person that shooting the person they love is the sincerest form of flattery.  The boy who shot John Lennon was told the same thing.

I remember being asked, a long time ago, did I think a train could pull a wheelie.  I said it would derail first.  The fella asking said he wanted to prove it could, and what conditions would cause it.  There was a lot of back and forth with me trying to make certain he didn’t have anything sinister in mind.  I said it would have to be going around a turn at twice the speed limit, but I thought it still wouldn’t work, and emphasized he should try it with an empty train on an abandoned track.  Once they found Brandon Bostian all they had to do was find a turn in the track.

By the by, a “Little Harmless Fun” isn’t that no harm is done, but that they don’t get in trouble and therefore no harm will come to them.

Since they own the News they can show the troubling pictures all day long if they want.

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