Fear and Blind Hate

Millennium Without Fear

For a half a century I’ve been teaching people “spanking” a child isn’t necessary – even anger should be avoided.  I think it’s been working and I think the lack of severely emotionally crippled individuals, is shrinking the ability of evil to spread.  I know the News makes things look horrible but in actuality Intergenerational Churches worldwide aren’t able to sustain themselves because of the lack of severely abused children.  Without child abuse people aren’t mentally ill and emotionally incompetent, and they can make decisions for themselves.

Diehard extremism is losing its foothold.  Lack of viable members forces ISIL to steal children to indoctrinate.  Preteen boys and some girls are chained, imprisoned, beaten and raped into submission.  If a child is brutally raped and tortured and is told he or she wanted that, or deserved that, his or her mind protects that child by creating an alternate reality where killing and torture is okay: or the child feels a need to leave this life, because this life, the life he’s a prisoner of, is abhorrent to him.  Becoming a suicide bomber is a tempting way out.

Think Peace!

Translatable Version

Millennium Without Fear

For a half a century I’ve been teaching people hitting a child isn’t necessary and anger should be avoided.  I think it’s been working; and I think the lack of very emotionally or mentally handicapped people is lessening the hold of evil.  Recent events look like horror,  but there are less members of Churches of organized religions with hateful beliefs passed down from generation to generation, because the Churches can’t find enough people who were badly abused as children.  Without child abuse, people aren’t mentally ill; but instead, are emotionally able to make decisions for themselves.

Blind belief without thought is losing  its foothold.  Lack of mentally unstable members, makes ISIL steal children to torture into submission.  Very young boys and some girls are chained, imprisoned, beaten and raped until they do what they’re told without thinking.  If a child is viciously raped and tortured and is then told he wanted that, or did something to deserve that, his mind protects him by creating another reality where killing and torture is okay: or, the child feels a need to leave this life, because he’s a prisoner of a life he hates very much.  Becoming a suicide bomber is appealing.

Think Peace!

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Marlon Brando

I thought I’d write about something a little lighter for a change. A lot of you know that I spent a huge chunk of my life in Hollywood, so I felt it was about time I wrote about that, especially because I think it’s entertaining. It seems the mood of the blog’s been too dark. It irks me that Word Press won’t allow comments to my blog. C’est la vie.

I thought I’d tell you that my favorite actor to work with was Marlon Brando. I’ve told people that in the past and they say, “Marlon Brando?” But what no one remembers is before Talkies there were Silent Films and before that the Stage. Stage acting is very different from the Movies. Even TV acting is different. Brando came in right after talkies and single-handedly defined Movie Acting. Both Silent Films and the Stage you have to overact, but with films dubbed Talkies when they first came out, you really had the option of acting like a regular guy on the street, basically acting like you weren’t acting. It was Brando who first did that, if you watch On The Waterfront you’ll see what I mean.

Aside from being a genius at acting he was a really terrific person. He had his own perspective on everything and had enough money that he didn’t really care what anyone thought of him. Perhaps, deep down he did, but he never let on. I love that quality in a person. I think with all the abuse we suffer as children, and all the “shoulds” we hear all our lives, it’s very difficult to be true to what makes us happy, what makes us really content and joyful.

I thought I’d tell a little bit about being on the set of The Island Of Dr. Moreau. I didn’t have to work as an assistant director or anything, I just had to act as the half woman half cat character, so it was an easy gig. Val Kilmer was the main character and Dr. Moreau was played by Marlon Brando. We had to the island to ourselves, just a handful of actors, the director and the crew. We found ourselves with a lot of down time and no entertainment or restaurants.

Marlon wore a muumuu pretty much all the time. He loved them and said he felt so comfortable that he didn’t understand why people wore shirts and pants. I sometimes wonder that myself when I see dignitaries from Africa put on Western garb. I think, “What are they nuts?” It seems a little ridiculous. At any rate, Marlon loved hanging around in a muumuu and drinking wine. He brought his chef with him so almost every night I would wear my muumuu over to his area and we’d talk and drink wine and eat all night long. Even Val thought we were ridiculous and Val’s threshold for things out of the ordinary is pretty high. He was also more than a little intimidated by Marlon so I worked on him for a couple of days to get him to join us. All in all it was a very strange and wonderful experience. Very otherworldly.

The movie was strange enough, it’s about a scientist to splices animal genes into human genes, an idea that scares me and is undoubtedly being done privately on remote islands. (I think some of the characters in the movie were possibly results of those types of experiments.) I try not to think about it because it’s pretty disgusting: but the movie works well as a fantasy.

The moral of the story is the things we talked about were way outside of the usual dinnertable chatter. I belong to a club or two that the rules are you don’t talk about religion or politics and you don’t swear. How does anyone expect to cure the ills of the world without talking about religion or politics? Everyone has his or her comfort zone which was instilled in us by our parents. We probably have the same comfort zone as our parents had.

So I submit that probably 80% of you are thinking, “I would never lounge around all night on palm leaves dressed in a muumuu and drink wine and eat food with my hands (Marlon didn’t like utensils) along with two men dressed in muumuus. I would never swear and I don’t like people who do. I get upset and angry when I talk about politics; and anyone who’s not of my religion is just wrong and stupid. I don’t like talking to people who I KNOW are going to Hell. I don’t want to hear about other religions or meditation or anything my Reverend said is wrong.” So 80% of you would never do the things Marlon Brando and I did. (Just FYI: I worked with Marlon Brando on all of his movies beginning with a Streetcar Named Desire. I lobbied ferociously to use him in The Godfather and talked him into doing the movie The Freshman. I would consider him a good friend – without benefits – if you get my drift.) Marlin had an unusual, interesting way of thinking about EVERYTHING. I try to always listen to everything with an open mind, and I can always learn something that way. I can agree to disagree.

Without an open mind, you’re missing out on life. If you can get yourself upset and angry by talking, you’re just hurting yourself because you’ve closed your mind to all kinds of exciting opportunities and happiness.

Here’s a statistic that I just heard, in 1950, 80% of people thought interracial relationships were wrong and 20% thought it was okay. In 2015, 80% of people thought interracial relationships were okay and 20% thought it was wrong. Did interracial relationships somehow change? Or did attitudes change? And if attitudes can change that dramatically shouldn’t you, from time to time, reevaluate your judgment system. The anger that we feel about our judgment system being right, has to be dissolved away, probably through prayer or meditation. Don’t you owe it to yourself and to the world? What kind of world will we leave to our children.

I believe that if we, as citizens of the earth, can’t begin to talk about religion and politics, we may never be able to achieve World Peace.

Think Peace

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Train Tragedy 2

The findings regarding the crash so far corroborates my previous post.  I believe the engineer, Brandon Bostian, can’t remember the crash because he was drugged.  The hypnosis that makes someone do something like that includes a drug similar to truth serum.  They should test for that, not just self administered drugs and alcohol.  They may have to test Brandon’s bone marrow to find it at this point.  If you notice his social media reveals someone with the tendencies, the home-grown terrorists AKA “Little Harmless Fun Club,” were looking for – please see my previous post.  Then Brandon could be tortured and drugged and brainwashed into making the train go too fast around a curve.  They may have told him it would be cool to see the train do a wheelie, that way he would be concentrating on that and not possible devastation.  In fact, I know them so well I would say that’s exactly what they would tell him.  Someone should ask him that.  Again, the drugs they use when brainwashing (mind controlling) someone, cause amnesia of the actual event.

Remember Sirhan Sirhan didn’t remember killing Bobby Kennedy.  He didn’t remember being there at all even though he was apprehended in the act with the gun.  Sirhan Sirhan was a Bobby Kennedy fan, he said he loved Bobby.  What they do in a case like that is tell the person that shooting the person they love is the sincerest form of flattery.  The boy who shot John Lennon was told the same thing.

I remember being asked, a long time ago, did I think a train could pull a wheelie.  I said it would derail first.  The fella asking said he wanted to prove it could, and what conditions would cause it.  There was a lot of back and forth with me trying to make certain he didn’t have anything sinister in mind.  I said it would have to be going around a turn at twice the speed limit, but I thought it still wouldn’t work, and emphasized he should try it with an empty train on an abandoned track.  Once they found Brandon Bostian all they had to do was find a turn in the track.

By the by, a “Little Harmless Fun” isn’t that no harm is done, but that they don’t get in trouble and therefore no harm will come to them.

Since they own the News they can show the troubling pictures all day long if they want.

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Philadelphia Train

May 13, 2015

What would home-grown terrorists want with Internet and electronic communications? These attacks, like the one on the train in Philadelphia today, are planned out by home-grown terrorists. What they do is collect data on everybody, because they see everybody as either a potential ally or enemy. They know what sites you visit, they know what food you eat, they know the type of clothes you wear. They know the games you play and can easily get on to your personal computer while you’re playing online and check out everything else they need to know about you. They know how and where you bank, thanks to Linked In they know where you work and who your coworkers are. Thanks to Facebook they know where you are and who all your friends are, you’ve probably even given them your friends address and current location. They can use all that information against you any time they want. They can intercept you, without you even knowing it. I know because I’ve been intercepted and abducted on a routine basis. Few people question it because witnesses are told, “She’s just drunk and we’re helping her home.” With drugs and electricity it’s easy to plant a hypnotic suggestion in under an hour.

If the Rand Corporation collects data, then when they see that you’ve taken up a videogame that includes murder, then they can go back through your past data and see if you have real tendencies in that area. They have fine tuned programs that sift through your data to pick out potential terrorists. I am certain to my marrow that’s what happened to those Boston Bomber boys.

Ever since the Internet’s inception they have been along on the ride to use it as a tool, I now this for a fact, I can now remember many conversations. Every time a new need opens up on the Internet the Rand Corporation will be sure they have one of their people in place programming in backdoors and other data collection/virus programs to go along with the latest craze. I know this because I was a key figure in the Rand Corporation. I was a slave to the Builder Berg Society. I keep saying who these people are, most of the corporations run by home-grown terrorists are peppered throughout this blog site.

Small pieces of rail missing (as in the recent subway derailment) and larger hunks of rail loosened along a curve, can do grave damage: if you’ve seen the pictures coming out of Philadelphia this morning then you know.

So what they’ll do is they’ll look through the list of people who are train engineers and then go through their profiles that they’ve determined from the data they gathered online and by phone, and they’ll find that one perfect engineer who appears to get pleasure from hurting people. Philadelphia becomes the next target. They’ll abduct him for a few hours, and get him to go faster on that section of track that they have other people all but dismantling. His bloodwork may come out with no drugs in his system, because they only look for self-administered drugs, like alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine.

I know something about brainwashing. In under an hour they can easily brainwash someone who has leanings in the direction they are heading. Like the pilot who flew into the side of the mountain last month. He was suicidal and probably spoke about it over the phone at least once. Murdock and his cronys can simply take him and give him some posthypnotic suggestions, and whammo, you’ve got a full-blown tragedy.

The thing of it is, everyone just says, “Isn’t that a tragedy?” The man was suicidal and he took several lives along with him. You can bet the tragedies that get the air-play have been orchestrated.

Now to Nepal. In the Conversation I have mentioned a few of the places that were targeted to have earthquakes and volcanoes. Kathmandu Nepal was told to me as one of the places, except, Rita Denman, of Succasunna New Jersey, told me, “one of the places would be the name of the song in or near the country where the Dalai Lama is from.” I didn’t figure out that riddle until after the earthquake happened. Kathmandu is an old song from the 1960s by Cat Stevens. The fact that so many people from Google were in the area has me troubled. Now there’s been another aftershock even stronger than the first earthquake, it didn’t do as much damage as the first earthquake simply because most of the buildings, that could be knocked down, had already been knocked down. It has become less rare to have aftershocks as strong as the original earthquake, which is proof these earthquakes were man-made.

What Rand, Google and Murdoch would have had to do was find the area on a fault line. (That had been done before 2003) Then find some people in the area who work at either a drilling company, a well, or a mine: then get some other people in some other area to bring in some heavy-duty bombs and toss them down the mine shaft or the hole where the well was dug. If you read my book the Conversation you already know that Halliburton was the one who built the base for the drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico that I allege had to have been sabotaged because it took so long to contain that oil spill. If the explosion was caused by air pockets in the cement, it would not have caused an oil spill, so it had to have been a bomb. Dick Cheney verified that for me.

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Verizon is buying AOL

Verizon is buying AOL to bring them back into the fold.  See yesterday’s Post.

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Saving Messaging

Why save these things? Written e-messages can be altered so don’t save them. Phone calls from people not under a home-grown terrorist watchlist or criminal scrutiny should not be collected. It’s an invasion of privacy.

Home-grown terrorists own and operate Verizon, the Cloud, Facebook, Linked-in, Microsoft, Google, YouTube, Mail.com, G-Mail, Inbox.com, and a myriad of other internet data gathering operations. Yahoo, AOL and Twitter got their start that way but I think they may have broken their ties with the bad guys.

Please don’t allow the gathering of information, period, it’s just rude.

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The UK Election was Rigged

Polls aren’t wrong. The polls said Al Gore would win but Dick and Bush won by changing election results in Ohio and Florida. No one investigated. Then the polls said John Kerry would win, but again, Dick and Bush won. Cheney said the first time they won, it was Al Gore who really won by a pretty good margin; four years later John Kerry won the election by an even bigger margin. So both times the polls were right and both times no one investigated. Since the conservative party won the election I think it’s safe to assume the UK election was rigged. The world is in for a dark, rocky ride.

An independent legal group and investigative reporters should look into the validity of the election results.

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