Why Stop Homeland Security?

I named the Tea Party.  They wanted to start a party that had the vision to topple the government and to collect enough money to do it through charitable contributions.  The IRS was right to suspect the Tea Party and its affiliates of tax evasion because untraceable money was the main reason the Tea Party and its affiliates were set up.  They fund Isil and other terrorist groups and practice terrorism in this country (releasing Measles and Ebola here are only two examples)  They hijack our government regularly.  They have to stop the government funding of Homeland Security because they’re getting dangerously close to being caught.  I’ll bet the plan is to stop funding Homeland Security and then to attack somewhere in the US, the UK or Canada (or all three) and then blame it on Obama.
A Brit in a hood has already filmed a vague threat against the Mall of America and at the same time the Tea Party threatened to stop Homeland Security.  Coincidence?  I think not.
Members of Isil who are citizens of the US, the UK or Canada are ready again to kill their own countrymen in order to prove a black man shouldn’t be President.  That’s what they’re doing in case you haven’t figured it out.  The Tea Party’s sole function is to raise untraceable money and to keep President Obama from doing anything!  That’s it!  Don’t believe me – look at their record.
Just in case Homeland Security is reading this, check this out.
Cults with names similar to the Builder Berg Society and the Skull and Bones Society are Satanic and both are more powerful than the cult that held me prisoner, but when the three work together they’re seemingly unstoppable.  I’m not sure of their exact names, but I think I’m pretty close.
I was told the Red Cross siphons off money to pay for Satanic goals including spreading infectious disease and the start of World War III.  The IRS and Homeland Security might want to check into ALL of the big charities, too.
There’s something about how money for campaigns are raised without the donor being named that gave rise to the idea of creating a political party for that purpose.
Dry up their funding and stop Isil or Isis!  Bombing and war is useless against them.  We’ll see how committed they are with no money.

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Don’t get the MMR Vaccine

Oh boy, here she goes again! (This is very important – and very real)
Disney is a Satanic company and has released mutated measles viruses at its parks, more than likely at the ‘It’s a Small World Ride.’  The ‘It’s a Small World Ride’ in Disney World in Florida has side doors and back rooms that should be checked for illegal activities, please see my book, ‘the Conversation,’ for more on that.  Keep in mind child rape and molestation is requisite in Satanic cults and Walt was a pedophile who rented me to molest me from the time I was a toddler until the cult killed him.  The water in the rides should be checked for viruses and bacteria.  (Check the water in the Fog Machine in the Exploratorium in San Francisco while you’re at it.)
The pharmaceutical companies are all owned or run by Satanists.  I say all because I don’t see any that aren’t, but I hope I’m wrong.  At any rate they have been purposefully and maliciously growing bacteria and viruses resistant to drugs.  In the meantime they are the ones who will offer the only solutions to the diseases that they’re spreading.  Now they are spreading Mumps because it is the MMR Vaccine that’s so harmful and got parents off the habit of vaccinating their children in the first place.  It causes autism and many other complications.
If you vaccinate get the Measles then the Mumps then the Rubella vaccines separately and make sure they are the ‘single dose’ vaccines.  The Measles is not as contagious as they are saying.  There never has been the necessity to quarantine children who may have been exposed to measles.  NEVER.  Their doing that to get you to want to vaccinate your children.  Measles are not as terrible as they’re making you think.  In fact the pictures they’re showing of infected children are so old I think one of the children is me.
Additionally, the type of measles being spread may be resistant to the vaccine being administered.  No one has answered that question yet.
I’ve been putting off writing this blog because I thought I would have to write much more and I just don’t have the time.  Sorry for the brevity and for the lateness of this post.

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Hey Rudy!

You need to hone up on your listening skills boy.  How can you not hear Obama saying what a great country this is?  He says it all the time!  Are you living under a rock?

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Hey Rudy!

In what world is stating publicly we are fighting Islam patriotic?  You have patriotic and idiotic confused, Dear.

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American Sniper

What the military did was take soldiers talented in the art of riflery and brainwash them into becoming snipers.  Once the military was done with them they were killed by other assassins brainwashed into killing them.  I asked why they weren’t just deprogrammed, and I was told the military elite didn’t trust that they wouldn’t do innocent citizens harm – It was much easier and more efficient to kill them.  This particular murder case is only in the News because the movie, American Sniper, was released at the same time.

Other family members of other snipers murdered after their tour of duty was done should lend their voice to this case to stop this inhuman practice of creating disposable human automatons.

People can be deprogrammed much more easily than they were programmed.  Thank you Clint Eastwood for letting America see the human family story behind the people who go to war to keep America free or to fight for our country.

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ISIL – (or ISIS) Who’s calling the shots?

Remember I worked (as a slave) for the Builder Berg Society and the Rand Corporation, consequently I’ve met with and counseled dignitaries and heads of state, and the owners of the biggest corporations in the world. I know them, I know who they are so you could consider me one of the conspirators in any conspiracy theory. Of course I didn’t know who I was counseling and what the endgame was; but I was in on conversations about conspiracies that are still being played out throughout the world. Also, I was used to name almost everything regarding computers, Corporation and restaurant chains, innovations in medicine and science. I remember those conversations now!
I named ISIL in 2000 but just heard of them on the News in 2013 or 2014. ISIL is now one of the most feared terrorist organizations in the world. (The word has no particular meaning.) Who’s funding them? The people at the Builder Berg Society siphon money from nonprofit organizations and member corporations such as Wal-Mart, the Tea Party and its subsidiaries. Any nonprofit organization that can afford to spend the money it takes to make and air a 30 second commercial is a wealthy entity indeed. The IRS has to begin making nonprofit organizations accountable for every cent they take in. Additionally, non-profits should have to spend 85% on the thing they’re representing – not just 10 or 20% or whatever it is now. That change alone will degrade ISIL.
Why was there a pickup truck from Texas carrying ISIL weapons and supplies in the Middle East? Because ISIL is getting laundered money from Satanic churches in the West. I was told, in ‘the Conversation’ I had in 2003, that Texas was home to more Satanic churches than anywhere in the world. (That’s how David Koresh was allowed to operate a town-wide Satanic village in Waco, Texas.)
I knew about ISIL in the year 2000 when I named them for a man from the Rand Corporation and was told again about them in 2003, in ‘the Conversation.’ They’re not Islamic they are Satanic. Both in 2000 and 2003 I was told they were going to burn someone alive. They wanted to see if that prisoner would be able to get out of that situation. They’re making ‘Snuff Films’ for the entertainment of their followers. That idea was the brainchild of Rita Denman of Succasunna NJ. Rita has no ties to Islam.
If you’re asking why ISIL would do such a horrific thing it’s because they’re taking their orders from Westerners who are members of the most powerful Satanic cults in the world. These people are very rich, very influential and very crazy. They are mass murderers and psychopaths. Burning someone alive has been in the works for 14 years. They wanted something that would shock the world and they found it.
Now that they’ve got your attention you should be wondering who’s funding this?
The Rand Corporation is the corporation that was set up so that I could be consultant to people in the computer world, the scientific world, the medical world, the pharmaceutical world, the corporate world, retail chain and restaurant chain industries, the movie industry, the entertainment and TV industry, the advertising industry and the music industry. I was billed as Rand’s expert in all of those industries. No kidding. I didn’t realize when I named it that that was going to be my Corporation. Rand is just R and D put together. (R&D is an industry term for research and development.) I was told in 2003 that Rand had never been a word or name prior to my making it up. Now it’s all over the place. And I was told in the same ‘Conversation’ that anyone using the name going forward would be part of the Satanic cult network that had now grown exponentially due to my diligence in putting together, advising, or naming such companies as Wal-Mart, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Target, GoodWill, the Tea Party, Google, Dollar General, McDonald’s – including the Ronald McDonald House, Jack-in-the-Box, Denny’s, Black Bear Diner, Microsoft, IBM, Trader Joe’s, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Applebee’s, Snapple, IBM, Xerox, Heinz, Purina, Disney and a hundred others. Each head of each of those companies is also a leader of his own Satanic church or cult and a member of The Builder Berg Society that networks influential people with other Satanic Churches willing to steal and murder to get what they want. (Again I’m not sure of the actual name – but according to VP Dick Cheney and John Alexander, I’m pretty darn close.)
Of that list the most bloodthirsty are the Pharmaceutical Companies, Wal-Mart, the Tea Party, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Google and the Rand Corporation; with Red Lobster, Jack-in-the-Box, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn doing what they can to ruin this country.
The Rand Corporation, Wal-Mart, the Tea Party, Microsoft, and Google are leading the pack in siphoning money to ISIL. These five companies are still hell-bent on destroying this country and the world. Many of the plans that are still in the works are listed in my book ‘the Conversation.’ (Since all this money is heavily laundered by the time it gets to ISIL an investigation should begin with creating a new extension of the IRS that could be made up of military agents who scored well on logic and intelligence exams. Call it Iris.) All of these companies will have charitable organizations attached to them and ALL of those charitable organizations are funding ISIL. I 100% guarantee it!
Remember when the Tea Party cried foul when they found out they were being monitored by the IRS. Well Boo Hoo. I named the Tea Party and I’m here to tell you they were created solely to ruin this country, cripple the Obama Administration, and to raise money for ISIL and other terror plots.
If we dry up the money we can stop ISIL lickety-split.

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Who am I?

Have you ever heard of a society that has members who rule the world from the shadows?  I’m here to tell you they exist and they’re the people who owned me. They will take anything they want by any means necessary and that usually includes murder or ruining another person’s life. These people have no concept of dignity or fair play. They operate under the delusion that their life is better because they have more money. In truth, their life is miserable. Their lives are miserable. What keeps happening to them is called Karma. Because they are so grossly negligent with the lives of other people their bad karma comes back to bite them. But they have enough money to buy themselves out of almost any situation they’ve gotten themselves into.

Because these people and their negative karma are the ones who owned me, I was put in many situations that, by any account, would be considered very strange. Please see my book called, “The Conversation.”

These people are continually railing against an unseen, imaginary enemy. They are taught through the worst kind of child abuse and sexual abuse not to trust anyone and everyone is out to get them. They’re not allowed any kind of interaction with regular folk so they don’t know they’ve been lied to their whole life.

Money gives them power, and unfortunately we are taught that a person with money should be respected and that alone gives them power. Bill O’Reilly has many other tricks that bring him respect and adoration in order to counteract his miserable karma. He uses lies and anger along with hypnotizing the audience by broadcasting inaudible sound waves imbedded in his TV show, that both draw the viewer in and erase short-term memory. This makes even the most absurd lie plausible.

Because these people owned me I had an opportunity through The Rand Corporation to meet many prominent individuals both in the corporate world and the entertainment world. And since they owned me as a toddler I began meeting celebrities at a very young age. I played Little Ricky on the I Love Lucy show and since I was funny enough to add to the show I was considered one of the writers whenever there was an episode that called for Little Ricky.  Because of that I got to meet and spend time with George Burns and Gracie Allen, the Marx Brothers, the Brat Pack, WC Fields and May West, etc.

Every summer I was either caged and used as a guinea pig in some of their sick torture inventions, or rented out to child molesters, or sent out to work in Hollywood. My parents were told I won a trip to Camp every summer and since they despised me, they were happy to see me go and never questioned the existence of the camp.  I made considerable money while in Hollywood but it was all stolen by the cult and used against me.

Now that I have my memory back I know that during my grammar school years I was assistant director to Alfred Hitchcock many summers, and that’s the reason why he always shot his movies in the summer. My only complaint is that I was never allowed to remember those times.  Those memories are nice ones.

These people who owned me and run the world had power only through money and murder to keep me a slave and to steal my money which made them even richer. Using murder, torture, mind control and hypnosis, they began writing me out of the reality that would be on the News. I couldn’t fight against them once my memory was erased.  That made them realize that whoever owned the News could rule the world.

I did some pretty incredible things without the Secret Society which may or may not be called The Builder Berg Society. After kindergarten I would stop by a neighbor’s house on my walk home to watch my neighbor and some of the eighth-grade boys build rockets. There’s a movie about them called October Sky in which I am completely left out, even though I made some considerable contributions including finding a rocket that had been blamed for starting a fire. I used math, and wind speeds I got from the local paper; and then using only a length of rope and a compass the boys and I walked through the woods in the neighborhood and the rocket was found 3 feet from where I had calculated it would have landed. That got me noticed by NASA. A few years later, when Pres. Kennedy said he wanted to send a man to the moon I was called in as a consultant to NASA and was nominated to be on the Lunar Mission team. At the time I was the youngest person ever nominated to be on any NASA team and I was the first female. Although I had accomplished all that on my own by age seven, the cult or as they’re more commonly known – the Builder Berg Society kept all that from the papers, the NASA archives, and the News in general; and what they realized that in doing so was they were changing history. That’s when the Society (or the cult) began to be very interested in the entertainment business, especially television and the News; they could change history as it happens. Now they’ve gone even farther because Rupert Murdock and Bill O’Reilly are releasing books like “Killing Lincoln,” and “Killing Jesus,” to change actual history and make people come around to their way of thinking.  They have new sources – they say.  What new sources?  Lincoln’s been dead for a century and a half, and Christ has been dead two millennia.  Are they communicating with zombies now?

Note:  ALL of the Rocket Boys, and the retired Nutley NJ HS Physics teacher who helped us, were all murdered a long time ago.  Jake J’s character was the last to be killed because he was going to tell the world we never made it to the moon and there’s no way we could land on Mars, because, at the time, we didn’t know how.

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