Popa-Bear Puppet-Master

Warning – Don’t read this true account if you’re squemish.
Popa-Bear took a flattened out soda-can pop-top, stuck it deep into my vagina, pressed down hard with his thumb, and dragged it out with his other hand’s finger, and sliced my vagina from deep inside all the way to my rectum.
He is referred to as Popa-Bear on SC’s show the nation.  Popa-Bear is the man who runs the airwaves on at least three television stations, CNN, Fox, and now CBS.  This is the man who makes up lies and broadcasts them as news.  Many Americans think of him as a god, who can do no wrong and they believe him when he says he’s trying to the expose the injustice of the Democratic Party and any other television station that tries to broadcast the truth as the news.  Dick Cheney chuckled when he told me Popa-Bear was the craziest SOB he knows, and Cheney thought Popa-Bear was so delusional he may even believe some of the lies he tells.  We all laughed.  Of course Cheney used Popa-Bear’s real name; but I won’t here because the post would be erased before it hit the blog.
When the original x-rated short video, ‘The Dream’ (the short sex ‘Art film’ with the big splash in it) was sent out to cult members there was a renewed interest in having sex with me.  (Again, I was drugged to think it was a dream and didn’t know anyone was filming it.)  At the time only those in Satanic cults were privy to the film.  Rita got so many calls that she decided she would hold a rape ritual using me as a sacrifice.  In the Conversation in 2003 Rita said she got a bigger turnout than when they use a virgin and she made thousands of dollars that night.
As my memory returns I can remember that night.  I remember some discussion as to who would go first and the man who it was decided would go first was John Alexander because he had done so much for the cult.  (In the muddled conversation John and I had 2012 he told me it was him.  In our conversation in 2012, John told me he considered that sex since he had never had sex with anyone and if he had had sex with anyone he would want that person to be me because he felt I was the only one good enough for him.  That’s what he told me.  Frightening and odd but true.  For any cult members reading this – Rape is not sex! That’s what the Satanic Church teaches, that rape is the same as sex.  Women cry rape because a man is forceably putting his penis in them.  It’s an act of violence, not love.  Since I was tied down, drugged and naked, spread eagle on a table, and there was a line of roughly 80 men waiting to put their penises in me, I would consider that rape.)  Popa-Bear was allowed to be second.  My husband was third.
Popa-Bear is the prince of his own Satanic Church.  He was born into an intergenerational Satanic Church but was not in direct succession to become prince and was overlooked even though he had committed more than the requisite number of murders and rapes.  Popa-Bear felt it should be the person with the most evil heart who should become prince.  (As an aside, Peter Mickelsen became prince of his Satanic cult for that reason, he was much more evil than Rita’s brother so she had her brother killed and had Peter named prince.)  Because of Popa-Bear’s direct influence on world views, and his money and his power, his cult became more respected than Rita’s Church and so he was second in line at the rape ritual.  Popa-Bear didn’t like the movie ‘The Dream.’  He insisted women were not supposed like sex and therefore I was an abomination so he wanted to fix it so that I wouldn’t like sex so he gave me, what he thought was Female Genital Mutilation (FGM.)  Since Google is part of the cult I would imagine that there are pictures of what he did to me on Google images – FGM.  Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is practiced worldwide by any organized religion that has its roots in Satanism.  It is performed as torture and is meant to make women so afraid of sex that they will not have sex, or if they do, they won’t feel anything.
The cult had already developed a fabric that can be seen through from one side and can’t be seen through from another.  I had a bag placed over my head so that I couldn’t see through the bag, but the men on line could see me well enough to know that it was me.
When Popa-Bear came up for his turn I could hear the soda-can tab in the palm of his hand because he tapped it on his palm when he went to pick it up with his left hand.  I could feel him put it in my vagina, press it down and drag it back out.  I could hear the allumium tab hit the ground when he tossed it under the table I was on.  Then he stuck his penis in the hole that he had just made and thrust it in as hard as he could as many times as he could while I screamed, “He cut me, he cut me, it hurts!  He’s hurting me!”  Rita, who was moderating the rape ritual, looked over to see a bloody mess, blood squirting out each time Popa-Bear thrust his penis in me harder.  He was saying, “I want this to hurt!  You c__t!  You wh__e!  I want this to hurt!”
Rita shouted for him to stop and when he didn’t she had other men grab him and pull him aside, to which he said, “She’s such a slob, look at her; I wouldn’t be able to come in that disgusting mess anyway.  She’s a pig!  She bleeds like a stuffed pig!”
“You cut me.  You cut me!”  I screamed.
“Search him for a knife.”  Rita commanded.
Popa-Bear took a step back and chuckled, he opened his arms out by his sides and extended his fingers, “Search me,” he laughed because he was naked.
“Check the floor,” Rita commanded.
“There’s just this,” someone bent down to get the bloody pop-top.  It had been hammered out flat and the edges had been filed to razor sharpness.
“That’s it!  That’s what he used,”  I told them.
“What is it,” many of them asked, since it was covered with blood.
“It’s a pop-top from a soda-can,” I told them.
Someone began wiping the blood off the pop-top and cut himself.  Rita asked to see it.
I said, “See?  It’s a pop-top from a soda-can, that’s what he cut me with.”
“That’s impossible,” Popa-Bear insisted, “I cut her with my penis.  That’s all I have on me.  You could never prove that.  How does she know it’s a pop-top anyway?  How does she know what’s going on?  I thought she was drugged?”
“I heard it in the palm of your hand.  I heard it as you put it in your other hand.  I felt it as you put it inside me.  I felt it as you pressed it down with your thumb.  I felt it as you cut me.  And I heard it when you threw it on the floor underneath me.”
“She can see.  She must be able to see.  No one can hear things like that.”  Popa-Bear refuted.
“I can’t see anything – I heard it.  Just as I hear you admitting it now.”  I told him.
I heard Popa-Bear tell them that I was bleeding like a stuffed pig because that’s what I was – a pig. I heard Rita tell them to get him out.  “Get me out?  Me?  I’ll have you killed if you try it.”  They knew of the thousands of people he’s had killed, so he was allowed to stay.
John Alexander said we have to stop the bleeding.  Someone had already placed a bucket on the floor to catch my blood.  (The human body only holds a little more than a gallon of blood and I had bled out at least two pints already.)  A few people voiced concern that I would die.  Poppa-Bear thought that was a great idea, that would stop me from enjoying sex.  He wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore, so he ordered my death.  A few people said this is a rape ritual not a sacrifice ritual and they overrode Popa-Bear’s request.  So John went to work stopping the bleeding with handfuls of styptic powder and then began sewing me up.
I remember the many men on line complaining that they paid to rape me, and this guy, meaning Popa-Bear, stopped all their fun.  They wanted a refund and Rita reminded them that it was their dues that they were paying and they would have another chance to rape me once I was healed, and they complained again and most of the men reminded each other that they would be paid up and next month only have to pay for another month.  John Alexander said it would take more than a month for this to heal.  They asked Peter how long it took for my episiotomies to heal and he didn’t know because he said he didn’t have to pay attention to that because all he had to do was rape me to have sex with me.  (What Peter would do is in the morning or in the night when I was sleeping, he’d press my head facedown in the pillow until I passed out and then he would rape me.)  So they asked other women how long, and the answer was six weeks to two months.  John said it would be at least two months since this was much worse than an episiotomy, so they set another date for another rape ritual in mid-October, two and a half months from that night.
Most of the men who were only there for the rape ritual, left.  As John Alexander was busy sewing me up, Popa-Bear explained how he was trying to do FGM on me.  They had a name for that ritual, too, and it was explained to him that this was a rape ritual not an FGM ritual.  (All organized religions have a different name for the FGM ritual.)  He said someone had to do it because according to their Bible women are not supposed to enjoy sex, they were not supposed to have sex at all.  For whatever reason, possibly because he just knew what Popa-Bear had done was not FGM, John explained to Popa-Bear that what he had done was not FGM.  John explained that the clitoris was cut off for that ritual.  Neither Rita nor any of the women still present, nor any of the men knew where the clitoris was.  Popa-Bear said he didn’t know since he had never had sex with a woman, “Oh, rape rituals, sure, but never sex,” he said.  I could tell by the murmurs in the crowd that they were surprised to hear that.  Later, in 2012, I found out that Popa-Bear only likes sex with twelve-year-old boys, and usually, that’s rape as well.  He had also raped John Alexander, and other men who John knew about, but didn’t want to share that information with me.  When I asked John why he didn’t charge Popa-Bear with rape, he said he couldn’t.  I corrected him by saying he didn’t feel he could, but, in fact, he could.  He would’ve been killed he told me, and the lawyer would have been killed and the allegation would have been swept under the rug and everyone would forget about it because Popa-Bear is held in such high esteem no one would believe it anyway.  At any rate, once the stitches were done, and that area was numb, they had to wake me up enough to tell them where the clitoris was.  I told them a woman has to be aroused in order for them to see it.  So John coaxed my clitoris out and cut it off and sewed me up again.  Then Popa-Bear was satisfied.
I KNOW THIS because one the drugs used on me is the one that can put people in comas.  Things that are said and done around people in comas are comprehended and retained as memories.  The memories surface later.  My memory of that night was erased except for the memory to not have sex for two months.  I know this because Popa-Bear talked about his place in line, while he was on line, while he was raping me, after he raped me and while I was being sewn up.  And like everyone else in this country I KNOW HIS VOICE.
When Peter got me home he put me in bed and he rolled me over, pressed my head into my pillow, and proceeded to rape me.  The pain was so great it woke me up and I screamed, “You stabbed me!”  Peter said, “It wasn’t me.  I didn’t get my turn.  I just wanted my turn!  I’m not the one who stabbed you!”
I was bleeding profusely so I got up to call 911 and Peter hit me in the head and knocked me out.  I came to as John was finishing sewing me back up.  He hypnotized me and told me not to remember this and not to have sex for two months: and he told Peter that went for him, too.  Peter complained saying he wanted his turn and asked if he could take his turn now.  John said in two months Peter could take as many turns as he wanted, but not until then.
TWO MONTHS later Peter and I had sex for our anniversary and Peter tried to bite the skin that once held my clitoris off.  The memory of that wasn’t erased so I began to devise a many step plan to get a divorce.

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I was watching the Country Music Awards and there was commercial for a show called Forever which was a show about torture and S&M. It was horrifying. As you know I was tortured all my life while I was the prisoner of a Satanic cult. I can tell you I do not believe anyone would willingly submit to torture.

Some years ago I was asked to name a book written by a woman who watched porn. What she said she did was watch the segment and then write it down in slow-motion detail. She’d then bring those stories to the cult meetings and let the men read them, and they liked them, so the cult decided to turn the stories into a book. The woman told me she had never had sex and was not married and had no children. So I asked her why she decided to write about sex and she said she was looking for something to write about and she had no life experiences and felt she had a knack for description and found that there was an audience for porn. She said she had 100 stories. When I asked how long each story was, she told me four or five pages. I said that was too long for one book. I suggested she turn it into two books of 50 stories each and call the first book, Fifty Shades of Gray and the second one, Fifty More Shades of Gray. She thought both titles were ridiculous and hated both of them. I told her she’d never find a better title than Fifty Shades of Gray. She said I was narcissistic. She finally relented and said she’d call the first book, Fifty Shades of Gray, but the second she would call, More Fifty Shades Of Gray, as that was a much better title.

Everyone in the cult was to buy two cases of books when the book hit the market; and then the public would buy the book and it would be a bestseller. And then the second book would come out and the same thing would happen. (Cult members are required to buy cases of any book or album that the cult wants to become a hit.) The woman who brought the author was the woman who owned me. They giggled about the plans for future books saying that would be descriptions of torture, and the author said, “I don’t know how you like that stuff?”

“Me? What makes you think I like torture?” She thought I liked torture because it was me that she was watching being tortured in the torture videos that were scattered all over the web for the enjoyment of those in the cult. Since I didn’t know the cult existed and why I was so sick all the time, I didn’t know what she and Rita were laughing about. Later, in 2003 I was told about the book, and that it was going to be about me and I was the one who was being tortured, and she would get the world to enjoy watching me be tortured and reading about it. It’s a sickening and horrifying thought and one I don’t even want to admit to, but it seems that now in 2014 it’s all coming true. I was told that at the same time that the torture books would hit the market there would be torture on television. I didn’t believe anything in the Conversation and I certainly didn’t believe that. Rita talked about advertising on television during prime time and even on Day Time to get people used to it. Rita reminded me it was all about blurring the lines between good and evil and letting people think that it was something normal and perhaps they would believe it was something good. She was hoping to get people interested in torture in order to recruit more members for the Satanic Church.

I was appalled to see an advertisement for torture during a family show like The Country Music Awards. The advertisement is entirely too long and shows too much detail. I can’t believe no one has commented on that. Miley was in the news and the main source of buzz on the morning shows for weeks, but torture doesn’t raise an eyebrow. Torture is not something normal, nor is it something good. Torture is something abhorrent and totally evil. It should be avoided like the plague. And the fact that the viewing audience is so numb to the violence on television that they would allow a program on torture to even exist, is disgusting beyond comprehension. I implore everyone to write to the FCC and tell them how sick and tired you are of the violence on television and in commercials. Violent programs should not be on until after 10 O’clock, that has always been the rule in television. Additionally, television commercials about something violent should not be on television before 10 PM.

The Cults are telling their viewers that they own television and they don’t have to abide by long-standing guidelines. The sociopaths who run CBS and Fox, air depraved lies and commentary as news. Both stations are riddled with shows displaying disgusting images of mutilated bodies and corpses. It sickens me.

Torture is NOT entertainment!

Rita was fond of telling everyone that I liked torture, and for some reason I can’t fathom, many people believed her. Shame on them. They need counseling!

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May the Force be with you

Force of Unity
King Abdulla of Jordan summed up the current war on terrorism better than I’ve heard it described before, “ISIS has triggered an understanding that it’s time for all of us to make up our minds on the fight of good against evil.  And this brings all of us together from all different religions, from all different sides of the divide, to make up our minds – are we going to fight the good fight?”
This is the end game boys and girls.  This is where, if we stand together, we can defeat evil.  We must put our beliefs of superiority about our organized religions aside, and fight on the side of righteousness and good so we can defeat these hypocritical Satanic terrorists who wear masks and lie about representing Islam.
God is energy: and science will tell you that everything in the Universe is made up of energy.  The Force that holds everything together – atoms, molecules and everything in and on the earth – is energy.
It’s time for Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Christians and all good people of the world to link elbows and create a palpable, collective energy that draws on your God’s energy to create a Force so powerful it will astound the earth and ultimately degrade and defeat evil.
Women from every country and from every belief system have to step up to the front lines and believe in themselves and hold their heads high and say, “No more!”
Never underestimate the power of the Force.

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Ben Affleck is right

Just as there are different Bibles for each faction of the Christian religions, there are different Korans, and most versions don’t contain instructions for jihad and murder as part of their religion. Moderate Muslims have a Koran that reads almost exactly like our Christian Bible, complete with the same Ten Commandments. The problem with all of this is that everyone says that his religion is correct and the one true religion and the only way to get to Heaven. That is so illogical it seems to me people should start to question the sanity of those statements. Ben Affleck was right in saying the vast majority of Muslims don’t agree with terrorism and ISIL. ISIL is using religion as an excuse to be mass murderers. ISIL or ISIS is the brainchild of the same groups of people who held me prisoner, I know this because I named them. (I named them ISIL but I’m starting to like ISIS better – but we need to all get on the same page.) ISIL is using the weapons of mass destruction that were never found in Iraq, and is being funded by a powerful network of Satanic churches.

I would love it if the moderate Muslims would stand up and be counted and denounce Terrorist groups that pretend to be Muslims. I’d also like to say I have to tell people, almost weekly, that Islam is not represented by these evil people.

I am convinced there would be no more war if there were no organized religion.

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NAPA Earthquake

The Doomsday Machine
 Actually, I had been drugged and questioned, “How would you cause an earthquake?”  I thought it was a drinking game, or a plot for a movie.  I didn’t know I was telling people who actually wanted to cause Armageddon.  That was before I knew evil existed.  That’s why I say over and over in my ebooks, the Conversation and the Truth, that we must recognize evil to defeat it.  Had I known such people existed I wouldn’t have opened my mouth.
 So at first I said, “I would drill a hole into a fault line and drop a bomb in there.”
 “No good,” Maj. Gen. John Alexander (not his real name) replied.  “Satellites would see it.  The cameras on those satellites are so powerful they can see who is driving a car.”
 “So you want to cause an earthquake without being detected by satellites?  This is a game right?  This is just hypothetical?”
 “Just hypothetical,” was the reply.
 “Well,” I said, “if you could get well drilling equipment on a submarine you could drill a hole off shore.  That wouldn’t be detectable by a satellite.  You’ll probably need two submarines.”
 Maj. Gen. John Alexander said that was no good either because they want the earthquake to be on land.
 I said that, “Some fault lines run through the land and extend out into the ocean, it’s all the same fault line even under the ocean.  So what you would do is find the area that you want to be hit by an earthquake follow the fault line out into the ocean and drill as close to the land as possible.  The epicenter will be off shore but earthquakes can affect areas as large as 50 miles around it.  I’m pretty sure.”
  John Alexander started talking to Rita, saying things like he had Army Intelligence, his best people, trying to figure this out for years and here I was figuring it out in minutes.
 I thought then I’d been talking to someone in Army Intelligence, which I was, only I didn’t know there were two Armies.  That is explained pretty well in the movie Green Mile.  Every time Chief Richard “Monty” No last name (played by Matt Damon) was given intelligence reports about where the munitions were hidden, he came up dry.  No sign of Weapons of Mass Destruction.  The cults wanted to keep them for themselves to be used in the Mid-East to start a war.  That’s what’s happening in Syria and Palestine right now. 
 I started to speak again, “You’ll probably get a title wave or tsunami, as well.  I think that tsunamis are caused by earthquakes under the ocean floor.”
Maj. Gen. John Alexander said he’d have somebody look into that.  I realized then that it wasn’t a drinking game and people were going to get hurt.
 “You said this was hypothetical.  I don’t want people to get hurt.  You’re not going to really do that?  Are you?  You’ll use it instead of a hydrogen bomb because there’s no fall-out?  Right?  It’s only to be used as a last resort instead of a hydrogen bomb. Answer me.”
 “You can go back to sleep now, and when you wake up you’ll remember none of this.”
 It would never have occurred to me that someone would use such a thing just for fun.
 They didn’t need a bomb to make the thing work.  It’s a verifiable fact that if you pump enough water into a fault line it will cause an earthquake.  That’s how the earthquake that hurt the Washington Monument got started, pumping water into the earth to release natural gas.
 Rita told me, during the 5 hour Conversation, that was how they were doing it, and since it’s in the ocean, no one will notice the water.  She said my idea of a bomb was stupid.  Of course, when she told me I didn’t remember anything about the Doomsday Machine.  In 2003 she mentioned using the machine on Christ’s Church New Zealand, Tokyo, Rome, the Netherlands and Iceland.   Since then there have been earthquakes in Christ’s Church New Zealand, Tokyo, Iceland.
If the Napa earthquake was caused by the doomsday machine they’ll simply say it was a fracking operation that went wrong.  It’s possible that they used submarines in San Pablo Bay.  I think it’s highly unlikely that a fault in the earth that has been steady for 100 million years would suddenly and spontaneously cause an earthquake.  When the scientists look into it they’ll see no reason for a quake.  San Pablo Bay should be checked for irregularities in the bay bottom.  Irregularities such as a sudden deepening.  Any hole would have been filled in mostly by the quake, but there still may be a depression.
 Countries have to patrol their shorelines to make sure there are no submarines, even small one man subs.  The US should help.  The US should find the people doing this and lock them up and throw away the key.
 Rita also said that’s why all Nuclear Power plants are built on fault lines.  I’ve never researched it, but she may be right.  She also said when those “natural” disasters happen, people donate to the Red Cross and the Red Cross funnels some of that money back into weapons like the Doomsday Machine.  She’s probably lying, I hope she was lying, but does anyone monitor what the Red Cross does with all those donations?
Sorry for taking so long to post this but I’ve been depressed over Robin Williams’ murder.

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Robin Williams’ Death

For years I was known in Hollywood as the woman with no memory and no name.  Ask the old-timers, they’ll have heard of me.  I’m recovering memories daily.  Many memories were triggered by Robin Williams death.  I can tell you now I had many conversations with Robin Williams: every time we made movies together we talked all through the down-time.
Robin knew about my memory “problem” and he told me, “If you remember nothing else about me, I want you to remember I would never kill myself.  I want you to remember, “If they ever find me and it looks like I committed suicide, know it was murder.”  I would tell him to let his wife know, but he said it just made her afraid, so she wouldn’t listen.  We both knew we were being watched, which wasn’t paranoia, it was just an observation and a fact.  I told Robin I never told that to anyone.  Neither one of us knew who was watching or why.
During ‘the Conversation’ Rita told me I was under surveillance 24/7.  She had me followed by cult members around the clock: I was also watched by satellite.  There were NSA cameras and microphones all around the house.  She also told me anyone with an aura like mine was under surveillance.  Robin and I could see the people in the distance watching him – and no, they weren’t fans.
I have to let Robin’s family and fans know ROBIN WILLIAMS DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE.
His Publicist and the Coroner had to be in on the murder, there had to be others, too, but I can only speculate. He died of strangulation and then was posed to suggest suicide. I should add hanging oneself is a painful way to die, and if you knew Robin, you would know he wouldn’t do that.  Hanging oneself is tricky and rarely works because you have to know exactly what you’re doing.  More often than not you’re just left with a pain in the neck and bruising.  So if you don’t believe me because you don’t believe I knew Robin Williams, know he wouldn’t choose hanging as an efficient, painless way to die.  That’s a fact.
Rita listed many people who her cult and other cults around the world killed through the years and the public was made to think the death was either “natural causes” or suicide.  Over the years my now ex-husband and former cult prince, Peter Mickelsen, made references to deaths being a result of murder that had been listed as natural causes.  It always confused me.
This is a partial list of people murdered by the satanic church in northern NJ or another satanic church.  If a death is attributed to Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, or for infants or the elderly Sudden Death know it could be murder. For cancer- they inject a carcinogen into an organ or the brain to give the intended victim cancer, then, after the cancer advances, they suffocate the victim and cancer is listed as the cause of death.  Rita said her cult was known for killing and torturing celebrities and whenever they did, her church gained twenty new members.
The Kennedys – John Jr. and Ted by the cult in NJ, Robert and Jack (Were killed by another church, probably Skull and Bones – the governing Satanic Church of the Ivy League schools.)
Princess Diana
Princess Grace
Steve Jobs
James Dean
Elvis Presley
John Lennon
George Harrison
Michael Jackson
Alfred Hitchcock
Jim Henson
Freddy Prinze
Richard Prior
John Ritter
Tupac Shakur
Jerry Garcia
Gracie Allen
Bob Marley
Robert Palmer
Charles Schultz
Laura Nero
Jimmy Hendrix
Phil Hartman
Gilda Radnor
Madelyn Kahn
Jim Morrison
Roy Orbison
John Denver
John Bellucci
Patrick Swayze
John Ritter
Andy Gibb
River Phoenix
The horrible truth is that the above people were killed for wanting to continue to be my friend.  They “had to” be murdered to keep me a secret.  These are the people I remember, but I’m sure there are many, many more.
I truly believe Robin Williams was murdered as a warning shot across my bow to keep me quiet.
The Kennedys – John Jr.,  Ted,  Robert and Jack, Princess Diana, Steve Jobs, James Dean, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, George Harrison, Michael Jackson,  Jim Henson,  Freddy Prinze, John Ritter, Jimmy Hendrix, Roy Orbison, John Denver, Patrick Swayze, and River Phoenix all felt they were here to make the world a better place, so the cult felt they had to be eliminated.  I now know I was used to allow the cult access to many of these wonderful people.  The Kennedys, Steve Jobs and John Lennon made the biggest difference; but they were all succeeding in making the world a better place when they died.

The cult also murdered -
Natalie Wood
Sonny Bono
Linda McCartney
John Candy
Warren Zevon
Laura Nero
Nelson Rockefeller
Bernie Mac
Tim Harden
Tim Buckley
Steve Irwin
Marilyn Monroe
Whitney Houston
Heath Ledger

The cult went back through my life to torture everyone who I ever had contact with: some of the victims were intentionally or unintentionally killed by torture that went wrong or too far.
Victims are often suffocated then posed to look happy before rigor mortis set in.  Peter Mickelsen of Hopatcong NJ holds their facial muscles in place as though they were smiling and poses the bodies face up with their hands folded over their chest after he kills them.  Their bedding is straightened out so any struggle won’t be noticed.  The crime scenes are cleaned up with the expert guidance of FBI and NSA Intelligence. It makes them and their surroundings appear peaceful.  No murder is suspected.  Once in a while it’s called a suspicious death but then the cult makes sure no one follows up.
Rita says all suicides are cult related.
The status of Robin Williams death should be changed to Suspicious Death, at least.

I too will say, “I would never kill myself.  I want you to remember, “If ever they find me and it looks like I committed suicide or died in an accident, know it was murder.”

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Plea For Help

John Alexander and Dick Cheney knew about the reward on me.  Even though they’re both richer than Rockefeller, they devised a plan to kill me and collect the reward on my head.  I assured them, and they knew this already, that the cult had no intention of paying any ransom whatsoever.  I told them they would be killed if they killed me.  I reminded them that nothing was foolproof and that Rita Denman and Peter Mickelsen didn’t care how many people they killed and they didn’t care that it would be a former Vice President that would be killed.  That point was moot, I was told, because they had decided not to go ahead with their plan because they wanted to see what I could do.  Dick Cheney had done that once before, I was told, so I thanked him for that.  I thanked them both.
I know there have been dozens, if not hundreds, of people the cults had sent to kill me and didn’t.  I thank you all!
I know that, as I write this, there are good people who want to help me, but evil people in positions of power and Generals in the military who want me dead are telling them not to – so they don’t.  Many people on both sides of the fence are caught in the same trap, they are prisoners of their own mind.  They’re taught, through punishment and physical pain, as children to “respect authority” so they do as they’re told.  Now, as adults, they go against their own good moral judgment and ignore their Original Love and blindly follow dictates of others who have dubious motives and enjoy the suffering of others, and that includes the suffering of those carrying out their commands.
By doing nothing, by doing what they’re told, by following orders, by respecting authority – good people are helping evil win.

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