What is the Zika Virus

“The World Health Organization highlighted the seriousness of the Zika outbreak, a mosquito-borne virus thought to cause birth defects that has exploded in Latin America, and gave countries powerful tools to fight it.”

In 2003 Rita Denman told me she told her followers they would need an army of drones without brains. She said without thinking there was a reason, no one would spread a virus like that.  She said she didn’t know what to do with an army of people without brains so there really was no reason, but it made her feel powerful to have people do her bidding and it made her feel powerful to have an army like that, even though she knew they’d be of no use to anybody.  Rita just thought it was funny.  Those statements make no sense until or unless you know about the Zika Virus.  Read my book the Conversation for more information. about that.

Rita said she has people who breed viruses and others who breed mosquitoes and some who do both and they lace the water the mosquito larvae grow or breed in with the virus they want to spread.

During our conversation Rita told me they never spread a virus they didn’t have a cure for – so there already must be a cure. I also want everyone involved in Satanism to know there is no reason to spread ANY virus so just stop.  Read my book the Conversation, the Truth, and Garden of the Light for reasons to stop.

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Words to Live By

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

The following are my truths that make my life happy. I’m passing them along in the hope they will help you.

There is no need to worry — If something can be done then you can do something, so there is no need to worry. If nothing can be done, then you can do nothing, so there is no need to worry.

    There’s no such thing as perfect.

    Our reason for living is to choose Heaven or Hell – beyond that, we should have fun, as long as it doesn’t interfere with another person’s ability to have fun.

    Heaven is a beautiful place and EVERYONE is invited.

Allegiance to organized religion is NOT required. Heaven is NOT a club!

    Become someone you admire.

Be proud of your accomplishments but not boastful or vain.

    Don’t judge – just say to yourself,

“I’m not better than anyone; and, no one is better than me.”

We’re  all  God’s chosen people.
    Give away compliments as often as you can.

    The only difference between CAN and CAN’T is a T.

    You always have a choice. Heaven or Hell is a choice. Even life or     death is a choice.

    Forgive your parents, but abhor the abuse.

    Treat others with kindness and love.

You have greatness in you – Trust yourself and Trust in your abilities.

    Don’t let anyone keep you from being friends with everyone.

We aren’t supposed to like everyone, and everyone isn’t supposed to like us.

    Don’t Judge.

Judgment and ridicule block the path to World Peace and interfere with fun.

    No change can occur if we always do things the way we’ve always     done them.

    Don’t believe people who tell you something is impossible, because     anything is possible in the realm of logic and physics.

    Question Everything! Rethink Everything!

    Never pass up an opportunity to help someone.

    Altruism is the key to happiness.

    No one gets out of this life alive.

    Think Peace! Make it a reality.

Teach your children well

It’s important to foster the Free Will born in our children!

Love and praise your children. Learn from them. Teach children love, kindness, joy and acceptance. Teach children that hatred, anger, vengeance and fear are the cornerstones of evil that lead to heartache, misery and an unhappy life. Teach them that murder is never an answer.

Make your children proud and they will make you proud.

Give your children the attention and respect they need, and they will give you the attention and respect you need.

Never abuse anyone – especially not your children.

All children are God’s children. God trusts His children to our care.

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What happened to the person who had cancer and wanted to see The Force Awakens?

What happened to the person who had cancer and wanted to see The Force Awakens?

A joke one of the DJs made was, “When ILM sold to Disney everybody thought they sold out to the evil Empire, but I guess maybe this shows Disney does have a heart.”

I did talk to Lucas about allowing somebody who is very sick to see an advance screening of the movie because that happened to him with one of his movies. Before he told me what his answer was he asked what I would’ve done and I said absolutely not.  He asked why, and I said because you can fake an illness and doctors notes and where would it end if you say yes to one person why not just move up release date to appease everyone.  Plus that, I said, once you’re dead what would it matter whether you saw Star Wars one or not?  Heaven’s so much better than Star Wars.”  We laughed.

So when the same thing happened with Disney and Star Wars 7 I had to wonder why they would have allowed it. Knowing Disney and JJ the way I do I figured there must be an ulterior motive.  You can’t hold up the release of a Star Wars movie waiting for Rita Denman to give her okay, this time she’d have to give it before the movie opened.  I think Rita was the “dying person.”  That’s what happened with American Graffiti.  I know Lucas was given other excuses, but Rita told me they held up the release of the movie until she got to see it and gave her okay.  She wanted to make sure you couldn’t really tell I was in it.  Like I said in one of my previous posts, I was supposed to play the part of the very young girl, the part that went to Mackenzie Phillips.  So Rita and the man who was my chauffeur during the filming of American Graffiti finally got a chance to get in to see it.  What had happened was we started rolling the first take while my chauffeur was watching.  When George called cut and began talking to me, my chauffeur got bored, he’d seen me act before and didn’t like to have to stand around waiting.  When Mackenzie took over, George said he wanted her to do it exactly the way I had done it, so I showed her what to do and sure enough she did it just perfectly.

So when Rita and the chauffeur went to see the movie, American Graffiti, they watched it as far as Mackenzie’s part. The chauffeur assured Rita that, that was me because he could remember exactly what I had done and so that had to be me.  They had also heard that I was the girl who rode around in the white car all night, which is true, but there were two white cars and Rita, Peter and their gang decided I must be Suzanne Somers.  Since neither one of those two actresses looked very much like me, the gang gave their okay to release the movie, feeling that no one would be able to recognize me.  In truth, not very many people did recognize me because I had normal brown hair, not a blonde bouffant hairstyle, and I wore no makeup.

So this time, with Star Wars Seven, thirty five years later the gang, whose make up has changed I’m sure, had to make sure there was nothing in the movie like love, truth, relationships, or beauty that would offend the cult since they take joy in distruction, misery and suffering. I think some things were changed, a few of the scenes were a tiny bit choppy, as though something might have been cut out.  As I mentioned in an earlier post I didn’t like the scene with Han and Ren, it was contrived and there was very little dialogue.  I think something was cut from that scene and probably a few others after the “dying person” saw the film.  So, what happened to this “dying person.”

The script Disney rejected would’ve gone a long way toward healing the world. It would have made the world a kinder, gentler place. If you read my other posts you’ll see why I say that.

The other thing that happened that was odd was the “accident” where Harrison Ford’s ankle was broken. I’ve directed many films and never had an accident.  I directed A Knight’s Tale and the worst thing that happened was someone got a splinter, and that happened early on and I made sure it didn’t happen again.  We didn’t use CGI or special effects in that movie – all the stunts were real, and no one got hurt.  In Lord of the Rings no one got hurt.  I, however, have been hurt many times with other directors at the helm, and I always felt that, that was done on purpose.  Knowing JJ and the gang I feel that Harrison’s accident was rigged.  But the thing that was odd was that JJ said he had a broken back a few days later.  Perhaps the accident was meant to kill Harrison and it failed so JJ had to pay – who knows?

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Note to Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea honey, people who hate homosexuals are homophobes. The psychological hate disorder is Homophobia, and the verb is homophobic.  Homophobism is not a word.  The point you made is right on.  If any one of those haters gets more than ten percent of the popular vote, I’m moving out of this country.

In fact, you should start referring to the Republican candidates as ‘Haters,” and FOX News as “Hate TV.” Bernie and Hillary should NOT attack each other.  Put the facts out there and let the voters decide.

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